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Bushman Delta Frost C - Key of C Reviews

4.0 stars based on 15 customer reviews
  • timmy
    from Schriever, LA. October 27, 2014Music Background:

    awesome harp even better service

    The delta frost for the price sounds awesome and what really topped it off was sweetwaters service i will definitely only be ordering from them from now on. Thank you sweetwater.

  • Scott McCullough
    from Mid-MO, USA August 23, 2014Music Background:
    Harmonica player with a dizzying array of bands, instructor at Columbia Acadamy of Music.

    No better harp for the money. Perfect for all levels, from beginner to pro.

    I've been a fan of Delta Frosts since they came on the market. There's no better harmonica for the money, and I've played just about everything out there, including Hohners, Herings, Huangs, and Lee Oskars. The DFs have a fat tone and bend easily. They sound nearly as good as my expensive Seydels. They last a long time, and when a reed dies you just order a whole new comb/reedplate assembly and swap out the covers. I recommend them to my students so they can work on learning instead of struggling with a stiff, unresponsive instrument.

    Sweetwater is a great company to deal with, as well. Good prices and fantastic service. Probably the best online music source I've ever ordered from.

  • Jim Choquette
    from Rocky Hill, Conn April 23, 2014Music Background:
    Lead Singer, Harp,Guitar

    Bushman Delta Frost Harps ROCK!

    The Bushman Delta Frost Harps are the BEST out of the box Harps I've ever played in my 40+ years of playing. They are loud and true and long lasting....I'm HOOKED!

  • Tim Craig
    from bolivar Mo. March 14, 2014Music Background:
    I have been a pro musician, and i have done session work which i love

    for me these harps are great

    I love these harps,for one thing they are the best buy on the market bar-none if you blow out reeds when you buy replacements,you get comb and reed plates at half the price of hohner, I also love how easy these are to set up for overblows and i love the phosphor bronze reeds the only thing i would change is i would open up the back of the covers,the rounded corners make it a lot more comfortable to hold and the feel in the mouth is great. I am presently switching out all my harps to the bushman Delta Frost

  • Dan
    from September 2, 2015

    Bushman Delta Frost

    I've blown out a couple of expensive harps lately, so decided to give the DF a try. Here are my early observations. Sweetwater had all keys in stock at great price. Arrived in 3 days to California and I even received a call from Dylan to ask about my experience. Pretty amazing service on an inexpensive instrument. Like most inexpensive harps, the DF was not properly gapped when it arrived. Took about an hour of playing and adjusting until I was happy with the way it played. After a few days, it has loosened up nicely and has a warm tone. No idea if the phosphor-bronze reeds will actually last longer, but I was very pleasantly surprised to find that the size of the holes and the shape of the cover plates makes it easy for me to play single notes cleanly. Harp is also comfortable to hold. Worth a try, especially if you don't mind tinkering a bit.

  • Tom J
    from NW Ohio December 22, 2014Music Background:
    Beginner musician, former audio equipment repair tech

    Great customer service, very pleased with purchase.

    I bought the Delta Frost C harp a month ago and love it. This is my first serious attempt at learning harmonica.Seems very beginner friendly and sounds good as it can with my limited experience.I had a minor issue that I contacted Bushman about and they went above and beyond to help me. GREAT customer service from Sweetwater and Bushman. They both understand customer service as well as anyone I have dealt with! My next harp will be a Bushman purchased from Sweetwater.

  • DeWayne Keyes
    from Madison, WI May 31, 2014Music Background:
    Harmonica player in professional blues- folk music duo

    Bushman Delta Frost - Key of C

    Love the Delta Frosts. My last one was one of tne of the longest lasting harps I've ever had. Sweet tone, easy response.

  • Steve Robert
    from Muncie, IN January 9, 2014Music Background:
    Band Leader

    They're great.

    The Bushman Delta Frost really are better - in lots of little ways - but the two that really count are - #1 last longer and #2 - sound better. Now I've never bought a fancy harmonica - but for "regular" harmonicas - you got your Hohner Special 20s, your Lee Oskars, and your Delta Frosts. I will guarantee you - you buy one of each - in the same key - and set em all on your coffee table - gradually - over time - you will reach more and more - for th at Delta Frost FIRST. Why?? BECAUSE - it really DOES sound better. It just does.

  • mark howley
    from northern mn. September 26, 2015Music Background:
    blues/rock singer & harp player

    solid instrument

    Been playing harp professionally for 50 years and have spent enough money on 'em to buy Trumps jet! A fellow harp player gave me a bushman a couple monthes ago.I suppose it could be luck but this thing is hanging like a tiger! I could whine about the plastic comb. I've played marine band forever, but the pros outweigh this one problem.fat tone, quick & responsive, takes a beating and the price is better than what I usually use.from what I've seen so far it lasts.

  • Ed Gordon
    from Columbia, MD USA March 6, 2015Music Background:

    A Good Solid Harp

    I like this harp. It sounded very good right out of the box. Very comfortable to hold. It's now my "everyday" harp. The reason I'm giving is a 4.0 instead of a 5.0 is that I have not found the 'perfect' harmonica yet.

  • Alan Kobayashi
    from Honolulu, Hawaii July 16, 2013Music Background:

    Delta Frost E Harmonica

    Easy to play - good quality!

  • Paul N.
    from Tonawanda, NY May 23, 2013Music Background:
    Completely self-taught. Hobbyist.

    I'm impressed

    I'm no expert player - I only do it for my own enjoyment, but it worked right out of the box with no reed adjustment needed. The only adjustment I did to it was to retune it into a Paddy Richter harp. It's just the thing to keep in the car or to take along when on vacation.

  • Dann
    from Marshall MI USA July 28, 2014Music Background:
    Lead Singer, Keyboards, Harp, other - Very Experienced

    Very Good for the Price

    I recently compared Lee Oskar diatonic, Hohner Blues harp, Marine Band, Special 20 and Meisterklasse and the Suzuki Hammond HA-20 harps. The (most expensive) Meisterklasse failed in the first set of a show (no reed plates produced any more). The Lee's have been pretty solid with a few reed plate replacements after years of play. For the price, the Bushman DF at just under $40 sounds good, is easy to play and manipulate notes and has low price reed/comb replacement. My favorite all around is the Suzuki Hammond, but at around $80 each I won't have the full set.

  • "Fast Heart" Martin Stamper
    from San Diego, CA January 30, 2017Music Background:
    Musician, recording engineer/producer, songwriter, entertainer

    Reeds go flat too soon for me :/

    I wanted to like these harmonicas! They are made in the USA, they are cheaper than my usual Hohner Special 20's and they have replacement reed plates to potentially save even more money. However, I bought one and one of my reeds went flat within 3 weeks. I thought maybe it was a fluke, so I ordered a replacement reed plate, but the replacement went flat within a few weeks just like the first one. Bummer!

    It played and sounded much like a Hohner Special 20 before I blew out the reed though, which is great.

    Maybe it's my playing style that flattens the reeds so soon, but my Hohner Special 20's usually last me at least 4 months or so. These Bushman harmonicas may be fine for a beginner though? I don't know? I'm not going to buy these anymore, though. I even bought another key and it went flat too.

    Great service from Sweetwater though! Aaron Smith is the (sales)MAN :)

  • K. Ching
    from Reno, NV November 9, 2014Music Background:

    Don't believe the hype--it's a piece of junk

    Received one as gift--it lasted about a week before the number ten reed broke--literally, fell off. I have Hohners that have lasted years.

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