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Line 6 DT25 HD 25-watt Modeling Amp Head Reviews

4.0 stars based on 13 customer reviews
Questions about the Line 6 DT25 HD 25-watt Modeling Amp Head?

Questions about the Line 6 DT25 HD 25-watt Modeling Amp Head?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

  • Gtrplyr1
    from Ky July 9, 2015Music Background:
    30+ years of blood, sweat and tears...

    DT 25 aka Mr. Versatility

    I've played, tweaked and aurally abused this amp head and it has yet to let me down. ThIs is my main head, A/B'd right alongside my Boogie Mark V 25. She hangs right in there with the boogie! I absolutely love this heads versatility! Either alone or adding more tones via the HD 500X, you will not be disappointed in this amps musicality! I love the fact I can constantly search for tones... Always searching for that elusive perfect tone and she allows me to do it. Great and portable!!!

  • Dave K.
    from Edinburg, TX June 19, 2013Music Background:
    Semi-Pro (Peolple have paid me to play), Hobbyist

    Line6 DT25 HD is perfect....

    Bill was right! The amp alone is worth it. Plugged my LP into it and WOW. The voicings are spot on. American clean had my G&L ASAT Bluesboy sounding all "country-fied", switched over to Brit Crunch and it was low end punch and a little break-up ala Vox. Went to Brit Chimey, and AC15 sounds great. Tried the Modern High Gain voice and plugged in my LP and WOW. That's what a LP is supposed to sound like when playing the heavy stuff...The amp can stand alone if you like it that way. Much like Mr Bill says it, I found it hard to want to plug in my POD HD500...I kept jamming with it. The low volume setting that you can throw on the back side via a switch makes that tone only at a fraction of the volume...very nice for keeping the piece with the wife. Tonight I will plug the HD500 in via the L6 link cable I bought with the amp and play around with that. I'm gonna follow the advice I've read and use the pre-amps of the modeled amps available with no cab sound processing to get the nearest reproduction of said amp. Can't wait to try this out. The amp is plenty loud. I normally gig with a Fender DeVille 212. It's volume (Fender) is tough to manage due to the type of vol. pots they put in it. This little combo is very manageable. I have an Egnator 112 cab I bought on sale and plugged this head into and it sounds awesome. The head is a little too big (hangs over the side about an inch each side) the foot pads are not completely on the cab...only about 2/3's of each foot pad are on the cab when the head is centered on it. Didn't buy the matching Line6 cab cause I was trying to save a little. I think it would be better with it for visual's sake and of course for fitment. I can't wait to gig with it, or rehearse with it...our drummer can crack the skins pretty good so this will be a good test. I like the responsiveness when picking...it's sensitive. Switching between channels is quick and clean...That ability to change the voicing by switching from class A to AB is seamless. You can throw those switches anyway you want as well. When gigging, we always mic guitar amps. I like that I will be able to go direct to the board without having to set up a mic stand and mic for the cab...less clutter. Only thing I wish they included with the head would be a cover of some sort. I can't find a Line6 product for it. I guess I'll have to ebay it...$50 for a fitted, padded cover custom made for the DT25 HD, oh well...If you're on the fence...I can recommend it. I come from a DeVille 212, Fender Mustang III, Mini Epiphone (5 watt class A amp). and this is gonna be my main amp for everything...

  • David Kozy
    from Perrysburg, Ohio March 25, 2012Music Background:

    Line 6 DT25 HD

    Just got this yesterday and like the others it's been non-stop playing. I'm a jazz guy and this is so clean yet so many takes on the voicings. The reverb is perfect. I bought the cabinet also and it is more than worth the price....a must have. I can highly recommend this head/cab combo.

  • Billy McWhirter
    from Columbus, Ga March 22, 2012Music Background:
    It does not matter.

    Ah! What a piece of work- what a piece of awesomeness....

    I love it. I love it. I love it.

    Will someone else please write a review.

    Tell us what you think, please.

  • Billy McWhirter
    from Columbus, GA March 9, 2012Music Background:
    Does it matter?

    Wow. Wow! Wow again! I am so happy.

