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dbx DriveRack PX Reviews

4.5 stars based on 22 customer reviews
  • from Falmouth, KY. USA July 17, 2014Music Background:
    Musician, hobby live sound and recording.

    I can play and not worry about the sound, now.

    I have a Bluegrass Gospel band, so I play and do the sound, also. This DriveRack PX is the ticket. I can go in to a Church setup the equipment and go thru the setup for the DriveRack(which is very simple to do). Now we can play without being concerned with the sound. I am working with a local Church on installing a small sound system and you can bet this will be mounted into their rack. Greatest piece of equipment there is for a beginning sound person. No more worries about that dreded feedback. There is Bluegrass in Heaven Isaiah 38:20. God Bless, Danny

  • from July 9, 2014

    DriveRack: Where have you been all my life?

    The DriveRack PX was recommended by a band that uses my small rehearsal space. They had been employing one in their QSC K-series live rig for a couple of years with outstanding results.

    I have a pair of K8 powered speakers mounted in a 10' x 11' room with a full drum kit, guitar amps, bass amp, keyboard, and four vocal mics. You can imagine the feedback issues trying to get the vocals audible above the volume of the drums and amps in that cramped space.

    Starting with the K8 preset programmed in the DriveRack was an instant improvement both in EQ and possible volume. Even better, if a singer changes the position of their mic and feedback results, the DriveRack almost instantly catches it and notches the offending frequency from the system.

    The DriveRack PX couldn't be simpler or more intuitive and, now that it's discounted to less than $150, this most-effective processor may be the ultimate no-brainer.

    I'm sorry to see this unit discontinued and hope its successor does it proud.

  • from Sacrament, Ca. USA June 26, 2014Music Background:
    Hobbyist, Dj karaoke

    The dbx DriveRack PX

    I connecedt my dbx driverack PX into my QSC 2-K12 and 2-KSub, the quality of sound changes right away, beside easy to program. I am glad i bought this equipment.

  • from Sacramento, Ca. USA June 25, 2014Music Background:
    Hobbyist, Dj

    dbx DriveRack PX

    This is real thing.

  • from Mayfield, OH June 20, 2014Music Background:
    Former Band musician/ Currnet DJ

    Highly Recommend for your system!

    This system is awesome. I replaced my sonic maximizer with this unit. I followed the step by step manual and the sound result was outstanding. Much cleaner than the BBE. For the price, you can not beat this unit, XLR in/outputs make the connections very easy from the board, to the speakers/sub. The system was cranking and did not move beyond the 5th light on my board. Sweetwater shipped this item in 1 day, best shipping out of all competitors. Even sent candy in box!!!

  • from Barre, VT June 14, 2014Music Background:
    Pro Musician, Recording and Live Sound Engineer

    This is a required component for any quality PA system!

    I just picked this up for my PA system. I use an old Mackie 1604-vlx board with the budget friendly Pyle PQA3100 powered amplifier and unpowered Seismic Audio 15" mains and 12" floor monitors. We could not get consistent quality sound out of this rig until I put the dbx DriveRack PX in between the Mackie and the Pyle power amp. The difference this has made for EQ and feedback suppression is tremendous. The sound in our rehearsal space is pristine. This device is designed for powered speakers but works beautifully in my setup. I can't imagine how good this would sound through a high quality system. My rep, Spencer Kennedy, was fantastic in helping me in deciding to make this purchase. Thank you Sweetwater!!!

  • from Arlington, TX June 3, 2014Music Background:
    Musician, live sound

    Perfect! Idiot proof setup and amazing sound!

    Worth every penny and a lot cheaper than anywhere else. I used the Driverack to run an outdoor gig with powered mains, subs and monitors. The band was thrilled and the audience loved them. My job is to be invisible,and let the band do their thing. The Driverack made that easy. Thanks!

  • from Louisville, KY, United States October 8, 2012Music Background:
    Producer, Engineer, Composer

    Set it and walk away!

    I am NOT a LIVE guy... The studio is my place, but this DriveRack made me feel right at home doing live sound. Had 5 Mics on stage and even allowed the use of a highly gained fig. 8 ribbon mic center stage with great pickup and NO FEEDBACK, without having to do much more than run through the wizards. WOW!

  • from Tonawanda, NY September 11, 2012Music Background:
    rockabilly & Country

    Drive rackPX

    I've been playing & singing well over 50 years. This is the most awesome piece of equipment I've ever bought. The clarity is just awesome. Well worth the money.

  • from Fortlauderdale ,Fl USA August 27, 2012Music Background:

    Dbx Driverack Px

    I have two Qsc K12 ,when I connect them with Dbx Driverack Px so sounds very cleaner ,I think it very good for powered speaks ,I like it and thank to sweetwater.com

  • from August 7, 2012

    Master Electrician

    Great pace of gear. Works great with the powered speakers, used the wizard set-up in a church and in a tent, either place it worked great. For the price I would recommend every one getting one in there rack.

