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Marshall DSL15H 15/7.5-watt Tube Head Reviews

4.0 stars based on 12 customer reviews
Questions about the Marshall DSL15H 15/7.5-watt Tube Head?

Questions about the Marshall DSL15H 15/7.5-watt Tube Head?

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  • Cameron Smith
    from Webbers Falls, OK February 7, 2017

    SAY WHAT!!!

    all I can say about this head is OMFG!!!!!...the f meaning freaking....lol...but this thing to me is the next best thing to actually owning a HUGE MARSHALL HIGH DOLLAR HEAD!!!,,,the tones are AMAZING for a little guy like this!!!...I play heavy heavy music with my 7 strings on this little monster and WOW!!!!...and sometimes with no overdrive @ all!!!!...the DSL takes very very well to pedals!!!...thank you my brother from another mother...Ryan Clapper...he's tha man to talk to...you wont be sorry...I PROMISE!!!!...

  • Chris S.
    from Lufkin, TX November 25, 2015

    Trust in Your Rep

    Let me say that this was my 4th purchase with Sweetwater and also my best. I originally started talking to my rep, Alan Finkbeiner, about wanting a modeling amp, and I had a few mixed results with Vox and Line 6. He asked me a very simple question that was a game changer, "Why not just get the real thing?" I hadn't really thought about it that much as I assumed I would have to get a second mortgage on the house in order to make it happen. Alan quickly started playing with the numbers and by the end of conversation he had built for me a personalized order on a Marshall half stack. I have not regretted this purchase for one second. The 15 watt head is plenty powerful enough to drive a 4x12 cabinet. I don't play live, but in my house it will get loud enough to make my neighbors mad. And the sound is pure Marshall. Everything you love about that sound is here in this amp. I will not be needing another other amp for some time. Super awesome purchase thanks to Alan!

  • Robbo
    from Cleveland May 11, 2015Music Background:
    Alt rock, grunge, melodic metal, not jazz

    Marshall DSL 15 is a little monster

    I play out a lot and practice in my home studio.so I have the need for a large range of Amps.
    Over the past couple years I have really liked the smaller boutique amps.
    They are lighter to cart around from gig to gig. Couple with a nice 212 can and your covered in most gigs.
    If the mike the amp into the house pa then you could bring a 112 cab and save even more weight.
    I have a 100dsl H which I rarely use anymore since then15 came along. The sonic Marshall' ness
    Of this little amp comes with gobs of super Marshall tone. The cleans are crystal and the headroom is good, the gain channel can be dialed in for blues but can easily be brought into scooped metal mayhem with articulate and loud Marshall power.i highly recommend this 22 pound head couple with a 212 for most any gig.my rig weighs less than my 100 DSL head so I'm traveling light.

  • Customer
    from MA June 9, 2014Music Background:

    Added an Effects Loop

    First off paying $99.00 to Voodoo Amps to put an effects loop in this thing to me was really worth it. I got the interrupt effects loop. My carbon copy and holy grail sound fantastic now. Great marshall tones on the lead side and great metal too! Rythm is tight with a maxon 0d9 pro+ In front.
    Running through an avatar cab 4x12 with eminence Governors and crunch lab in the bridge of my ltd in drop b tuning. Pinch harmonics are fantastic. Going to put some JJ's in from the tube kit for this head at eurotubes. Low watt, versatile, fantastic tone!! Light!! What's not to love here.

  • Nick K
    from Akron, Oh USA March 6, 2015Music Background:

    Loud!! for a little amp

    I bought this amp a little over a year ago, not thinking much for a 15 watt amp but WOW it is loud!! and everything is over the top, great sound and tone, tons of gain not that it needs it but I use a MXR ZW overdrive to make it super punchy. The tone shift is a great mid-scoop, and the deep switch is good but I'd rather have a resonance pot like the big guys in the DSL range. The cleans can be a bit "poppy" on high volume. An effects loop and standby switch would also be nice, but oh well I still would recommend it. Can do small gigs ( bars, clubs etc.)

