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Apogee Duet 2 Reviews

4.5 stars based on 54 customer reviews

Sweetwater Advice

  • Mike Hammond

    The original Apogee Duet gave you top-class converters, tight integration, and super stability with most any Core Audio application. With the Apogee Duet 2, the audio specs are improved further, and even lower latency with Apple's OS 10.6.4! This USB interface provides four balanced outputs this time, assignable touch pads, and a brilliant, helpful display. Just like its audio quality, it also looks and feels solid.

  • from Portland December 8, 2015Music Background:

    Duet 2 for ipad - no cable?

    I would like to be able to say I love this thing, but it doesn’t come with a 59 cent cable to connect it to my iPad? No, I get to order that separately, pay $30.00, and wait 3 more days to use it. How does a $650.00 unit built and sold specifically for use with an iPad not come with a crappy little cable to connect it?

  • from VICKSBURG MS USA March 4, 2014Music Background:



  • from Studio City, CA March 9, 2013Music Background:
    Recording Engineer / Editor

    Stylish, Functional Solution. However...

    For basic recording, this will get the job done and look good doing it. What's not to like? Well the sound is less than perfect. I was hoping-- giving Apogee's reputation for phenomenal sound-- that this could be used as a D/A for critical listening. Not even close. The unit delivers colored sound that is not even close to transparent and clean. For a basic monitoring solution this will do-- but I'd think there's better for the price.

  • from Boston, MA, USA March 1, 2013Music Background:
    Recording Engineer and Producer

    Not all it's cracked up to be.

    While this interface served me well over the last year, it quickly became far less than I needed, and has now turned into a near waste of money.

    While the sound of the Apogee is quite good, there does always seems to be a slight, consistent character to them, somewhat dark, not as bright as I would like and I felt like I always had to boost high end on anything I recorded. Overall better than lower end pres and converters, but still not high end.

    The BIG issue those was functionality. This unit CANNOT BE USED AS AN AGGREGATE I/O IN PRO TOOLS. This is a deal break and really ticked me off in the end. Not being able to send and receive any form of clocking info, and not being able to work in Aggregate has hamstrung my small studio plans a bit (I've now moved onto using a Mackie Onyx-400F, loving this thing, the converters and pres sound a lot clearer, but I had hoped to use these two in tandem.)

    It still makes a good traveling interface, but it's functionality is too limited for me to suggest it to any Recording Engineer. Also, the Instrument level inputs sound quite shite, a DI into the Mic level is far better.

  • from Michigan February 14, 2013Music Background:
    Novice Player and Recording Eng.

    Worked Out Great!

    I recently switch to Logic Pro and a new MAC. I started out with a different interface with a decent reputation (not important to mention name). Long story short, had many issues with the previous product being compatible with Mountain Lion. So I switched to the DUET 2, and the issues were gone, and I couldn't believe how clean and quite it is. Very happy with it. I do wish they put it in a case that you can plug into that versus the pig tail connectors, and it's a little pricey. BUT IT WORKS GREAT!

  • from Louisville, KY February 4, 2013Music Background:

    Apogee Duet 2

    I love it, also got breakout box, no more cable mess. Great sound.

  • from San Jose USA February 4, 2013Music Background:
    Producer/artist: Being in Him series


    I upgraded from a Digi Rack 002 and was astonished to find that the samples in Reason are so clear. I thought that the slight distortion in the samples my "ninga ears" could hear was the quality of the Reason samples - not so. It was the preamps of the 002. The Duet 2 is CRYSTAL CLEAR. I wish my early releases were done on this thing.

  • from Boston Ma. USA February 2, 2013Music Background:
    Recording and live sound engineer, pro musician, electronics engineer.

    This thing is no joke!

