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Vox DelayLab Delay Pedal Processor Reviews

4.0 stars based on 7 customer reviews
  • Chris
    from Atlanta, Ga, USA January 9, 2014Music Background:
    Studio and Live Guitarist.

    Great pedal for the money

    OK....I admit it......Im a delay junky, and an analog delay snob. Ive always have had 2-3 delays on my pedal board. My delays were getting very road worn and unreliable. I wanted to have the conveniences of digital ( storage, set in stone clock times) without sacrificing the tone of my delays, or my guitar signal. The Vox delay lab was a perfect replacement for all of my old delays. It will store 30 delays ( 3 banks of 10). The fake analog feature is very believable. You can set it up to do a very good memory man copy. The tape feature is cute.It warbles and does all the things tape does.You can pull some really good sounding delays from this feature........but lets be for real, if you have ever used tape......you know that digital will NEVER sound like tape. The Digital mode does all the things you would expect from a digital delay. nice , clean repeats, perfect in time clock.BUT without sounding cold, or harsh.
    Bottom line.......if your looking for a delay unit that has tons a features, sounds great, don't screw up your guitar signal, and easy to use.( and affordable) this is the delay for you!......dont ( cough cough ) delay....get it today!

  • Matt
    from NorCal December 16, 2013Music Background:

    Delay Lab

    This is a great unit with a lot of features! There are a few sounds that I can't see myself ever using, but overall I am impressed by the quality of the delays. I can do dotted eighths, though why Vox doesn't highlight that, is beyond me. There is so much in the Delay Lab, plan on taking time to get to know it. Also, the manual is only slightly helpful. I found it to be poorly organized and confusing. I really appreciated Youtube when learning this pedal. Though I still have a lot more to figure out, this is a fun pedal with a lot of depth and features.

  • Mark King
    from Los Angeles Recording Studio August 9, 2013Music Background:
    gearslut and pro musician

    My "Other" delay

    It sounds good, isn't that what you want to know? My "other" delay stomp box is the Green 4-button Line 6 which I've been using since it came out. I was actually going to buy a second one of those when I came across the Vox DelayLab (VDL).

    The VDL is a big and hefty stomp box like the Line 6 and it's an equally revolting color yet different. Vox engineers were clearly trying to one-up Line 6 and they DID in so many ways. First and most important to me, this pedal performs well when patched into the effects loop of my Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier amplifier without killing my tone (something the L6 delay can't do).

    The VDL has a lot more memories, a lot more effects and the controls are named with relatively intuitive names rather than meaningless titles like Tweak and Tweez. Don't get me wrong, I still like my Line 6 Delay modeler, I just like this one better.

  • Mark King
    from Los Angeles, CA July 23, 2013Music Background:
    Design Engineer, pro guitar player, pro singer


    I have owned and used the Line 6 Delay modeler for years but recently I needed another delay pedal for our live show rig so I purchased one of these. I play through a Dual Rectifier Mesa Boogie head with the delay patched across the effects insert on the rear of the Boogie. Many stomp boxes degrade the Boogies tone when patched across the efx loop but not this Vox. I enabled the "Kill Dry" function in the Vox and it works and sounds great, I'm very happy. I like the straight-forward knob function labels on the Vox. The operating manual is not very good but this pedal is pretty easy once you understand the layout of the functions. I'm not crazy about the color of the Vox delay but it's a good sounding and versatile piece of equipment for live and studio applications.

  • Jay H
    from Holland MI August 16, 2012Music Background:
    35+ yrs on guitar, bass, keys, live sound, recording

    Best delay on the market

    I am old enough to have had the pleasure of using tape delays before the digital revolution so I know what tape delay should act like. I have also had the fortune of owning many of the worthwhile delays and processors over the years. I currently play through a Mesa Mark V with a collection of Gibson, Fender, and other guitars. I was looking for a delay that would do looping and legit tape echo. Since my tone is dialed in, I didn't want something that would change my tone or that would be hard to change on the fly. The Vox Delay Lab is the first pedal I have used that truly emulates tape echo...and presents a killer digital delay... and does great loops. I was using a Line 6 DL4 but this thing kills it- hands down. One of the things I love is the fact that it works like a processor in that it allows for a ton of presets. I don't like processors for the most part because of the lack of on the fly flexibility. I use a pretty big pile of pedals out front so I can dial as needed on stage. I love having access to all the delays since this is one of the effects I change the most during a performance. I run this one through the fx loop of my amp and the delays are crystal clear. Stellar sounds and ultimate flexibility. I didn't think I would use an expression pedal with it but once I tried it I was hooked. This is BY FAR the best delay unit I have used yet. If something happened to it I would order another one right away. Try this pedal. There is no risk because everything you ever wanted in a delay and more is in this box.

  • Brady Akers
    from Knoxville, TN January 8, 2013Music Background:
    Worship Leader, Guitarist, Student, Assorted music hobbiest

    Amazing but Overwhelming at Times

    I like this delay alot. I have only had this for 2 days, but I have already figured most of the pedal out. It can be difficult, in my opinion, to work sometimes. I had some trouble at first, making 1/8 note delays, but once you experiment a lil bit, you under stand it better. Its packed full of features, most of which I will never think about using, and theyre all great delays. The ambient settings are great for swells, if thats your kinda thing.
    It just takes a lil bit of sitting down with it to make it sound great. Very pleased.

  • Craig
    from United States March 24, 2014Music Background:
    Live and Session Guitarist

    Mostly unusable in live settings

    I ripped this thing off my board after playing 4 live shows with it. What good are all the features if you can't use them live? There are a lot of cool functions with this pedal, but here are three reasons why I (and many other musicians) find this pedal to be absolutely worthless for stage use. A simple coding fix could address all of these, but Vox refuses to cooperate with current owners.

    1) Tap tempo does not work without a delay engaged. That's right, you can't "tap in" with your drummer before turning a delay preset on. This is just poor engineering. If your delay is supposed to be sync'd to the music, you have to start tapping immediately after engaging it, and EVERYBODY can hear it. When you use a non-digital setting (tape, analog, etc.), tapping the tempo switch introduces the notorious pitch-shifting garble-garble. Every other *decent* delay pedal alleviates this problem by allowing you to set the tempo BEFORE engaging a delay. Not Vox!

    2) Tap tempo is not universal, and is hard-coded not to be. That means if you'd like to use a 1/4-note delay for the chorus, then you want to jump into a dotted-1/8 setting for the bridge, your tempo does not transfer. You have to tap it out (see #1 for the garble-garble that will once again find its way to your listener's ears). If you use more than one delay type in a song, this is a deal-breaker.

    3) Unusable high-freq hiss. I have owned lots and lots of delays over the years, from cheapo Boss to TC Electronic and Eventide. This delay has far and away the worst hiss I have ever heard coming from a digital pedal.

    4) Bonus! This pedal is hopelessly slaved to the concept of the Line6 DL-4 delay. Why in the world manufacturers continue to clone this oversized and poorly designed pedal with all of the current technology we have at our disposal is just plain silly. The DL-4 was plagued with many of the same disappointments found in this pedal; this is what happens when you hire engineers to do the job of a usability/product designer. Manufacturers, please TEST YOUR PRODUCTS with actual musicians in live settings before going to market. PLEASE!

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