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4.0 stars based on 5 customer reviews
Questions about the DW DWCPPADTS5?

Questions about the DW DWCPPADTS5?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

  • Tia J.
    from Virginia December 25, 2015

    Perfect for me!

    I bought 2 to replicate, as closely as I could, the set-up i play on my acoustic set and oh my lanta does it get the job done seeing as how I live where I can't practice on the real thing. I mainly work on grooving into and out of different fills and combinations. I love it. Such a great product.

  • Chris Lepotakis
    from Dalton, Ma February 19, 2013Music Background:
    Guitarist, musician.

    Great practice tool

    For someone as myself who has just started learning drums, it's affordable, compact, economical on space and the wallet, and most importantly a great way to maximize available practice time. For myself living in an apartment complex doesn't bode well for a full kit, but with these practice pads, I can go to lessons with new found confidence that I am able to study and progress each week without having my own kit.

    One minor detail was one of the pads was broken out of the box, but sweetwater and DW worked quickly to provide me with a replacement, great effort guys!

    My drum teacher also owns this and we swear by it. Response to ghost notes and roles is exceptional.

  • Customer
    from June 5, 2015

    Apartment Shmartment

    Apartment living gets in the way of laying into some drums. This practice set has been a good way of getting back into it and they've worked great so far. Quiet enough to not annoy my neighbors but a good responsive feel that can keep me sharp while my real drums are packed away. I would recommend this practice set to anyone who can't help drumming but needs to produce a little less noise.

    Only downside so far - they aren't real drums.

  • JAG
    from Charleston, SC September 10, 2013Music Background:
    A decade of drumming experience, still an amateur.


    I've had this for about a month now and I'm playing it in an apartment on high pile carpet. The stand is moderately sturdy in and of itself, but extending the arms to their longest point and using it on the carpet makes it wobbly. The arms really aren't long enough to put the pads in a realistic position for the floor tom. All the other positions are pretty accurate. The pads are kind of loud. I made this purchase because a full kit would be too loud and I lack the space. It solved the space issue, but I've had to tie little hand towels around the pads to reduce the noise. The bass pad was the loudest but I stopped using it all together and just set up another bass practice pad (which I still had to dampen). As a last touch of frustration, the 90 degree bend in the extension arms was about 100 degrees in the shortest arm. I still use it, but it significantly limited the positions in which I could position it.
    Overall, I'm grateful to have it and I'd probably buy it again (on account of very few alternatives) but the quality could be pushed up without a large price increase.

  • Jordan
    from Isanti, MN September 10, 2013Music Background:

    Needs improvement, but still does the job.

    Like most other people have said, the rods tend to come loose, and the kick pad is really bouncy.

    The remedy:
    The rods come loose if you hand tighten, but I found that if you tighten the hex key screw using the hex key and some pliers for leverage, they will hold.

    The kick pad just needs some jury rigging to get rid of the bounce. Some duck tape and a small towel seems to work pretty well at reducing bounce.

    My Pearl eliminator double pedal fits well and stays on the pad. The bass pad stays in place and doesn't shift. Good when working the double bass for extended periods.

    Overall, I think it's about $60 over priced. They could have made a better tightening system for pad arms and a slightly thicker kick plate for the kick pedal to clamp on to. (My cheaper single pedals don't clamp on too well.)

    BOTTOM LINE: when the adjustments are made and you lock the arms in place with pliers, the kit does it's job. It keeps me moving when I can't play the real kit.

Questions about the DW DWCPPADTS5?

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