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Marshall DSL100H 100-watt 2-channel Tube Head Reviews

4.5 stars based on 31 customer reviews
Questions about the Marshall DSL100H 100-watt 2-channel Tube Head?

Questions about the Marshall DSL100H 100-watt 2-channel Tube Head?

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  • from May 13, 2017

    Love it!!

    Powerful with such a great tone. The only half stack I'll need to play shows. Sweetwater helped me out soo much

  • from April 27, 2017

    Marshall DSL100H

    Item throws out more power than I need. Seems to be working fine. I finally got me a Marshall !!

  • from Hoopeston,Il. March 11, 2017

    Great Amp & service

    The best amp I own !! I have all kinds of amps & this is the one I play every day. You can't beat the service. Mine just quit so I sent it back for service, got it back in four days & it quit again. This time Sweetwater said they were sending out a new one & I got it the next day. Thanks to Bart Good & all the techs at Sweetwater.

  • from January 13, 2017Music Background:
    Hard Rock Glam metal/ Heavy metal Prog metal

    great amp

    well this amp is around my price range. this thing has nice cleans nice tight crunch for Hard rock and great 800 Metal tones. great amp for the price. it's no jcm 800 but it comes pretty close. everyone hates how it's not made in the u.k that don't matter

  • from November 15, 2016

    MInd Blowing

    This is my first Marshall Tube Amp, Always wanted one, always looked for this sound from all the amps I've owned/played so far...

    The Crunch Channel is monstrous - Really nice edge of breakup sounds from the clean channel, with the gain all the way up, and the crunch mode is the real deal....WOW!!

    The Ultra Gain channel is something that sounds best to be on Lead 1 mode, with the gain set at about 3, which is the maximum I like to go on this amp, so it has space to breathe, and a nice boost then takes over for solos.....it sounds brilliant in that gain setting on Lead 1, and i generally do not use the Lead 2 channel, it has way too much gain....

    The Resonance pot is a great addition to this amp, and so is the Tone Shift, really nice for scooped metal...

    This things nails the early EVH tones, Maiden, Satch, Vai, Scott Henderson and so much more, not to mention AC/DC and all of that...

    Has a lot of punch, that raw marshall growl is imminent, I play it through a small 112 cab with an 80 watt celestion speaker, I use the amp on 50w mode, since the speaker cannot handle the 100 watts.

    A great Rock n Roll machine and more!!

    I need to mention, I did not purchase this from Sweetwater, but sweetwater is a major source of my research, their product descriptions are the best among all that is available!!

    Highly Recommend this amp!!

  • from Phx, AZ December 14, 2015Music Background:
    Serious Hobbyist


    Made the move to the big league, went from the Vox 120 valvetronic combo amp to this.

    Very happy, the tone is incredible.

  • from West Virginia October 6, 2015

    Marshall DSL 100H

    This amp does it all. There's the shimmering clean classic channel on "Clean", then the very cool "Crunch" that sounds a LOT like a cool "Plexi" that makes playing Led Zeppelin very nice (if we were all like Jimmy Page it would be GREAT !) , then you have the "Ultra" way over the top lead channel with different voicing and the super "Resonance" control that thickens the tone to perfection. (I LOVE THIS AMP) I own two other Marshall amps. This head takes the prize.

  • from Memphis December 2, 2014Music Background:
    Pro musician

    tons of Marshall tone

    The new Marshall DSL100H is an awesome sounding head. Bought mine from Sweetwater and it arrived very quickly. In the past I've used Marshall 100w and 50w all tube heads, but they were a 'one trick pony'...meaning they had a great sound, but only ONE great sound. This new version has everything from the old Marshall sound to rock, to incredible new tones used in new metal genre's. I have a couple of Marshall 1936v (2x12 cabs), and they sound good with this head. But when I run it through my 2 stock Marshall 1960 cabs (4x12) this head takes on a life of it's own. It's absolutely awesome. It's a deeper, richer, fuller tone with more balance with the 4-12 cabs over the 2-12's. I've been using the head in the 50 watt setting, which does change the voicing of the amp a little. It sounds awesome in the 50 watt as well as the 100 watt setting.
    The only thing that I tell people that you have to watch out for is that this newer version of the DSL100H is slightly larger than the old JCM2000 DSL100h. The new version is about an inch deeper, so make sure if you are ordering road cases or amp covers that you get one that fits the newer model.