    I've used Apogee gear in the past, including the original Duet, but this updated version is truly off the hook.
    Where I used to find I needed to tweak eq in the past to get a usable sound for polished finish mixes, this little beauty really shines!
    I find that I can get amazing sound and near perfect tone with only adjusting mic placement over killing myself with corrective eq.
    I jokingly recorded an acoustic country song (mind you most of what I do is mainly punk rock or hardcore) and in a short afternoon had one of the best recordings I've ever made.
    The mic pres are breathtaking and the stereo imaging is like nothing I've used in the past anywhere near this price range.
    Pair this with a TLM103, a Rode K2, a stereo pair of pencil condensers, a D112 and an SM57 and you can take on any recording project with complete confidence that you'll come out on top.
    This is an absolute must for anyone who is looking for a budget solution and demands the biggest bang for their dollar.
    It isn't just the analog to digital converters either, I found the digital to analog converters did wonders for my mixes and exposed a lot of things that were causing some of my older mixes issues that I wasn't able to easily pinpoint due to the muddy converters on my older equipment. In all, this is a magical little box of sonic wonder.
    Everything going in or going out of this gets a sonic wow-factor.
    If your needs go no further than tracking a couple sources at a time, stop looking at other products now, you've just found what you were looking for.
    If you absolutely require more I|O would be the only reason I would say this might not be the right box for you. (in that case, take a serious look at the Quartet from Apogee)

  • from tulsa,ok December 23, 2012Music Background:
    all music

    wow this thing right here

    ok ok ok i read these reviews over and over and over until i got one and i must say when i 1st got it i only was updated to 10.6.8 snow and the drivers was hello.... it just wasn't working right but i counld still listen to music threw this thing and was blown away on how it makes your music hd quality i finally moved up to lion and i must say finally got to do some vocals with it and it sounds good i never experienced a inter face such great like this its so open clean really don't haft to do much wit eq or compression i came from a mobox mini3 wich sounded great but its nothing compared to this it just glue vocals together plus no distortion or nothing i can go on and on and on but i got mines and I'm telling you to let you no this is not no over hyped pruduct just make sure your mac is updated to the new lion or moutain lion and you should be ok money we'll spent radio quality

  • from Los Angeles, CA November 25, 2012Music Background:
    Freelance film, tv, and video game composer.

    Pure Joy

    I picked up the Duet 2 about a month ago and man am I impressed. This is not just another one of those 'hype' products that gets a lot of attention for no reason. This interface is ridiculously easy to setup, easy to use, and travels light. Even with it being such a small interface you still get an incredible sound out of it and I have yet to experience any latency issues. Out of all of the reviews that I read before purchasing, the only complaint I ever heard was that some people did not like the breakout cable. Personally, I love the functionality of having the cable but even if that was something that might bother you you can always purchase the breakout box for a very reasonable price. All in all, this is a killer interface and I would highly recommend it. After my experience with the Duet 2, I don't think that I will ever buy an interface that is not an Apogee ever again.

  • from Cincinatti, OH October 12, 2012Music Background:
    Artist, Engineer, Hobbyist

    Crisp, Clean, Pro Sound..

    This was a definite upgrade to my home studio. My mixes have improved dramatically. I can now listen and hear more detail. The Duet 2 in conjunction with my Yamaha HS80s and an AT4040 Mic gives me a good clean sound. I mainly run it with Logic Pro 9 of course, but also use it with Pro Tools 10 and it works flawlessly with both DAWs. I feel equipped to take on the music world with my setup.. Its just too bad that music hardly sells anymore. lol Oh well, its an expensive hobby and I love it.. Cheers

  • from Bath, UK September 7, 2012Music Background:
    Music Educator, Composer, etc.


    This is a fantastic piece of gear. The preamps are typical Apogee quality, the ease-of-set-up and use is as good as it gets. I love how easy it is to navigate with the large button/wheel. The display is simple but effective, AND it fits nicely in a backpack.

  • from Floria July 27, 2012Music Background:
    Decades of writing, performing, and recording.

    Excellent USB Interface

    The quality of sound is superb. The set up may be a matter of luck. I found the set up non-intuitive with Logic and talked to Apogee which was ultimately helpful. Very compatible with Macs and worth the big investment.

  • from Northville, Mi July 24, 2012Music Background:

    Apogee does it again !

    Apogee once again took a great product in the Duet Series and made it even better ! Easy to setup and use. Has already become an intragrel part of my home recording studio.

