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Yamaha DXR12 1100W 12" Powered Speaker Reviews

4.5 stars based on 15 customer reviews
Questions about the Yamaha DXR12 1100W 12" Powered Speaker?

Questions about the Yamaha DXR12 1100W 12" Powered Speaker?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

  • from Denver Colorado March 23, 2016Music Background:
    DJ/Music Producer

    Yamaha DXR Series

    Last year i purchased a pair of DXR15's and couldn't be happier. I use them with and without subs and they sound great either way. I could have easily bought the DXR12's but the 15's provide the extra bass which comes in handy when a sub is not present. And i like having option depending on the gig.

    While i love my DXR15's i've always had my eye on the 12's and finally decided to pull the trigger on them. They're 10lbs lighter, a little smaller and just as loud. They lack the deeper bass of the 15' but I wanted them specifically to use with the subs. Though half the time i only use one DXR12 and 1 sub and they are more than loud enough.

    Some people expressed comments about the weight and size of these speakers, well compared to some of the higher end more expensive speakers out there these are not heavy at all. For me the best part of the Yamaha DXR series is the quality, price and warranty. If some of the other brands offered a 7 year warranty on their products I may have been interested. And as a working DJ that relies on my gear performing and sounding good i like knowing that the manufacturer has my back.

    Nowadays there are quite a few brands to choose from like the DXR and K Series class of speakers but again it comes down to the quality, warranty and price. QSC K series are nice but also more expensive with a lesser warranty. Plus at higher volumes I'd have to give the edge to the DXR's. And again, a 7 year warranty is hard to beat.

    Pound for pound the DXR's are great and are perfect for any working DJ or musician needing a higher end speaker that won't break the bank and performs great weekend after weekend.

    Thanks Sweetwater for another quality purchase!

  • from October 22, 2015

    Plain & simple

    Heard them side by side the qsc k12. Hard decision. Yamaha has the better warranty n they cover the drivers. Dxr 12 yamaha baddest thing I've heard for a 12 inch cab. I traded in two new ev zlx 12p that I only had for 5 months for one yamaha dxr 12. And bought another dxr 12. Plain & simple, u get what u pay for,ev sounds sweet but crank up the volume n you will see.?????

  • from portland, oregon May 7, 2014Music Background:
    music, sound 40yrs

    Great Sound

    They sound excellent, great price, and a great warranty! Sweetwater customer service is some of the best in the industry!

  • from MILFORD ,Pa March 31, 2014Music Background:
    Live sound Eng. Pro musician 35 = YEARS


    I can say enough about these DXR powered speakers. I bought a set of DXR10s last year to build a small system for someone playing small restaurants and bars. They sound so good they enhance the performers talent with power and plenty of headroom to spare.

    Now I just replaced a schools old monster out dated beast of a system with just a pair of these DRX 12S. Its a 700 seat auditorium and it was well designed for acoustics which helps balance the sound. I matched it with a Yamaha 16 channel board, new EQ and run up to 9 cordless mics at once for school theater production. When I 1st set it all up for the school that hired me to replace their old dead massive monster system from early 80s. They all looked at this new small setup and had a look of confusion on their faces as how the hell what they spent is now going to fill this big room. But when I turned it all on the look of disbelieve of how these DXRs filled the entire room evenly throughout even to back seats and clear with nice bass and mids and no distortion in high end their looks turned to amazement. I am not even running a sub woofer. But I am not doing rock concerts here either but the bass is very strong and solid for this application and its a big room to fill.

    During performances, or assemblies I am not even maxed out and have a comfortable amount of headroom to go up if we need to, so far I been told to keep it down because its loud enough. I hardly have to EQ much at all and feedbacks not even an issue.
    This is the new generation of sound equipment. People are always asking me those 2 speakers are all that's making this sound? I know it sounds to good to be true and I felt that way the 1st time the salesman sold me my DZR 10 so I knew going into this new setup at the school the DXR 12s would do the job and they do without breaking a sweat or even being maxed out. Lots of power in these babies. I have not seen a disbeliever after they witness the sound they offer you. They are way about the level of 400.00 powered speakers of the past though they may look the same on the outside. Not in the same ballpark at all. You must hear them to understand all my review. Amazing worth every dollar you pay for them. Sweetwater has best in house warrantee 2 years which the school really liked!

