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Gibson Explorer 2017 T - Heritage Cherry Reviews

4.5 stars based on 6 customer reviews
Questions about the Gibson Explorer 2017 T - Heritage Cherry?

Questions about the Gibson Explorer 2017 T - Heritage Cherry?

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  • from Martha's Vineyard April 6, 2017

    Gibson Explorer

    This guitar has a very nice clean sound and to the other end of the scale can awesome dirty sound. I had an SG Gibson and I like this way better and sounds way better!!!!

    PS. I have the Best sales Rep. Jeff Jent!!!

  • from Ohio March 29, 2017

    Gibson Explorer 2017

    Please take the time to read this rather long review, I think it will be well worth it. Last weekend I was looking for a 2017 Gibson Explorer in Heritage Cherry and was frustrated that I couldn't find one after hours of driving to many well known guitar dealers and found nothing. I went home and started looking online and found Sweerwater. They had two in stock and showed multiple picture of each one and gave the serial number of each one. I found the perfect guitar and decided to roll the dice and order it. To say the least, I was worried. I've had some bad online experiences in the past for a lot less money than a Gibson Explorer. On Monday I recieved a call, before noon, from Sweetwarter letting me know that they that they had recieved my order and asked me if there was any questions I had before sending me my guitar. There customer service is off the charts! Amazing! By noon on Tuesday I had the Explorer I had been looking everywhere for. It was delivered exactly like it was shown on their website in emaculate condition. Gibson box, all the extras, and even some cool stuff from Sweetwarer like a set of premium strings, stickers, and a personal thank you as well. As for the Gibson Explorer? It was beyond perfect!!! More than I could have ever imagined !! It arived in perfect condition with everything that Gibson put in the box, strap, multi-tool, even the picture of the guitar being set up at the factory! And in the original Gibson box! Sweetwater delivered all that I hoped for and more. I will never buy an instrument or gear from anyone else!! SWEETWATER ROCKS! My new go to source everything! Thank you Sweetwater for taking musical equipment purchasing to a new whole new level. I'll be back again and again.

  • from Texas January 27, 2017



  • from Sammamish, WA January 1, 2017Music Background:
    Hobbyist (have a garage band)

    Exceeded expectations!

    Sorry if this is a bit long, but I thought I provide some context to my review as I know folks out there that really read reviews often need some reference from where the comments are coming from, so here I go.

    I don't much experience, just have been playing electrics for a bit more than 3 years (started with Spanish guitars when I was in my teens) but for reference my first electric was a Mexican Strat, when I decided to spend more time on this I got myself a Les Paul Studio (got from Sweetwater back in 2014) and few months ago got a second hand stunning Custom Shop Gibson ES-335. Those Gibsons have always been my dream guitars, probably influenced by all the legends that played them and also by their amazing looks (figured famed maple tops, curved bodies, etc). But one day I tested an Explorer from my guitar teacher and was surprised about both the ergonomics and the sustain of this guitar, so I went on the hunt to get one, I took me a while to find the right one, I went on the hunt for a used one, but there are surprisingly very little Cherry Explorers out there, I ended up buying one online that I returned as was too beaten and needed a lot of work ($$) to get in great shape, then decided to buy me a brand new that ended up being a disappointment ... the action, sustain and wood grain were unbelievable good but however did the fret board edge rounding at Gibson went overboard to the point of making the high E string hit the bevel of frets 1 to 3 ... that guitar had to be re fretted.

    That's when I got an email from Anthony at Sweetwater who was just checking in with me, I explained that I was trying to get me one of these and he immediately shared me the current stock and guaranteed me that Sweetwater does inspect every single guitar they buy and they do return to Gibson the ones that don't cut it.

    Long story short, this is the most amazing guitar I ever played, I cannot say more about how well balanced it is, whether you're playing sitting or standing, how freaking low the action can go and how it sustains forever. I play it on a Marshall DSL40 and I can get classic tones like early Rush (Fly by Night), to Papa Roach :-) ...

    The attention to detail is also above expectations, the body is made of 3 pieces but they are so well matched that you only notice by looking on the sides of the body. The frets are so well polished that the strings slide like a recently waxed snowboard on groomed terrain. My band mates don't want me to bring my ES-335 anymore ... All in all, the guitar is pure joy!

  • from Diamond Bar January 14, 2017Music Background:
    37 year musician

    Heritage Quality

    Great guitar -no buzz -solid electronics -no excessive noise from the electronics. The build quality was well done. I am not crazy about rosewood fret boards but this one was a very consistent grain- quality all the way down the neck and very even. The neck was a tad chunkier at the first fret than my other Gibsons but it wasn't a huge difference- that's why I gave it a 4.5 rating. I am assuming sweetwater did the 55 point check as the guitar played well and again had no buzz issues. Typically Gibsons aren't exactly perfect out of the factory in this regard. This one was very nice. For $ with the case it is still a very fair price for a well known - built and good sounding guitar. Take the plunge if you are considering it is a very nice guitar.

  • from January 9, 2017

    Problems Straight Out of the Box

    The fit and finish of this guitar was awesome. I was very excited to get this guitar. I love the look of the Explorer and was really looking forward to finally owning a Gibson. Unfortunately the one I received had issues straight out of the box. It had a problem with the input jack. There was no positive click when you would insert the lead. It would just sit in there and if it moved at all it would cut in and out.

    I also think the guitar had grounding issues. If you weren't touching the guitar it would buzz like crazy, but would stop as soon as you would touch any metal part on the guitar. It would also pop and crackle through the amp if you would touch any of the screws on the back plates. Even if he would rub your shirt across the screws while you were playing it would make a horrible pop through the amp. It seemed as if it was catching all the static electricity and pushing it through the guitar.

    I took it to my tech because I thought it might be something as simple as a loose wire but he said visually everything looked fine. So rather than throwing money at a brand-new guitar to find the issue I just returned it.

    I actually felt bad when I packed it up and sent it back because it is an awesome guitar and I was really looking forward to owning it. Instead of getting the same thing I exchanged it for an ESP Eclipse. I read a lot about the lack of quality control at Gibson but I figured it was just Internet talk. Unfortunately for me I got one with an issue.

Questions about the Gibson Explorer 2017 T - Heritage Cherry?

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