  • from San Diego, CA July 13, 2012Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Perfect on the go

    Great for on the-go recordings, I use it all the time and love that I can keep the spontaneity & don't have to re-track later for quality.

    The pong screen-saver is a fun bonus. Plug it in without the USB-cable & you'll see what I mean!

  • from Temecula, CA June 20, 2012Music Background:

    Good but limited

    I was replacing a Focusrite Pro 25, which I used for everything from home recording through Logic, playing music on my computer, TV, PS3, to playing my home theater receiver through my Yamaha reference monitors. When I got the Duet 2, it sounded great playing my Logic recordings and music stored on my iMac.

    However, it would not play my home theater receiver, which I have in my home studio. I also didn't like the Duet 2 cables laying all over my desk. I returned my Duet 2 and went back to Focusrite, which does it all for me without crazy wires everywhere. Again, though, the Duet 2 sounded great and was very simple to use. It just didn't work for me.

  • from Santa Fe, NM USA June 1, 2012Music Background:


    sounds amazing (no pun intended). Easy to use, main knob has both digital level readout and detents you can always find your preferred level for monitoring if you use the K-system.

    I appreciate having digital zero meters on the interface itself - makes me realize how hot some mp3's and AAC's are on iTunes (the ones that haven't been "mastered for iTunes"). A good function to have when you are submitting music for visuals that is going to be listened to via mp3.

    soft level is a nice safety feature for hot levels. It also can sound ok for the right semi clean guitar sounds if you drive it a little (I Know that's not PROPER but...). Can't get to hot on the input level as there is no "post" level for the preamp.

    Maestro 2 software works seamlessly.

    Soft touch buttons on top are sometimes a hit and miss depending on how accurate you are with your finger, but the functionality they enable is fantastic. Dim, Mono, Mute.

    The keyboard on your Mac also will control the unit - for example the sound mute button will mute the monitor outputs (or whichever outputs you choose) for recording acoustic instruments, while leaving the two soft touch buttons for Dim and Mono for mixing.

  • from Hewitt, Texas May 27, 2012Music Background:
    songwriter,guitarist,ukulele player,teacher,recording engineer

    Better Yet!

    First off, if you'r a musician/songwriter -you want something to plug in and have it just work-i had the first duet, and while i loved the sound-it wasn't always easy just to plug and go--this does it fast and beautiful! My man Matt told me i'd love it and i do! And all the reviews of this being brighter and even harsh are completely wrong-the sound is absolutely stellar!

  • from AZ May 5, 2012Music Background:

    Best way to go

    You can't really tell the difference between the api,ssl pre-amp and this Duet. That's how clean and good it sounds! i'm happy with it!

  • from May 4, 2012

    The Apogee Duet 2


  • from San Francisco Bay Area, USA April 27, 2012Music Background:
    Pedal Steel Guitarist, Composer, Producer/Engineer


    I've been a professional recording engineer for more than 3 decades. I am absolutely amazed by the quality and succinct design of this product!

  • from Colorado Springs April 26, 2012Music Background:
    Home studio recording

    LOVE IT!!!

    Easy to use,portable and crisp clear sound.What more could you want?

  • from Chicago April 12, 2012Music Background:

    Apogee Duet 2 i LOVE IT!!!!!

    it's the BEST Audio Interface EVER!!!!
    i Highly recommend it !!!

  • from California March 21, 2012

    Sexy little box

    This is a great product. Fast installation, easy plug and play. Display is nice, too. Matches my MacBook perfectly. Does have some buffering problems and latency, so don't expect to go bonzo with this thing.

  • from Boston, MA March 8, 2012Music Background:
    Recording engineer, DJ, Live sound tech., Student

    My First Interface

    This may be the first interface I have bought for personal use, but by no means am I new to recording. I have been involved in music as a DJ and manager for around 5 years, and am currently attending The New England Institute of are for audio production and sound engineering/design. I use professional equipment on a daily basis in some of the best studios around here and this thing sounds just as good. I was absolutely blown away by it. Its also extremely easy to setup and is integrated with Mac perfectly. Get yourself a good mic, pro tools, an iLock, and the Duet II and your rocking an unbelievable home studio!

