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TC Electronic D-Two Reviews

4.5 stars based on 5 customer reviews
Questions about the TC Electronic D-Two?

Questions about the TC Electronic D-Two?

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  • from Brooklyn, NY July 22, 2015Music Background:
    Artist : Tech Geek

    Delay Delay Delay Delay......

    The D-TWO does one thing only: the most amazing bad*** rhythmic DELAYs (no way I'm going back to software plugins). Absolutely adore the D-TWO Multi-tap Rhythm Delay!!!

  • from July 27, 2014

    The next best thing to the 2290

    Was contemplating buying another 2290 but decided to give the new D2 a go. Glad I did. The first few presets right out of the box were good enough to sell me on the product. I always found the G-Major a little difficult to dial in and level out, but the D2 was pretty much plug and play through my Diezel VH4 loop. If you just need time based FX in an easy to use rack format, this is the one to get.

  • from May 16, 2014Music Background:
    Live Sound Engineer, Guitarist

    Good quality tones, easy to set up

    I cannot give this a 5 because I have not tone-tested it with the higher priced delays. The tones of the delays are quite good, and the editing is very easy. I have this and a Lexicon PCM 80 in my Kemper's FX loop, and I am loving the huge and epic lead tone I have from this combination. I found that 80's wet guitar tone (Brad Gillis to David Gilmour) with only a minute of setup. This guy is much more self-evident than the Lexicon. That being said, the live sound company I work for has a couple of these that have gotten pretty beat up, so while I feel pretty confident about the sturdiness of these units, they are not impervious to damage

  • from Bloomington, IN April 21, 2014Music Background:
    Live Sound Engineer and Guitarist

    Kemper FX loop

    I just purchased this for the fx loop in my Kemper Profiling Amp. I have this going into a lexicon pcm80, and it sounds pretty lush and huge. It was very easy to set up and navigate. It sounded good immediately, and I dialed in a sound I liked in, at most, 15 minutes of tooling around (I had sporadically used these running sound on various live rigs). I have this unit running a 2290 setting going into a larger hall reverb on the lexicon, and it sounds great.

    It is also great that this unit is s/pdif compatible. I can get my whole guitar sound while bypassing my Motu's mediocre conversion.

    And of course, a thanks to Tyler Moore for working with me to get the best gear for the occasion.

  • from Palmyra, PA September 21, 2008Music Background:
    Active musician, occasional studio guitarist and also proj. studio owner

    Very impressive sound!

    I use it in my guitar rig and also use in my home recording setup. When I plugged it in and tried the presets, I was seriously amazed at the quality. Way beyond the usual, mediocre sounding delay units. It sounds expensive. As with most gear, it has many more options than I need. For the type of music I play, I usually only use 2 of the numerous delay types that are available and I just change the tempo as I need to. In my guitar rack, I have it hooked up in the midi chain and also run a switch pedal that allows me to tap the tempo as I play. I just tap it 2 or 4 times and it's set. If I use it to record, I manually set the tempo. The only disappoitment was that the knobs are not very tough. In a studio, they're fine, but one knob easily broke when I accidentally dropped the rack cover on it. Customer service was phenomenal though and they really took care of me, even though I bought this unit used. This unit does one thing; Delays, but it does them very, very well. Worth the price, in my opinion.

Questions about the TC Electronic D-Two?

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