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Sennheiser e845 S - With On/Off Switch Reviews

4.5 stars based on 9 customer reviews
Questions about the Sennheiser e845 S - With On/Off Switch?

Questions about the Sennheiser e845 S - With On/Off Switch?

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  • from April 18, 2017

    sennheiser e845s

    I have been using my e845s for ten years without any issues, as a singer the warmth of this microphone is exceptional. try it...

  • from Clayton, NJ January 9, 2017

    Better than the 835 !!!!

    I've been using Sennheiser mics on stage since the 70's and for the last 15 years, specifically the e835-S. I recently lost my e835-S, playing a festival and even though I have a e835 without the switch and started looking for a replacement with the switch, I read the reviews on both the e-845 S and the e-935 and e-945 mics. After reading many different reviews I decided to go to the e-845 S and I'm sure glad I did. This unit is much more focused on vocals that come from the front than the sides and is clearer and much more focused than the e-835..... it is incredibility resistant to Feedback. I am very satisfied with this choice and am in the process of persuading other members of my two band to also make this upgrade. It's well worth it and DOES THE JOB !!!

  • from Buffalo, NY September 29, 2015Music Background:
    Buffalo, NY based guitarist, drummer, vocalist and roots musician

    Great Mic

    Bought this mic to replace my Shure SM58 which was having issues in the form of not being very clear and having a pretty low output. Of course Shure has the title of industry standard all locked up, and to be sure, I've sung into plenty of them that sounded fine. Mine worked alright with my particular PA - but when I'd plug into others without adequate time to EQ it, that's when the problems really showed..no longer an issue with the Senn..crystal clear output, good high end boost to cut through the mix, especially in a noisy bar room, and I love the super cardioid design for minimizing bleed in from other guys in the band, a closely placed main or monitor, drums, or once again, a noisy bar..

    A very very well spent 150 bucks and Sweetwater was beyond easy and accommodating.

  • from Boston February 13, 2013Music Background:
    Playing and singing my entire life.

    EXCELLENT Mic!!!!!

    This is just a fantastic microphone. Extremely well built and the sound is extremely professional. Works great with my voice(tenor/baritone.) I love the on/off switch. Clear, warm, and true to my actual voice.

  • from United States October 26, 2011Music Background:

    As Advertised

    Works well as advertised. Service and shipping from Sweetwater were also as advertised.

  • from Sugar Land, TX August 13, 2011Music Background:
    35 years of professional live sound expierience

    Solid Stage Performer

    I've been using these for almost 10 years for both male and female voices. Very satisfied with the warm sound, low handling noise,
    & solid build. Even the switch is smooth and quiet. Beware of fakes
    from China being sold on Ebay.

  • from Bethalto, IL. December 6, 2010Music Background:
    Sound Board Operator

    Bye Bye Feedback

    Our old sound system with its aging Shure57/58 mics was a haven of feedback and squeal. Our singers spent more time finding a feedback-free zone than they did singing. We purchased six of these puppies and immediately put it to the supreme test- yes I stuck the microphone into the stage monitor. I was within 2 feet of direct contact before they started to hum. I can dial down the gains without sacrificing clarity and tone. The extra $50 we spent compared to a Shure57/58 is worth 5 times that in sound quality and feedback suppression.

  • from Monterey, TN July 20, 2008Music Background:
    Vocalist; Live Sound Engineer; Recording Engineer

    Simply Awesome Live Vocal Mic

    I stumbled across this mic a couple of years ago while attempting to purchase a Shure Beta 58 for another member of my band to use on backing vocals during live performances. Prior to my introduction to Sennheiser, I had purchased Shure mics exclusively based upon the recommendations of other professionals I trusted in the business (I was relatively new in the "pro" end of live performing and didn't know my pro gear the way I do now). Always having been the lead singer, I was using a Beta 58 wireless rig, a Beta 87 as my secondary mic, and just assumed that the best mic for the other members of the band would be a Beta 58 as well. So I called up one of the well-known music gear providers and proceeded to attempt to order one.
    That's when the sales rep asked me if I had tried a Sennheiser 835. I told him the same thing I have written above, but he reminded me that the specs were exactly the same on the two mics, but that the Sennheiser was considerably cheaper and had a 10 YEAR WARRANTY to boot! I waffled a bit, but he convinced me to try a Sennheiser by telling me that he would personally handle my return if I were not completely satisfied (in other words, if the Sennheiser did not meet or beat my expectations of the Shure Beta 58!) Since I was already planning on spending the price of the Beta 58, I moved up a bit in the Sennheiser line from the 835 he had recommended and got this 845S while still saving a couple of bucks.
    All I can say is that several years later I now have three of these for the other members of the band and when not running wireless, I use a Sennheiser MD 431 II for my lead vocals. I never purchased another Shure mic and there are a couple reasons why. First of all, this mic cuts through the mix better than a Beta 58, and almost as well as a BETA 87 at half the price!! Secondly, the Sennheiser mics very noticeably feed back less (or are more forgiving of poor mic or monitor placement), which is paramount during a live performance. Third, this mic gives you a switch, which is very handy in eliminating stage noise or feedback potential from your mix when not in use (your live engineer doesn't have to worry about remembering to push the 'mute' button at the right time all night long!). You won't get that on a Beta 58 or 87.
    The bottom line is that this mic gets 5 stars because of its price-to-performance ratio against its peers. It is crisp and "hot" without feeding back like most of its competitors, and the fact that it costs less while performing better makes it simply mind-boggling why so many performers are still hanging on to the Shure SM58 and Beta 58. Being a performer and engineer for over 15 years, I have become very accostomed to "getting what you pay for" when it comes to pro music gear. Sennheiser mics are the exception to this rule, and more people should know about it!

  • from Houston, TX May 1, 2004

    Very nice mic for the price

    The e845 is a very clean sounding vocal mic that definitely made any Shure product in that price range into mush! A singer I was working with couldn't cut thru the mix in the Shure 58's so I went mic shopping with him and found one that was working perfectly with his voice - the e845!
    It has a bit of mid and hi end boost so that makes it cut better in a mix. It is also quite good on electric guitar as I found later on.

Questions about the Sennheiser e845 S - With On/Off Switch?

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