JHS Double Barrel 2-in-1 Dual Overdrive Pedal

Dual Overdrive Pedal for Electric Guitar with Controls for Volume, Drive, and Tone, 3-way Gain Switch, and Bright-cut Switch
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JHS Double Barrel 2-in-1 Dual Overdrive Pedal image 1
JHS Double Barrel 2-in-1 Dual Overdrive Pedal image 1

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JHS Double Barrel 2-in-1 Dual Overdrive Pedal
In Stock!

Explore a Wide Range of Low-gain Overdrive Tones

Savvy guitarists at Sweetwater know the responsiveness and sonic versatility of low-gain overdrive, and that's exactly what you get with the JHS Double Barrel overdrive pedal. There's no high-gain aggressive distortion here, the Double Barrel is tuned to give you a wide range of low-gain overdrive tone in two flavors. The Double Barrel actually packs two of JHS' most popular overdrives, the JHS-808 and the Morning Glory overdrive circuits. Best of all you can use the two sections individually or linked together in series, making the JHS Double Barrel overdrive much more than a typical 2-in-1 pedal.

JHS Double Barrel Overdrive Pedal at a Glance:
  • Transparent, open overdrive tone from the Morning Glory overdrive
  • Warm, vintage clipping from the JHS-808 overdrive circuit
  • Combine these overdrives for unique tone
Transparent, open overdrive tone from the Morning Glory overdrive

When you're after a defined, open overdrive sound, step on the left footswitch on the Double Barrel overdrive. It's the same overdrive circuit found in the Morning Glory, one of the most popular JHS overdrive pedals. It's got bite, definition, and depth, perfect for adding some extra zest to your guitar tone.

Warm, vintage clipping from the JHS-808 overdrive circuit

Step on the right footswitch on the Double Barrel overdrive, and you'll tap into the JHS-808 overdrive circuit. This classic overdrive sound boasts focused lows, outstanding presence, and warm clipping. Best of all there's a 3-way gain switch to fine-tune the response. Choose from "saturation" to add color to your tone, "boost" to hit your amplifier harder, or "crunch" for a more aggressive overdrive.

Combine these overdrives for unique tone

While each section on the Double Barrel overdrive sounds sweet, you can combine the two to create overdrive tones you've only dreamed of. Best of all, there's a toggle switch to select which overdrive section comes first in the signal path. Between the powerful tone-shaping controls and the ability to change the signal path, you've got incredible sonic potential in the JHS Double Barrel overdrive.

JHS Double Barrel Overdrive Pedal Features:
  • Low-gain overdrive pedal for electric guitar, with two distinct overdrive sections
  • Based on two popular JHS pedals, the JHS-808 and the Morning Glory
  • Each section can be used individually or combined, for incredible tonal range
  • Choose which overdrive circuit is at the front of the signal path with the Order Toggle switch
  • Exceptional sonic flexibility from the 3-way gain switch and bright cut switch
There's a world of low-gain overdrive to explore in the JHS Double Barrel pedal!

Tech Specs

Pedal Type Dual Overdrive
Inputs 1 x instrument
Outputs 1 x 1/4"
Power Source 9V DC power supply required (sold separately)
Height 1.2"
Width 4.7"
Depth 3.7"
Manufacturer Part Number DB

Customer Reviews

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Stop searching for the perfect OD. You just found it.

What an amazing overdrive. I've been using a Boss Blues Driver (stock at first and then the Monte Allums H20 mod) for several years. I recently bought a new amp and overhauled my pedalboard so I researched the most popular overdrive pedals and I consistently saw JHS morning glory as a favorite. From the demo's I loved how transparent it can be. Then I discovered the double barrel containing the morning glory and their 808 so I figured I would give it a shot. From clean boost to crunch, this covers it all. My tele's (all 4 of them) still sound like teles through this pedal. Each of my teles have very different pickups and tonal characteristics and they all shine through this pedal. I basically leave the morning glory side on all the time for a slight boost with a tiny bit of sizzle on the signal. The 808 ups the ante. And add to the fact that you can stack them and change the order with a flick of a switch! Yes, for an overdrive pedal this is fairly expensive, especially compared to the mass produced ones, but tone-wise, there is no comparison. My blues driver is basically a paperweight now because it can't hold a candle to this. The BD-2 colored my tone so much and I never realized it until I plugged into this!
Music background: Guitar player for 19 years

Essential to my Pedal Board!

This is the most usable/versatile OD pedal I have owned. If you have a quality guitar and a tube amp with a decent clean channel, this will give you a ton of tonal options. It works very well with a wide variety of guitar/amp combinations as well and for low to medium gain, I haven't played anything that came close to it tone-wise. I really enjoy the bright switch to instantly get or remove some top end. This is my second JHS pedal (with the Pulp n Peel) to go on my board, and they are extremely durable in my experience! I highly recommend it! Sweetwater is the best, as I'm sure you already know! Shout out to my sales rep, Luke for pointing me in the right direction, though I bought this without his consultation in this case. I'm sure he approves.
Music background: Semi-professional guitarist/church worship leader

Awsome Pedal!!!!

Absolutely the best overdrive I have ever used! I've watched several demo videos before buying it, and the do not due the pedal justice! It may be a little pricy, but it's well worth the investment if you're serious about playing guitar
Music background: Contemporary Christian / Hard Rock

Easily the best overdrive ever!

For the record, I'm usually really hard on overdrive/ distortion pedals. My degree is in Jazz studies so I'm all about clean tone. That being said, as a lead guitar player, having drive is a must but every pedal I've tried ends up killing my tone. In the last year I've owned an OCD, TS9, Soul Food, Blues Driver, Hot Tubes, GV-2 just to name a few. But they all seemed to muddy my tone up and I never used them. For a while I thought maybe I just can't use overdrive and am better off with a clean boost or something. Until I found the double barrel! The morning glory is the perfect drive for me, it gives me as much punch as I need without killing the tone that I work so hard to get. I end up leaving it on for a large part of my sets because it cleans up nicely when playing soft but then gets heavy when you really dig in. Plus the TS9 gives me an extra level to go to when I really want to jump out in the mix. For some reason when they are both on something happens and I end up liking the tone of the TS9 more too! I never use it by itself but as an extra boost it really shines. I'm really happy that I found this pedal! One thing I noticed is that the buttons are kind of loud when I first use them. Not sure if this is a power thing or what because I did notice it with other overdrive pedals I've used but nothing else on my board does it (not even other JHS pedals I have so I don't think it's just the way they make it). If I engage the pedal a few times before the set it seems to be quitier though and it hasn't been an issue. Just thought I'd mention it.
Music background: Worship leader, Jazz guitarist

JHS Double Barrel

Very powerful and versatile. Use it in Church with a lot of our praise and worship songs. Thanks again Ray Leach and Sweetwater!
Music background: Praise and Worship singer and guitar player
See also: Distortion Pedals, JHS, JHS Distortion, Overdrive, Boost & Fuzz