  • from Russellville, AR USA December 17, 2013Music Background:
    Pro Musician / Live Sound Engineer

    Well Worth the Money

    I am quite happy with my new DXR12's! They are used in a wide variety of venues and styles. They are used with my 10 piece band which pushes them sonically to their full extent. Then they are used for sound reinforcement with choral groups, orchestral groups, and music theater productions. This all in one weeks time! No problems producing the clean reinforcement that is needed in those situations. I sold over 900 pounds of equipment in downsizing to these speakers. I would rather impress people with the sound of my equipment rather than the size of it. I use them with a Mackie powered sub, but so far have not actually needed to carry it in any of the shows.

  • from San Antonio, TX April 1, 2013Music Background:
    Pro Musician - Keyboards/Accordian

    Light, easy to carry and with lots of clean power...

    I was using a Peavy KBA 300 (15")...but, the Yamaha DXR12 pleasantly surprised me with loads of clear and powerful amplification...great investment and the product looks professional in all aspects...here's what's running through the Yamaha DXR12s-Yamaha ES6, Nord Electro2, TR Rack controlled by Korg T3, Korg R3, all through a TAPCO 12 Channel mini board. I play small/medium clubs and outdoor gigs...I use one speaker and our band stage volume is always...no problem with the DXR 12 making you heard...Excellent! Of course, Mike Picotte always the best in customer service...down to earth and approachable.

  • from Jacksonville, IL USA October 2, 2012Music Background:
    Song writer, performing professional musician, recording artist, and multi instrumentalist

    Review On Yamaha DXR12

    This is by far in my top 2 of the world's best powered speakers. This speaker as such calrity, range, power, and foremost, affordability. This speaker to me is even better than the QSC K12 by far. Yamaha hit a homerun with this gem of a speaker!

  • from Greensboro August 13, 2012Music Background:
    Mobile DJ

    Better than QSC K12!!

    I used to own a pair of K12's and loved them a lot. One day, my friend was showing off his brand new DXR12's, so I compared my K12's to his DXR12's out of curiosity. !!?? I was really amazed by the sound of DXR12's at high volume!! While the K12's apparently ran out of gas and lacked low end, the DXR12's kept up very well keeping all its clarity and nice low-end. Fantastic sound!! And allot cheaper than K12? No way.

    The clarity and deep bass of DXR's were exactly what I was looking for, so I decided to replace my K12's with DXR12's. Best bang for the buck. Well done, Yamaha!

  • from Montgomery Al March 10, 2015Music Background:
    Sound engineer, musician.

    Great clarity, but grounding problems

    Before I bought a pair of DXR12's I did a side by side comparison to the QSC K12s. Here's the unanimous conclusion from me & two sales reps. The Yamaha is louder with more depth, but the QSC has a slightly flatter response, although they sound very quite similar. The Yamaha has the better overall value, but the QSC will make a better studio monitor. The bass response on the Yamaha is truly amazing, but slightly too much for its size cabinet, which at max volume, causes the speakers to make a popping noise before they should. I also advise you to keep ground adapters on the power cables, because without them, you will be subject to ground hums. The Yamaha's naturally sound better to the ear, but the QSC's paints a very slightly more accurate picture (flatter) in our professional opinions. You can't loose either way.

  • from La Grange, TX December 29, 2013Music Background:
    Recording Artist/Semi pro musician

    Awesome Active Speakers

    These speakers are awesome- Crystal clear and powerful. I just played a show at a really big dancehall with two of these and one 15 inch sub. My sound guy said he a lot of head room and the sound was very powerful. The owners of the venue were located at the back of the building and they said the sound was just as good as some huge set ups from a local sound guy that has like 14 jbl speakers. I doubt we were as loud, but my small setup did the job. Don't hesitate to buy these!