  • from Weed, CA March 2, 2012Music Background:
    Musician, Audio Engineer, Producer...

    I dig it.

    It sounds very crisp. It is easy to use. Apogee Tech Support is Fantastic.

  • from Seattle, WA USA March 1, 2012Music Background:

    A great piece to my studio!

    I have been recording as a hobby for a few years now. I started with the Presonus Firestudio as an interface, and it never did the trick. I upgraded to the Duet about a year ago, so I was a little hesitant to upgrade again to the Duet 2, but I figured if it's as good as they say it should be a no brainer... And that was exactly right! I recorded the best sounding song I've ever done today and I owe it in large part to this little beauty of an interface! Apogee has it going on! I'm a customer for life!

  • from Salisbury, MD February 27, 2012Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Guitarist, Vocalist.

    Almost perfect

    While the Duet 2 is very easy to use and sounds great there are a couple things I don't like about it. I read some reviews about the Duet 2 before I bought it that some people had problems with it linking up to their Mac. For the most part, I have found that usually only happens if I use the wall connector first, before plugging into my Mac. If I plug straight into my Mac and then add the wall plug later it usually syncs right up.
    My only other complaint is that to add phantom power to the input channels you must use the Maestro software. It would be much more convenient if there was an independent 48v button for each channel located on the unit itself.

    Other than these minor details the Duet has AMAZING pre-amps and converters!!! It is well worth the money! I like the option to assign the touchpad to mute mains, as I work in a home studio and have to mute mains when tracking.

  • from Oregon February 11, 2012Music Background:
    a tone chaser and musician!

    Apogee Duet 2

    - Awesome clarity!
    - Easy Interface
    - Clean looking - matches the Apple look... which if you own an apple then stuff like that matters... I guess. ;-)
    - Simple yet effective
    - great customer service!

  • from February 11, 2012


    Perfect for my purposes as a singer/songwriter. An amazing little miracle. Have nothing but five stars to offer!

  • from January 22, 2012Music Background:
    Music Producer/ engineer

    Everything I expected

    Please believe the hype, the sonic quality of this interface is amazing. it gives a dimention of depth and openness that other interface that cost 3 times this doesnt give. the clarity of the pre's are just amazing. I have no complaints about this interface. If you are reading this, BUY THE DUET 2 YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED.

  • from January 18, 2012Music Background:
    Professional Classical Musician, Saxophonist, Instructor

    Wonderful Product and Wonderful Support

    This is a remarkable product! Looking at starting a home studio for professional recordings? Do yourself a favor and get this device!

    I'm a professional classical musician that was looking for a really good to get my demo CD recorded and was recommended to this product after experimenting with some other Interfaces by M-Box...

    This product features:
    1) Great CLEAR sound (when paired with the right microphone)
    2) EASY to use instructions
    3) Awesome Microphone Pre-Amps

    Not another product in this price range that comes close to this! Do yourself a FAVOR! PURCHASE THIS PRODUCT!

  • from New York, NY USA December 28, 2011Music Background:
    Music Producer and Audio Engineer

    Best portable audio interface with the quality of a studio interface.

    I was in the search for a better interface coming from a line of M-Audio interfaces that just did enough to get the job done. After a while I desired better quality and more truthfulness to my mixes. I was skeptical about the Duet 2 and it's power but after doing my research and doing audio comparisons, the Duet had me sold. When I first got it, I was blown away with how open my music sounded. I could hear every detail so clearly and I could pinpoint where everything was place in the mix. Not only that but the mic pre's are amazing. Such a clear but sweet sound to it. I wish it had more inputs but hey what can you do. Only thing I could complain about is the knob that catches static electricity every now and then and freezes. You gotta unplug it everytime that happens and plug it back in. I still rate this interface the best with better quality than interfaces that are worth 1000+. Don't be fooled by the price. It's really worth the 600.

