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Arturia DrumBrute Analog Drum Machine Reviews

4.0 stars based on 11 customer reviews
Questions about the Arturia DrumBrute Analog Drum Machine?

Questions about the Arturia DrumBrute Analog Drum Machine?

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  • Jason Filloramo

    I'm always looking for ways to put a vintage analog vibe on the hip-hop tracks I produce. Iíve tried countless samples and virtual instruments, but none come close to the satisfying sound of Arturia's DrumBrute.†Individual output options let me assign effects to each sound, and thanks to options such as step repeat, randomizer, and filter control, it's easy for me to get spontaneous with my drum production.

  • Jedediah Goold
    from Wichita, KS April 15, 2017Music Background:

    I Love My DrumBrute!

    Like many, I agonized over whether I should purchase the TR-08 or the DrumBrute. I really wanted the sequencing power the DrumBrute offered, but the YouTube and online demos turned me off because the sound just didn't catch my ear's fancy. I was also leery of the build quality since I had friends who had troubles with their minibrutes. I needed a machine that could sound older than the TR-08 though, so I relectantly decided on the DrumBrute... I could not be happier that I did!
    The build quality is way better than I expected. The DB has some heft to it, and while you wouldn't want to fight a family of bears off with it, it feels like you could use it to fight at least one bear. The pads are nice and bouncy. I'm used to triggering drum sounds with a keyboard, so the extra width is an added plus.
    The ease of use is fantastic! Set up through the Midi Control Center was a breeze, and updating the OS was an essential no-brainer. I figured it would take me a week or two to wrap my head around all of the functions, but the set-up is intuitive enough that I was up and running completely in an hour. One of the unexpected outcomes of the design is that instead of setting the patterns and sounds up to play on their own, I find myself playing the DB "live"... It is just too much fun not to!
    Sound-wise I was pleasntly surprised to learn that there's a lot to the DB's sound that's getting dropped from the online demos. It sounds so much better live! I can make it sound old, like a cross between a Mini-Pops or CR-78 if I want, or I can run the individual outs into a mixer and shake the house apart. It's nice that these options exist. As an added bonus, it doesn't sound like other machines out there; it's its own animal!
    Overall I expected less and got way more than I hoped! If you're looking for a specific 808 or 909 sound, you'll need to go with another machine, but if you're looking for something original with a great deal of versatility, the the DrumBrute is for you! Arturia has won me over with this one!

  • Customer
    from new york December 12, 2016


    Very easy to use..nice...Sounds Classic yet has its own character...sits WELL in the MIX and sounds even better processed ...Arturia comes correct with another great product

  • Andrew
    from Westlake, OH December 7, 2016

    Drum Machine? Fun Machine!

    Analog 17 voice drum synthesizer for this price? I had my doubts, but after some research, I ordered one. Out of the box and making beats in about three minutes. Simple, functional, and absolutely enjoyable to use. I'm looking forward to incorporating this into my live rig!

  • Justin Morgan
    from Titusville, FL December 4, 2016

    Fun, Simple and SOUNDS GREAT..!!

    Fun, Simple and SOUNDS GREAT..!!

    I preordered the Drumbrute and have had it for over a week...

    I bought a TR8 last year and was kinda disappointed. I never use it because it just don't inspire me (not sure why). I own a Micrbrute and Minibrute and I absolutely love them.. so I thought I'd give the Drumbrute a try.

    It just sounds different.. a good kind of different. The hats sound awesome! I love having the 2 kicks and I would not say the sound exactly like a 909 and 808. In person they sound great and the videos online don't do them justice... The 64 step sequencer is awesome and the ratcheting effect is fun to experiment with.
    I find myself using the zap sound more than I thought I would and unlike the TR8 I find myself playing it for hours at a time. It feels like an instrument and it has its own personality and character.

    I highly recommend the Drumbrute. Even my 11yr old asks to use it daily and will spend 2 hours programing patterns.
    Arturia seems to make simple, fun, and great sounding instruments which inspire me to write music. I'm hoping they decide to make a sampler to compliment all their other brute produces :)

    from Venice, FL November 28, 2016Music Background:
    maker of

    Great Drum Box

    I'm pleased as punch with the Drumbrute! It has great control, sounds good, and has a solid build. Total instrument like feeling when playing which is refreshing. If you are a fan of the Korg Electribe EMX-1 you will probably dig the Drumbrute.

  • Jamaal May
    from Hamtramck, MI November 26, 2016Music Background:

