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Epiphone Allen Woody Rumblekat Artist Series - Wine Red Reviews

5.0 stars based on 31 customer reviews
Questions about the Epiphone Allen Woody Rumblekat Artist Series - Wine Red?

Questions about the Epiphone Allen Woody Rumblekat Artist Series - Wine Red?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

  • from Orange County, CA. November 14, 2017Music Background:
    Elec guitar in mid-60's. New to bass guitar.

    Better than I expected.

    I received my new Rumblekat in early Nov 2017. I checked every square inch of this instrument and it is flawless. The neck is perfect with a very slight bow to prevent fret buzz. The frets are smooth, the red finish looks absolutely beautiful, and the set-up was "almost" perfect. I wasn't crazy about the gold hardware, so I have already changed it. In case you want to know, here is what I have purchased to convert from gold to chrome: Hipshot Supertone 3-point bridge / 2 Gotoh GB7 treble (right-side) tuners item # TK-0923-010 / and 2 Gotoh GB7 bass (left-side) tuners item # TK-0923-L10. Everything I have mentioned so far is a perfect fit for the Rumblekat EXCEPT that I had to enlarge the tuner peg holes slightly. I am also replacing the pickup covers and the gold-colored screws with stainless/silver screws. The shiny chrome hardware looks outstanding on this red guitar. More importantly, it's easy to play and it sounds wonderful. I love my new Rumblekat !!!

  • from Clanton, Alabama October 17, 2017Music Background:
    Semi- Pro and actively plaing in a Praise Band.

    Rumblrkat Love!

    I couldn't be happier with my Epiphone Rumblekat Bass. I can't find any flaws in the finish or construction of this instrument. The electronics are exactly what I hoped that they would be smooth and noiseless volume and tone controls. The tone is similar to a hollow body bass without any of the feedback problems normally associated with "F hole" style bass guitars. It was shipped to me perfectly set-up by the folks at Sweetwater. Great job Epiphone and the team at Sweetwater!

  • from September 29, 2017

    Smooth Jazzzz & Coool Bling.

    So you wanna play Jazz bass, but have smaller hands that make runs difficult? Shop no further, as this snazzy little bass from Epiphone will do ya fine. It's got your lows, no worries bout that. You say you need punchy, twangy, thumps? It's got that too, cause with just three pots to twist you can dial in just that sound you want - yeah go ahead, smooth out the top and bottom, or sink down and rumble with more neck pickup.

    Wine red and gold, well there's your royal combination right there, and the hollow body shape will make the jazz guitarist next to you feel right at home.

    Seriously, this beauty is easy to play, has a nice straight neck with as much, or little buzz as you want to generate. Like it smooth and clean? Play her right and there's none of it, but dish out a heavier hand and the buzz needed to punch 'em awake is right there.

    The finish is flawless from top to bottom, front to back, and really shows that Epiphone has taken the time to show they care that you are satisfied - not just their accountants.

    I could go on at great length, but here's the deal. Just order this from Sweetwater, yeah you still get the candy, and try it out. With their return policy, you can't lose as long as you're serious about purchasing a bass through them. They'll make it eazzzy to return and get the instrument just right for you. Hey, that's why I keep coming back; they've removed the biggest barrier to purchasing online... the try-out.

    Smooth baby, smooth.

  • from Northwest May 5, 2017Music Background:
    Self taught pro; guitar, piano,

    Great workmanship!

    Based on all the positive reviews I was expecting great things. I was not disappointed. It is beautiful to look at and sounds great. I had a friend who is a bassist play it. He was blown away by it. He couldn't believe the low cost of this versus many other good basses. He has four basses that all cost more then twice what this one did.

  • from Sugar Hill, GA February 15, 2017Music Background:
    Professional, Southern Rock and Boogie Blues specialist

    Massive Lows!

    As a huge Gov't Mule, ABB and Allen Woody fan, I figured I couldn't go wrong with this bass. And I was right! I've had this bass about 4 days now and have barely put it down. I initially intended this to be my #2 bass and to play it with a pick, which was sounding great and I was quite pleased. Then, playing in A and with no amp changes (MarkBass), I did some finger plucking and the bottom absolutely, just dropped to a low, low rumble. The entire sound, tone and attitude of the guitar changed. Amazing. That aside, I really like the neck, the guitar is well balanced and beautifully finished. My only complaint is I'm having to figure out a playing position to work around how the edge of the square body presses against the inside of my right arm.