  • from Michigan December 14, 2011Music Background:
    Recording Engineer

    Quality and ease - an awesome package!

    We ordered this unit for our smaller studio, now that ProTools has loosened up on hardware. Two ins, two outs, and a knob, and with Apogee quality: it's perfect for this room. Easy to set up, works like a champ, sounds great. And now that school is out and I'm on the road for a session, I tossed it in my laptop bag to get some editing done in the hotel.
    The only quibble is the short breakout cable. It'd be nice to have a little longer tether there.

    Great job, Apogee!

  • from Raeford, NC November 26, 2011Music Background:

    Hearing is Believing

    I was reluctant to spend $595 for an audio interface knowing that I will probably never write a song that makes the whole world sing nor a melody that frogs vocalize during super-bowl commercials. But the duet extends the possibility by allowing me to hear every nuance in my music faithfully. Echoes sound like a delayed stutter instead of a re-creation of the first impulse. This interface enhances my artistic creativity. It's quality inputs and outputs make both listening and producing sound a rewarding experience. Now that I can hear what I have been missing, I am more motivated to create. Big shouts out to Brad Avery for his guidance, patience and great customer service. Rock on!!!

  • from Nashville, TN November 22, 2011Music Background:
    Live Sound Engineer

    Great Mac Companion

    I've had this piece for about a month now and have been very satisfied with it. I switched to the Duet 2 from a current generation MBox, and don't regret it. The pre's are great, just what I expected, the controls are simple and easy to navigate, and the oled screen provides much more user feedback than you ever get with the MBox. I also appreciate that it is smaller and half the weight of the mbox, which is a factor since my workbox fly's a lot. Lastly, it's a stunning piece visually, and looks great sitting next to my mac, the two pieces look like they belong together.

    My only gripe, is that I/O is limited. It's advertised as a 4 output device, but those specs count the headphone jack as two outputs. While it's true they are assignable as separate outputs, I don't think that advertising is completely fair. Just know, you have 2 inputs, 2 balanced outputs, and a headphone jack. That's it.

  • from November 17, 2011

    Loving It

    I should preface this review by telling you that before I purchased the Duet 2, I also auditioned the UA2192 and the Apogee 200. Two pieces that cost 4-5x the amount of the Duet 2.

    After reviewing both units for several weeks, the truth is, there was a huge difference in sound but I still had a hard time throwing almost 3gs at the UA2192. As it turned out, UA stopped manufacturing them. The UA2912 had a nice warmth while the Apogee 200 was a brighter sounding unit. I returned both because it was hard to imagine laying out that kind of cash for 2 channel conversion and I`m glad I waited because the Duet 2 sort of reminds me of both the 2192 and the 200.

    The Duet 2 has a nice focused bottom, a silky top and detailed mids. Overall, I am very satisfied with this unit.

    Over the years, I have downsized my project studio to accommodate what I do. Back in the day when I was recording bands, I needed something with lots of I/Os.... now doing primarily one track at a time recording, the Duet 2 is exactly what I need.

    I do want to address one topic that you`ll see here and other forums... some people report the Duet 2 shuts off during a session. This has never happened to me. Other people have experienced that their Apple does not recognize the Duet upon startup. If thats the case, update the drivers from the Apogee website. Since I updated to the latest drivers (3 months ago), my Apple failed to recognize the Duet 2 only once in that time.

    Before the Duet 2 I used the MOTU 2408 MKII for 10 years, the difference is huge. For example, I can hear reverbs so much better now. The low end of my mixes is a lot more accurate and tight. I can go one but I`ll just say for the price, the Duet 2 is amazing. Its solidly built and flexible for my songwriter-producer needs.

  • from Kona Hawaii November 15, 2011Music Background:
    Back woods recording engineer.

    Display screen doesn't like to work

    Love the Duet 2! Just the display screen doesn't like to go on all the time.
    I try restarting the computer and that works sometimes. To busy using it, or else I would return it.