  • from Dallas October 30, 2014Music Background:
    Pro Musician, recording

    DSL 100 watt

    I was blown away with the price and sound. Two channels, plus a triode witch, which I had to use at first rehearsal. Great sound. I like being able to plug effects into the rear.

  • from Dallas October 1, 2014Music Background:
    Pro Musician, recording, song writing

    Marshall DSL100

    I am blown away with the versatility of tones. Especially the two leads and the gain control. My concern, I was playing it with a 3/4 stack with 2x12 speakers. I have bought the head today and waiting arrival. Have not bought a cabinet yet,. Local stores sales tried to sell me a the clearance and marked down 2x12. Any advice would be appreciated. I culd spend a little more and go with 4x10s it is rated at 300wats, the other is rated at 75 per channel so 150 total.

  • from LA, USA April 11, 2014Music Background:
    Recording Engineer

    Marshall DSL 100H

    Incredible tone, better sounding than my TSL, extremely satisfied!

  • from Mason City, IA USA November 12, 2013Music Background:
    Heavy Rock and metal guitarist/instructor

    Marshall DSL 100H 100 watt 2 channel tube head

    I run two full stack Marshalls in stereo through my Boss GT-10, using 1960A @ 1960B cabs with Marshall JCM 2000 50 watt heads on each. I bought the Marshall DSL 100H head as a back up.
    I removed one of my JCM 2000 heads and hooked up the DSL 100H head in its place. I was blown away to say the least. I was able to dial in that JCM 2000 sound that I love (which is closest to the JCM800 sound I've found).
    For me the price was more than right with what this all tube head delivers! My style of playing is Heavy rock to 80's style metal.
    I highly recommend this head, it is the same size and configuration as the JCM2000 head.

  • from barrington, new jersey July 4, 2013Music Background:
    guitar musician, 5 years, classic rock/metal

    Marshall DSH100H

    Awesome, great sound, does it all, plenty of power, as reported no pedals needed, quality finish everything you expect from marshall.

  • from Mid TN USA March 30, 2013Music Background:
    40 yrs hobbyist: rock, metal, alt, blues, guitar, keys...

    Learn from my work! This is one of the best rock Amps ever!

    You folks are about to benefit from 15 years worth of my experimentations. I started out in '97, to learn all I could about amps and guitars, including pickups, studying various tubes, strings, the entire signal chain, the whole ball of wax. One of the things I sought out to do was replicate the sound, THE tone Jimmy Page got at the Madison Square Garden in SRTS live video in 1973.

    Hint: I succeeded. I am here to tell you this is THE amplifier you need to get it done. And ON A BUDGET. Yes, there are more expensive Marshall amps that will contain more frills, more buttons and whistles, and cost you a bundle. But if you want basics, THIS is your amp.

    Basic greatness and flexibility is what I meant to say. Note: to get the real goodies here in this review, you need a les paul, studio, at a minimum. With a 498t bridge and a 57 classic or 490r in the neck.

    Yes, it will do the cleanest clean, like the chords to Stairway, but when you put it on ultra OD1, your overdrive will sound scarily similar to the greatest riffs on Page's famous film. Indentical if you have the chops. And on OD2 you have a setting for more flamethrowing than that. A lot more. So you get the entire gamut, from sparkling clean to torch...

    Back to pickups. I tried virtually all of them in my les pauls, over the last 15 years, and while each has its attributes, and strengths, a plain 490R (or '57 classic) will suffice perfectly in the neck position, you will need an ALNICO (aluminum, nickel and cobalt) 498T in the bridge position, to get to where I wanted to go. I found that ceramic pickups, while good, tend not to be as musical, as melodic and harmonically rich as alnico magnet pickups.

    With that 498T, on bridge, you will find it gives you the lead tone with snarling Gibson bite, that it takes to do the riffs of the riff master the way the SRTS presents them. Verbatim.

    My earlier 1999 DSL was made in Britain, but it has the same exact general specs that this new DSL comes with. THIS amp does come with a digital reverb, the one area my DSL could have used help in. The main thing is the BEST rock tube out there: the elegant EL34 power tubes, 4-12ax7 preamp valves and the classic Marshall amp cicuitry. You can spend 10 years trying KT66's, 6L6's, 6550's, and so forth, but EL34 is your ticket to that great, unrivalled tone. Matched with a Marshall 1960A or B standard cab, your DSL100 will spark THAT tone out of your cabinet..

