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61-key Arranger Keyboard Workstation with 1100 Sounds, 350+ Styles, Effects, Vocal Harmonist, 16-track Sequencer, 2 SRX Expansion Slots, USB, and Onboard Speakers
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Roland E-80 image 1
Roland E-80 image 1

Sorry, the Roland E-80 is no longer available. We've left this page up for reference only. Check out the great alternatives on this page or call toll-free (800) 222-4700 to speak with a Sweetwater Sales Engineer about similar products.

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Roland E-80
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Incredible Sounds and Arranging Abilities - Plus 2 SRX Slots!

The Roland E-80 is an incredibly powerful 61-key ranger keyboard. To get creative, there are more than 1,100 sounds, 350 styles, and a host of reverbs, choruses, and multi-effects built in. And there are even an expressive Guitar Mode and a vocal harmonist mode on the E-80, which give you professional command of your tracks within the onboard 16-track sequencer. There's an onboard speaker system, so you can just sit down and play, and you can add even more sounds to the Roland E-80, thanks to two SRX expansion slots.

Roland E-80 61-key Professional Arranger Keyboard at a Glance:
  • A wealth of "lively" sounds
  • More than 350 styles
  • High-quality playback of Standard MIDI files
  • Great-sounding onboard speaker system
  • Built-in vocal harmonist
  • Expressive Guitar Mode
  • User-friendly interface with full-color touchscreen
  • 2 x expansion slots
  • 16-track sequencer and mastering tools
  • USB connection for exchanging data or MIDI communication

A wealth of "lively" sounds and effects
The Roland E-80 boasts a tremendous collection of premier sounds - there are 1100 sounds and 54 drum kits, so you can take your sound in virtually any direction imaginable. A premier 88-key split stereo-sampled piano is among the sounds onboard. All sounds were captured "live," including the piano and stunning sampled guitar sounds, so you can expect an incredible degree of realism. And no matter what tone you land on, you've also got plenty of room to tweak it - the Roland E-80 offers up a robust effects section, loaded with 12 reverb effects, six chorus effects, and 84 multi-effects.

More than 350 styles
When you want tremendous backing tracks, you can count on the Roland E-80. There are more than 350 styles onboard, which span genres from around the world. All created by a team of international programmers, the styles are as "live" and realistic as the tones onboard the unit and have been expertly mixed and mastered, so you're ready to start playing and get creative.

Great-sounding onboard speaker system
With the Roland E-80, you don't have to mess with plugging in external speakers or fishing around for a pair of headphones the moment creativity strikes. You can take advantage of its high-impact, bi-amped sound system that offers four speakers, a Bass Reflex System, and a Digital Bass Enhancer. The E-80 even offers speaker modeling technology, so you can change the sonic character of the speaker just by pressing a switch. And if you do want to use external speakers to take the stage or work in your studio, you can bypass the onboard speakers by just flipping a switch.

Built-in vocal harmonist
The Roland E-80 gives you an incredible amount of sounds, effects, and styles to choose from - but it doesn't stop there. Not only can you plug in a microphone and layer in a vocal track, the E-80 boasts a built-in Vocal Harmonist with over 80 settings and additional effects and features. You can apply wild vocal effects or control pitch automatically. There are also a vocoder and an ensemble feature onboard.

Expressive Guitar Mode
Add expressive guitar tracks to your arrangements without taking a finger off the keyboard. The E-80 features Roland's acclaimed Guitar Mode. You can perform rich strumming and guitar-specific articulations directly from the keyboard - great for both real-time performance and programming.

User-friendly interface with full-color touchscreen
You can navigate through the E-80's extensive set of sounds and features without hassle, thanks to its full-color touchscreen. There are also a wealth of switches, buttons, and sliders on its control panel, giving you quick access to the most commonly used operations

2 x expansion slots
If you want to customize your E-80's soundsets, you can - there are two SRX expansion slots, so you can add whatever sounds best suit your needs.

16-track sequencer and mastering tools
The onboard 16-track sequencer offers up advanced features, such as piano roll editing. There's even a digital score display and a lyrics display that can import and export text and automatically extract chords. Once you've created a great mix, there are powerful mastering tools onboard, as well, including a parametric equalizer and a multi-band compressor - the E-80 is a one-stop creative environment!

USB connection for exchanging data plus MIDI communication
The E-80 works great as a standalone workstation, but it also integrates into a computer-based setup. Via USB, you can exchange styles, songs, user programs, images, and file text. You can also connect the E-80 to your computer and use it as a MIDI controller to take charge of your software instruments. The E-80 includes Roland's G-70 Database Manager software, which helps you to manage songs, styles, and user programs directly from your computer.