  • from LA, CA November 11, 2011Music Background:
    Engineer, Producer

    Believe the hype

    Sometimes hype isn't the product of a market machine, its the result of everyone simultaneously agreeing something is great.
    This is the case with the Duet. I'm coming from a little bit of a different perspective as a lot of the other reviews. I have not owned an interface this inexpensive for a long time now. But my old once upon a time great interfaces are now clunky in comparison to the new top of the line. (mind you my interfaces are only between 3-5 years old). I now firmly believe the Duet truly is on par with the higher end Apogee's. Its a portable Rosetta. A small Symphony. Its seamless between applications. I still have my clunkers for situations where I need more than two channels. But for everything else, this is my go to. Its also what I use for my mixing. Excellent DAC. I was at first a little weary of the breakout cables quality, but I have not felt its taken away anything, or added anything for that matter. I fully trust what I hear from the Duet 2.

  • from Chicago, IL USA October 30, 2011Music Background:
    Pro musician

    Amazing Difference!

    I went from using the Mbox mini to the Appogee Duet 2 and as soon as I opened up an old session to listen, I could notice a big difference in the clarity in sound. Appogee has been known for their time clock which makes a big difference in the sound of your recording and Appogee made sure that the Duet could carry their name. I like the led screen on the front as well, which makes it easy to see your selections and levels.

  • from United States October 27, 2011

    Great recommendation by Sweetwater crew!

    I was hesitant at first to pay the $600 for the Duet 2, mainly because I had only purchased inexpensive interfaces in the past.

    However, it took no time for the Duet 2 to prove that the reason I had continually been replacing crappy interfaces was because I hadn't just put in the cash to get a great one in the first place, and now I'm supremely happy I did.

    The sound quality on both the input and output is incredible, and the functionality is really intuitive. As a Logic user, I really liked the seamless integration, and I know I will be using this interface for quite some time without need for another fickle replacement.

  • from Spring Branch, Texas October 21, 2011Music Background:
    Guitar Builder, Songwriter, live performer for many years.

    Best device for a songwriter!

    I'm a songwriter. Even though I usually only need to record my voice, 1 guitar. a Bass and Maybe a Drum Track this unit has the same performance and quality of a 16 track interface. Just smaller and Much easier to use. Yes, it will allow you to record as many tracks as you want,and yes it takes longer to do a demo/CD with 32 tracks [2 at a time], but the quality is still there. Logic Pro is my totally compatible.

  • from Texas October 15, 2011Music Background:

    As good as . . .

    An excellent choice. Easy use. Excellent sound quality. 'Sounds as good as a Presonus Firestudio Tube, but is portable and less obtrusive. Only two channels of record in, but that's enough about one quarter of the time. Seems like something Steve Jobs and his team would design.

  • from Minneapolis, MN October 6, 2011Music Background:
    Home Studio Folk Enthusiast

    It's like...

    ...having all new microphones!

    For years I've been running into a Firepod. It's been good and all, but 95% of the time I use 2 channels, rarely the 8 on the Firepod. I wanted to start upgrading my studio from 'middle' to 'high' quality and the Duet 2 seemed like a good move.

    I just unboxed it and spent a little bit doing A/B vocal test with my mics (which are mid-quality). The mics tested where the Bluebird, C1000, and for kicks an SM57. My bluebird always sounded thin/bright, especially in the 5-10K range. I was SERIOUSLY blown away when I heard it through the Duet 2. It was cleaner, smoother, richer, and warmer.

    The Duet 2 also simplified my setup, and cleaned up my desk. It's beautiful, and does everything it claims it can do. Seriously amazed at the difference this made for these mics.

  • from Phoenix, AZ September 20, 2011Music Background:
    Full Time Musician (8+ years)

    Amazing Encore to Apogee Duet

    I've owned the Apogee Duet for over 3 years, and it's been the best studio device I've ever purchased. As if the first Duet wasn't good enough, Apogee steps up the game in a major way with the Duet 2. From the brand new Balanced Outputs, to Separate headphone outputs, to a well designed breakout cable, to a slick looking OLED display, this thing is incredible. The quality is even better than the first, and it's incredible to think they could make the Duet better than it already was. If you don't have an interface at home, what are you waiting for? If you have one, and it's not an Apogee Product, sell it, and buy an Apogee. You'll notice the difference immediately.