  • from Santa Barbara February 4, 2017Music Background:
    Bought my first bass in 1975


    I wanted a short-scale bass that is lightweight to make it easier for me to play long gigs. I tried a Gibson SG-style bass first; it did not have a good tone, and I sold it pronto.
    Spotted the Rumblekat, bought it, tried it out, and boy am I glad I did! I am able to play it without any noticeable effort, and it sounds super. There is an excellent growl available from it, making it sound like a vintage instrument. I have even plucked and slapped it with usable results.
    I usually play neck-through, active U.S.A. long-scale basses. I was worried that the Allen Woody Rumblekat would not rock my speakers properly. The volume is as high as my active bass, and the sound is fat and wonderful. The sustain is very good, and I am using the strings that came with it.

  • from Central Florida January 31, 2017Music Background:
    Been playing for 35 years. Some paid, some not.

    One Sweet Bass

    I'm very impressed with this bass. I tried it for a few days with the stock strings on it and then put on flatwounds and set it up to my preferences. They did a good job with the frets on this one, I've got low action and no buzz. It's extremely comfortable to play and the pickups deliver some very nice tone. The 2 volume 1 tone knob arrangement works great. The guitar looks great too, very nice wood selection and the workmanship is top notch.

    I've had several Epiphone instruments over the years and this is the first one with the serial number pressed into the wood on the back of the headstock, just like my Gibsons. I like it much better than the silk screen ones of the past. I hope they make it a regular feature, simple, but elegant.

    I'm running mine through a Fender Rumble 500 V3 Combo and they go together well. I've used it for both practice and jam sessions and will certainly be using it on gigs too. A very fine bass.

  • from Durham, N.C. January 27, 2017

    Genius of Tone!!

    I bought this bass simply for the Club of it. Similar in many ways to a very Popular bass played by a famous Gal, the tone is All There. If you like to get smooth and funky look no further.

  • from Tx January 2, 2017Music Background:
    Over 50 years


    Love the length of neck the sound is awesome is of playing is amazing best looking bass I've seen

  • from PA October 12, 2016Music Background:

    Made me a believer

    Ok I have ALWAYS been a USA made long scale only guy. I would never consider a bass made in China. When I opened the box I was happy to see that I got Bit o Honeys this time. (Instead of those horrible hard candies) The fit and finish was flawless. The only thing I saw was the fit of the nut was a little funky, but not bad. And thats being picky. The set up was perfect. I was going to slap flats on it but the round wounds that come with it are just fine. I plugged in and played it thru my Mark Bass Amp. It has a really nice mellow sound. I played some Eric Church, BB King and Clapton. The neck feels great. I am very pleased with this bass. It may be my new "go to" bass.

  • from March 14, 2016

    Rumblekat Growls

    I've been playing an old Fender Telecaster Bass for many years and I love it, but guess what, one day I just picked up a Rumblekat in a shop and that was it! It felt so good I just had to buy it and believe me I was not disappointed. After putting on some roundwounds, that thing just started to talk. It not only rumbles but it growls. No problem with the tuning and on mine, the action and intonation is just perfect.
    I still love my Telecaster bass but she gets to stay home a little more often now :-)

  • from Youngstown, Ohio March 11, 2016Music Background:

    Simply Flawless

    Quick on delivery. Packaged well Color, Finish, Action & Setup remarkable. Sound is unbeleavable. A great guitar.

  • from Pennsylvania February 10, 2016Music Background:
    Musician and circuit designer for musical instruments

    Excellent Short Scale with great tone!

    The first thing I noticed about this guitar right out of the box is that it is a beautiful guitar. Secondly it plays like a dream. Finally I noticed that both pickups are located closer to the neck than expected. For me this was an opportunity to achieve thunderous tones that I never got on other bass guitars and I simply used a Stage 3 Booster to add that piano string bell like clarity when I needed it. This is not just a great bass guitar for the money it is the best bass guitar I have owned so far. I played this straight into an Ampeg and with the Booster and it was all awesome!

