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Yamaha DTX-MULTI 12 Electronic Percussion Pad Reviews

4.0 stars based on 9 customer reviews
Questions about the Yamaha DTX-MULTI 12 Electronic Percussion Pad?

Questions about the Yamaha DTX-MULTI 12 Electronic Percussion Pad?

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  • Cristian Good

    I've used the Yamaha DTX-MULTI 12 in just about every environment I can think of, and it's held up like a champ, even in the heat and humidity of summer. It's my desert-island percussion pad. The pads are super easy to program too, especially with the iPad app, and the sounds that come onboard the DTX-MULTI 12 are authentic and easy to work into the rest of my kit.

  • Michael Whipple
    from Medford, OR, USA June 3, 2011Music Background:
    Studio owner and professional musician

    One-trip trap kit

    I played a gig with a 5-piece band with two guitars and a sax player using only the DTX-M12 and a Roland KD-9 kick trigger. Results were excellent--the dance floor was movin', people were groovin', and my band mates kept looking around for the trap kit....This is a well-designed, easy to program unit that sounds and plays great. My two complaints are: lack of numerical data entry (to avoid having to scroll through the entire program list to change Kits) and lack of separate audio outputs. I understand both of these were probably omitted to allow the unit to sell at certain price point, and be a certain size, but they would be excellent additions to the design. Fitting my DTX, Roland KD-9, stand and cables in one 61-key keyboard soft case made a difficult load-in a breeze. One trip gigs are something new and wonderful for me.

  • Mike
    from West Des Moines, IA November 7, 2015Music Background:

    DW Ultralite Cymbal Stands

    First of all these cymbal stands are great and "ultralite". Stable and it lightens up the hardware bag.
    Service was fantastic. Shipped weeks before it was scheduled. Great follow up from Ryan and they made sure I was happy with my experience and product that was purchased.
    Definitely ordering again.

  • Ken
    from Iowa May 12, 2015Music Background:
    Professional/recording drummer/percussionist for over 45 years


    I have owned several percussion pads over the years, beginning with the original Roland Octopad with Roland D-4. The DTX-MULTI 12 has a great selection of high quality sounds with control over pitch, volume and many other parameters of each sample. I have really enjoyed loading my own .wav sounds. It is extremely simple, and gives me the ability to customize my kits with any sound I can record or acquire.
    Its multiple inputs for triggers, pads and pedals add to the incredible versatility of this unit. I downloaded the MULTI12 app to my iPad, and immediately was able to control and modify my kits and sounds effortlessly. I highly recommend this fantastic tool for any performing and/or studio musician. And Sweetwater made my purchase easy and very affordable!

    from NEWARK, DE February 4, 2014Music Background:
    Studio owner of Stratus Music


    First of all, I've always been a fan of Yamaha equipment, so I'll usually look at Yamaha first to see what they have if I need something - Most of what they produce is usually very quiet and sounds pretty good...the majority of my equipment can attest to that and my DTX is no exception - I needed to update my (RX5) drum machine to something modern and comparing to other brands (e,g., Roland, etc.) I felt that Yamaha provided something better as well as at a better price - Yamaha has always loaded their equipment with no shortage of (megabits) sounds...just check out they're flagship keyboards and it's thje same for their DTX-MULTI 12 - IF you're looking at spending between 500.00 & 1,000.00 $'s for a drum machine....this is the better deal for the quality of sounds, the amount provided along with features and functions...as a Midi controller, w/USB both ways, 12 Pads & 1,277 Voices, 5 Trigger Inputs including Kick & Hihat...you won't be disappointed

    from January 24, 2013Music Background:
    Electronic Engineering Technician

    Very good buy

    I recommend buying safely in Sweetwater.

    The service is very good and very friendly advisers.

    sending my product was quick.


  • Christian
    from Denver September 13, 2016Music Background:
    Power-Pop, Rock, Alternative

    iOS Companion App makes this worth it

    (WARNING:Long review ahead)

    Before they released the iOS companion application with the pad, I would've rated it a 3 at the most. For drummers like myself who use this in a hybrid drum kit setup, the real beauty of this unit is the ability to create custom kits with your own samples. The importing process is simple enough, but creating custom kits is an absolute hassle when you're trying to set everything up on the outdated interface on the unit.

