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Korg DS-1H Piano-style Sustain Pedal with Half-damper Control Reviews

4.0 stars based on 19 customer reviews
Questions about the Korg DS-1H Piano-style Sustain Pedal with Half-damper Control?

Questions about the Korg DS-1H Piano-style Sustain Pedal with Half-damper Control?

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  • Elias Antonas
    from Florida March 30, 2017

    Long User

    I've been using this particular pedal for years. I'm not one to shy away from more pricey items. I've stayed with this pedal for it's sturdiness and feel. As a keyboard player, I'm not crazy about pedals that have somewhat of a 'mushy' or 'clicky' feel. I prefer the solid, smoothness of this unit. As a matter of fact, I'm purchasing a midi controller and buying another one of these pedals for it. If you are not a serious keyboard player, you can get something cheaper if you'd like ... ie/ something to work with your synth or midi controller ... but if you really care about FEEL above simply 'processing sound', then I definitely recommend this pedal.

  • Brett
    from Missouri January 3, 2017

    Great sustain pedal! Worth it!!

    You don't really realize the difference in a 'any old' sustain pedal and the Korg DS-1H pedal until you've hooked it up to your Korg Kronos and hear the difference. Yes, HEAR the difference. The Korg DS-1H with the Half-damper control lets you truly hear all the technology Korg puts into their sounds.

    I noticed with a standard sustain pedal that I was using that their was a 'click' noise, when I let up off the pedal on piano sounds. It kinda sounded like my foot slipped off the pedal on a real piano, which was okay as it was slight. What I didn't realize is that when a half-damper enabled pedal is used, you get the nuance of a real piano sustain pedal lifting up. You hear the strings stop sustaining like a real piano would... not all at the exact same time. A small nuance, yes, but well worth it in realism. Add to that the fact that this pedal is built tough! It's solid, and feels solid!

    You gotta get it!!

  • Michael Toney
    from Chester, TX July 14, 2015Music Background:
    Weekend Warrior- Guitar, Piano/Keyboard & Violin

    Just The Right Touch... A Must-Have Accessory

    This pedal enhances the sound & playability of my Pa600. Have used it most of the day... just arrived in the mail this morning & I wouldn't attempt to perform without one. Very reliable action with a good feel. It makes all the difference in the quality of sound when that extra bit of sustain is needed.

  • Customer
    from June 8, 2015

    Korg DS1H

    It works very well with my Korg Kronos X 73 keys synthesizer.

  • Brad Mize
    from Charlotte, NC March 26, 2014Music Background:

    Great Pedal

    Works great with my Korg Kronos. Finally able to hear the subtle differences you can get by "half-pedaling".

  • Michael Ramsey
    from Daphne, AL April 30, 2012Music Background:
    Semi-pro musician

    Real Quality

    A bit on the expensive side but well worth it. The DS1H is a quality pedal. It's built well and has a very smooth feel. Very happy with this product. Works very well with my Korg SV-1.

  • Linda Norris
    from Zephyrhills, FL January 6, 2012Music Background:
    Piano, accordion and organ

    Korg DS1H

    It works great....best pedal I have ever owned. Thanks for the recommendation. Looking forward to visiting your store when we return to Indiana

    Thanks again and God Bless


  • Rob Turchick
    from November 29, 2015

    Works great

    Much more solid feel and build quality than some other pedals out there. Does not slip.
    Wish the cord was a bit longer.

  • Mike Bishop
    from Los Angeles April 29, 2015Music Background:
    Professional Musician/Music Teacher

    Review of Korg DS1H sustain pedal

    This pedal does exactly what I expected it to do. Sustain the sound.It's sturdy construction should inable this pedal to last for a few years. I'm happy with my selection.

  • Brian Burke Jr.
    from rochester.rr.com October 4, 2012Music Background:

    Great Product...A bit pricey...

    I took 1/2 a star away for price. Other than that, no complaints. Does a GREAT job of half/partial pedaling. I do prefer the M-Audio Pedal however. It has a roundd Pedal that is a bit bigger...more like a piano's pedal, and it is 1/3 the price. I like the 90 degree plug angle.

  • Coenraad
    from February 28, 2017Music Background:
    Worship director

    Solid pedal

    Pedal does what they promised. Good, well built product.
    Awesome customer service from Sweetwater.

  • Tim Mueller
    from Point Arena, CA March 13, 2014Music Background:

    Buy It

    Korg needs to put a 1/4" stereo plug on this, give you a decent cable, and cut the price in half. Buy it anyway, until somebody builds a better one.

  • john engebretson
    from tucson, az August 18, 2013Music Background:
    pianist arranger general midi

    korg dsih

    works fine on korg chrome

  • Sam Swope
    from Sarasota, Fl (USA) February 17, 2012Music Background:

    Solid build

    The DS1H is a rock solid damper offered by Korg. A little pricey, but the build quality suggests it is well worth it.

  • Arthur
    from Syracuse, NY October 8, 2007

    High-Quality and a Good Feel!

    I use Kurzweil (and no Korg) keyboards, but I'm a junkie for Korg's DS1/DS1H pedals. I own six, all of which I bought at least eight years ago. Most decent keyboards will automatically determine if you have a closed or open loop pedal (or at least offer a manual setting to that effect in the onboard software), so this will work for many more keyboards than advertised, Kurzweil included.

    These don't feel like a piano pedal, but they're very solid, take abuse, and will last for years. Only Korg's equipment supports the half-dampening of the DS1H, but it will operate as a normal pedal (like the old DS1) with equipment from other manufacturers. The pedal action has the right threshold (even for equipment that doesn't support half-sustain) and returns the right sense of "weight" back to the user's foot. It feels expensive! I'm always surprised when people buy very fancy keyboard synthesizers and then use chintsy sustain pedals. These are the best I've tried for the money, and I think you'll like them too!

    Why not five stars? Well, at this price, I would have preferred that the cable wasn't hard-wired to the pedal. My young cat chewed through the wire, and I wouldn't have noticed the problem until it was too late if I were out on a gig. So buy two!

  • Michael Reese
    from Savannah December 1, 2016Music Background:
    Pro Entertainer.

    Korg pedal

    I've talked with my sales rep. This is not working with my Korg PA4X.
    I'm going to send it back.

  • Heitzso
    from August 20, 2016


    I bought from Sweetwater based on a prior review on the Sweetwater list of reviews for the DS1H claiming it works with Korg SV-1 keyboards. It DOES NOT. The sustain does not release when you release the pedal. If you search on the Internet you will find that even Korg technicians say it is incompatible. You will NOT find any reports on the Internet that it is compatible with the SV-1. It may be possible to tear it apart and rewire it, but why do that with an expensive pedal that you've just bought?

  • David Bartholome
    from TX January 29, 2016

    sustains, doesn't release

    When the sustain pedal that came with my SV-1 stopped working, I ordered this. Well, it has the opposite problem; it sustains, but doesn't release. So if you attempt to play a series of chords, they all blend together. So basically, it's worse than having a pedal that just doesn't work.

  • Scott
    from Phx, AZ August 7, 2014Music Background:

    Doesn't release on my PA3X

    It would sustain but not release on my PA3X, I used an other damper pedal I have with a mono plug and it worked wasted my money on this one

Questions about the Korg DS-1H Piano-style Sustain Pedal with Half-damper Control?

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