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Sennheiser e865 Handheld Condenser Microphone Reviews

4.5 stars based on 10 customer reviews
Questions about the Sennheiser e865 Handheld Condenser Microphone?

Questions about the Sennheiser e865 Handheld Condenser Microphone?

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  • from Capital Region, New York December 30, 2016Music Background:

    Perfect mic for me!

    I'd been using SM57s and 58s forever and was content. Then about 6 years ago I bought an e865 and was blown away. It is perfect for me....smooth, rich and clear. I compared it to a Shure Beta 58 and while the Beta was an improvement on the SM58, it was no where near as good as the e865. It is definitely worth every penny I spent on it. I still carry the SM58 but have bought an e935 as my backup mic.

  • from Oshawa, Canada November 2, 2016Music Background:
    Professional singer

    Amazing vocal mic!

    This microphone is warm, smooth and clear! Definitely worth every dollar spent. I also find it easier to sing with this mic. Two thumbs up! Glad I made this investment in my vocal microphone! You won't be disappointed.

  • from United States July 30, 2014Music Background:
    musician, amatuer sound tech


    I'm in a 10 piece RB group and we've been using Beta58s for vocals--we purchased a wireless beta 58 and added another lead vocalist so one was using the wireless and the other had the wired mic. The gal with the wired mic always complained that she had no punch-her voice in the monitors (they share two) was as clear. On advice from our Sweetwater rep, Derek, we tried one of these---all problems solved. My only regret is that I've got to get 4 more of these and sell the Betas---any takers?

  • from June 11, 2012


    These are great mics for loud and soft vocals. I bought these for my wife's acoustic duet and used them this past weekend at a small club (75-100 people). Their performances are very dynamic and these mics caught every nuance of their vocal character from whispers to full on "belting" out the vocals. Up close they are very bassy, so I had to roll the bass completely out using my 3-band EQ on my cheap mixer, but once I found the sweet spot these mics picked up everything. Great feedback suppression too. This particular club and stage was laid out in a way that was very difficult to cover the entire floor with great sound. It was a significant challenge to our PA system, so we needed mics that picked up the vocals, but did not feed back. I never tried any other similar mics in this price range, and I dont need to.

  • from Naples, FL / USA July 29, 2011Music Background:
    Singer/Guitarist for 40 years, 4 years under contract with EMI

    Sennheiser Mic e865

    I've been a performing musician since 1970 and have used many mics on stage, including some of the old Sennheiser. I've had the e865 now for about 5 years and it's absolutely my favorite! Sturdy, clear sound, heck I even like the shape. I alwasys carry a SM58 with me as a backup, but so far I've never had to use it. Go Sennheiser!!!

  • from Columbia City, IN October 16, 2009Music Background:
    Electrical Engineer, Live Sound Engineer, Vocalist

    Incredible stage mic with a powerful yet smooth sound!

    I've used a lot of "excellent" dynamic microphones on the stage for vocals, such as those by Shure, Sennheiser, AKG, EV, and others, but when you step up and shell out a little more money for this condenser, it will send your voice into another realm. The e865 is a super stage microphone packed with power, presence, clarity, and smoothness. If you can afford a little more, buy this thing. You won't regret it.

  • from South Louisiana November 26, 2015Music Background:

    Great Handheld- for Live or Studio!

    I bought two of these in October of 2015 from Sweetwater. I was looking for a couple of dedicated vocal mics for studio AND live use! ...a kind of "Live at Darryl's House" application. To this end I'm happy with the purchase. I've used them live and in the studio with great results. One of the bands I'm working with has a vocalist with a Beta 58. Listening to this person sing through that mic and this mic I can hear more presence in the vocal. It comes across as more "pro-sounding" to me. I've compared it in the studio to some large diaphragm condensers that cost a lot more and it holds its own place. Bottom line- if you're looking for a "double duty" mic for live and studio use, this is a very good option. Maybe not the best- hence a less than 5-star rating- but very good!

  • from Empowering Solutions, NJ September 15, 2012Music Background:
    Live Sound Engineer, PC Technician, Home Recording Studio Hobbyist

    Presence & Clarity....at a price?

    Greetings world! I just did a review of an AKG C5, and thought to share my findings here.

    I've had this mic for a couple years, and it's been great. I consider myself to have a bit of a thin voice, so I purchased an e865 to fatten/beef things up with it's "pronounced presence and vocal 'punch'", yet maintaining a clarity that cannot be found on nearly any dynamic microphone, and for these things, the e865 delivers as promised!

    ...but I also just purchased an AKG C5, and when I A/B the two mics, they sound nearly identical. The C5 features a "Presence cap" (a plastic cap with a hole, that snaps onto the capsule), which helps deliver the "pronounced presence and vocal 'punch'" as well!

    Both mics seem built rugged, have a useful side and rear rejection (though the e865's pickup pattern is a bit tighter), and have very little handling noise, especially for condensers! The feel and weight of both are similar, except that the Sennheiser is a bit more comfortable with it's smooth curves. The C5 has a recessed AKG logo which may feel distracting, but the overall texture is less slippery so it gives a slightly better grip.

    With the presence cap removed, the C5 sounds a bit thinner and yes, a bit more detailed...closer to how I remember an Beta87A sounding...

    Unless you demand the slightly tighter SuperCardioid pickup pattern for optimal feedback rejection, anyone considering an e865 (or Beta87A), should consider a C5 and possibly save around 70 to 90 clams! :)

  • from Salt Lake City, UT USA January 11, 2010Music Background:

    Well made, easy to use, nice sounding mic

    My vocal mics include an AE3300, Rode M1 and EV 767A. I was looking for an easy to use super or hyper cardioid condenser mic for solo vocal performances with an acoustic guitar. The AE3300 is a wonderful mic, but it picks up the guitar too much (which is a problem with processors like the VoiceLive).

    The Sennheiser e865 is well built and it's easy to get a nice clear, rich sound without hassle. It's plossive protection is fair to good. It's proximity effect is less pronounced than some. Off axis rejection is just what the doctor ordered.

    For me, doing two or three church services a month through a flying PA of Mackie, QSC and JBL quality, I can't see needing more.

  • from Seattle, WA April 29, 2012Music Background:
    Live Sound Engineer


    This mic sounded okay, but in it's search for warmth it sacrificed clarity. I had a vocalist that was almost more than my AKG C535EB could handle, so I tried this one. She noticed right away the lack of clarity compared to the 535, and so did I. The AKG is more expensive than this mic and picks up a bit more ambient sound, but unlike this mic it's actually worth the price.

    I returned this mic, and went back to the 535.

    The odd thing was that I have the wireless version of this mic and it seemed much clearer and more detailed. I highly recommend the wireless, which does indeed sound amazing for it's price.

Questions about the Sennheiser e865 Handheld Condenser Microphone?

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