  • from Traverse City, MI May 15, 2012Music Background:
    Mobile DJ


    I have 2 QSC K12 speakers and a Ksub. They sounded great (or so I thought until I added the DriveRack PX) ... WOW! This thing sounds so good it brought tears to my eyes. I never knew my speakers could sound so unbelievably clean. The EQ on this thing is great. The feedback eliminator is top-notch too. I can now walk up to my speakers, microphone in hand, and I need to get about 2 inches away from the speaker with the mic to get it to feedback. AMAZING!

  • from Huntsville, AL February 27, 2012Music Background:
    Live sound engineer, musician

    You need this!

    For starters, it's just flipping cool! Second if you think your sound is awesome (like I did) , this will make it crazy amazing! We have a superb pa system, but without this you don't get that "big" sound like the rest of the pros have. This is my little monster behind my crisp sound. Get a drive rack

  • from Boston February 7, 2012Music Background:


    My qsc KW12 powered speakers sound amazing without this unit and with are ridiculous. Incredible clarity. Thanks to Jon Gillespie for recommending this unit to me.

  • from P.R. July 14, 2014Music Background:
    Live Sound Engineer and dj

    dbx DriveRack PX

    I used for dj live, sound and more and its realy great for me.

  • from SAINT ALBANS July 1, 2014Music Background:



  • from Salt Lake City December 27, 2013Music Background:

    Couldn't be simpler or more useful

    I received the unit in the mail on the morning before a gig I do in a restaurant where I'm forced into a highly reflective corner. Normally I turn the monitor way down and use a hyper-cardioid dynamic mic to avoid feedback and just hope for the best. Not now! My very first setup took 20 minutes and I used a cardioid condenser and a plenty loud monitor. Forget feedback. I couldn't MAKE it feedback. And the sound was flat flat flat, just how I like it - as if I was somehow playing unamplified.

  • from Seattle, WA February 25, 2011Music Background:
    25 year keyboard hobbyist with various bands

    DriveRack PX: The Missing Link

    This baby really does it all....auto EQ, smooth compression, limiting, anti-feedback. I run this with a pair of QSC K12's + 1 Ksub and it really makes my speakers shine for whatever room/situation I am in.

    My only reason for not giving it a 5 start rating is because of the documentation. There are a few things they left ouf of the manual which caused a little bit of confusion, however, it's not that hard of a product to figure out.

  • from Mayfield, Ohio July 17, 2014Music Background:
    Musician, Now DJ

    Review of Driverack PX

    I like the Driverack PX. Much better than the BBE Maximizer I used before. Sounds great, adds much quality to the sound for my purposes of DJing. Highly recommend this for the price, even though it is an older model.

  • from USA June 13, 2014Music Background:
    Recording and Live Sound

    Vesatile and straigt forward makes it simple if using full range speakers.

    The mic came with it and that was an added bonus. It is easier than the drive rack PA+ to use and I thought the Drive Rack was easy to use. I don't have monitor speakers yet and that is how I am going to use the Drive Rack PX on so to test I converted xlr to RCA and ran it through my home stereo while the Sub was in-line. I hooked up the Mic and pushed one button and for refrence set it to flat and pink noised my living room and was done it three minutes. I beleive there are updates to the unit, but no matter, if the entry is not in the unit it will still reign it in nicely. The PX also has sub outs and most of the cool features of the PA+ except mute buttons, which could be a good thing...

  • from Springfield, Ohio May 29, 2013Music Background:
    Worship and Production Pastor


    I upgraded from an older more expensive drive rack unit. I noticed an instant difference with the PX. Not sure if the convertors are different... I have a very challenging room and it has helped me tune it. Lots of bang for the buck.

  • from Beverly, MA March 4, 2011Music Background:
    Live Sound, Musician

    Great Little Unit

    I've waited to post a review on this piece of gear since I wanted to see how well it help up in our situation.

    Sonically, it is a great-sounding unit as long as proper attention is paid to gain stages - from the source on stage all the way to the mains. I've found that using the reference mike and auto EQing the room provides a useful starting point, and best results are achieved by manually tweaking and overriding some settings.

    Durability-wise, I am really impressed. We are a church that uses a school auditorium for services, and we have been loading in and out every week since 8/2008. All our gear is kept in an outside storage container all year round (New England weather). Despite the extremes in temp and humidity, this unit performs flawlessly. Of course, we allow ample time for our stuff to get to room temperature and "dry out" before even plugging it in.

    It's nice not having separate EQ, comp, limiting, delays, crossovers, etc. And having presets are huge for us. We have different EQ presets for different weather conditions; what sounds nice and warm in the winter when it is dry, sounds harsh and tinny when it is hot and humid. Having the ability to recall the setting from last summer as a starting point is a HUGE plus, considering our time constraints each week.

    I cannot recommend this gear enough!

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