    YOU can benefit from my expensive trials and errors. You don't have to pay to try other amps, nor other cabinets, or experiment with other brands of speakers, or buy other models of Celestions. Or have to pay a guitar tech to (repetitively) swap out a dozen Gibson or other brand pickups. I have done the experiments, the hard work for you, forked over the cash, time and time again, to learn this for you. This gear head spent 15 years working this mystery out the hard way. All you have to do is buy this amp and a few extras to get ALL the benefits of my labors. You will reap the benefits if you take these recommendations and hook it all up and discover what I discovered: this amp is at the heart of some of the greatest tones in rock's entire history! Enjoy!

  • from Port Saint Lucie Fl December 31, 2012Music Background:
    Weekend warrior

    Best Head for the money

    All around high end head with a smooth clean tone that will blow you away. Select the effects switch and you have a overdrive/distortion sound that will knock the walls down. No need to add a floor of pedals, with the selection this Marshall head has, you will find the right sound to fit every type of playing. The volume on this head will break ear drums. You cannot find a better head for the money.

  • from Bradenton, FL November 14, 2012Music Background:
    Pro musician, recording engineer, etc.

    This is a must have, go to amp!

    This amp does it all! From clean as a whistle, to rocken' and rollen', to full out fire breathing monster. I saw that it was made in Vietnam and was a little put off, but don't be. I've been playing and using Marshall's, Fender's, Carvin V-3, (full stack), Line-6, Peavey 6505+, etc. for over 40 years and this amp is worth every penny. This is not an entry level amp. Although it is priced that way now. I wouldn't wait too long if your in the market for a new amp. I can't imagine they will stay at this price too long.

  • from Bradenton, FL November 14, 2012Music Background:
    Pro musician, recording engineer, etc.

    This is a must have, go to amp!

    This amp does it all! From clean as a whistle, to rocken' and rollen', to full out fire breathing monster. I saw that it was made in Vietnam and was a little put off, but don't be. I've been playing and using Marshall's, Fender's, Carvin V-3, (full stack), Line-6, Peavey 6505+, etc. for over 40 years and this amp is worth every penny. This is not an entry level amp. Although it is priced that way now. I wouldn't wait too long if your in the market for a new amp. I can't imagine they will stay at this price too long.

  • from North Carolina April 26, 2017Music Background:
    (40 years playing guitar in all types of bands)

    Marshall DSL100 Head

    I also have an Egnater and a Vox, but this Marshall is my choice for everyday play and best all-around amp. The Egnater has a beautiful clean tone, but I have never been able to get the right "lead" tone from it and the Vox is nice and chimey, but only seems to do that one tone really well (AC30TB). This DSL100 does a good clean tone, a perfect crunch tone, and then a very decent lead tone (in my opinion) for the music my band plays, which is modern country. If I could only keep one amp it would be this one. The only thing I wish was different is; both channels currently share the same EQ - wish they each had their own. This one modification would make it perfection. ...and I'd love to have a 50 watt version of this amp too!

  • from Asheville, NC February 5, 2017

    Whole Lotta Love

    I got this on B-Stock, and as always with Sweetwater, it arrived quickly and packed well, and in good shape. The only oddities I noticed were a few little bits of plastic rubbish and some dust floating around inside the cabinet, presumably since this is a B-stock. It's not super clean work, but overall it's built very well. I love the handwired power tube section. Should make for a long life.

    The very first thing I would recommend to any buyer is to think about swapping some tubes. The stock tubes are painfully thin sounding to me. You don't even need to go all out. Simply putting a better (even a cheap tube like JJ is an improvement) V1 and V2 preamp tube goes a long way to help smooth out the sound. Until you can afford that full tube set, V1 and V2 are the most critical, yet inexpensive to swap.

    The sound! What can I say. Balls to the wall, aggressive yet bassy, feel all of those 100 watts. This is my first Marshall, and I still don't know if I was ready for it. But it's truly enthralling to play through, I can't put it down. Right now experimenting with pedals, settings, and speaker cabinet swapping. I think a closed back is probably best for the dirt sounds. Open can be nice for the cleans.

