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Visual Sound Dual Tap Delay Two-Channel Tap Tempo Delay Pedal Reviews

4.5 stars based on 27 customer reviews

Sweetwater Advice

  • Scott Bennett

    The Visual Sound Dual Tap Delay is a paramount of delay technology. After owning a unit personally, I can hardly picture "my" sound without this pedal's lush sonic footprint. The pedal is presented in a simple yet elegant format which allows me to dial in my tone quickly and professionally. It constantly impresses me and will be a staple on my board for years to come!

  • from Macon, GA April 1, 2014Music Background:
    Full Time Worship Leader, Producer, Engineer


    I Love the flexibility and ease of use with this pedal. From lush reverbish delays using the modulation and different time divisions on both sides, to clean cut .8th rhythmic stuff, this pedal nails it.

    Something not many people mention is that it also has an included input jack for running your click track into so that you don't even have to tap-dance your tempos out during a set. You should seriously check that out.

  • from Davenport, IA March 4, 2014Music Background:

    The Edge wishes he had this pedal...

    Two delays that can be run simultaneously, tap tempo, sounds analog, modulation for that Deluxe Memory Man sound, EXTREMELY user friendly all wrapped up in an almost indestructible box. What more can you ask for?

  • from Seward,Alaska March 26, 2013Music Background:
    Weekly Jam Nite Host For Past 6 Years

    Visual Sound Dual Tap Delay with Acoustic Guitar

    My tips have doubled playing solo since using the Delay in the Effect Loop of my Radial PZ Acoustic Pre-Amp,then into my Powered Mackie PA, one delay is set to thicken up my chords for rhythm and the other for finger picking, and using both together gives another nice variation.It is by far the best Delay Pedal I have ever used,I can't picture not having one on stage again.its built like a tank and should give me many many years of service.

  • from dunsmuir ca. usa March 19, 2013Music Background:
    45 years on elec. guitar

    best delay in 33 years

    every thing about this is pro, you will not be bummed . been playing since 1965 GOOD JOB!

  • from SLC February 24, 2013Music Background:
    35 yrs. Masters in music theory


    This is one of the best. Simple easy to use. Works on amy amp. I tried it on Marshall and Laney and Fender all vintage amps. Then tried it our on modern amps of the same. It works well on both high gain and crystal clean sounds. Only drawback IT DOES NOT COME WITH A POWER SUPPLY. You would think at $250.00 they could throw in the power supply. Its well worth the money

  • from New Hope, MN January 3, 2013Music Background:
    Hobbyist, guitar player for 40+ years

    Wonderful delay!

    I purchase another brand of delay pedal before purchasing this one from Sweetwater. I won't mention the name but it seemed lacking. I returned it and ordered this one. I am very pleased with the sound and the vast array of delay settings that this pedal is capable of. As usual Sweetwater got it to me within days. Give it a try, if you haven't. You will be surprised at the tone available from it.

  • from Northern CA November 30, 2012Music Background:
    Semi Pro playing in a band

    The Gold Standard of Delays

    You want delay? Then don't delay and get this on your pedalboard and make some music. Very easy to use (the owners' manual is one page) and set up to your liking. First quality construction and industrial strength footswitches ensure long term durability and reliability. Epic tone quality and sound is all right there. Be sure to use a good power supply (the Visual Sound One Spot will work if you don't yet have a pedalboard power supply) as the unit does NOT run on a battery.

  • from Dallas August 16, 2012Music Background:
    Recording Engineer/Pro Musician


    Analog sound with a tap delay. Best delay pedal on the market. I use the first delay as a chorus effect and the second as a delay. This delay replaces the line 6 dl4 as the standard and I highly recommend It to anyone who wants a serious delay pedal.

