Supro 1624T Dual-Tone 24-watt 1x12" Tube Combo

24-watt 2-channel All-tube 1x12" Guitar Combo Amplifier with Tremolo - Blue Rhino Hide Tolex
Supro 1624T Dual-Tone 24-watt 1x12
Supro 1624T Dual-Tone 24-watt 1x12
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Supro 1624T Dual-Tone 24-watt 1x12" Tube Combo
In Stock!

24 Watts of Awesome Tone!

Compact and club-friendly, the 2-channel Supro 1624T Dual-Tone guitar amplifier delivers everything from shimmering, bell-like tones to dirty, swampy, and gritty blues tones. The Dual-Tone's matched pair of 6973 power tubes break up easily when compared to other tubes, and when they do, the sound is pure ecstasy. Use your guitar's volume knob to create even more unique tones and timbres. Even with guitars that you've played for years, you'll constantly hear new tones and textures pouring out of the Dual-Tone's custom designed 12" Supro DT12 speaker. Delivering plenty of volume for studio, home, or smaller gigs, the Supro 1624T Dual-Tone guitar amplifier belongs in your amp collection. Call your Sweetwater Sales Engineer and get plugged in!

The Supro 1624T Dual-Tone Combo Guitar Amplifier at a Glance:
  • Supro - a brief history
  • Two channels provide awe-inspiring flexibility
  • The Supro 1624T Dual-Tone gives you the elusive "Stairway" tone
Supro - a brief history

Supro's roots can be traced back to the 1930s, when the National Resophonic and Dobro guitar companies merged to form a manufacturing entity called Valco. Valco manufactured Spanish acoustic guitars, metal-faced resonator guitars, and electric lap steel guitars under a variety of brand names, including Airline, Oahu, and National. They also designed amplifiers for several other companies such as Gretsch, Harmony, and Kay. It was during this time that Valco also began producing guitars and amplifiers under the Supro name. Extremely popular amongst Southside Chicago blues musicians in the 1960s, Supro amplifiers proved equally popular with the British musicians who were influenced by them. By the late 1960s, notable guitarists ranging from Jimi Hendrix to Albert Lee to Jimmy Page were seen playing Supro amplifiers. Original Supro amps often sell for premium prices on the used market because of their legendary unique tone.

Two channels provide awe-inspiring flexibility

Many guitarists here at Sweetwater are simply mind-boggled by the astounding number of sonic variations that the Supro 1624T Dual-Tone is capable of. The magic happens when you plug into the Dual-Tone's first input, which links the amp's two channels together. Each has its own independent volume and tone controls for double the input signal and double the gain. Start twisting and you'll get it. Of course, the Dual-Tone's second input operates as a single preamp.

The Supro 1624T Dual-Tone gives you the elusive "Stairway" tone

"I was using the Supro amp for the first album and still do," Jimmy Page was quoted as stating during a 1977 interview. He further claimed to have used a Supro amplifier for his epic guitar solo at the end of "Stairway to Heaven." What specific amplifier was Jimmy playing? According to Jimmy, he grabbed a Telecaster and plugged it into what was later identified as a modified 1690T Coronado. For some undisclosed reason, Jimmy put a 12" speaker baffle on his Coronado, effectively turning it into a 1624T Dual-Tone. In other words, plug a Tele into a Dual-Tone for some epic Led Zeppelin tone!

The Supro 1624T Dual-Tone Combo Guitar Amplifier Features:
  • Linkable 2-channel tremolo preamp produces awe-inspiring selection of tones
  • 24-watt, dual 6973 power section delivers plenty of volume
  • 1 x 12" custom designed Supro DT12 speaker delivers classic vintage sound
  • Tube tremolo with speed and depth controls
Plug in, start twisting, and get happy with the Supro 1624T Dual-Tone combo guitar amplifier!

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Supro 1624T Dual Tone Tube Combo Amplifier Demo

Tech Specs

Type Tube
Number of Channels 2
Total Power 24W
Speaker Size 1 x 12"
Effects Yes
EQ 1-band
Preamp Tubes 4 x 12AX7EH
Power Tubes 2 x 6973
Inputs 2 x TS
Footswitch I/O Yes
Height 16"
Width 23.625"
Depth 10.5"
Weight 34 lbs.
Manufacturer Part Number 1624T

Customer Reviews

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I love this amp!

I sold a 1973 Pro Reverb and 1973 Champ to finance this because I needed something that was a comfortable weight and wattage. I have no regrets. I'm not a touring musician...only gig once in a while so reliability is unknown. This amp has all of the tones I have been trying to coax out of my fenders, marshalls, bedrock (boutique) and others over the years. I use a compressor to tame it a bit and a small amount of tube screamer dirt for a bit more edge at times. This amp makes my G&L asat tele and les paul 60's tribute sing and scream. Gorgeously touch sensitive fat shimmer to tight and focused. I can't stop playing it. It will change your mind about your guitars and pedals. No need to turn the fender up to ear bleeding level to get the sweet spot. My pedals have also come to life. If you dig Petty, Kinks, Stones, Zep, Alt country, ACDC, White Stripes, Jet, ....etc this amp does all the tricks with little or no pedal support. You'll want a reverb pedal though. Try one!!!!


