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Yamaha DTX400K Electronic Drum Kit Reviews

4.5 stars based on 11 customer reviews
Questions about the Yamaha DTX400K Electronic Drum Kit?

Questions about the Yamaha DTX400K Electronic Drum Kit?

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  • from Baltimore November 21, 2016Music Background:
    Church Contemporary Worship Leader

    A great drum set for church musicians

    In my church, I used to play the acoustic drums but I got a lot of complaints from mainly the older adults of the noise factor. I asked my church to help me purchase this one in hopes I could compliment the other musicians without over-powering them. To my delight I was able to easily do setup, and sound. The beautiful part about this is I could use the Yamaha app to help me tweak the sounds and the module helps me enhance my drumming abilities with the songs and exercises. It been 5 months now and not one complaint but only compliments. Thanks Yamaha.

  • from United States June 4, 2015

    Love the DTX400k electronic drums

    Great set. Yamaha quality, and Sweetwater service. I am totally satisfied.

  • from May 18, 2015Music Background:

    Just perfect

    I told my dad I wanted to get in to drumming, so I made the money to get this kit. I thought it would just become a hobby, but it's turned into a profession! With this kit, I really figured things out, and I'm already getting an acoustic set (I've been playing for 6 months). Thank you so much sweatwater!

  • from Charlotte, NC April 5, 2014Music Background:
    "between bands" keyboardist

    This is the real deal

    So a few months ago I bought the *l*s*s starter set and I would have done better just to go to ToysRUs and gotten something off the shelf. It was a box of toys. So back it went to SW who recommended that I go with the Yamaha DTX400K and they were spot on. First you notice that it is well made and very SOLID. The instructions are great and all the pieces go where they should and mount up as they should.

    Then that moment comes when you plug it in and turn it on.... and WOW what a surprise! The sound of the kits are rich and full and in full stereo. The touch is very realistic if you play an acoustic kit now. I take my lessons on a Gretsch kit and this is an easy transition for me. They are easy to record and the best part is how quiet they are for my wife who is two rooms away.

    Skip over the "A" brands when you are looking and go straight to the bottom of the alphabet to the "Y" where you will find the best starter kit going!

  • from Grove City, Ohio September 3, 2013Music Background:
    Drummer, Recording Engineer

    The Biggest BOOM For Your Buck!!

    This is my first electromic kit and it has made me a believer. Yamaha quality is by far the best.

  • from Vanderbilt, Michigan February 7, 2013Music Background:

    The Yamaha DTX400K is the most fun set!

    Set up eazy,plays great, frist class!

  • from May 6, 2017

    Love it

    I am new to drums and can't get an acoustic kit(live in an apartment). This was a straightforward assembly. I really enjoy playing the DTX ..would highly recommend.

  • from Cincinnati, OH November 11, 2014Music Background:
    Percussionist, Drummer

    Fantastic Practice Kit

    While I love my acoustic kit, this has been the PERFECT practice kit for the home and the occasional rehearsal. The pads are quiet but have a good feel. I've been really pleased - best purchase I've made in the long, long time. Thanks Sweetwater!!

  • from DE October 13, 2016

    Yamaha DTX400K

    Two reasons I love this kit, I'm a self taught late blooming drummer and it's an excellent teacher for someone like me who basically loves playing for fun and I do own an acoustic kit but I leave it at the guitar player's house because it doesn't have a volume control and I can't wear headphones with it. I also use my kick pedal from my acoustic kit because the electronic pedal just didn't feel realistic to me. I have recommended this to a few parents who have a child that wants to be a drummer just because they can use headphones.

  • from Long Island August 27, 2015Music Background:
    club professional

    Great Kit at great price

    I am a working club drummer (classic rock covers). I have been using the Roland TDKP, and while it has features I like (ease of portability), I could never quite get the sound I wanted out of it. I purchased the DTX400K, and if you are looking for a great sounding kit at an extremely reasonable price, this is the one. The attack and presence of the drum sounds (particularly the snare) is excellent. It took no time at all to be comfortable with the beaterless foot pedal. The action is very good.The drum pads are sensitive to how hard you strike them, and you can get nice accents. So far, the hardware and attachments seem sturdy enough. Time will tell how they hold up to the road, but if you are not transporting the kit often, they should last forever.
    One cool feature is that you can download a free Yamaha app to your iphone or ipad (not to an Android device), and hook the control panel to your phone. While you don't need to do this to do sound and kit editing, having this visual makes it MUCH easier to do so, as there is no LED panel on the DTX400K control panel. It must be noted, however, that the cable that is need to connect the head to your phone does NOT come with the kit. You need to purchase that separately (about $79).
    Overall, I would say that this a terrific value - made well, with a great range of sounds. From my experience with Yamaha, it is pretty much what you'd expect from them.

  • from Rexburg, ID October 10, 2013Music Background:
    Hobbyist performer and hobbyist recording engineer.

    Fantastic starter kit

    I'm a guitarist but I've played drums for years. I bought this kit so my band could practice at my house where I have tenants in a basement apartment and kids that need to sleep at night. The sounds on this kit aren't amazing, but they are more than fine for a simple band practice. Also, I've hooked up the kit to my DAW and used it to trigger Superior Drummer, and it works extremely well. I was pleasantly surprised at how sensitive the pads were without any cross-talk. For recordings, I can use this $450.00 kit to get amazing and realistic drum sounds through Superior Drummer!

    Because the hi-hat is just a pad, it takes a little getting use to for open hi-hat play. It's not the same as using a real hi-hat, but after a few minutes both my drummer and I were able to adjust and it works fine. Doing really fast double kicks is a little bit difficult because there is no hammer bouncing off the drum and pushing the pedal back into your foot.

    The kit is perfect for kids to learn on. All three of my kids enjoy playing it, and my 10 year old has really started to figure the drums out. All without mom and dad having a headache from the kids practicing!

    The kit is solid enough for a basement practice kit, but I wouldn't want to take it on the road. You have to take time every now and then to tighten the screws down on everything, but it's only a minor issue that takes 30 seconds every few days or so to fix. You can't adjust the height of the hi-hat with the hardware that's supplied. It's not a big deal but it would be nice to be able to adjust it.

    If you're looking for a beginner kit, something to use for quieter band practices, or a kit to trigger drum samples with, this kit is great. It has made band practices much more convenient and effective. The guys in my band love having this kit around.

    Finally, Sweetwater was fantastic in their product support. My sales engineer was great in answering all my questions before I made the purchase.

Questions about the Yamaha DTX400K Electronic Drum Kit?

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