  • from Roanoke, VA March 26, 2012Music Background:
    Tone Fanatic , Play weekly in Praise Band

    Incredible Delay

    No 20 page manual, NO WORRIES! Just plug in and play! It really is that simple. I have been using this on my FX board for 4 months now, and it is extremely versatile. I have absolutely NO complaints at all. The sound is nice and warm adding no noise. It has a great buffer, and works great with other pedals: chorus, tube screamer, fuzz, muff, overdrive, compression, they all sound incredible. Love to stack the delays, single tap tempo setting is a big plus. Modulation adds fantastic shimmering sparkle to my sound!! Buy it and put a smile on your face!!!

  • from Evansville, IN March 26, 2012Music Background:
    Semi-Pro, Tech

    Plug and Play!

    I got this pedal 10 minutes before rehearsal on a Sunday morning and it was set-up and dialed-in in no time! Awesome sound and awesome capabilities! I love Visual Sound's noise reduction circuitry in all of their pedals. Don't hesitate, just buy it! Honestly, the ONLY other delay pedal I would get is one with memory, however, this is so easy to set-up that there's really no need for memory. Use one, the other, or BOTH delays at one time. Couldn't be happier with my investment.

  • from Orlando, FL March 8, 2012Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Visual Sound Dual Tap Delay- Great Tone,User Friendly

    This pedal does exactly what they claim, with GREAT TONE. It is
    also very user friendly. Tap in your tempo as the drummer is
    counting off the song and you are ready to go!!!! Best sounding
    delay I've ever heard.

  • from Southlake, TX February 28, 2012Music Background:

    It Makes My Amps Sound Better

    This seems to clean up my signal to my amps. Both amplifiers sound better (purer) when the Dual Tap Delay is on, even with very little effect dialed in. It is easy to use and the delay effects are outstanding.

  • from February 26, 2012Music Background:
    Hobbyist, Live Player

    Worth Every Penny!

    The guys at Visual Sound set out to make a pedal that requires no manual. Well with this pedal they nailed it! I mean literally I got the pedal took it out of the box and started playing! I have never even touched the instruction sheet even once. I have set channel 1 with the repeats nob all the way down for rythm. I set channel 2 with the repeats nob around 12 o' clock. This pedal is perfect considering I am both a lead and rythm player. I also love the tone nobs on both sides.

  • from Knoxville, TN October 29, 2011Music Background:

    Fantastic Sound-Easy to Use

    Visual Sound typically builds very nice pedals, but this one is extraordinary. I own several other delay pedal (digitech, mxr, H20) and had the new T.C. Electronics pedal which was returned due to a problem/glitch. The Dual Tap beat them all in tone and feel which seems more "natural", if that makes sense. The small tone knob for each side is a nice touch to find the balance between sparkle and grain with various guitar and amp combinations. This pedal is user-friendly and easy to use in live-gig situations. As Visual Sounds says,no manual is needed. I am using more subtle delay now because it is so easy to change on the fly with the tap feature to set either side. Both delays can be used together. Try this pedal out and listen to something special.

  • from Schaumburg IL October 17, 2011Music Background:
    active musician, hobbyist

    amazing 2 in 1 delay pedal!!!

    the guys at Visual Sound set out to make a new delay that didn't need a manual to be operated, and the new Dual Tap Delay really knocks that goal out of the park! I'd been excited about this delay since the first pictures hit the internet and it does not disappoint.

    I run delay 2 as a reverb-type of sound (similar to their sample setting) to fill in the space abit, and delay 1 as a .8th rhythmic delay, but using both together is probably my favorite... Edge-like atmospheric sounds, or 80's era HUGE sounding solo's (with the drive coming courtesy of my VS Open Road, Jekyll & Hyde, or Route 66)... this pedal covers ALOT of ground for being so simple to operate. Some guys prefer midi, etc, but if you want a bone-head simple layout, that can cover delay tones from vintage echo to modern rhythm, the Dual Tap Delay is a great option to check out! I'm certainly glad i did!

