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Line 6 DT50 212 2x12" 50-Watt Modeling Combo Reviews

4.5 stars based on 6 customer reviews
  • from Pittsburgh, PA USA July 20, 2011Music Background:


    People typically think of Line6 and instantly think of their solid state amps that young rockers love so much. Well this amp blows those solid states away! A full tube amp from Line6? I was a bit skeptical. This amp does truly sound amazing. I love the fact you can switch between tube settings and have 2 channels (not your standard dirty clean either) I plan mostly high gain and this thing can get me Metallica/Slipknot tones and also some punk tones (Bad Religion, Screeching Weasels).

    Only downfall to this amp and it does not include a simple 2 channel foot switch so you can play without stopping to switch channels.

    I also run a Pod HD400 through this which is amazing because Line6 set it up so they intertwine very well.

  • from Yakima, WA January 15, 2011Music Background:

    Amazing Amp

    I just bought this amp yesterday and I already have it dialed in and it sounds out of this world. I found it very easy to use and tweak as needed. The template Line 6 gives you lets you dial up the perfect amp for all occasions

  • from Lakewood, CO December 20, 2010Music Background:
    semi-pro musician :) Recording/live engineering background.

    DT50 212

    This is really an amazing amp... got mine today and just have been blown away by the tone the tube/drivers give as well as the digital integration with my hd500. Well worth the money if you're in the market for a decent amp without going to a full stack. Plus you can daisy chain a couple of these if you really needed more sound level :) Now I just have to wait for the JTVs to actually make it out but it sounds great with my Strats and Parkers.

  • from Seattle August 30, 2012Music Background:
    Musician with Day Job.

    Unleash the Beast

    In Bogner's words..."This is not a toy." Alone it sounds amazing and is loud! No issues keeping up with drummers here. As the latest piece needed to complete my Dream Rig (DT50 212, HD500 & JTV-69), it now can do anything, and do it well. But it takes a deep understanding of how to pair and use all the elements to get what you want. I'm a Tone Hound, but not a Gearhead, and it is an overwhelming system, which is the only reason why I gave it 4.5 stars. With this amp, be careful when switching between certain Class A & Class A/B models, as the analog components do change and may take a couple of seconds to settle in. It takes a lot of planning to get this to do what you want, and if you know better than I do what you want and how to get it, then unleash the beast.

  • from New Jersey (NJ) June 9, 2016

    pretty much a chinese bogner

    This amp is very good sounding and very versatile. one can go from a shimmering clean to a brown dirty fuzz to high gain screaming with a few knobs and switches (don't worry it's not all as complex as it seems). the reverb on the clean channel is surprisingly good. however, for an amp that costs this much (more than 1k brand new), the noise control should be alot better. the price is unacceptable as is for a chinese made product, especially since you will have to buy a noise gate if you get this amp.

  • from Burlington VT March 18, 2011Music Background:

    Snap, Crackle, Pop and BOOM goes the Dynamite!

    I played this the other day at a local guitar shop. It's bigger than my '78 Fender Twin Reverb and heavier,too! I plugged a POD HD 300 into it and plugged in my Variax 700. The tones were nice overall but it really needs to be let out and cranked to get the tubes going. The modeling at lower levels is conspicuous and a bit fizzy at times. But what I really found unnerving is the way this thing pops, cracks, and snaps and punches the speakers when I changed topologies (models)thru the Pod. I would be squeemish to fork over $1500 for an amp that does this anytime I want to swap my presets, especially in the middle of a song playing live. I think it would sound like a small fireworks display. I don't know if Line 6 could avoid this setup as the relays are analogue but to me it is a source of concern. I DO like the idea of what Line 6 was aiming for. I have a Vetta II and was hoping the DT50 would be a smooth transition from it. I may settle for a POD HD 500 and a pair of Tech 21 power 60's to avoid the noise of the relays switching ,plus also to avoid having to haul this beast around.
    You pays your money, and you takes your chance. Best of luck to all.

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