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Epiphone EB-0 - Cherry Reviews

4.0 stars based on 9 customer reviews
Questions about the Epiphone EB-0 - Cherry?

Questions about the Epiphone EB-0 - Cherry?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

  • Customer
    from November 25, 2016

    Love it

    I've played a long-scale bass since 1973 and had never even picked up a short-scale until I got an Epiphone EB0 last year. All I can say is I wish I had done this years ago! This is a really nice little bass with super rich tone. I put Ernie Ball Hybrid Cobalt strings on and the sustain is superb. I play this in a two-man band through a Bose B2 system and I gotta tell you it is top shelf. Highly recommend you at least check one out.

  • Mr. Sinister
    from South of Heaven May 22, 2016Music Background:
    Professional novice

    Short-scale Thumper

    I bought the demo model that was being advertised for a little less money than the new ones. I don't care that there are light scratches on the back... I'm sure I'd end up adding my own in due time, and now I can refer to it as a "reliced" bass. It seems that this bass is from a previous production run as the current images say these are "Hand Crafted in China", but the one I received was made in Indonesia. The body has a sort of painted on wood grain, as the grain is way too uniform to actually be wood grain. Its a nice asthetic touch though. This one weighs around 9 pounds, which is reasonably light and about the same as a Squier P-Bass I own. I bought this because of the 30.5" scale, which is 3.5" shorter than the P-Bass and easier for me to play. Much thinner neck too. It needed a set-up, so I did some adjustments to the bridge to lower the action. The strings were buzzing on the fretboard, so I checked the tension on the truss-rod and it had no tension on it at all. About three full turns and it eliminated the neck buzz. Plugged it in and determined the potentiometers for the volume and tone were not uniform in their sweep. For the first 4/5ths of both there is very little volume/tone increase, but that last 1/5th is where they jump. This is not uncommon in this price range, and it won't warrant a change for better ones. I'll just deal with it, since I rarely change the volume setting and only use the tone knob to reduce the high end a little. Sort of a set it and forget it type of approach. These basses are a good choice for those of us with smaller hands. I find it remarkable that the price of these basses are so reasonable compared to the quality. These are professional grade instruments. Only Epiphone makes the SG style basses these days... there are no new Gibson SG basses currently available, but with this kind of quality its understandable.

  • Robert M.
    from Elkin NC 22duecerm@gmail.com March 30, 2016

    wonderful instrument, great player &sound

    I ran across a bass identical to this one in a local pawn and music store a friend of mine owns. A youth in my church had been wanting one for some time. I purchased the bass for him. He now plays it in church. Played through a 300 combo Peavy, it has a wonder sound and playability. Now our pastors son wants a short neck bass like the Epiphone EB-0. A really great instrument. A lot of bass, especially for the price. I recommend anyone to buy this instrument. You won't regret it.

  • Russell Rugg
    from Modesto, Ca. July 1, 2014Music Background:
    Music Lover

    Beautiful Affordable Instrument

    Out of the box this bass sounds and looks great! Hard to believe the quality for the money. Here's my assessment: Pros: The cherry finish is flawless. The guitar was set up out of the box and ready to play. The inlays are done very nicely. Cons: The solder joints are done quickly and I repaired some cold solder joints which were causing a buzz. I also replaced the factory strings as they were a bit stiff and dull compared to the new ones I put on. She plays and sounds great! Overall I love "Ruby", she is a fun guitar to play everyday and look forward to maybe upgrading a few things in the future.

  • Brian Velenchenko
    from Minneapolis MN January 17, 2017

    Love This Bass!

    Shipping was fast and the bass was packaged well. It's heavier than you'd expect not not excessively so. The finish is beautiful. Setup was roughly on the mark; plenty good enough. The nuts that secure the volume and tone knobs were loose allowing the pots to spin a little bit Took ten minutes to snug them up. Two other minor complaints: any contact with the pickup cover becomes amplified more than one would think it should and at the very least more than any other bass I've ever played, and the tone control has no effect through 70% of it's travel. That said, I am in love with this bass. The short scale and the width of the neck allow comfortable and quick playing, and the tone is unique and amazing. I've read countless derisive reviews of the "mudbucker' tone, but it should be viewed as an asset and not a detriment. The tone is warm, rich, round, and smooth. Digging in a little bit yields a fantastic fuzzy overdriven tone.This is a bass that wants to be played a certain way to get the most out of it, and paying attention to that will reap rewards. This is a fabulous, well-made instrument at any price, but at it's selling price, it's an absolute no-brainer. Don't hesitate. The bass has mojo in spades

  • Jesse
    from Corinth, MS May 24, 2014Music Background:
    Hobby guitar player

    Epiphone EB0 Bass

    Great bass for a beginner that doesn't want to spend a lot for a bass. Sweetwater and Tyler Were awesome, as always. My wife surprised me with this guitar and Tyler is to thank for the excellent customer service. I love buying from sweetwater because they treat you like they know you personally. Super awesome friendly real people!! Thank you

  • B.Conder
    from Bloomingto,Il USA September 23, 2013Music Background:
    Have played Guitar 45 years,jam with a old buddy now.

    Like it.

    I realy like my new Epipee EB-O fits me well,with the shorter neck,sounds good to . I dont think you can do any better for the money.

  • Joe Davis
    from Costa Rica November 26, 2013Music Background:
    Professional musician; blues, rock and classic rock and country.

    Good Value

    Great short scale bass. I have wrist problems and the short scale is easy on my carpel tunnel. Sounds good in blues, country and rock and is basically bomb proof. I play more 6 string but I love to thump on this base as a side man.

  • Mark Stanford
    from Seal Beach, CA August 2, 2015Music Background:

    A Good Buy

    Been wanting to learn to play bass for a couple of years now, but didn't want to drop a lot of cash on a bass guitar.
    Stumbled upon this bass and being an Epiphone fan, decided to invest the money. This guitar is a good looking axe and plays well.
    My only complaint is that the pickup is a bit microphonic, and if you use a pick to play, you want to play a good two or three inches away or you will hear the "click" all the time.
    So...if you are looking for an inexpensive but good bass...this may work for you.

Questions about the Epiphone EB-0 - Cherry?

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