  • from kamuela, HI September 6, 2011Music Background:
    teacher, performer, sound engineer

    overall better than original DUET

    SOUND QUALITY - no comparison, the DUET 2 is much better. Preamps are better sounding.

    BREAKOUT CABLE - is better with new design. I like the balanced out and combo - jack(s). I want to buy the break out box that apogee designed but it's not available yet. Easy to plug in and out.

    USB 2.0 - is awesome but my unit shuts down due to lack of power after about 15 minutes. The only way the unit will stay on is if LOGIC is open. I tried plugging in the power supply but didn't help. The old unit never shut down ever (via bus power).

    LED screen is good but I would have paid more to have a glass cover on top vs. the existing plastic cover. Makes the unit feel cheap. Rotary button doesn't work as well as the DUET 1.

    MAESTRO SOFTWARE - is a step back because you cannot save any presets. I have to manually keep track of all my levels and settings.

    SOFT LIMIT - is a nice feature, smooths out peaks very well.

    Overall, the sound quality is much better than the old unit so besides having to restart my unit every now and then, I am glad I have the new DUET.

  • from New Whiteland, IN September 5, 2011Music Background:
    Engineer, Gun slinger, Producer, Mastering Engineer

    Get It!

    Being a proud owner of the original Duet, I saw the upgrade as an Ipod Touch version of the original. (come on, it looks like an Apple product.) I actually did A/B the two just to see what the differences were and my conclusions were that this interface was not a slight step up. It has been revered, via the tech support guy at Apogee no less, as a Rosetta 200 mobile. You're gonna hear things in your music that you never paid attention to before. Its preamps are currently driving a Royer 101 for me and my results are astounding. I'll sum it up like this... We're in a bad economy where companies are struggling to stay afloat. Music gear is a luxury and not a neccessity when it comes to family needs, etc. So in order for companies to stay afloat they have to introduce gear that exceeds the expectations of those with champagne taste on a beer budget. I've heard the shootouts on Myteks, Prisms, Lavry's, etc. and this 600 dollar interface can stand toe to toe with them. You will NOT be dissapointed in sound quality... This unit will be honest, and you will make mixes (with the right ears), that compete with the radio all day. Don't be swayed by a higher dollar item... If your music and talent is good, get this little guy and get off the pot. You will finally have no more excuses to make a pro album. Hell, the guy from Gorillaz made the last album with an Ipad.... So it's on you!

  • from LA, CA. August 24, 2011Music Background:

    Apogee Duet 2 review

    I was using a Firestudio into an imac for a few years. Got the Duet 2, plugged it into the imac and just love the sonic upgrade. Simply the hands-down, best sounding and easy to use pro-level interface for any where near the price. Why would any mac user buy anything else?

  • from Los Angeles August 5, 2011Music Background:

    The new King of portable Audio

    Better than the original in every way. Gets very loud. I also own a RME Babyface and a Avid Mbox 3. The Duet 2 sounds bright and open where every subtle nuance comes to life. Has the best preamps with up to 75db of gain. You can drive a SM7B (gain hog) without any noise. The RME has only 60db of gain and sounds a bit thin at times. Of course, the Babyface is PC-compatible which is a no-brainer on that platform. The Avid sounds really good and is almost necessary to have to compare with that typical airy Apogee sound. The Mbox3 also lacks in the gain department and its knobs are not precise when cranked all the way up. Unless you get a Symphony, the Duet 2 is the interface to get for the Mac and worth every penny. I would pickup a Mbox3 over the RME especially for the price.

  • from NY, USA July 2, 2011Music Background:
    15 years Live and Studio


    Amazing sounding AD-DA. Much better than older Duet. The sound is on par with interfaces 3-4 times the cost. I prefer it for recording to the RME Babyyface, the Apogee just sounds more expensive with the finished product. The DAC is the best, it leaves you speechless.