    I do like the clean channel. If, like many, you find the Ultra Gain side to be too trebly, search about the C19 mod. This can help to balance the tone of both channels.

    The head is incredibly powerful and loud, and the Pentode/Triode half power switch can help that out quite a bit for home playing. A 2x12 is a little more home friendly than the 4x12, which can be punishing even at low settings. Which would be great for the stage. Or if you have peaceful neighbor folks.

    I have very limited experience with the JCM-800 heads, and this is more in that direction than the Plexi stuff, although obviously not identical. It's a very strong, bright tone, very masculine. But what I also love is how full and tight the bottom is. It's down right expansive. Punch in the face.

    I love having channel switching, and the reverb is great for the occasional Dazed and Confused rendition. I wish you could dial in just a little more reverb. Both channels have great mode switches, I like all four sounds. Coming from a bunch of vintage clean amps, I am really loving the ability to dial in a little bit of "grit" on those cleaner tones. The green channel is perfect for this. Helps the general tone, and also makes it more pedal friendly in my experience.

    Anyway this is one heck of an amp, I highly recommend it if you want to walk on the wild side a little. Can cover many different tones, and it's really fun dialing in the sound on the front panel. This really sounds nothing like any other amp I have ever owned, it's purely a Marshall experience. In the right hands, these amps can lead to a great variety of sounds, for different genres even.

    I took off half a star for the sub-par tubes, the little-too-subtle reverb, and the debris residue from the build quality. But for the money, I have to say this is a great bargain. It's a Marshall, what else can you say.

  • from Southern California November 14, 2016Music Background:
    played professionally for 8 years, retired to take a real job, and now just play for fun

    Nothing sounds like a Marshall except a Marshall

    I have played guitar for over 50 years, and over that time I have tried at least 50 different brands of amplifiers. A lot of them claimed to be able to deliver the "Plexi" (Marshall) sound. Yea, well they were close and I even used some of them for awhile, but they all seemed to lack that magical something??? I finally gave in and decided to try a real Marshall (the DSL100H) and now I can say without fear of being contradicted, "Nothing sounds like a Marshall but a Marshall". This is the real deal, and it sounds like a Marshall even at bedroom volumes. You can shatter all the windows in your house, send your poor dog to Outer Mongolia, and your significant other screaming about your sanity if you want. But if you just want to sit back and play at a volume that a baby will sleep through, you can do that as well. This thing has it all. The only reason I gave it 4.5 stars is because the Reverb is pretty weak, but who buys a Marshall for it's reverb?? Not me! Trust someone who has tried well over 100 pedals through numerous amplifiers with hundreds of different guitars, that nothing sounds like this amplifier all by itself. Any guitar will give a great Marshall sound through this amp. If you aren't looking for the Marshall sound, then fine stick with some other amplifier brand, but if you have always longed for that sweet creamy overdriven sound of a Marshall, then this is the one to get. I bought 2 of these, one for me and one for my brother. We are both in love with this amp.

  • from Clemmons, NC June 15, 2016Music Background:
    Gigging Musician

    Ahhhh the tone of a Marshall

    This amp should be getting a 5 star rating, but as always, the built in reverb is crap. That is my complete list of cons with this amp.
    Now for the pros!
    It's powerful, loud, has that undeniable Marshall tone, works perfectly, has nothing cheap looking, feeling or sounding about it. It will take your hand and lead you through ambient valleys of beautiful clean tone... then with the flip of a switch it will take your hand, rip off your arm and beat you over the head with it. It's heavy, solid, well made and tonally everything that made Marshall great. For the price you can't go wrong. I recommend picking up an outside reverb, everything else is already in there.
    I had what appeared to be a gravity related incident with mine thanks to our friends at a certain carrier. I opened what was left of the box and sure enough... damaged. But one phone call and my rep, Matt had a replacement out to me with a return shipping label for the damaged unit the same day. It took the pain out of a situation that would normally have been very disappointing. Everybody already knows, Sweetwater customer service is the best in the business.

  • from Massachusetts February 24, 2016Music Background:
    Plays lead guitar in western mass based band The Prozacs

    Welcome back Marshall!

