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dbx DriveRack 4800 Reviews

5.0 stars based on 1 customer review
  • from Philadelphia ,PA February 20, 2010Music Background:
    Live sound and lighting engineer

    A really useful tool

    I have used the TIO version for about a year and half now on a weekly basis and this thing is crazy useful .Once you wrap your mind around using the mid and front end route mixes in addtion to all the standard pa mgt stuff, eq comp ,afs .
    Basiclly I use this as a matrix mixer for my group outs form our midas and that allows me to set my output chain settings to their ideal source neutrel settings.
    I can eq,compress and time align my mics in seperate groups .58's ,S.C.M's ,MX184 caps....etc .This is very useful when I have alot of program material to playback and don't want ring cuts in the program.
    Addtionially with mid route mixing I can lower the send levels to the proximate speaker of a "problem mic" leaving the sends high in the rest of the system allowing me to maintain the most amount of frequency in the group send while still having my zero'd level coming through the same speaker for play back.
    This is also useful when dealing with subs.Putting a Lav through a proxamate sub is a waste of time unless specfic called for (the only time I have ever heard of this was for an AES convention in SF).
    I Typically spread my subs out and use a few of them to aviod cancellation ,but with the 4800 I can dial near unity send into my sub line while pulingl them almost completly out of the inside .Clients and musicians do enjoy the full range on thier mics ,even though there is an arguement that it should not be done ( this arguement is usaully made by guys that run thier subs out their auxes and not out a system matrix of some sort and in that case makes sence).
    To sum up this wandering review up ,I can eq and properly time align a medium sized system output to a nice blank pallet using the out put settings.And then I can set different sounding sources to their ideal configuration for that output without effecting each other e.g. my mic eq cuts don't cut my playback and my play back postive curve doesn't make my mics ring or trigger the mics compression.
    And then I can send these idealized source to different speakers at different levels.
    And don't forget this is all done by having a full suite system optimazation tools on the input and output and being able to route or mix any input to any output at the front of the process chain or at the out put level.
    This thing allows you to dial a room down to the last inch of db in a freq!

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