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Gibson Midtown Custom - Heritage Cherry Sunburst Reviews

4.5 stars based on 7 customer reviews
  • from Round Lake, IL October 26, 2012

    Awesome Playing Guitar

    I was at Sweetwater for a Songwriters Camp event and saw this in the retail store. I plugged it into a Fender Deluxe Reverb and was immediately blown away with how well it played and how comfortable the neck was. I tried out several other guitars but each time I found myself going back to the Midtown Custom. Easy playing with excellent build quality. A week after I bought it, I bought and added a stetsbar tremelo. It now looks unique and the whammy adds a new dimension.

  • from Ohio August 31, 2012

    Love this guitar...

    This midtown is a great guitar. It can sound very similar to a 335 or an LP, which I have had both. The pickups are great, neck is perfect for what I like and the finish is first rate. The richlite fingerboard is not an issue and most people would think it was solid wood. Can produce many very pleasing tone in all pickup positions and get a good full crunch and lead tones as well. Very nice HSC as well. For the money, this far exceeded my expectations. Body size is perfect and is very comfortable sitting or standing.

    I am a "Fender" guy but this is a perfect addition for the times when only humbuckers will do.

  • from San Antonio, Texas January 27, 2012Music Background:
    Pro Musician, Recording Engineer, Gtr Collector

    Midtown Custom

    Gibson has a winner here! Priced for the working musician with the looks of a top shelf Gibson. I have a fetish for the gibson custom neck. Very picky when it comes to the feel of the neck-fret-string relationship. The Midtown Custom is right up there with the best. In fact, it out plays my top shelf collection. Don't be held back by the "richlite" fingerboard. The density and appearance is beyond expectations. The Texas heat is brutal and the bars are smokey, yet this material holds up in all situations. The weight is not like that of the hollowbody. The center block adds that Les Paul density which is well balanced with the hollow tones from the chambers. The electronics are easy to get to. set behind a cover plate on the back. The pickups are well chosen with a great balance. Even the center position drives an amp well with a usable tone. The finish and appearance pops out on stage right there with the best. This is now my instrument of choice.
    Sweetwaters "guitar gallery" provided all I need to see when picking the final finish. They provide the serial number of the posted instrument and when I pulled it out of the case, all matched to my satisfaction. Sweetwater can't be beat when ordering online. There in house guitar geeks called me before and after the purchase to make sure I was satisfied with the instrument. I appreciate that!

  • from Pittsburgh, PA December 14, 2011Music Background:
    16 year pro musician


    I'm absolutely stunned by how amazing this guitar is. I walked into a local shop looking for a '61 SG, only to find myself playing a semi-hollowbody Gibson Custom with a RichLite neck (which is nothing to be afraid of...trust me!).

    The finish on this guitar is gorgeous, as well as the custom diamond headstock.

    The Richlite fretboard is the fastest fretboard I've ever played and is so easily confused with being Ebony, that the guitar guys at the local store told me it was an Ebony fretboard!

    The Burstbucker Pickups just scream and the notes ring for days with endless sustain. The guitar volume can also be adjusted to have a lovely crunchy sound without losing tone!

    I love the look and sound of this guitar so much and the way it plays is simply timeless. I've been playing for 16 years and have owned many guitars over the years. This one will never leave my arsenal and will always my first pick on live shows and recordings.

  • from Venezuela September 26, 2012Music Background:
    Jazz, blues , funk, rock , metal pop , world, fusion.

    Got mine today

    Im a pro guitar player and guitar teacher, also studying, Had one SG two Strats one Mustang, one Les Paul, in the past. Gibso Midtown Custom Its a very nice guitar, it sound and feel more like a Les Paul than a 335, and you got the easy going on the upper frets of a SG, you can hear the Les Paul throaty wood tone even with no amp.I think it is little more middle range, this thing really screams with the bridge pickup. And the other one sound very bluesy and jazzy. The strings were too high from the factory, and 4 of the 6 slots in the nut were not open completely, so the 4th string pumped out and others just didn't fit , I made the slots by myself quickly and carefully. Factory strings sucks, never got in tune,Gibson says it comes with an original gibson strings, well, for a guitar just made 2 month ago and non played by anyone I could thank Gibson for letting me know their string sucks. I swapped for D'addarios and got slick. Perfect work on binding, some little marks on the finish but too tiny to be important. Gibson should pay more attention to details, the round side of the F holes are kinda unfinished, come on people a little sand on the edges please, this is not a korean cheap stuff. Anyways that little details doesn't matter. I adjusted the guitar by myself , later on I will adjust it better, Im quite obsessive with the adjustment of my guitars that's why I do it by myself. The 6 string was too big for a 0.10 i guess it has heavy bottoms which i don't like at all. I put some light 0.10 and it goes smooth.
    Sweetwater guys rock, attention is very nice, the site and everything. im still wondering what you mean with 55point evaluation because as I read you even set up the guitar, well not this one.The strings were too high, unplayable at all. The most of guitars come like that. Gibson people, please you can do better on details.

    Its a Gibson , I had a Les Paul Standard and this baby is a Les paul mixed with a 335. But playable as a SG.
    3 guitars in one. Im in love with this guitar.
    Giving a 4.5 because it wasn't set up at all.

    Thank you Sweetwater for the best online service. Keep it up.

  • from Chicago, IL September 3, 2012Music Background:
    Semi-pro singer/songwriter/guitarist, home studio owner

    Gibson Midtown Custom Review

    I owned an ES-335. That was my dream guitar. However, I never could get use to it. The sound was a little too fat or something. I'm not that good at describing it. I always felt clumsy, not crisp. I like my Fender Strat but they were sometimes to thin sound for some of the riffs I played. But they felt better, easier to play. There is something about the sound of the flat top carved out body that gives me a crispy clean rich sound.

    The Midtown give me a perfect balance between the two, plus that Les Paul feel and sound. I also owned a Joe Bonamassa LP Studio with Burstbucker pickups that I really liked. So this answers that too. The neck is fast and feels great. I have dwindled my collection down to the Midtown and one Strat (I had 22 guitars). The Midtown is my favorite. Plus Gibson makes the best smelling guitars.

  • from October 26, 2012Music Background:
    Lead Guitar in semi-pro band


    I was really hoping this would be a good guitar but I had reservations. I was not sure that I would like that its top is flat and not carved and I was very concerned about how I would feel about the synthetic neck. I have been blown away with how smooth the next feels and plays and the flat top does not bother me at all. I would much rather have a excellent feeling and playing synthetic neck than a cheap rosewood neck. The Burstbucker pickups are excellent, I have put them in some of my other guitars and they never disappoint (Gibson also puts them in some of their extremely high dollar guitars). Overall an excellent guitar sold by an excellent company.

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