    Instant Gratification

    I think I want to start preordering gear more often. It was like an unexpected extra holiday when my Drumbrute showed up the day after thanksgiving. It's a thing of beauty, tastefully lit, sturdy and with sexy wood panels to match the Moog Sub 37 it now sits in front of. By the evening, not only was I enjoying the DrumBrute, but so was my girlfriend. She has a good ear so I often try to lure her into my production area for fun music times. Never have I been more successful. Setup and learning was so easy that I taught her to pattern sequence for the first time ever without downloading the manual. The panel is well organized and labeled to such a degree that you really can dive in just by reading the buttons and labels. She had the first beat of her life going in about 10 min. And it hit hard! The joy on her face as those crisp, full analog drums banged was only surpassed when I Showed her the touch strip improvisation, the random knob, and filter. That's four stars alone. The rest gets attributed to how it instantly became an integrated part of my setup as an intuitive, improve-friendly sequencer and live controller for Superior Drummer in Ableton. Just add USB and with no extra setup it's ready. Free styling fills by timing the random knob and touch strips can really make an SD kit sound alive, especially running through UA's Ocean Way model. I'm also excited to travel with it as it is both robust and streamlined somehow. Just the right amount of real estate to fit in a bag without being toy sized. Things other users might miss: the knobs don't transmit midi and the individual outs are 1/8th inch rather than full sized. If that's what it took to make the over all package this perfectly laid out and affordable, it's more than worth it. The price point is, scientifically speaking, absurd.

  • Gear Mike
    from Tampa, FL February 10, 2017

    Great Analog Drum machine that gets by with a little help from friends

    I love this Drum Machine as long as I am using it in a signal chain of either hardware and/or digital plug ins. The sounds are good on their own, but they really come to life when you add some spices. The reverse cymbal is awesome! Pair this with an Analog Heat from Elektron and watch out - you will spend hours tweaking and having fun. Add in some dub delay and reverb and you will have to order in some pizza. You will not want to leave your studio. This analog synth is powerful. The 64 step sequencer is easy to use and really helpful for creating more interesting drum loops. The numerous analog routing outputs are incredible. Arturia really understands that their new products need to fit into existing sonic ecosystems in the studio and on stage. This drum machine is a winner.

    I rated this 4.5 stars because its pads are not nearly as natural to play as the Push 2. I have the original Ableton/Akai Push as well as the updated Push 2. For similar $, this has to be a consideration when buying this unit - its relative competition. The pads are well built and I am not unhappy with their function, but they are not as beautifully responsive as the Push 2. That being said, unless the Push 2 is plugged into your computer and a copy of Ableton Live is running, it is a fancy looking paperweight. For those who want to get off the grid with their gear and avoid potential jittery laptop/audio interface issues, the DrumBrute is a welcome addition to the trend of manufacturers creating analog gear with digitally programmable settings.

    If only Roland would wake up and smell the Juno!

  • Customer
    from December 1, 2016

    Awesome drum machine

    Great sounding drum machine. Pros: Price is fantastic. Generally the instruments sound really, really good. The interface is awesome, and astheically speaking it looks awesome. Cons: wish it had motion sequencing/memory, the power supply seems on the cheap side, the knobs are kind of wiggly and make a small squeaky sound if wiggled. While not even close to an issue now, I hope I don't have to update in a month that they broke off.

  • Customer
    from January 26, 2017

    Powerfully sequencer with lackluster sounds

    This drum machine is definitely fully featured, and having 17 drum voices at your disposal is nice, however the hi hats make this drum machine almost unusable. The first kick sound is also pretty bad, and the snare is decent but not great. I would recommend saving the money you would spend on this to put towards a better machine. Don't be like me, I had seen (and heard) the hi hats getting a bad rap online, but decided to get one anway one anyway because I figured the Internet was just being too criticle, and hating just to hate. Long story short I ended up returning it. Tom cat 2.0

  • james baldoni
    from CT May 4, 2017Music Background:
    Home Studio; 50+ years playing Bass & Guitar

    Kick & Snare sounds not to my liking

    First the good: all the sounds with the exception of the Kick & Snare were pretty good and adjusting the parameters with knobs was effective. Very nice Hi Hats & Congas
    The Random feature did what it said and added a realistic "feel".

    Not so good: The Kicks & Snare were Disappointing. Kick 1 was strictly "hip hop"; Kick 2 sounded worse than my 25 yr old Roland, mushy, flubby and resistant to tweaking.
    The Snare had no life, no snap and resistant to tweaking.
    The "Shuffle" didn't seem to shuffle anything that I could hear.

    Not so good: I was hoping the Drumbrute would recapture the ease of programming the I experienced with my old Roland TR-707 (1991) but it didn't; it was clumsey to write patterns in real time then erase the mistakes, difficult to know where the 1 was, etc.

    In summary, if the Kicks & Snare were better sounding I might have lived with the other problems.
    I returned it (something Sweetwater makes it easy to do) and got the Roland TR-08 which I'll review later.

  • Data-Bank-A
    from Lowell, MA April 29, 2017Music Background:
    35 years producing

    Almost good.

    I wanted to like this, really. I have almost every Roland drum machine there is, and love them all.
    This is a very weak imitation.
    First: Connections. Why they decided to use 1/8" connectors for the separate outputs is beyond me. They make no sense. I had to go buy new cables to hook it up.
    Second: Sound. The sounds are pale imitations of other sounds, without the punch and character they need. For instance, the Kicks are so lame, they can barely be called kicks. They have no low end sound. They sound more like "low toms".
    Third: The "Tuning" knobs hardly do anything on some drums, while being too wild on others.
    Programming is fare. But again, they decided to use non-standard work flow for many of the functions.
    The construction is good, sturdy, with nice metal and wood end panels. But that just makes it a good looking paper weight.
    This doggy's going back where it came from.

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