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Variable Pattern Large-Diaphragm Tube Condenser Microphone
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Soundelux E47 image 1

Sorry, the Soundelux E47 is no longer available. We've left this page up for reference only. Check out the great alternatives on this page or call toll-free (800) 222-4700 to speak with a Sweetwater Sales Engineer about similar products.

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Soundelux E47
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The Big, Open Sound of a Great Tube Mic!

The 1950's era Tube 47 was an essential studio microphone, known for its big vocal sound and excellent smooth response. As a sought after vintage microphone, the Tube 47's found on the used market today are typically not the best examples: the good ones were gone long ago to collectors and rental houses. The Soundelux E47 recreates the extraordinary sound of the best original Tube 47's versions with an improved headroom and top end. Maintaining the features, character, mechanical and electrical topology of the original, the E47 is a variable pattern microphone suitable for vocals and instrument applications. Best of all, the price of the E47 is half that of vintage originals. The E47 has remote power supply and "spider" shock mount built to professional grade standards. Everything about the E47 shows careful attention to restoring the feel and performance of the original, built with modern materials and attention to detail. Soundelux E47 continues the company's commitment to extreme value, all for about half the price of a vintage original. What makes the E47 different is that it is built to achieve a specific sound while nearly all other microphones are built to sell at a certain price or "look". Determining the proper sound for the E47 was no easy feat, for 1950's era 47's are notorious for sounding very different from one another. After years of renting and borrowing the best 47s to be had, trial and testing, David Bock of Soundelux has found the right combination of electronics, mechanicals and operational feel that even the most die-hard 47 fan would approve of. The Soundelux E47 embodies all the most important characteristics of the original, while offering consistency and reliability that is a requirement for the hard service and limited budget of the overworked studio. With the addition of a Soundelux E47 to your mic locker, you will find a range of sounds and tonal characters previously not available through any other means. We are certain you will find this to be an essential addition to your studio regardless of what you currently own. The Soundelux E47, the next generation of vintage microphones, for those who earn a living by the sounds they make. Soundelux E47 Applications: The E47 primary use is on close-up male or female vocals, it will also find itself a powerful performer on other instruments as well. Individual drums or drum kits will have astounding impact, with no overt artificial high end. Mono drums. Brass instruments will be recorded with the classic jazz signature of the most famous records from the 1950's, and small ensembles (of nearly any instrumentation) are recorded with intimacy unavailable otherwise. Cello, or violin (at a small distance). Acoustic or electric bass will find a perfect warm tone, without clouding or muffling using the E47. Solo performers who sing while playing acoustic guitars may be recorded with just this one microphone! It may be used close up anywhere it's distinctive proximity effect is deired. This mic's coloration is so usefrull it may be applied to nearly any application with useable, musical results. The E47 sounds great in every mixing studio and on every stereo system, before and after mastering. It will give you absolute confidence that your vocal tracks will stand the test of generational degradation: mixing, processing, mastering, broadcasting and webcasting. A note about Soundelux: Soundelux Microphones is a unique US manufacturer of true "professional level" microphones. Their mission is to restore the availability of the most important vintage microphones of all time without the vintage price and without the high maintenance. Soundelux works to recreate as closely as possible the sonic signatures of the most important vintage microphones, using modern materials and assembly, hand workmanship and a very critical ear. The beauty of Soundelux is that every microphone in the line is designed to work together as a team. The Soundelux line up provides the most important "colors" proven over time to be essential in all quality studio work.

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