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ART DTI 2-channel Hum Eliminator Reviews

4.5 stars based on 13 customer reviews
Questions about the ART DTI 2-channel Hum Eliminator?

Questions about the ART DTI 2-channel Hum Eliminator?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

  • from Orange Park, FL March 4, 2016Music Background:
    Musician / KJ

    Annoying Hum Annoys No More!

    Everyone kept telling me a had a hum in system I but didn't know what to do about it. I'd tried everything I could think of but nothing seemed to help. Then I did some research and discovered the ART DTI and thought it might be answer to my prayers. After talking to a tech at Sweetwater he assured me this would be my last and best shot at solving my problem and advised me it was backed by their 30 day guarantee and if for any reason I wasn't satisfied I could return it. So with everything to gain and nothing to lose I made the purchase and boy am I glad I did. I would highly recommend the ART DTI to anyone having a problem with a hum in their setup and thanks to Sweetwater for their excellent service and products.

  • from Portland, ME November 12, 2015Music Background:
    modest guitar & piano, sing

    Excellent for PC based setup

    Initially did not remove all, but most of the noise, was pretty blown away by the difference but still had some noise at higher levels, which together with this device, and some tips on rearranging USB devices (I happened to group my USB input devices into one powered hub I also put the USB mixer on the same hub to see and have not removed it, also makes it easy to switch it all to laptop which has always been black-as-space quiet, and put it all into a different port on the motherboard of desktop PC)...

    Anyway, the PC is built with gaming as a primary use, one of my pastimes. It is big, super noisy, etc. Was getting a lot of interference in the monitors. Just dreadful, had to turn the monitors way way down to make them usable. Now I can play games with my video overclocked at any level and there is no noise. Before the whining and the whirring and the mouse movements had my yamaha monitors at one notch up from minimum to get the noise low. This was with everything plugged into a basic furman; ear splitting, migraine/fatigue inducing digital noise. Now the Yamahas are in the "optimal" (the owners manual) position at center detent. I put it between USB mixer speaker output and monitors, and used it to convert final length to XLR for good measure, since the small behringer I am using does not have XLR out.

    The noise from the desktop PC has been eliminated, by using this device, and refining the machines USB port arrangement as described above.

    Could not be more satisfied with the result this device has helped me to achieve, and must BUMP the potential solution of rearranging/consolidating USB devices and/or using different port(s).

    As for potential overall fidelity or signal degradation; any sonic signature characteristics that may be compromised, are easily outweighed by the fact that now it is *useful* rather than disgustingly tedious and/or uninspiring. End result, sounds way way better. More bluntly, before I had an incomplete, even broken experience, now it is fixed.

  • from New Hampshire October 3, 2015

    Problem slover

    We use several of these in a 40-year old school cafeteria with a 'filthy' power supply -- mixing board is in back, powered monitors in front, and speakers/amps for the front of the house. These boxes, in conjunction with some isolated power boxes have significantly cleaned up the annoying 60 cycle hum that was hard to get rid of.

  • from July 7, 2015

    Totally Works!

    This is my second one. My 10 year old one still works perfectly [home studio], but I needed one for my home entertainment set up. The DTI totally eliminates ground hum.

  • from Fort Wayne, In May 30, 2015

    Great purchase, with warnings

    I purchased this box to go between my computer and my speakers. I had noticed ground hum on the line and, after various troubleshooting methods, I settled on this box. The effect was very dramatic, like someone just turned off a switch. The warning, though, comes with the fact that this box solves a very specific problem. Later, I switched computers and found that this box in the loop actually *added* noise. Then I installed a Furman M8S power sequencer to the setup and the box was totally ineffective, requiring me to use a ground lift to get rid of the noise. The bottom line is that the box is worth its weight in gold to solve the problem it was designed for, but if that is not your problem, then this is not a bad product, just the wrong product for the job.

  • from Cerritos, California March 16, 2014Music Background:
    Hobbyist: guitarist/audio tech

    It's the answer!!!