I've been playing guitar for over 40 years, and I have owned all of the great amps over that time... Fender, Marshall, Mesa, Hiwatt, Orange, etc etc etc. Even a Roland Jazz Chorus 120!! I think different amps suit a guitarist at different points in their career... so at this point in mine, there's no way I'd be interested in owning a Marshall stack again. But hey, each player has to find their bliss, right?So, I've found my bliss with the Supro Dual-Tone. I've never played an amp that's this touch-sensitive before. It's truly an amp which you must befriend, and study, and respect (like, don't take delivery on Wednesday and play a gig on Friday). You've read about how you can use your volume control and pick attack on your guitar in lieu of stomp boxes or other sources of overdrive? Yeah. Finally that talk means something. Some players might find this amp too challenging. It is not forgiving of bad technique!Caveat: If you are a fan of "Fender cleans," move along. Even at volume levels that are not ear-splitting (where this amp really shows its brilliance), it's never really "clean." It's not that it's aggressively breaking up at low volumes, but it is definitely introducing it's own rowdy (and somewhat noisy) character into the proceedings, even before you push it into the crunch zone. It's not a jazz amp, dig? Jimmy Page notoriously used this amp and a Tele for the first few LZ records (which left a ton of guitarists wondering why their Les Paul and Marshall stack couldn't get "that sound"). If you have a Tele, it will take you about 37 seconds to dial in the "Communication Breakdown" tone. But I'm using this thing for alt-country/Americana (think Wilco or Steve Earle), and it is MAGIC for that music. I think it would KILL as a blues amp. Every single guitar that I own sounds simply ridiculously good through the Dual-Tone, ESPECIALLY my Reverend Descent baritone, which has gone from a back-burner novelty guitar to almost my main instrument thanks to this amp.SO... if you're thinking about a Fender Deluxe Reverb reissue, don't think about the Dual-Tone! It's not a good alternate choice! Plus, Sweetwater has that drop-dead gorgeous DRRI in wine red at about this price point, so if that's the sound you want, BUY THAT, cuz that's a beautiful amp that has served the guitar-slinging masses for generations.BUT... if you want to stake out your own sonic territory, and you can imagine yourself living with an amp that looks like it's wearing cheap blue jeans and that never seems to be willing to really clean up its act and behave, BUY THIS. You'll spend some time learning how to control it. You'll occasionally get ****** off because it doesn't act like any amp you've every played before. You'll have to be brave. But the payoff at the end of the effort is YOOOOOGE.
Music background: You don't even want to know about some of the gigs I've played

Simply amazing

I tried this amp at a local guitar store and I had to buy it. Really nice cleans and cleans up well with the volume control on your guitar. I have played my ESP Xtone semi hollow. Gibson Les Paul Cassic Custom.LTD Ec 1000, Esp Edwards SG and ESP Eclipse through it so far and it always sounds incredible. It also takes pedals really well.
Music background: Gigging for 25 years

Great recreation of a classic

I wasn't quite sure what I'd be getting with this amp. I'm familiar with the sound of 6973 power tubes because I have a Goodsell Valpreaux (which I love(d)) and had been playing it in small venues with my five piece band. I had the chance to play the Dual-Tone, both in rehearsal and finally live in a 125 seat setting. This might be one of the more touch-sensitive amps I've ever played. If I dig in it responds with a grinding tone that still has some chiminess to it in the top middle. If I back off on my attack it settles into a nice tone with almost a vocal quality to it. It takes pedals well and all (I MEAN ALL) my guitars sound great through it, which is pretty remarkable. I've played strats, teles, LP Special (P90s), Gretsch Duo Jet (both filtertrons and dynasonics), Gretsch Black Falcon, Jazzmaster, etc. through it and it gives me exactly what I'm looking for out of each of those guitars. The cabinetry and livery are remarkable, and attention to detail is on par with any boutique amp. In short, I couldn't be more pleased with this amp, and I will probably retire or sell the Goodsell Valpreaux, much as I like it. This amp simply blooms and sounds bigger than its 1x12 configuration would have you believe. Thanks, Sweetwater!
Music background: Formerly in touring bands; now in a dad band (or two).

Great Combo Amp

I ordered this on a whim hoping it would live up to the original. While it was shipping I was dreading that it would turn out to be another lame recreation of a classic amp. I couldn't have been more pleased when I opened the box and plugged it in. With my strat in 1+2 channel and fiddling with the tone knobs and cranking the volume to about wide open I realized it was everything it was supposed to be - an awesome sounding amp! I played it all night...and I can't seem to turn it off.
Music background: Musician
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