Akai Professional E2 Head Rush Delay/Looper Pedal No Longer Available

Mutiple Delay, Analog Tape Effect Simulator, Looping Guitar Effects Pedal
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Akai Professional E2 Head Rush Delay/Looper Pedal image 1
Akai Professional E2 Head Rush Delay/Looper Pedal image 1

Sorry, the Akai Professional E2 Head Rush Delay/Looper Pedal is no longer available. We've left this page up for reference only. Check out the great alternatives on this page or call toll-free (800) 222-4700 to speak with a Sweetwater Sales Engineer about similar products.

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Akai Professional E2 Head Rush Delay/Looper Pedal
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Step up your Live Performance with this Stompbox!

The Akai Professional E2 Headrush brings multiple, great sounding effects into one rugged blue stombox. On top of its astonishing 23.8 seconds maximum delay time, the E2 Headrush is also a fully functional looper, making it simple for guitarists, bass players, and even vocalists to overdub and layer whatever they imagine! Not stopping there, Akai Professional even built in a 4-head analog tape echo machine simulator with four individual outputs for each head. If you're looking for useful and versatile delay, echo and looping effects, the E2 Headrush belongs on your pedal board.

Akai Professional E2 Headrush at a Glance:
  • Incredible delay possibilities
  • Looping recorder
  • Analog tape echo with multiple outs
  • Convenient LED display

Incredible delay possibilities
The E2 boasts an impressive 23.8 seconds maximum delay time - a playground of sound possibilities for the inventive guitarist! You can also take charge of your delay in real-time by tapping in your tempo.

Looping recorder
A dream feature for any solo guitarist. With the E2's looping feature, you can record a percussive knock on your guitar, layer in some chords and then take over playing lead while your "band" plays along with you in the background.

4-head analog tape echo machine with multiple outputs
The E2 Headrush includes a 4-head analog tape echo machine simulator that gives you control over delay as well as the spacing between the virtual heads. If that's not already cool enough, the E2 also features individual outputs for each head, making multiple returns possible when used with an external mixing console.

Convenient LED display
The E2 is easy to use on-the-fly. The convenient LED display indicates which effect is in use and actually blinks in time with the delay time you're using - a very useful feature when playing live.

Akai Professional E2 Headrush Features:
  • 16bit Digital Delay
  • 44.1kHz Sample Rate
  • Real-time delay control
  • Looping Recorder
  • Analog tape echo simulator with individual outputs for each head
  • 9V DC in 160mA
  • 2.54 lbs
The Akai Professional E2 Headrush is a versatile delay and looper pedal designed for the live performer!

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