Orange Divo OV4 Self Fit Kit Tube Management System

Automatic Tube Bias and Diagnostic Device
Orange Divo OV4 Self Fit Kit Tube Management System image 1
Orange Divo OV4 Self Fit Kit Tube Management System image 1
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Orange Divo OV4 Self Fit Kit Tube Management System
Special Order

Keep Your Tube Amp Running Like It Should

Protect and optimize your tube amp with the Orange Divo OV4. The Divo OV4 was designed to be retrofitted into four-tube fixed-bias guitar amps to improve reliability and performance while protecting your amp. After installing Divo OV4, your amp will now bias itself giving you the best tones possible. You can also play around with different tubes in your amp. Divo will accept most power tubes and use them without harming your amp. This is a great way to create unique, new sounds. While constantly checking and evaluating your amp Divo is also ready to protect it at a moments notice saving you huge repair fees. Install the Orange Divo OV4 in your tube amp for a better sounding and running amp with peace of mind.

Orange Divo OV4 at a Glance:
  • Optimize your power tube bias
  • Experiment with different tubes
  • Protect your amp
Optimize your power tube bias

Never bias your amp again. Once you install the Orange Divo OV4 it automatically biases your output tubes and continually adjusts the bias to let your tubes operate at their best. Constant evaluation and tweaking will improve your tone and also the longevity of costly power tubes. Your tube amp will always be running at optimal performance to give you the best playing experience possible. Because of the Divo OV4's constant monitoring and individual tube adjustments there is no longer a need for tube matching.

Experiment with different tubes

The Orange Divo OV4 biases each tube independently. This allows you the opportunity to experiment with different tubes in your amp safely. You can mix 6L6 and EL34s in the same amp for new tones. Mix and match using a wide variety of tubes like 6L6, EL34, KT88, and more. Divo also lets you run your amp in half-power mode. If you have two different types of tubes Divo lets you choose which set to use. An optional footswitch lets you switch tubes on-the-fly at the gig. Explore new sonic territory with the Orange Divo OV4.

Protect your amp

Protect your precious and costly tube amp with the Orange Divo OV4. By constantly monitoring power tube operation the Divo knows when a tube goes bad. It will automatically switch the faulty tube out and run at half-power to avoid damage to your amp. Divo OV4 also compensates for fluctuations from the power supply further ensuring stable operation. The optional Divo footswitch has a faulty tube indicator to let you know of any issues.

Orange Divo OV4 Features:
  • Automatically biases output tubes
  • Continually adjust bias to ensure peak tube performance
  • Improves tube longevity
  • Automatically switches out faulty tubes and runs the amp on half-power
  • Auto-compensation for faulty mains
Give your tube amp the ultimate tune-up and protection with the Orange Divo OV4!

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Tube Bias? Any Bias is possible!!!

This little DIVO OV4 box, with the optional OV4 Interface kit is truly a breakthrough. I installed it on my Marshall JVM410c (with MM choke and tranny) and the hardest part of the entire exercise was obtaining the optional interface kit! Installation is a snap as the kit comes pre-wired with intermediate sockets for the output tubes. The adjustment range is huge, I can now run ANY octal socket output tube I want, and half-power is a click away! I can't attest to any enhancement of output tube life, but it does go into a low-bias mode when the amp is idle, so the tube life is expected to be better than stock. Nate (my sales rep) made sure everything was perfect on this order. I can't thank him enough for all he managed to get done!
Music background: Music is a hobby and passion.

OV4 Amazing

I got this the other day and let me tell you it is one of the best upgrades you can get for fixed bias amp. The ability to use different tubes at once is amazing. And you can go 100w or 50w what else could you need no more expensive trips to that amp tec for changing a valve and bias. All and all this a great product well worth the price and wait.
Music background: Musician
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