  • from New Hampshire December 6, 2015Music Background:
    40 yrs. of Rock,Blues, whatever

    My "Other" Bass

    I`m a dedicated Fender guy but I wanted 1 bass with a different sound. The reviews are true! This has a great sound and the build quality is excellent. It has a bit of a "woodier" sound than a Fender. The only thing that could be improved on is the tuners. It is a little difficult to keep in perfect tune, but I still love this thing. The neck is a perfect 10. The thickness of the body doesn`t bother my wrist at all. It sounds great for recording. I`m playing a 3 pc. classic rock jam today and can`t wait to play this baby! It`s worth every penny......Rob

  • from August 11, 2015


    I have had many basses, from Fender to BC Rich... When I got my Rumblekat this passed December I was blown away! This is the one bass I wil not let anyone else touch!
    Well worth the money!

  • from June 25, 2015

    The Rublekat Rumbles

    The Allen Woody Rublekat really rumbles! The semi-hollow body is wonderful to play for hours. I could not put it down, and it sounded great right out of the box.

    The rich sounds are fantastic. As a longtime fan of the Gov't Mule and Allen Woody, I expected to pay at least twice as much as it cost. The wine red color glows in the sunlight. A real beauty.

    A great bass guitar.

  • from Montana June 18, 2015Music Background:
    many genre, but now mainly blues - blues rock


    I love the tone and feel of this bass, just awesome. Not only a great bang for the buck, it's great period. I enjoy playing this bass as much or more than any bass I've owned in 33 years of playing bass. That's 10 prior basses, some of which were extremely expensive.

    I can't stop playing this Allen Woody Rumblekat! *Sweetwater's service was outstanding!!!*

  • from Ann Arbor, MI April 2, 2015Music Background:
    Musican, Composer, Demo Recordings

    Very Pleased

    I had done my research on the Rumblekat and knew what to expect in terms of sound/fit and finish/playability and I was not disappointed! The sound is warm and rich (I am not a fan of overly bright bass sounds). This thing plays even faster out of the box than I was expecting. Nice job on that Sweetwater! It really is a beautiful bass and I don't think the photos quite do it justice for some reason. The value on this is outstanding. I nearly purchased a different bass for over three times as much and I am not sure that I would have been any more satisfied than I am with the Rumblekat. Something to keep in mind with this bass, not only is it short scale, but the finger board seems slightly narrower than I was expecting. For me, this was a positive and I think it helps my play, but just an FYI in case this is not your preference. I have read elsewhere that this bass may have been designed with pick playing in mind, but I primarily use my fingers and I still dig the sound.

  • from roseau mn, usa May 21, 2013Music Background:
    amature bass player

    excellence all around

    I have not had personal service like I got from Sweetwater in a very long time. It's a breath of fresh air talking to a live person here in the states and someone who makes you feel like your appreciated as a customer. I love my guitar and case, even your set up techs were top notch, clean shiny and in tune right out of the box. All my music purchases will be with your company in the future, make sure my sales rep is taken care of he is top notch.

  • from jennings,la. April 29, 2013Music Background:
    playing music since a teen. i now play in church for our choir.

    Rumblekat bass

    I have really enjoyed this new bass. Right out the box was setup perfect. I own a 1968 Hofner and just recently picked on it no comparison. It plays so much easier and the deeper tones are wonderful. Took a few hours in learning the neck and controls but very satisfied with the bass. Sweetwater thanks again, Norbert you day man.

  • from San Francisco, CA February 26, 2013Music Background:
    Got Stars in my Eyes

    Fits right in the band, ready to play

    I play guitar and am the primary song writer in my band. When I wanted a bass to have around to craft some bass hooks, I was drawn to this guitar primarily because of its short scale neck, which I thought would make it a bit easier for me to to play. My Sweetwater hookup, Robert Johnson, played the guitar a bit to confirm that it was good to go, and boy was it. I love playing it, its got a great throaty sound (through an Ashdown amp) and is among the well built Epiphones (I've played a lot of Epiphones, and some are definitely better than others). Maybe I don't know much about bass guitars, but my bass player got ahold of this and it's now the "band bass." He's what some call an "active" bass player (plays off the root and all over the neck), and he confirmed that the set up is pretty great right off the factory line (and the Sweetwater techs). The sound, the feel and the look fit right in and keeps up some thumping bass lines along many different feels (classic rock, funk, alt. rock).