    Enter the iOS Yamaha app. Everything is now streamlined into your iPad, including the ability to assign specific sounds to each pad, adjusting the stick sensitivity, EQ'ing and mixing levels, and much more. All these features are available in the pad itself, but controlling these on an iPad screen instead of a small interface makes the process much easier and way more intuitive.

    Aside from all that, the pad itself is an excellent addition to any drummer who wants to add samples into their live sound. Many big bands today such as The 1975, Walk The Moon, Coldplay, and many others, use some sort of percussion controller to add sounds to their acoustic kit that they wouldn't otherwise be able to add. The on-board sounds are decent, but most people who use this import their own samples to create unique kits specific to their sound. The reason I would rate this 4 stars instead of 5 is because firstly, you need an iPad to fully unlock the potential of this pad, and second, the pad only accepts AIFF files and 16 bit WAV files. Most samples you will find online are in 32 bit format, so you'll need to convert them to 16 bit using an audio conversion program, such as Audacity, in order to import those samples onto your pad.

    If you're looking to save money buying this instead of the Roland Octapad or SPD-SX, just keep in mind that, in my opinion, the iPad app is crucial to making this unit worth buying. At the end of the day, professional drummers who use these pads rarely use the on-board samples, but if you are interested in making your own kits based off your own samples, this unit does everything both the Roland units are capable of.

  • PsyJim
    from Los Angeles January 9, 2010Music Background:
    Sound Engineer/Pro Musician

    Finally a USB sample-loading drum pad!

    It's everything I dreamed of, audio quality is studio grade, no noise, well built unit, easy to operate. I loaded in batches of my own samples via USB stick in one operation, assigned them to pads and wah-la! I was in heaven! Plays up to 23sec sample loops in perfect midi sync. Main pads are very expressive..drum rolls come out fine, no formidable latency.

    My gripes: 1) You can only load in samples at 16bit/44.1kHz, so you have to convert your 24-bit samples to 16/44.1 beforehand. Max sample length is 23 seconds.
    2) The rim pads are not as sensitive as the flat ones, you cannot effectively play rolls, you must whack them harder to get anything out. But the flat pads are really expressive. I can make it work for me! Thanks, Yamaha!

  • Eric Steadle
    from Pittsburgh PA September 29, 2015Music Background:
    Drummer for 41 years

    Usability issues

    Headphone jack is in the back, along with the volume control knob. WHY?

    It clearly states in the manual that the user should reduce the volume of all inputs and outputs prior to turning the unit on. So you must either get behind the unit or find a way to turn it around (Good luck while it's connected to all it's cables) or lean over to adjust the volume.

    That's impossible to do during a performance.

    Instrument manufacturers -- please learn this lesson.

    Headphones jacks go on the FRONT of the unit. FRONT!

  • Jack
    from Trenton, NJ May 26, 2011Music Background:
    ex-pro musician now a studio rat

    Nice unit, confusing documentation & programming

    Typical Yamaha build quality (solid) and sound (clean). Good layout of pads so one can use sticks or hands. However there are some not-so-nice things. The increment/decrement buttons lower right do not light up. Yamaha touts this unit as being good on a darkened stage - without these lighting I'm not so sure. USB connectors are only the slower USB 1.1 and loading new kit info this is way is painfully slow. Then there's the typical Yamaha confusing documentation to go with the typical Yamaha implementation of the unit's programming, particularly as regards pad sensitivity & velocity. Not the easiest to work with and there's no computer editor/librarian available. Just like when the original Motif line came out.

    As to mounting this thing - you're better off on a flat table or getting the stand Roland uses for the HPD instruments. The Yamaha one isn't that sturdy as it wobbles around when hitting the pads hard and looks like the arm could break easily. And you need to buy two separate pieces which total almost $200 - not cool.

Questions about the Yamaha DTX-MULTI 12 Electronic Percussion Pad?

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