  • from Texas May 13, 2014Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Surpassed expectations

    I have Visual Sound's Jekyll and Hyde pedal that I've had for the past couple of years and that thing has been a super reliable and great sounding pedal. So when I was looking for a delay to stack with my TC Flashback, I wanted something that had an analog sound. I could have sworn that I wanted an MXR Carbon copy, but playing with relatively inconsistent drummers, I knew that having a tap tempo was imperative. Audio tapping with the TC is great, but needing to change in the middle of the song just doesn't work and having to sing and bend over to change delay times was out of the question.

    Enter the Dual tap delay. The opportunity to control 2 independent delays with the same tap is the Bees knees. (You can pretend the be the Edge if you want! or the Electric guitarists from Hillsong). Being able to switch and use both channels simultaneously is so useful. The way I have it set up, even if I manage to miss hitting the semi-temperamental switches the delays get out of the way.

    I'd give this thing 5 stars, but the switches, either you hate them or you love them. They are rated for tons upon tons of stomps which is awesome. But it doesn't have a nice click like my Rocktron metal planet pedal. It doesn't have the nice smooth feel of a strymon. It really feels just kinda mushy which unfortunately means if you don't look for the light while you are playing you may never know if you actually engaged the pedal or not.

    That aside, I love this pedal. Even though it has a relatively large foot print, it sounds great and does everything I dreamed it would with minimal effort. What you see is what you get, and that is great!

  • from Sioux Falls SD. December 2, 2013Music Background:
    Very simple guitar player

    Delay simplified

    I am older a missed the era of effects so I began the learning and found most were straight forward once I knew what I wanted to hear. Delay was difficult for me. I use a Boss D2,a carbon copy and the dual tap delay all on one board. The dual tap makes delay so simple as I learned the differences by use. These pedals all sound great , the dual tap sounds so sweet , absolutely as good or better but the tap feature dual delays simultaneously,tone control of the delay, modulation control won me over

  • from Sunbury Ohio October 15, 2013Music Background:

    Dual Tap Delay

    It's a great delay pedal. Simple. User friendly. Being able to sync two delay pedals in one stomp box is a huge plus. With the tone control on both channels, and modulation on the left channel, the sky is the limit. This was my first ever delay pedal, and I am glad it was. Delay by itself can be a tricky effect, but the Visual Sound Dual Tap Delay was easy to understand and figure out, and I don't feel like I am using a "dumbed-down" version of delay either. This thing is awesome.

  • from NY January 16, 2013Music Background:
    Lifelong hobbyist, lives to play with friends

    Best straight up tap delay ever

    This easily the most fun and intuitive tap delay I've ever worked with. The sound is amazing, it's built like a tank and it conjures up some great reverbish plus delay sounds or syncopated delays. The manual mode give you an analog style effect that is also really cool. It really has its own voice that is clear and beautiful compared to other delays that model several different sounds. If the modulation knob added reverb this would be perfect for me, but I usually end up using one channel with a short delay as shown in the demo and it works jus fine, has its own character. This pedal brought my old Mesa mark iib back to life. Worth the cash.

  • from Shelton WA August 16, 2012Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Visual Sound Dual Tap Delay Review

    I really like this new pedal. The analog sounds are really good, and the tap button is one of the easiest to set. There is little resistance when pressing it compared to the normal foot switch. Wish the very bright blue display lights blinked to show tap tempo speed like my Hardwire DL-8, and a smaller footprint. But those are small issues with 2 delays in one pedal. Love the fact that I can set dotted 8ths and 1/4 notes and mix and match. Would highly recommend getting this if you have the board space. Also, you need 120ma minimum to operate so check your power supply.

  • from March 6, 2012

    Amazing delay pedal

    This pedal is way better than the boss dd's or the mxr carbon copy. I use it with vs oil can and get great sounds.