  • from MO Ozarks March 16, 2012Music Background:
    guitar strumming hobbyist who always wanted a bass to play as well

    Outstanding instrument...looks and sounds wonderful

    I am a complete novice when it comes to playing bass (I have been playing guitar off and on for 13 years now but this is my first bass guitar that i have ever played. Because of that I can't give an informed opinion on how this rumblekat sounds/feels/plays in comparison to other basses. I have always played epiphone guitars (el dorado acoustic and 61 G-400 lim edit 1997) and have been extremely happy and satisfied with that company so I wanted my first bass to be an epiphone as well. On top of that, I am a HUGE allen woody fan and all things Gov't Mule/ABB/Blue Floyd etc., so I was very interested in the rumblekat right off the bat. Once i did some research and realized it had a shorter neck (which I assumed would be a more natural feel as a guitar player) and was a limited edition model, I decided to go with the A Woody Rumblekat. I also loved the vintage look of the instrument which would have caught my attention even if it didn't have the Woodshed signature. After placing the order, the bass showed up 2 days later w/ free shipping and ready to go. I was thrilled to see that it looked even better in person. I have been playing it for about 3 weeks now and i LOVE the feel and the way it sounds (I am only using a Marshall 15 MB series combo amp) I couldn't be any happier with this bass guitar. I think the price is very very reasonable and again considering it is a limited edition run, i assume you won't find hundreds of them for sale on ebay and craigslist which should help this particular instrument keep its value (which isn't the case with many Epiphone models). One thing I highly suggest is to buy the hardshell case that is specificly designed for this bass guitar.

  • from Boston Area March 8, 2017Music Background:
    Playing lead and acoustic over 40yrs

    Great Value

    As a proficient and sometimes gigging guitar player for well over 40 yrs., I was recently asked to step in and play bass guitar at my house of worship. I checked out all the available options in the lower end price range ($400 to $800 in my playbook). I tried full-scale basses (Fender Jazz) and found the short scale bass guitar to be more to my liking. Getting old isn't fun and the smaller scale requires a bit less work for these old hands. The Epiphone AW Rumblekat, outfitted with Rotosound RS77S Jazz 77 Monel Flatwound Short Scale Bass Strings is just what the doctor ordered, modest cost, well crafted, small-scale, sounds awesome. Just finished my first worship service and the young and talented musicians at my church said, they loved the sound of this instrument.

    The only problem I have is the tuner on the E string doesn't hold itself well. I guess you can't expect guitar at this price point to have the best tuners. I will probably be refitting it soon, with a set of high-quality tuners.

  • from Denver, CO January 26, 2017Music Background:

    Great bass

    The tuners should be removed immediately (These tuners are junk) and a set of Hipshot elephant ears installed in their place. Well made and dependable(but pricey) and much better looking.
    I got rid of the root beer colored knobs for aesthetic reasons and throw on some gold ones and replaced all screws with gold.
    I also added a gold Hipshot thumb rest, again for aesthetic reasons. I rest my thumb on the neck pickup so its just an ornament for me. This will require drilling, so you'd better know what you're doing before attempting this modification. Not for the faint of heart!
    I replaced the bridge with a larger, chunky gold Hipshot bridge. To be honest, it didn't improve the sound one little bit but it looks cool as h***.
    Threw on a set of DR short scale FLATS. Truly amazing strings. I wouldn't use any other brand.
    Leave the pickups alone! They could not sound deeper, richer or warmer. Better than Gibson basses. Seriously!
    Finally, I threw on some gold Fender strap locks and named her "Jezebel"
    A truly GREAT design.
    "Allen, you done good!"

  • from June 8, 2015

    Allen Wood Rumblekat

    Guitar player for years but never had a bass. So this is my first. I am familiar with all the popular basses but this is all I need.
    This bass sounds, plays and looks great. Plus you can't beat the price

  • from Phila Pa February 25, 2014Music Background:
    Bass Player at Honeyspot Blvd....

    Great Bass for the money....

    The bass was packed nice, delivered on time... The bass played well right out of the box! After changing the strings to Flatwounds and resetting the intonation! The bass has a nice rich warm tone from low to high... I have not put this bass down... I'm really impressed with this bass... Thank You Sweetwater...

  • from So. Cal. October 20, 2017Music Background:

    Allen Woody Rumblekat

    I love the "full round" sound of the AWR. I am enjoying having a lighter weighed bass. It's not a do all bass but it does "kick it".