  • from CA USA October 17, 2012Music Background:

    Yamaha DXR12

    I never had a yamaha before and for sure I was very worried. But the minute I received my delivery. I could not wait to remove out of the box. I was very surprised, gotta say the sales enginer was right about the things he guided me through. Very compact in size, excellent use of amplifer power,like the Eqs, rugged durability most the very crisp sound.

  • from Philadelphia, PA May 15, 2012Music Background:
    working musician, live sound engineer, audio systems designer

    A typical Yamaha winner!

    A very even sounding and balanced cabinet. Lows are good without being boomy. Very natural sounding. Plenty of power. Two features that I appreciate are the Stereo Link Mode and the 2, count 'em 2, handles. I use them primarily for keyboards but they see occasional duty for music reproduction. They fit my needs for volume, clarity, weight and price point. If they hold up as well as my other Yamaha equipment then I'll have to change this rating to 5 stars! My Sales Engineer, Derek , has never steered me wrong. Thanks!

  • from Santa Fe, NM April 12, 2012Music Background:
    Touring musician (US and Europe)

    A Pleasant Surprise

    I had the opportunity tonight to try new, out-of-the-box DXR12s and 10s that had just arrived at a gig I was playing. I had my usual QSC k12s and 10s ready to go but I was overcome by curiosity so I thought I would give them (the Yamahas) a try.
    The weight of the cabinets are approximately the same in that they feel very solid and donít sound like a drum when you give them a thump. The inputs were flexible with XLR, 14Ē and RCAs all with their own pots, which might be nice if you need some extra mixing in a pinch. Furthermore, there were three contours to choose from that seemed like they were useful- I contoured the 10s to take out a little base and to jump the highs a bit but it was too thin for me so I changed it back to flat. I did not play with the link mode as I did not have the manuals handy but I can tell you that if you accidentally light up the amps in the wrong order, you donít get that giant power spike pop from further down your chain of linked speakers like the QSCs do (it doesnít sound like much of an advantage unless you are setting up monitors and mains by yourself with a speaker you have never worked with in a new room under a time line with people already in the venue that you would rather not scare with a 1400 watt nominal pop).
    As for the cabs, they seem to be the same material as the QSCs (which are incredibly tough). The feet and the cabinet angles are set up to let you monitor with the speaker lying on either side, which is nice.
    And now, for the sound: The short version is that I decided to leave them up and use them. Remember, I just set them up, dialed them in for five minutes and did the gig (MOTU Ultralite mixer and Neumann KMS 104 mic). With a little time spent with them, I am sure I could tweak them a bit and get some pretty great sound, but they were very clear, honest and accurate. The drivers did not sound tight and stifled like some new speakers do, which makes me wonder how much mass they have in the cones and surrounds compared to the QSCs, which took a while to unfold. I surprised myself several times during the gig when I looked down expecting my QSCs.
    I believe Yamaha went for a very similar product in both price and performance to the QSC K12s and 10s and I think they got the sound right. Of course, it remains to be seen how well they perform over the long run but for now, the world is a better place because there are now two companies making vastly superior sounding speakers at very reasonable prices.

  • from NY August 22, 2015Music Background:


    Excellent sound and the best warranty 7 YEARS

    a little too heavy and don't have the handle on top
    if you gonna do 2+ gigs every weekend you might want to get the 10 inch instead, same 700 rms power but 10 pounds lighter and they come with a handle on top :D

  • from Commack, NY July 1, 2015

    Love these speakers!!!

    I researched these speakers for quite awhile before I went ahead with my purchase. I'm a keyboard player and vocalist and wanted sound that would truly reflect what my Yamaha Motif XF could do. I am thoroughly impressed. As always, Luke Herian, my engineer was patient, knowledgable, and took great care of me. Thanks again Luke! They are heavier than I thought, which makes them difficult to place on speaker stands over my head. All in all, clean, powerful Yamaha sound!

Questions about the Yamaha DXR12 1100W 12" Powered Speaker?

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