    I don't really know what to say about this amp -- except this: I cannot stop playing it!

    And, the switch in the back, lets you play at night with the saturation, although not with the headroom. But, nonetheless, I love it!

    I got the POD HD 500 in the mail today. I ordered it from Sweetwater after getting the amp -- because the POD 500 is what makes the Line 6 DT-25 a working and useful amplifier.

    But, I've been so excited about the amp, I could not bring myself to do due diligence to the POD 500 today. It is still in the box -- sort of.

    I love this amplifier. I own a Mesa Boogie Mark V; VHT Sig X; any number of Roland Cubes; 2 Egnaters; Mesa Calibre .50; Roland JCM 120; -- and effects and processors out the wazoo!

    But, let me just say this: All I have done for 3 days -- 3 days -- is plug straight into the Line 6, and enjoy myself.

    Get this amp. Or not. Get it. Just get it.

    If you are a first time Sweetwater visitor -- then take my word: Take the plunge, get the amp. It it doesn't work, or it breaks, Sweetwater will take care of you.

    Dennis and Zach have taken care of me numerous times.

    That is all I have to say.

  • Billy McWhirter
    from columbus, ga March 7, 2012Music Background:

    I am blown away.

    After some 10 hours of non-stop Line 6 DT25 through a Mesa Boogie cabinet -- I cannot hear a thing! I was so impressed by the sound of this amplifier, that I ordered (from Sweetwater) the POD HD 500.

    If you buy his amp you will not be unhappy.

  • Steve L
    from St Robert, MO July 27, 2015Music Background:
    21 years experience, gigging

    Amazing Amp!

    I've using the Line 6 POD HD500X for about a year and a half now. I've used it live, in practice, and to record using desktop software. I've also used it with a powered speaker (Tech 21 Power Engine 60), direct through PA live, and with my Blackstar HT5r tube amp (4 cable method). The tones were cool but I knew they could be so much better. So I finally saved up enough money to buy the DT25 head (I run through a Bugera vintage 2x12). I played using the L6 link and the tones were pretty awesome using the modeled amp pre settings, but after watching a ton of videos where the reviewer was only using the amp stand alone I had an epiphany, "what if I use the 4 cable method again?" The answer to that question is, the amp comes to life! I use the amps recommended settings for a more "Mesa" tone in channel A and the recommended settings for a more "Marshall" tone in channel B. I get all the stomp boxes and effects from the HD500X and all the thumping Bogner tube tone from the amp! When I want a sparkling clean tone I use the loop in the HD500X and a Blackface pre model but 95% of the time I'm using the amp as an amp, and it kicks ***! The only negative I would add was that I spent the $60 on the Line 6 L6 link cable and it sounds better (to me) without it.

  • Dave Mayer
    from United States February 13, 2013Music Background:
    Performing Musician

    It really is amazing.

    WOW. Lived with this bad boy for a week now, and have nothing but good things to say about it.

    Let me put it this way. The major draw of the DT series is supposed to be that it sounds amazing with a POD HD-series plugged in. (Spoiler: it does.) But I spent the first four days I owned the DT25 just playing the amp as it came out of the box - no effects, no POD, just a guitar plugged straight in. My POD HD500 stayed in its road case until the fifth day. It's THAT GOOD.

    It's nothing short of amazing as a standalone amp. If you've ever wondered if there was going to be a product that fused the best sounds of the major ampmakers, you've found it. The clean is Fender Blackface clean; the crunch is Marshall crunch; the chime is Vox chime; and the high-gain is Mesa high gain, all with tube authority and a ridiculous amount of volume on tap, No, seriously. Take the Master up to nine o'clock and it will punch you in the face; take it up to twelve and it will rip your face right off. I won't spend this review rerunning how decibels work, but unless you're playing a gigantic club or stadium without a PA, this has all the gain and punch you'll need. It sounds great plugged into the matching DT25 cab, into my existing 4x12, into a Seismic 2x12, you name it.