Roland E-80 61-key Professional Arranger Keyboard Features:
  • 61-keys, velocity-sensitive with aftertouch
  • Max polyphony: 128
  • 1100 panel tones, 54 Drums kits, dedicated EQ for each Oscillator (on Realtime/Style/Song parts) and for each drum instrument on Styles and Songs
  • SRX Expansion Board slots: 2 (for SRX series and SR-G01)
  • Multitimbral parts: 32
  • Real-time Effect Processors: REVERB section: 12 Reverb; CHORUS section: 6 Chorus;MFX section: 84 Multi-FX;MASTERING TOOL section: Parametric EQ, Multi-Band Compressor;HARMONIC BAR section: Rotary, Vibrato and Overdrive; EXTERNAL AUDIO INPUT: 84 effects; MIC INPUT section: Noise Gate, Compressor, 9 Reverb, 9 Delay;VOCAL HARMONIST section: 9 Reverb, 9 Delay, 9 Chorus
  • Style/Song Effect Processors: REVERB section: 8 Reverb; CHORUS section: 8 Chorus; 3 x MFX section: 84 Multi-FX; MASTERING TOOL section: Parametric EQ, Multi-Band Compressor
  • Compatibility: GM2/ GS/ XG Lite
  • Styles: More than 350 styles on 12 families
  • Style Variations: 4 Main / 4 Intro / 4 Ending / 6 Fill In / Break Mute on ASSIGN SW
  • User Style Composer: 8 Tracks with Micro editing / Piano Roll editing / Guitar Mode Programming / SRX tones selection
  • Direct Media Link: Yes
  • Multi-function sliders: 9
  • Rotary Encoder with push switch
  • Cursor: Inc, Dec, Up, Down, Right, Left
  • Pitch Bender and Modulation
  • D Beam: Yes, (4 modes)
  • Keyboard Part / Part Assign Switches: Upper1, Upper2, Upper3, Lower1, Lower2, Manual Bass
  • Display: Color Touchscreen with selectable beep
  • Sequencer:16-Track Sequencer, with Micro Event List / Piano Roll editing, Vocal Harmonist control track, Guitar Mode programming, SRX Tones selection, SMF to Style Converter
  • DigiScore
  • Lyrics Display with automatic Chord Extractor and Text Import/Export possibility
  • Viewer for .txt and .bmp files
  • Harmonic Bar
  • Vocal Harmonist Mode: 4 Modes: Talk, Voice-FX, Auto Pitch, Singer, 3 Types of Programmable Harmony: 30 Small, 30 Ensemble, 24 Vocoder
  • Control possibility: Realtime, on 16-Track Sequencer, via MIDI IN
  • Music Assistant: unlimited number (approx. 580 as preloaded factory data), programmable
  • User Program: unlimited number, 144 User Program links on each set
  • Data Storage: FDD, 3.5" 2HD/2DD. Internal SSD (Solid State Disk). 62,4MB (approx. 35,3MB as preloaded factory data)
  • PC Card Slot: 1 PCMCIA slot for: Microdrive (1.0-inch hard disk drive)*,Compact Flash*, Memory Stick*,SmartMedia**using Card adaptor*the E-80 system manages up to 4 GBytes of the above storage Media
  • Type of files managed:
  • Style, Song (.mid /.kar files), User Program, User Program set, MIDI Set, Play List, File.txt, File.bmp
  • Guitar Mode for Acoustic and Electric Guitars with Stereo Doubling function
  • Finder: Song, Style, User Program
  • Easy Setting: Arranger, Organ, Guitar, Piano
  • Chord Alteration System: Adaptive Chord Voicing
  • Melody Intelligent: Yes, 18 Types, Melody Intelligent 2nd Tone customization
  • New dynamic Split function: Yes, two modes
  • Tap Tempo: Yes
  • Transpose with Singer Key Adapter: Yes, -6 ~ +5
  • Song Chord Extractor: Yes
  • Fade IN/OUT: Yes, programmable
  • Assignable SW: Yes, 2 programmable with Break Mute selection
  • V-LINK: Yes
  • Updating system: Yes, on Flash
  • 1 USB socket for File transfer
  • MIDI IN, OUT, THRU sockets
  • Audio Output: Main (L/mono, R)‚ Metronome Output; Audio Input: External Audio Input (L, R), Vocal Harmonist Input (XLR / TRS, Phone balanced / unbalanced)
  • Jacks: 1 x Hold Pedal, 1 x Assignable Switch, 1 x Expression Pedal, 1 x FC-7 Control Pedal
  • Video Output: Yes, for Lyrics and Chords (2 types),Text and BMP files viewer
  • Phones: 2
  • Speakers: 2 x 13 cm (woofer), 2 x 6,6 cm (tweeter)Rated Power Output: 2 x 35 W, 2 x 12 W (with Bass Reflex system)
  • Includes: Owner's Manual, Power Cord, Music Rest, bundled CD-ROM (it contains E-80 backup data image, USB-MIDI driver (for Mac/PC), DATABASE MANAGER software)
  • Width: 46-5/16 inches
  • Depth: 19-1/4 inches
  • Height: 7-13/16 inches
  • Weight: 49 lbs. 10 oz.
The Roland E-80 is a powerful arranger keyboard with a wealth of sounds, effects, and even mastering tools!

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