  • Joe Cantu
    from Harlingen, TX December 30, 2013Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Great classic and modern tones

    I've had this amp a few days now and have to say its pretty much everything I'd hoped it would be. This unit covers quite a bit of tonal territory. From classic Plexi style tones to more saturated JCM type stuff. The pentode and triode modes allow for great sound at bedroom levels and can definitely power you through any gig. I have paired this head up with a 212 loaded with Celestion V30's and it really pushes the cab nicely. My only small complaint is the absence of a effects loop. It's not a big deal for me though as I am able to run a Wampler Plexi Drive along with my time based effects through the classic gain channel and it sounds really good. The amp takes pedals very well. Bottom line in my opinion a sweet sounding and versatile little amp.

  • Frank
    from April 16, 2015

    Gorgeous clean tones baby!!!

    I bought the DSL15H from Sweetwater about 2 months ago and I'm still very impressed with the clean channel on this head. The EQ and presence knobs are quite interactive allowing tone adjustments from round and full to bright and chimey. Using the deep button when playing at low volume keeps the tone nice and full, not thinned out. The clean channel has a nice mild crunch tone when pushed, but stays pretty clean with single coil strat / tele. My Les Paul with burstbuckers will overdrive the clean channel nicely. Just a really nice clean tone. The clean channel takes distortion pedals nicely too, if you're into that sort of thing.
    I play this head mostly through a homemade 1x12 pine cab with a Vintage 30 and for me there's plenty of volume available to jam with a drummer (others may disagree).
    The lead channel is definitely high gain, not a lot of lower gain crunch tone available on the gain knob. I use the gain channel for lead playing mostly (with the supplied foot switch) and back to the clean channel for rhythm. If you want to use the gain channel for rhythm playing, you'll have to make good use of your guitars volume knob.
    It would have been nice if the amp had reverb and (or) an effects loop, but I put a TC reverb pedal in front of the amp on the clean channel and it works well.

  • Ken Stapleton
    from New Carlisle, OH February 25, 2014

    Skeptical at first....

    Got to admit that I was skeptical at first going from a 100 watt tube head to a 15 watt tube and playing with this live. This amp has plenty of volume and plenty more if needed.. Granted there is no line out or effects, but who gives a *^&%...Mic'd up and running thru a 16 ohm 4/12 cab, this amp head handled well!!!

  • Joe Cantu
    from Harlingen, TX January 7, 2014Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Review Update

    This is an update to my previous review. I used this little amp live for the first time a few days ago. Plenty of power and everyone enjoyed the great tone. One thing i did notice is that the delay signal through the front of the amp is a little distorted or warbled. Marshall would have a complete winner on their hands with the inclusion of a effects loop with this unit. That said, still a great performing little amp and if your not worried about the loop it's still a solid buy.

  • Chris
    from New York, NY December 10, 2016Music Background:

    Design flaw

    It sounds like a Marshall... but if you use any kind of delay or modulation effects you're stuck running it in front of the amp. For some reason Marshall thought an effects loop was necessary for the 5/1w amp and all models up from here, the but this one...nope. I have to say if you care enough about your sound to spend the money for a tube amp then you probably expect an effects loop.

    The amp sounds like the others in the product line and has the wattage that probably is most versatile for the average player but it's the only one missing a key feature.

  • Mike
    from GR Michigan November 23, 2016Music Background:
    I jam

    no deal!!

    I tried this and the other big named "M" named brands only to be very let down because there is no killer metal built into either of the 2! If you play metal and want a 15 watt tube head that plays metal and rock buy the Dark Terror and you will be glad you did!

  • Mohammed
    from Huntington Beach, CA October 19, 2014Music Background:

    Dsl 15h

    Not impressed with this amp.I tried to like it but I couldn't. This amp feels a little cheap to me, fizzy and lots of unusable tones. I'd love to see a proper low wattage marshall with proper marshall sound. And yeah,I think it should have FX loop as well, which is a standard feature that modern amps should have.

Questions about the Marshall DSL15H 15/7.5-watt Tube Head?

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