Avid VENUE D-Show 3.0 Upgrade Kit (Boxed) No Longer Available

OS v3.0 Software for Digidesign Venue Systems - Mac/PC
Item ID: DShowSoft

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Avid VENUE D-Show 3.0 Upgrade Kit (Boxed) image 1
Avid VENUE D-Show 3.0 Upgrade Kit (Boxed) image 1

Sorry, the Avid VENUE D-Show 3.0 Upgrade Kit (Boxed) is no longer available. We've left this page up for reference only. Check out the great alternatives on this page or call toll-free (800) 222-4700 to speak with a Sweetwater Sales Engineer about similar products.

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Avid VENUE D-Show 3.0 Upgrade Kit (Boxed)
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Get more from your VENUE!

Upgrade to Digidesign VENUE D-Show 3.0 today and tap into a ton of new workflow innovations. Version 3.0 of the VENUE D-Show software adds several popular features based on the real-world needs of professional live sound experts. This upgrade contains powerful tools to enhance your workflow, largely geared toward increasing mixing efficiency, decreasing soundcheck time, and putting more control in the hands of monitor mix and theater engineers. With the VENUE, you already have the most flexible live sound system in the world. Now, take your system farther with an upgrade to VENUE D-Show 3.0 software.

VCA and Group Spill

This function lays out all channels assigned to a VCA group on the top of the console when you double-press the group's select button. That way, you get fast and convenient access to your groups without riffling through groups.

Cue on Mains Fader

Monitor mix engineers will love the way you can now access the monitor bus via the Mains Fader and thereby eliminate the need for grabbing a rotary encoder. By selecting this feature's checkbox, or by using the Events List, you can set the Mains Fader to control the monitor level without affecting the Mains level. You can also assign a footswitch to trigger this function. On VENUE SC48, you can access the Monitoring level on one of the output encoders, or assign it to the Mains Fader.

64 Input Processing Channels with Mix Rack

One of the simpler upgrades is an extra 16 input processing channels. That raised the total input processing channels from 48 all the way up to 64! This frees up some of your return channels and even allows you explore some advanced missing techniques.

Enhanced Snapshot Crossfade

D-Show 3.0.1 software adds the Channel Pan function to the snapshot crossfade, allowing you to create special panning effects in your mix.

Store and Recall Tempo Settings with Snapshots

You fly through sound checks with the ability to preprogramming the tempo (in BPM or milliseconds) for each song in the set list. When you recall snapshots, the delay plug-ins that you set to follow the global tempo will automatically sync to this stored tempo.

Link Mono Matrixes in Stereo

Link up two mono matrixes together in stereo and apply the matrix channel's built-in delay to align the matrix to other outputs. Any changes made to one matrix will be mirrored on the other.

Copy and Paste Plug-in Settings

VENUE D-Show 3.0 software lets you copy and paste settings between any plug-ins of the same type, using the standard right-click copy and paste functions.

Digidesign VENUE D-Show 3.0 Software Upgrade Features at a Glance:
  • VCA and Group Spill
  • Cue on Mains Fader
  • 64 Input Processing Channels with Mix Rack
  • Enhanced Snapshot Crossfade
  • Store and Recall Tempo Settings with Snapshots
  • Link Mono Matrixes in Stereo
  • Copy and Paste Plug-in Settings
Don't wait! Upgrade your VENUE software to VENUE D-Show 3.0 today!

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Manufacturer Part Number 9920-65011-00

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