  • from Buckeye, AZ August 6, 2017

    Beautiful bass ... plays great!

    This is the first bass of this style (Semi-hollowbody & short scale) I've ever owned and I really like it!

    It's lightweight and the neck and shorter scale make playing this bass so much fun!

    I will eventually change out the tuning machines (the stock ones seem a little sloppy for me), but overall the quality if very very good.

    The staff (Keith) at Sweetwater were fantastic!

    I would highly recommend this to anyone looking to try a short scale bass and looking for something in the semi-hollowbody style.

  • from Central Florida March 21, 2017Music Background:
    Drums, Latin Percussion for many years, now a bottom ender

    Epiphone Allen Woody Rumblekat Artist Series - Wine Red

    I was looking for a short scale bass that not only had a great bottom end but that looked as good. I was not disappointed with either. This bass has an awsome sound and look is fantastic. The rich wine color and wood grain topped off with the gold hardware is just beautiful. Totally satisfied with this purchase.

  • from NC February 3, 2017Music Background:
    Musical if not special.

    Love this thing

    Some friends asked me to join their band. It went like this:

    "We need a bass player. You play bass, right?"
    "I play drums. And I sang bass in choir in high school."
    "But you play guitar, right?"
    "I own a guitar. I wouldn't say I play it."
    "Perfect. Show up Thursday. Randy has a bass you can play until you get your own."

    So a few months later I got a Rumblekat. I've had it two years. I love this thing.

    The good:
    >Good lookin. Sure, up close mine has a few places where maybe they didn't scrape all the stain off the binding as best they could, but there's not much to complain about. And I got it from the guitar gallery so it's not like there were any surprises. And the back on mine is just gorgeous. And no big plastic covers anywhere. Just three knobs and a little cover plate.
    >Smooth sound. This thing will brighten up and start to bite if you play with a pick (which Woody did most of the time) but is super smooth with finger style playing. It just hums and sustains forever.
    >Light and playable. Nice guitar.
    >Lovely fitted case available

    The not as good:
    >The finish could be a little better, sure. But this isn't a $2k axe. It's affordable and it plays nice and sounds good and looks pretty darn good.
    >Tonal range: The two humbuckers don't deliver a wide range of available sounds. Sure, they're a little different, but it isn't the range of tones you'd get from a jazz bass or something.
    >A bit neck heavy so a wide strap is advised.

    Things I've changed:
    After a few months I added some hipshot ultralight tuners to reduce the neck dive.
    More recently I also swapped to a hipshot bridge. That was a little tricky because the top of the Rumblekat isn't totally flat at the bridge so I had to shim the hipshot bridge (by using thin nylon washers under the mounting bolts). The bridge did actually make a difference (I wasn't expecting much) in the sustain department (as in this jsut sustains forever), as well as the ease of setup.
    I'm considering swapping one of the volume knobs for a blend control instead.
    Just ordered some flatwounds and some tapewounds to see how thumpy this thing can get. I suspect that the answer is MEGA.

    So now 2.5 years, one album, and a bunch of shows later I call myself a bass player. And I own more than one bass now, but this is still the main one. It is so pretty under the lights, is a breeze to play, just sounds lovely and has been utterly reliable. For reference, my band plays classic-ish indy rock. We call it dust rock. Anyway, this here geetar has and continues to serve me well.

    As usual, Kudos to my Sweetwater sales rep Jeff Jent. He helped me pick the guitar, helped me with advice on strings and other gear later. Best customer service in the industry.

  • from April 3, 2016

    Nice Mid-Range Bass

    Looking for short scale as I'm primarily a guitarist but wanted a bass for recording as the MIDI wasn't cutting it. Playing a short scale is a bit different than the long scale as the strings are a bit looser but works well with my style of palm-muting, pick-playing with a light touch. Action is low and the bridge is solid and adjustable. The warmth of the mini-humbuckers is there for sure. It may not be the one for you if you have large hands or want to slap or hard pluck then a long scale (like Fender P or J-Bass) is your ticket. Of course, Sweetwater is the place for online guitars with their set-up and inspection - intonation and all were spot-on! Probably upgrade with flat-wound strings and get the custom case next.

Questions about the Epiphone Allen Woody Rumblekat Artist Series - Wine Red?

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