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Yamaha DSR115 1300W 15" Powered Speaker Reviews

5.0 stars based on 5 customer reviews
Questions about the Yamaha DSR115 1300W 15" Powered Speaker?

Questions about the Yamaha DSR115 1300W 15" Powered Speaker?

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  • Cristian Good

    I've used the Yamaha DSR115s over two summers of touring the country with a drum corps. I couldn't believe the amount of sound I got out of these subs, especially considering their size. They're easy to setup and I can push them hard, without putting stress on the speakers. The clean look is also a bonus, especially when there's nothing to hide the PA.

  • from May 6, 2015Music Background:
    Classic Rock

    Clean and Loud

    These are clean and LOUD, exactly what I was looking for. They ran for 9 hours straight with a mix of live and pre-recorded music. I would buy them again in a heartbeat.

  • from Pelham, NC May 29, 2013Music Background:
    Local cover band, guitarist, vocalist and all around musician

    Clear, punchy and plenty of power!

    The customer service is top notch and the purchase arrived in very excellent condition. No complaints what so ever! These active loudspeakers are the best investment we could have ever made to boost the sound of our band. Next on our list is active DSR subs to round it all out. We will definitely be dealing with Sweetwater from now on. You guys are the BEST!!!

  • from Jakarta July 9, 2012Music Background:
    Musician, Recording and Live Sound Engineer

    Great collaboration Yamaha and Nexo!

    Full of Power.
    High durability.
    Nice Price.
    Great Sound!
    5 year warranty.

    Unfortunately not famous as other brands

  • from Oklahoma March 9, 2012Music Background:
    Live sound, DJ / KJ

    Yamaha DSR115

    I wanted to upgrade my BR15 Mains and not be let down. Well these did the job! Wow! Unbeilivable clear hard hitting warm sound. Low volume to loud these things rock. I run these with 1 Qsub and one powered 18 Jbl Sub. I use the hi pass on the DSR and the Contour on and these simply sound amazing! I run a Karaoke and Dj show and these are very impressive. Save up and buy these, dont settle for less

  • from New Bern, NC September 25, 2011Music Background:
    33 year Self-Taught Hack/poser

    The Future Of Sound Reinforcement

    I've had these about 3 months and have used them as FOH for a small time 5-piece classic rock band (Weekend Warriors). We normally run the kick & snare, vocals, keyboard & harmonica through the P.A. (our venues are 75-150 people). We don't play extremely loud, but some songs can get that way in larger clubs.
    These speakers are quite formidable in volume/SPL ...and for their size and weight, put out more than you'd think for a powered speaker. I'm glad I waited 15 years AFTER powered speakers went into production before buying these. I kept reading the specs on powered speakers until I saw numbers that looked impressive. Somebody is finally getting it RIGHT!
    The positives for having an active speaker system are not apparent to everyone, so I feel I must elaborate a little ...giving you my view of things.
    #1. No speaker wires! This reduces wire/cable weight in hauling. {mic cables are lighter than speaker cables} This also reduces power loss, so the amps/speakers work more efficiently.
    #2. Active speakers mean active crossovers, which increases frequency response (more highs) and improves clarity. It also creates a more efficient speaker system (compared to passive). Efficiency = More watts/SPLs per pound.
    #3. Active speakers reduce the weight & size of your overall load. I’m not exactly sure how much (percentage wise) but it’s takes up much less space in my trailer than my older system and the band has never seemed so happy to haul it. LOL
    #4. Speedy setup. Since there are no power amps or crossovers to hook up, the wiring scheme is simplified, reducing setup/breakdown time. Plug it into the wall, plug a mic cable into it... Boom, you’re done.
    #5. With this Yamaha system particularly, the speakers are optimized for “good” sound right out-of-the-box. I’ve found that it’s hard to make these sound “bad”. So I guess you could say they are somewhat “idiot-proof”. (don’t quote me on that) This new DSR technology stuff must really work!

    Our fans/friends and other people that have heard our new system have all praised the speakers and claim the band sounds much better now. Just running the MP3 player through them sounds great and they’re seems to be plenty of headroom. I haven’t gone passed the middle (unity gain) with the volume knob on the back and I doubt I ever will need to, but there is more volume available if I needed it.
    The clarity is wonderful. The power is more than adequate. They don’t weigh a ton. They are exactly what I needed. They performed above my expectations.
    Now we need to get the Yamaha DSR 18” bass cabinets to give the system more umph! But for the clubs we usually play, (and the minimal pay we get) it’s enough. LOL
    This is how speakers will be built in the future. The old passive systems will be phased out eventually. I'd bet the active/passive sales is already starting to tip the scale somewhat.... But I don't sell these things, so I wouldn't know.

Questions about the Yamaha DSR115 1300W 15" Powered Speaker?

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