    So, with the POD plugged in, you get a whole other level of ease of use and sonic variety, and I could go on and on about that, but I won't. I repeat: this is an outstanding amp out of the box, regardless of whether you own a POD or not. Jacking in the POD just adds to the experience. It's icing on the cake. But I may or may not ending up playing it with the POD. I may just play it as it is, and that leads me to the half-star deduction.

    So what's the half-star deduction for? The footswitch. Or lack thereof. Line 6 doesn't include one in the box. Switching via the POD will do footswitch duty for you, of course, and you can certainly pick up a TRS one-button footswitch for cheap. But for the price, they should've tossed one in. Yes, I know that's a marketing decision, but still. Come on.

  • Ken Baker
    from Davenport,Iowa June 10, 2014Music Background:

    DT 25 -Great Sounding Amp

    Very Good Amp. With a lot more choices of tone that I am not use to using. Along with the Pod HD 500X, it has so many different Possible sounds , it going to take along time for me to come up with the tones I want (large Learning curve). There are so many choices .

  • Louie
    from Philadelphia P.A. September 12, 2013Music Background:
    hobby but a passion.

    dt 25#amo head

    It's a great amp. Lots of tonal options. Would replace it if it broke. Hopefully it will last a long time.

  • Steve L
    from Missouri September 24, 2015

    Okay, but Returned

    I've been a fan and user of the POD HD500X for a couple years now, and have been very satisfied with the quality and ease-of-use. It's my primary resource for all my effects and love the tones I get. I saw the DT25HD with it first came out and thought I just had to get one, but I couldn't afford it at the time. Well several years later I had some extra money and was able to convince my wife that it was a good investment. So I purchased the head along with the line 6 link cable and was pretty excited to try it out. First thoughts were great. The on day two I came into my first real disappointment. Topology I is supposed to be a fenderish kind of deal. And it's definitely very clean. The problem is it doesn't take pedals at all, and it never gets to a break up point like a fender does. Then on to topology II. Again based on a marshally JCM 45 type of thing, which is great, and it takes pedals pretty well, but it too on its own doesn't do that Marshall kind of breakup. I didn't care for topology III at all, but then again I hate the AC 30 sound. Topology IV is by far the best sounding channel this amp has, and it's killer. Great breakup, great overdrive, great distorted tones and wounderful saturation, and it even takes pedals grea. My problem with that channel is that I play blues and 70s-80s Rock, not metal. When pair with the HD500X it didn't sound any better than it did via usb, headphones, through PA or Tech 21 Power Endgine combo, or through my Blackstar (tube amp) using the four cable method. I asked myself, why should I keep this if is doesn't sound any better than, or different than anything I already have. So I returned it after four weeks. I really wanted this to be "that" amp for me, but it just wasn't. The solid state pre amp is very apparent and the tube power section doesn't make that any better. And it's pretty darn expensive too.

  • Matt
    from Northbrook, IL September 2, 2015

    Not for me

    They hamstring this amp by providing limited connectivity. You have to buy a USB to MIDI cable and use a piece of freeware in order to update the four amp tones available at any given time. That makes trying out various amp tones a bit of a drag. It's also hard to get anything approaching consistency in volume from model to model. If you have the HD floor units (or simply want one), this is a great choice for you. On its own, it is incomplete and harder to use to its full potential than it should be.

    It sounds quite good. It's also very heavy, because they put tubes in it. I wanted to love it, as it is one of few amp-only modelers in existence. But it always seems that when manufacturers do amp-only, they listen to traditionalists and marketers too much, and leave out features like USB, multiple presets (those are *not* just for loading your signal down with effects!), and so on. Good effort, but not cost-effective for me.

    I sent mine back, and Sweetwater was great about handling everything. To them I give 5 stars, as I have for years now.

  • Mark
    from March 16, 2017

    A+ for craftsmanship

    I owned the head/cab for a short while. This was my first introduction to modeling in any form. I found the need to return and purchased a tube amp in it's place; however, what I remember most is the build quality. In my strong opinion, the craftsmanship and overall feel of materials on both the head and matching cab was better than most current manufacturers. I say this after having owned Bogner, Fender, Marshall, Trace Acoustic, and Peavey brand amplifiers.

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