    I'm not an electrician and therefore have spent hours and hours trying to figure out what was causing humming in our chapel's main and monitor speakers. The problem was exacerbated by inconsistent presence and loudness of the humming. Sometimes it's there and other times not at all. After speaking to my Sweetwater tech, Bob Furlong, he suggested using this ART DTI boxes. I inserted them inline after the signal leaves the mixer and, like a miracle, total silence!!! I literally had to put my ear within 12" of the floor monitors to hear a very faint hum. Unbelievable!!! I order three then and buying another one today. As the pictures shows, it accepts all the standard connections.

  • from Dallas, TX March 30, 2012Music Background:
    Exprofessional Musician to doing what I want...

    Skeptical at first...pleasantly surprised!!!

    I was having some VERY strange issues with mouse movements and graphics making noise through a Focusrite USB Saffire 6 and some Yamaha studio monitors. After weeks of troubleshooting with Focusrite they suggested a product like this. I ordered this item with great skepticism. I was anxious to plug it in when it finally arrived and the clouds parted and sunshine came through! The noise is GONE! Very happy!!! WOOHOO!!!

  • from New York, NY June 20, 2011Music Background:
    Artist engineer

    Excellent Item at a great price!!

    Does the Job!!

  • from Portland, ME November 13, 2015Music Background:
    modest guitar & piano, maybe i can sing


    There is still a faint hum at my desired levels, that is a different problem to resolve(?). Transformational(!) reduction in noise. Substantial(!!!) increase in usable level. Small room, PC based, USB mixer, near-field monitors, PC Gamer. No electricity/battery required.

    Seeking elegant(...?) solution to problem. Have not tested just lifting the ground of the furman strip to socket because I do not want to do that, yet. Next step in seeking ideal is to add a ground-lift solution, or go whole enchilada (eventually) with something else from PC to monitors for reproduction use (like a middle high DAC with balanced outputs & ground lift). This is sufficiently resolved for most of my current "pro" usage.

    My PC is close, and pretty big, and super noisy (video optimally overclocked & fan sets to 100% early). It was built with gaming as an important task.

    This box has satisfied 96% of my ideal and typical use.

  • from Denver CO January 18, 2015Music Background:
    Musician, Home studio engineer.

    ART DTI hum eliminator

    Does exactly what it is meant to, but is also an amazingly versatile piece of equipment. I'm using it to convert an unbalaced stereo signal; to two balanced signals for sending across an electronically noisy space, which works like a charm... because of the flexible/multiple connectors on both ends, it also allows me to interconnect other equiipment as needed. All that is missing is the ability to bolt it down easily - but that's what duck tape is for I guess.

  • from Salem, Ohio January 27, 2012Music Background:
    FOH engineer

    DI box on steroids

    We had a system noise issue when connecting any computer to the mixer. Now, we have eliminated probably 98% of that noise by simply inserting the ART DTI in the signal path.

  • from NJ November 6, 2016

    A good tool

    This is a good tool to have to get a jo done. Note you still have a problem in your chain. I have found xlr's that have been either poirly made or broken down over time due to not being wrapped properly. Ac wires can break down the same. Power supply's internally can hace issues. Last but not least. An outlet on a wall wired to a different breaker can introduce issues as well. As well as computer equipment and hard drives and cheap sound cards not meant for audio. If your lab is in your home and csn afford it. Pay for an electrition to come wire your room correctly. You can open your walls run the lines and lay them next to the breaker and let them finish to save u some paper.. U just have to know how to close and refinish your walls.. Just something to think about. I was on a live gig in a cafeteria every week for a church. Refrigerators all of the sudden were a problem.. So your issue can be many problem..

  • from MetroWest Massachusetts May 23, 2012Music Background:
    Semi-Pro Musician

    Didn't work for me

    Got it quickly, as usual, from Sweetwater. I have a little electrical noise with my bass and some effects, so I thought I'd give this unit a try. It actually *added* noise. Oh well.

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