    I must say that over the years I've tried many different amps, but the brand I always return to is Marshall. In my career I've owned mesa's, fenders, oranges, Marshalls, vox's, you name it but it's always home with Marshall and the DSL100h is no different. My first tube amp was a 50 watt Jcm 2000 DSL from '98 and I foolishly got rid of it twice. Since then I've owned two Jcm 900's and an '86 Jcm 800 2204 and I must say this head stands up to them all. It is the most versatile and is just as well built for being out sourced to Vietnam. The lead channel has more gain then you'll ever need but can clean up quite well with your guitars volume knob. The clean is what it is. It's a Marshall so it's not well known for crystal clear fender or vox cleans but it most certainly gets the job done. The crunch option will also get you anywhere from slight bluesy grit to Jcm 800 territory. The only downfall at least for my specific head is the reverb didn't work out of the box. For me it's not a problem as I have a holy grail for when I actually use reverb but for others that could be a problem. Honestly though Marshalls are known for distortion my clean and reverb ;). All in all it's an awesome workhorse that will keep up with today's guitarists demands.

  • from Broken Arrow, OK July 21, 2014Music Background:
    Pro Musician, Recording Engineer, Amp Technician/Builder

    Great Marshall Tone with Gain to Spare!

    I have to admit I was a bit skeptical at first of how this amp would perform being made in Vietnam instead of England. My concerns were put to rest as soon as I unboxed it and fired this beast up!

    It only took me a few minutes to dial this amp in and get some pretty good typical Marshall tones. I will say that the Clean mode on the Classic Gain channel was a little too clean for me and made it difficult to match volume levels & tones so that switching to the Ultra Gain channel would be somewhat seemless. I found it much easier to set it to the Crunch mode and set the volume & gain controls so that I could play clean with my guitar's volume rolled back just slightly or make it break up a little by digging in a little harder. A nice JCM800 tone is definitely achievable here.

    For the Ultra Gain channel, I found I could get a good heavy distortion out of either Lead1 or Lead2 mode. With the gain set to 8 or 9 in Lead1 mode it's about the same as with it set to around 4 on the Lead2 mode, but I chose to use Lead1 with the gain set to about 6-7 for my heavy rhythm tone and use a medium gain overdrive pedal (that has its volume maxed & gain turned down) to get that extra push for solos.

    The studio reverb sounds amazing and even though its digital instead of the old spring type, I love the way it sounds...not digital sounding at all!

    Now for my gripes. Initially taking it out of the box I was a little turned off by the very shiny and plastic looking cabinet covering (not sure it should be called tolex). I wish they would have used the same kind as the English made models which seem to be toned down just a bit. My other initial complaint is that the size is just different enough from all the other Marshall heads that the standard cover does not fit it so you have to buy the one that is made specifically for this amp...and that cover cost twice what the other models do. I also wish the cabinet was made from the usual plywood instead of mdf because in my opinion plywood lasts longer and in this case it would have made it about 5 lbs lighter.
    Soundwise, I had just a couple issues as well. I heard an annoying high end fizziness on the Ultra Gain channel that has plagued every model of JCM2000 and it seems Marshall copied to this latest rendition as well. You'd think with the massive number of people that have complained and modded their amps that this would have been the chance for Marshall to fix that. It simply requires a single capacitor change and then all is well. I also decided to change out a couple of the preamp tubes with ones that are more my preference.

    Marshall did get some things very right though that puts this model above the old DSLs: the power tube sockets are now mounted to the chassis and hardwired unlike the pcb mounted models of old. The Deep switch was replaced by a Resonance control which is a big plus. Also, I like the fact that they switched to stand-up transformers on this version, instead of the old laydown models, which means guys like me have more options if we want to upgrade the transformers at some point.

    All in all though, it's a great amp for the money! Mine now actually sounds better than many of the amps I have that cost twice as much! I do not regret this purchase at all.