  • from SLC June 24, 2011Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Producer, Musician

    Issues with Apogee Duet 2

    The sound is superb! Reviewers that say it sounds worse is because their source sounds worse. I have found the converters much more "true" and less "colored" with a low-mid bump, which always sounded like a "mid-smear" that I always wanted to take out with EQ. The only problem is, the Duel 2 has some major 'bugs". Audio going in and out, mostly the unit freezes up, over just about anything, speakers popping, unstable driver, etc. I have been in contact with Apogee support and they are the BEST support I've ever had with any product. Only problem is I want to be recording my ideas, not trouble shooting my interface. I think in 6 months or so this unit will be up to par with whats promised, which is possibly the best sounding converter for the price. Until the bugs are cleared up you may want to look somewhere else. I have worked with RME stuff for the past 8 years and never once had a problem with the software, same "mid-smear" with those converters too, which is why I ordered the Apogee Symphony IO, I just hope its not another case of pre-mature release...

  • from UT, USA June 24, 2011Music Background:

    Better in Every Way

    My first impressions were that it was a very small improvement over it's predecessor, but after a few weeks of using the Duet 2 I've really got to say that it's better in every way the the Original. I really like how much louder it is. I can crank everything up without worrying about noise at all. I mainly record Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, and Saxophone and I love how it doesn't color my recordings at all. I get a truly revealing sound through this little guy.

    The OLED Screen is bright enough and the Buttons are extremely functional. Both have improved my workflow.

    Headphone out:
    Listening to music with a pair of Grado RS2i headphones is an amazing experience in general, but I've heard a marked improvement when I use them with the Duet 2. I love that you can separate the headphone out from the Monitor outs for two separate mixes (finally).

    HUGE improvements from the old model. Much more stable drivers and lower latency. I've really enjoyed how much more power the Maestro 2 software gives you over the Duet 2. With my old Duet I often times encountered issue with hissing, pops and audio cutout. I would then have to reset my device or my system to resolve the issues. Traditionally in my experience USB has been more stable than Firewire. I had my doubts about the switch they made, but it's been much more enjoyable recording without the issues that firewire always had with the original Duet.

    Breakout Cable:
    The new Breakout Cable is fantastic because you'll only ever have two things connected at any given time so they reduced the amount of cable/clutter for that exact purpose and streamlined the XLR and 1/4” connectors into one. Less mess with the same functionality as before!

    Build Quality:
    It's not bad at all build wise. Just as heavy as the Original and much more appealing aesthetically. I'll admit that everyone expected the screen to be glass, but it is in fact plastic. Some people have a problem with this. I don't.

    Sound Quality:
    Some prefer a warmer/colored sound, but I really enjoy an accurate sound that reveals the truth about my recording. Some won't be pleased with the lower end on the Duet 2 when recording (i think it's fine for it's price, if you want something better then pay more), but it provides a very accurate response to higher frequencies.

    Louder, clearer/cleaner and sexier than the Original Duet, while providing more functionality, stability and a larger feature set as well.

  • from Ames, IA June 21, 2011Music Background:
    Hobbyist, Student

    Essentially a Rosetta 200

    Apogee have pretty much managed to squeeze a Rosetta 200 into the compact Duet 2. Great sounding clean preamps and modern efficient interface. Only problem, hard to find.

  • from New York, NY June 8, 2011Music Background:
    25 year music professional

    Great aesthetics, disappointing sound quality

    I was really excited about the Duet 2, great form factor, looks like Apple designed it - which is the highest compliment you can pay a consumer electronics device. But upon trying it in my system, it was immediately obvious that what you're paying for is primarily the design, NOT sound quality. Over my Mackie HD624 MK. II powered monitors, audio playback with the Duet 2 sounded very thin, with shrill high end, a lack of bottom end, and a very flat soundstage compared to my reference TC Konnect 6. The TC, btw, is several years old and $199. Not sure what chip is in the Duet 2, but it just doesn't sound good. If you've never heard other audio interfaces, then maybe the Duet 2 will sound good to you. But given the high price relative to other units out there, just understand that you're paying for the box, the glass, the LED: the form factor. The sound quality is not where is should be on an interface that costs this much.

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