  • from Lincoln, IL USA May 24, 2014Music Background:
    Worship, Indie

    Solid Delay Pedal

    I really like this pedal a lot. It sounds really good, and is incredibly easy to use. The whole have two delays that tap to one tap is really nice. The foot switches are also really quiet, which is nice when your tapping on stage. I wish that the tone of the delays could get a little darker, and the pedal is really big. If you're looking for a delay pedal that is going to function really well, has a high usability and has a very good tone, I would recommend this pedal.

  • from Indianapolis, IN March 8, 2014Music Background:
    amateur/hobbyist guitarist

    VS Dual Tap Delay

    The Visual Sound Dual Tap Delay is, quite simply, a fantastic sounding and simple to use delay with many great features and options. The ability to layer two delays of differing settings makes for a lush, deep, sonic landscape.

    The only reason I do not give it 5 stars is there is no display of the delay time. I've been in a situation before where I needed a delay of an exact amount so I could set the tempo for the entire ensemble. I would have to estimate with the VS. Otherwise, this is a terrific delay and the ease of operation makes it a joy to play!

  • from Denver, CO USA August 25, 2012Music Background:
    Salesperson, Part-time musician.

    Visual Sound Dual Tap Delay

    I was never a big delay guy and I already had a popular delay pedal, but this one is pretty incredible. It's simple but you can get to all the sounds you want and layer them. It's just a lot more fun playing with this pedal.

  • from Buffalo, NY March 2, 2012Music Background:
    semi-pro guitarist/bassist

    Works for me!

    This is a great pedal. Visual Sound consistently put out great stuff, and this is no exceptions.

    This pedal does exactly what it says it will do, and sounds great doing it. Don't buy it expecting it do anything else.

    The delays sound beautiful. The modulation is beautiful and not overbearing, unless you want it to be. All knobs are very effective. The buffer is great. It is a heavy piece of gear, but it replaced 2 pedals on my board.

    As a bonus, it has a relatively low current draw, so it should play nice with a One Spot if you've got a bunch of pedals daisy chained.

    Great pedal! Works for me!

  • from Auburn, MI February 14, 2014Music Background:
    Professional Musician

    Almost there.

    This pedal almost got it right. It had an awesome ratio control (a must for me), two delays, a nice modulation that didn't go to far and mixed well. But the cons way outweight the pros.

    First off it sucked my tone. Bad. If this pedal was true bypass I think that would be solved. I am really against companies who use buffers, but don't use high quality buffers. Unfortunately it is too expensive to buy and get modded as you can almost afford an Eventide Timefactor at that point.

    It also has issues that cause it to need a restart. I have had to teach down and unplug it during live performance before.

    The tap also wasn't the best, it seems to register the taps on the release, not on the tap.

    Last, it made quite a bit of noise with certain pedals, and made clicks when you turn it on or tap (would be more understandable if it was a true-bypass, but it's not...).

  • from St. Louis, Mo. January 20, 2014Music Background:
    Pianist, guitarist

    Features 'A' Tone 'C-'

    Very excited to plug this in to my Fender Twin. The pedal features work as advertised and give a robust list of varied sounds to a guitarist. Was not overwhelmed by the quality of the modulation, but the Tap Tempo's ability to sync the two delays is really sweet. This pedal is very simple to use and all of the controls work well and give enough resolution and range of influence to create a large number of sounds. The reasons I am returning this pedal, are three fold.

    1. The VS Dual Tap Delay raised the noise floor considerably when plugged into the effects loop of my fender 100 watt Twin amp, and also when plugged into the front of the amp as the last pedal in my signal path.

    2. This pedal also significantly affected my tone making it sound less like a tube amp. Yes, I tried adjusting the tone controls.

    3. The 1/4" connections and pedal cable got extremely warm, much more so than the exact same type of cables used on my other pedals (yes I swapped cables and retested to make sure it was not a faulty cable).

    I am disappointed, the features are great and useful. I have just spent too much time and money on my equipment to have that much noise and a reduction in the quality of amp.

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