  • from Vineland, New Jersey June 19, 2014Music Background:
    Playing since 1969- Guitar/Amp Enthusiast

    First Impession

    This amp is big...and I mean long. I cannot imagine the size of a matching cabinet that this head can sit atop. It makes my Fender Machete Combo and Orange TH30 head look miniscule. Peaking inside from behind, the amp cab has a lot of empty space and nothing is crowded. That should help prevent hot spots. Probably the equivalent of a hot attic in the summer once those tubes heat up. There is a vent at the top which allows the heated air to rise up and out. Cool! The material used (ply or whatever) feels light when tapped on -unlike birch. That’s ok given the low price. The corners are plastic but look good. The finish is unremarkable. No air bubbles, poor wrapping, unsquared edges etc. The covering is tight and seems well bonded to the wood. It has a little bit of sheen to it. The handle feels heavy duty and rubberized and it works nicely. I went with the 100 Watt head because the sound/video clips I watched and listened to appear much better on this head as opposed to the DSL40 or DSL15. Also I would like to think Marshall would have put a little more effort in getting their Flagship DSL just right in tone and quality.

    Each of the two channels have volume and gain (Channel 2 calls this gain knob ultra-gain). These control the volume and amp break up. Channel one has 2 voicing’s that can be toggled via a push button. (Clean and Lead). With the clean setting, the gain knob has to be pushed pretty high (compared to its volume) to get loud. I used an Ibanez RG920 that has Dimarzzio pick-ups that I consider to be fairly hot. I was able to open up the clean channel pretty high without breaking up. There is tons of head room.

    I then switched over to Lead, put the volume at 11 o’clock on the dial, and then started bringing the gain up until I had sound. I did the same with channel two's volume and ultra-gain control knob. I wanted to keep amp break-up to the minimum. I then adjusted the volume levels of both channels until they matched. This way I could compare tonalities between these two channels. I had a blast. To me it felt like the Lead setting of channel one had a nice crunch- Clearer and possibly a little deeper sounding then ultra-gain 1.

    Switching to channel two/Ultragain 1, the tonality changed. Definitely voiced differently from channel one. Not more of the same. Seemed a little brighter yet still a nice crunch at the lowest gain setting. Individual notes were not as clear as channel one with bar chords but great sounding just the same. I played at fairly low levels for this test ( 50 watts Triode mode). I used a single 12" Orange Celestion V30 cabinet. I realy liked the sound I was getting by making subtle changes to the gain while going back and forth between channels. I like to emphasize open A-G and ending with an open e minor power/chord while playing. I listen for changes in tonality. Small bumps on the gain knob caused definite changes in sound. I liked that a lot. Not as dramatic though as the gain goes up. Also I was able to get good sound at low volume levels without having the guitar sound as if its strings were rattling against a sheet of aluminum foil. I have a Celestion elite 80 I will be testing out on this head soon.

    Bottom line- The head takes up real-estate; it is fairly light given its dimensional size, great sounding channels and their corresponding voices. It can go from crystal clean to heavy metal. So many voices in one package and cost less than 900.00. Only lacks the ability to switch to more than two voices on the fly without having to reach over and hit a button. This is where the JCM shines. I do not believe this 100 watt DSL lacks in any of the Marshall tones due to its low price!

  • from missouri December 9, 2013Music Background:
    musician currently in band!!!

    DSL 100H

    have owned this amp for 3 mos now, it gets it! I play in a metal/rock band and it delivers 100%! 100% of the time. my lead guitarist has a 5150 1/2 stack and this mows his over...much more presence and deep growl. jeff beck plays this amp as well...look on youtube for his rig rundown...everything you need and nothing you don't. if you are looking for a great amp at a great price, this is it period. on a half stack on 50 watts it makes your ears bleed...nice!!!

  • from Hoopeston, IL June 17, 2013

    Love This Head

    I got this head just to try it out. It is never leaving my home now. I just love the sound this head delivers, I have mine going through a Blackstar HTV-412 cab, I don't think you will go wrong getting this head.

  • from Colorado November 17, 2016Music Background:
    Experienced Guitarist

    Great Sound and Performance after a few tweaks..

    I bought the DSL100H with high hopes, I was a little disappointed with the sound quality out of the box. It sounded "muddy" and the Resonance knob seemed to do little to change the tone. Being an experienced guitarist I decided to check the Bias setting for the tubes after a few days of playing it. I found that the Bias on my amp was a little dry / low as it was only reading 60mv for each side. I found the recommended setting from Marshall for the DSL100H as well as the JCM2000 showed a setting of 90mv. I set my Bias at 85mv each side (pair of tubes) and man was I amazed! The Resonance knob now has great low end tone. The Amp really work up and the sound quality is now phenomenal! I am super happy with the AMP now and its is extremely powerful and loud, this is not a recommendation for a practice amp however if you need to wake the neighbors half volume will do it.
    I am only giving the amp 4 stars as I had do some tweaking to get the sound and performance I was looking for. Very Happy Now!!!

