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CAIG Laboratories DeoxIT Reviews

5.0 stars based on 9 customer reviews
Questions about the CAIG Laboratories DeoxIT?

Questions about the CAIG Laboratories DeoxIT?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

  • from Texas March 5, 2016


    I had a volume knob on my Marshall 2061x which was popping and dropping out so bad it was not functional. So i read up and tried this product.. Took the amp apart and sprayed liberal amounts of CAIG DeoxIT while turning the knobs. Noticed all of the knobs turn easier and the volume know is like new...
    Very satisfied.

  • from Arkansas July 29, 2015Music Background:
    Musician, Teacher, Performer

    Great stuff!

    As advertised, does what it's supposed to.
    Cleaned in / out effects loop jacks on amp, for some reason amp wants to cut in and out when those are dirty - a couple of squirts in each, insert plug and take out a couple of times, works like a charm now.
    Also, I have an 80's Ibanez AD-9 analog delay that wasn't working right - a couple squirts to the jacks, and for good measure sprayed some in the three pots and worked the controls a bit and it sounds like new again. Good stuff to keep around.

  • from Newark, Ohio February 27, 2013Music Background:
    Hobbyist, Telecom Tech and AudioSystems

    Great stuff

    The scroll ball on my apple mouse decided not to work after two years of service. Used all kinds of cleaners to free it up. Nothing worked. Then remembered my can of DeoxIT. Sprayed a small amount on it, scrolled it a few times and all kinds of crud came off of it. It works perfectly now. Thanks DeoxIT !!!! Sweetwater has the best price on this stuff and they have great service !!!!

  • from Cleveland,Ohio August 22, 2012Music Background:
    Audio Engineer/ Installer /Road Tech

    Excellent contact cleaner from audio to ac power contacts

    I've been an A/V Tech-Roadie for over 30 years and have used Deoxit since it was first introduced. I've cleaned /rejuvenated volume controls,switches and audio connections on everything from guitar amps to full blown recording consoles. It not only cleans mild to excessive corrosion but the lubricant keeps the part in good working order months afterwards. Much easier than replacing a hard to replace part. I also spray it on all the audio connectors periodically to insure good connectivity. Along with my A.C. power plugs and quad boxes that are used outside for live shows to prevent corrosion from the elements.
    Good stuff. Obviously highly recommended.

  • from Pittsburgh April 1, 2011Music Background:

    Great Stuff

    I used this stuff on my 35 year old Kenwood KA-7300 amp which had not been used in more than 10 years and it was fantastic. When I first tried to use the amp, all of the switches only worked sometimes and the static and inconsisyent sound was unbearable. I thought that my left channel was not working because it had such a low output compared tothe right channel no matter where the balance was set. After cleaning all the input/ and output jacks and the switches alog with vacuuming out the inside of the amp, the amp works great and sounds like it did back in the day! I was more than pleasantly surprised!!

  • from La Porte, tx January 1, 2011Music Background:
    A very good listener.

    It works.

    I've used DeoxIT for years. My first use was on a BMW instrument cluster that an $800 "reno" hadn't fixed. I sprayed the several connectors and mates, dozens and dozens of connectors, let it sit overnight and reinstalled it in the car. That cured every problem. Years after manufacture one or more of those connections could get iffy, and they do. Since then I've fixed several instrument clusters, engine and transmission computer problems caused by the same thing, connections, and no telling how many other electrical connection problems in cars.

  • from Alameda, CA February 3, 2017

    Did the job

    My Blackstar HT-1R's sound was intermittently dropping out on the overdrive channel. I was about to send it back to Sweetwater to be serviced (for free, under the second year of their two-year coverage), when I realized that every time I pushed the overdrive button, I turned down the gain knob, and it was the crackly gain knob that was causing the sound dropout. I ordered a can of Craig Faderlube and blew it into the offending potentiometer assembly (and the others). It cured the sound dropout and almost all of the crackling was gone. I did start to hear crackling again on a couple of the knobs before too long though, so ordered a can of this DeoxIt and did the same thing. This stuff completely eliminated all the noise from the knobs.

    So very effective, but BEWARE, the spray action on this is much more powerful than the Faderlube. Faderlube came with a very thin applicator straw that made it easy to put very small amounts into pots. This DeOxit has a wider straw and comes out in a very powerful spray, so it is much harder (impossible in my case) to spray only into the pots. It splattered all over before I learned to cover the area being sprayed, and there was excess liquid that took a long time to dry after I'd cleaned up what I could. So it's a bit hard to handle, but definitely blew away my potentiometer crud. I imagine it will cure problems with other devices down the road.

  • from USA July 30, 2016Music Background:
    Musician, Singer, Songwriter, Recording Artist

    Works Great!

    Great product. A bit pricey though. Works as advertised. Applicator tube is fussy about fitting into the nozzle at times. Good.

  • from Findlay, OH July 31, 2013Music Background:
    Active gigging bassist, Live Sound Engineer

    An Effective cleaner-rejuvinator!

    First off let me say that my order for this product was sent to me very quickly! Much faster than I was expecting- AJ, you are the man!
    I used this to clean the pots, switches, and faders on my old Allen & Heath SR416 mixer. Everything is working top-notch again and everything moves/slides with ease. DeoxIT is a great product and it always improves sound quality and equipment life. This is the only cleaner you need!

Questions about the CAIG Laboratories DeoxIT?

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