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Apogee Duet 2 Breakout Box Reviews

4.0 stars based on 6 customer reviews
  • Jason
    from DC October 5, 2012Music Background:
    Musician, Designer

    Great Product

    Solid interface. Simple, clean design, amazing sound, and built like a tank. I switch to the Duet2 from an AudioBox 1818 and so glad I did. Apogee rocks!

  • Dustin Lane
    from Harrisonburg, Va May 10, 2012

    Beats the Breakout Dongle

    Been looking forward to this for QUITE some time now... Although it doesn't add any inputs or outputs, it's much less cumbersome than the dongle Apogee included. IMO, for the price paid for the Duet 2, this should have been included with the unit itself.

  • Jeff Boehm
    from Bath, UK September 7, 2012Music Background:
    Music Educator, Composer, etc.

    Solid and Effective!

    If you unplug and plug your mice and monitors quite a bit, then the accessory is really a must-have. It's solidly built and will withstand the wear and tear of a portable kit. The only downside is that the set-up of the USB I/O makes it so that the back ends up facing you. If I were to redesign it, I would put the mic inputs on the opposite side from the monitor outputs, and have them and the USB I/O on the "front" side. In the working environment, it's not really a big deal, though, as you're going to pick up the unit to plug in to it anyways. I think it's more of an aesthetic thing.

  • Music-Mann
    from Chicago June 3, 2015Music Background:

    Nice Accessory

    Apogee did a great thing by making this companion to the Duet 2, it's a must buy & you can prob. save $50 right now by getting the "duet bundle!" If you have a duet 2...don't think about it...go for it! Apogee listens to the feedback of it's customers...that's why this was made, other companies should take notes!

  • andy
    from Santa Fe, NM USA May 9, 2012Music Background:
    full time composer

    pretty cool

    A great box. you don't wear out the breakout cable that comes with the unit. Although its small, its fairly substantial and doesn't fly around on the desk.

    Only one thing that kind of has me scratching me head. All the I/O is on the front, so it means a little chord spaghetti in front of you on your desk. It might be nice to have the option to plug the monitors in on the back side of the unit, which would also have the effect of balancing the rather small foot print of the unit on your desk.

  • andy
    from Santa Fe, NM USA June 1, 2012Music Background:

    pretty cool - keep in mind that.....

    a great box. I like that it totally replaces the Breakout Cable that comes with the Duet 2 - less wear and tear.

    keep in mind that the box is only 1.5" in depth, and tends to fall over on the desk once you have 4 x XLR and a couple of 1/4" cables plugged into the front, and the Duet cable itself plugged into the back.

    If this could have a design tweak, I would put the monitor XLR on the back, which would help to balance it out, as well as on most desks, that is where the cabling for your monitors needs to go anyways.

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