  • from Salt Lake City April 3, 2015Music Background:
    30 years of guitar and bass playing, Blues, Jazz, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal.

    Decent Head For The Price

    You usually can't go wrong with a Marshall, and I've played through many amps the past 25 years, and never been disappointed with Marshall. You could say I'm partial to Marshall. This head is great head for Heavy Metal & Hard Rock guitar players. The problem with any amp is there are many factors that play into the sound you get..i.e. effects pedals, the guitar and pick-ups you use, the cabs you're using, the venue you are playing in. I've only had this 3 weeks and so far it's been holding its own.

    I play in a VERY loud heavy metal band, and I need a lot of power without the feedback, buzz, and low ends. This is a tube head which gives you more versatility than a solid state, and more power. My only knock against the head is the effects. I don't use them at all, and I just play loud with the natural distortion that comes from the amp. I think having effects is overkill. Two channels clean/dirty is all you really need. The effects on the head are nice but if you are already using effects pedals you will probably have to do some adjusting, and again that can be annoying when you're playing different sized venues.

    Bottom line I would recommend any Marshall Tube head if you're a rocker. For some guitarists this head may come in handy because it does include the effects, and may save you from having to drag around a bunch of effects systems.

  • from StL September 30, 2014Music Background:
    In a Crappy cover band, been playing 20+ yrs.

    DSL 100H

    I play in a cover band that does everything from The Animals to Tool. This gets the job done for everything. It has plenty of headroom and if you are still under the assumption 100 watts is too loud do your homework before throwing out a lot of cash. Besides the DSL switches down to 50 watts but I've never used it.
    I bought the JVM series prior to this and had huge issues getting the effects loop to get along with my pedals. I tried everything, read everything, contacted everyone and had no luck. This works fine with every pedal I've put through it.
    The only thing the JVM has over the DSL is the "status" of being made in the UK and foot switchable midi programming but to me that's just another thing I have to worry about breaking. The extra gain channels on the JVM are almost pointless. They have unusable amounts of gain that generate uncontrollable feedback at modest volumes..
    The DSL100H is the way to go. The only downside is you cannot footswitch through the modes on the channels but that's what overdrive pedals are for I suppose and they are much cheaper than the price difference from DSL to JVM. The onboard reverb on the DSL is just fine unless you are hardcore into surf music or rockabilly. If that's the case you will probably never see this review anyway. Good luck and good night.

  • from Colorado March 18, 2014Music Background:
    Hobbyist, songwriter, home studio.

    Best deal for real Marshall tone!

    If your a first time owner of a Marshall, or already know how amazing Marshall amps are, you will not be disappointed with the Marshall DSL series. Even though this is now my third tube amp, it is my favorite. Every time I plug in, turn on, and play, its an experience as delightful as the first. No this amp ROCKS! You get three stages of gain, two reverbs, new resonance and tone shift features, fx loop, and the ability to drop the power down to 50 watts all for about a grand. The build quality is great and does not feel cheap. I play my DSL with a Slash Signature Les Paul Goldtop and a Marshall 1960BV cab, and I can get edgy hard-cutting tones heard on your favorite 80's rock and metal albums. It doesn't end there, I love the clean channel. It sounds full not overly bright and harsh like other amps. This amp also works very well with my overdrive and distortion pedals. The only thing I feel is missing from this amp is an additional EQ for the clean channel, however, the one shared EQ hasn't been a problem. This is a lot of amp for the money. If your not convinced, play one and let the amp speak for itself.

  • from Hillsborough, N.J. February 24, 2014Music Background:
    Gigging Musician

    Works for me and priced right.

    It says 2 Channels, but it's actually, 2 Overdrive channels, and 2 Clean Channels. The Clean Channel is way too Clean for me, I like the (Crunch) Clean Channel. The Overdrive Channel has entirely too much Noise/Hiss and Compression for my taste. I actually wish Marshall added a Noisegate to this Amp, it surely could use it. I use the Crunch Channel, and run my pedalboard through the Amp. I get very good tones for Classic Rock and Blues. Plenty of Volume on tap too!

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