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Ernie Ball 2566 Aluminum Bronze Acoustic Strings - .012-.054 Medium Light Reviews

5.0 stars based on 10 customer reviews
Questions about the Ernie Ball 2566 Aluminum Bronze Acoustic Strings - .012-.054 Medium Light?

Questions about the Ernie Ball 2566 Aluminum Bronze Acoustic Strings - .012-.054 Medium Light?

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  • from Seattle March 28, 2017Music Background:
    Aspiring bandleader

    Looooong Lasting, Briiight, good for unplugged performance

    These strings lasted for 5 months! I play my guitar 10+ hours per week and I play every other week for an hour at a retirement home. I wasn't sold initially on the tone of the strings, as they are very bright, but this works for playing with a grand piano unplugged. These 2566's made my guitar louder than any other string I've used (I have a Washburn Dreadnought), and not only did they last for 5 months, the strings sounded new for 4 months and only at the end did I notice slight degradation in tone and volume. Who knows what kind of blacksmith magic they used to accomplish this? (Seriously-- do you know? Tell me what you know!)

    Everyone at the retirement home commented on how good my guitar sounded!

    Given the good vibes these strings gave me, I still prefer warmer sounding strings but if I ever get a guitar just for playing with groups, I will probably be stringing it up with these aluminum bronze Ernie Balls!

    I'm hoping we'll see some other alloys coming out of the Ball lab soon! Keep up the mad science Dr. Ernie!

  • from MA November 22, 2016Music Background:

    Razzle dazzle

    Really great strings. Huge sound, loud, sustains for days and the most amazing thing to me is the Air, the vast top ends shimmers and sparkle. I am not crazy about bright sounds, prefer warmth generally, but those are very seductive. They may sound a bit "cold"to some ears but their elegant silkiness might overtake you. Sounds great in my OM Trad Goodall, adding size and more detail to an already highly detailed sound. Those strings will awaken any dull guitar and brighten a nail free finger-style picking approach. Really fabulous strings. I cant wait to test them on all my guitars.

  • from August 25, 2016

    I'm A Believer

    I must say I had high hopes for these strings. My "go to" strings have been GHS Signature Bronze which are great strings. I thought why not give these a go so I did. At first I was a little disappointed because I was hoping to hear brighter right away and I didn't hear a discernible difference from the Signatures.
    After playing my Larrivee L03 for about an hour I became aware of the solid, clear bottom that was promised. I also was hearing overtones like they were going out of style and as others have said the sustain was phenomenal...really. I'm going to continue to see how they hold up as they are touted to last longer than other uncoated strings. I will definitely buy more of these. Incidentally, I bought the 11-52 set.

  • from Beavercreek, OH October 22, 2015

    I am sold

    Awesome strings not coated but who cares? Adds new depth to guitar. I realize that everyone favors certain brands, myself included, and that's cool. Harmonics ring with this set. This string set will definitely find a place with mic recording. Ernie Ball has a winner with these strings. Andy McKee uses these strings and that's why I gave them a try and glad I did.

  • from Louisville May 31, 2015

    Give them a try!

    Well-balanced and bright, but not tinny. Brings small guitars to life, but should be good for any size instrument. Will add nuance to your playing. Long lasting (in my experience). Think of these strings as a testosterone shot for your acoustic.

  • from Orlando, FLorida USA February 7, 2015Music Background:
    Songwriter, engineer and musician

    EB Nailed It With These Strings--Big Time!

    If you don't hear at the very least a 3x improvement in your guitar's tone, seriously consider using it for an indoor planter because if these strings can't do anything for its tone, there is nothing on this planet that will.
    I strung my Tak TF360SBG up with them and I was totally amazed beyond words. WHAT A DIFFERENCE!!! I have been using Cleartone and Martin strings for long time and they don't begin to measure up to these strings. Believe me when I say my Tak has NEVER sounded this good...and it is soooo recordable. These strings make my guitar sound optimally balanced and the definition/clarity is perfect. Nowadays after adding a Tri-Ax pick up, when I track I simply keep everything flat and every take sounds perfect in any mix. And by the way, they sound better longer than phosphor bronze strings.
    I can't recommend these strings enough. So do yourself a favor and buy a set of them, I promise you will not be disappointed. Yes, They're that good.

  • from Joliet, IL January 7, 2015Music Background:
    Worship Team Player, Hobbiest

    On a Martin

    For the longest time on my guitars I used D'addario EXP, and they where great strings. One of the thing Martin does well is the bass, but often time there is no treble and mid's to bring out. These strings not only make this guitar even louder, but so much more balanced sounding. So I still have the chug on the bass if I want, but for some fun hammering things, they really come out!

  • from Radford, Va. October 21, 2014Music Background:
    About 40 years of gigging, 15+ running a recording studio, live sound.

    The perfect strings for my Taylor 320

    My Taylor came with the popular brand coated strings (Elixirs), which weren't really doing it for me. I liked a few other brands I tried, but the "zing" of the strings quickly rolled off. Then, I tried these. They've been on the guitar for a couple of weeks now, and they still sound fresh. A slightly lighter gauge also makes the guitar a little easier to play (and it played easy before).

  • from Louisville, KY December 11, 2015Music Background:
    Hobbyist, songwriter, composer

    Try 'em!

    Nice and clear - highs, mids, and lows. All new strings give new life to a guitar, but these add extra zing! You will probably like these strings.

  • from New Jersey September 24, 2014Music Background:
    Semi pro musician

    sweet strings

    when I first put these strings on my Takemine dreadnought, I couldn't think of a word to describe the sound, I was thinking the highs seemed sharper, after using them for a month, I notice my guitar seems louder, and crisp sounding, I play everyday and they are as lively as the first day

Questions about the Ernie Ball 2566 Aluminum Bronze Acoustic Strings - .012-.054 Medium Light?

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