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Martin DRS1 - Natural Reviews

5.0 stars based on 42 customer reviews
Questions about the Martin DRS1 - Natural?

Questions about the Martin DRS1 - Natural?

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  • from Milwaukee, WI April 20, 2017Music Background:
    Arthritic, aged, and aspiring man of means by no means!

    Sweet, soft and seductive!

    I have had this guitar for 6 days and I am loving it more and more each day. When I first picked it up and started to play it I definitely noticed the expected softness of tone from most of my other guitars. I have one other Mahogany guitar a Ibanez AW54 which rings like a bell. This DRS1 is softer but the more I am playing it the more I am liking it. I've done some comparisons for sound levels on several of my other guitars and have found that it is softer, but not really that much quieter. It sure has a nice mellowness that I am getting to like a lot.

    This it the first all wood Martin I have purchased (yes a bit of Richlite), and it is a great guitar. The craftsmanship top notch, the finish beautiful, and the action very nice. I tuned her up in open G tuning and it sounds so fantastic in that tuning. Others have commented on the smell of the guitar and how nice it is. I have to say when I unboxed it, it was very strongly scented by the Sapele wood, so much that I did not like it at first, but after several days it now smells so good. It has subdued to a pleasant nice aroma. Playability is really good I haven't had to adjust the action at all.

    Although it isn't embellished with a lot of eye catching appointments it still looks great, like a lady who doesn't need makeup! I do plan on updating the bridge pins with bone and a bit of flash, maybe Turquoise or shell. The more I play this guitar the more I love it.

    Came with a nice case that seals decent and retains humidity good. Electronics sound decent but I tend to mike it when I am playing at least for the time being. I sure am looking forward to taking her out to the park and strumming in the summer breeze.

    I was waiting for this model to come back in stock and when it did I snatched it up right away, seems like a lot of people are buying them. I see they are waiting for more again. The guitar alone is worth the money and with a decent case you can't go wrong. I would highly recommend this guitar, just remember it's not going to be as bright as a spruce top, but it will grow on you quickly, especially in some of the open/alternate tunings.

  • from NH April 7, 2017Music Background:



  • from Hot Springs, AR March 31, 2017

    DRS1 is amazing

    I've been wanting a new guitar for quite a while now and have played many different makes and models in different stores locally. I wasn't going to be able to spend a fortune on one so I wasn't really looking very hard for a new one until I received an email about Sweetwater's 0% interest. I got a lot more serious after that.

    I played some higher end Martin's, Taylor's, and a couple of Gibson's and I kept coming back to this one because it was by far the easiest one for me to play and it felt the best in my hands. The sound is incredible as well. I love the satin finish on the body and the neck as my hand slides much easier and honestly it just suites my taste better than one with a glossy finish. The fact that it comes with a hard case just sweetens the deal too. I have never played amplified so I can't speak to the electronics although a friend of mine says that it should sound great. I do like how the sound controls are inside the sound hole and not on the side.

    I had been playing another guitar that my wife got in high school and it is very difficult to play and sounds horrid compared to this one. I would not hesitate to buy this guitar again and again. Sweetwater's customer service is fantastic and Chris Neyman has been awesome in helping me. I want to thank Sweetwater for offering the 0% financing as it makes owning a much nicer instrument possible for someone who has less cash flow. Great guitar at a great price with customer service that's second to none.

  • from Central Coast of Calif. August 6, 2016Music Background:
    Intermediate acoustic player

    Great guitar!

    I've wanted a Martin dreadnought since I first began playing acoustic and learned of their quality, history, and reputation. When I picked up the DRS1 in a shop, just trying models out, I was amazed at the rich tone it produced. While I was not looking for a mahogany guitar (I mean, who doesn't love the looks of the D28?), the sound for price ratio won me over. A month later, I love it more than ever. The bonuses this instrument offers are the Fishman Sonitone electronics if you want to plug in, and the excellent TKL hardshell case that comes with it. BTW, this case is a tank! While it does not lock, it will surely protect your Martin. Most retailers sell this model for about $750, so if you want to get serious about your playing, you can get a great Martin for under a grand. Construction is excellent, and yes, while it is made in Mexico, so is your car, probably; examine every part closely and you will see no quality has been spared. The use of synthetic materials for the fretboard and bridge bother me not at all; perfectionists may blanch at this, but rest assured, sound quality and playability are in no way compromised. A great value for the price!

  • from Sautee, GA May 23, 2016


    Purchased this guitar as a gift for my oldest son who is graduating. I had never purchased a guitar that I hadn't played at least once or twice prior. This guitar arrived exactly when Sweet Water said it would and it was in in immaculate shape. Right out of the box this is absolutely my guitar. I own other martins, I have numerous acoustic electrics from Goden to Taylor and Martin.
    This guitar is freaking sweet...especially for the price. I don't know how I will be able to part with it ??

  • from California May 7, 2016Music Background:

    Outstanding guitar with looks, sound, and features :)

    * Service -I have to say the sales representative, Alex Campos, was excellent MMM with knowledge, patience, and very resourceful. In addition, he was able to work with me on the deal closely matching to a local discount promotion I provided for price comparison.
    * Delivery - Fedex ground shipment was quick from Indiana to California. I ordered Monday morning and got it on Friday morning  Sweetwater was able to inspect and complete order and shipped out the same day MMM
    * Shipping packaging ..The Martin guitar was shipped inside the hard case which is great for extra protection during shipment. Sweetwater used another sturdy box with cushion materials to house the Martin original box...Included Sweetester's 55 points inspection certificate & all the booklet and paperworks were there . They even included a small pack of various candies too :)) I feel like a kid getting a new toy along with treats 
    * Product - Beautiful sounding Martin DRS1 guitar unplugged or plugged ...low profile fretboard and low action I like very much...easily tuned and stayed in tune...good sound projection .. Everything I expect from quality brand Martin ... The TKL hard case is great...when I bought my Martin GPCPA5 last November, I got the exactly same case but paid $120 extra for it.. Now I got two .. One with TKL logo and the other with Martin logo with the new DRS1 .. Easy to distinguish which is which guitar :))
    *Surprise - A good surprise for me about this guitar. The 9V battery compartment was next to the 1/4" plug instead of inside the sound holeMMM.. Must be an improvement along the way because from all the reviews I read, it was inside the sound hole. I have a Fishman mini loudbox acoustic amp and they sound great together

    Overall the sound and feel are similar with the Martin DRS1 and the Martin GPCPA5... I bought the DRS1 for the dark wood look with traditional dreadnought body without the cut-away) , and the solid wood body made with Sapele (Africa Mahogany). Both guitars are about the same price but DRS1 came included with a $120 TKL case with Martin brass logo  Both guitar pickup are Fishman brand, different models but both sound great plugged in...the GPCPA5 has the built-in tuner and feedback elimination feature which is a plus but not a deal breaker ..Stock strings for DRS1 are medium gauge while GPCPA5 equipped with medium gauge. I do like to have the two guitars with different strings gauge to distinguish them a little  and to give my fingers a good workout :))

    I really love this new guitar so far and expect the sound will sound more amazing as my guitar skills improve as time goes by :))

    If you buy one of these quality Martin guitars, you will be as happy as me... (Proud owner of Martin DRS1, Martin GPCPA5, & Martin backpacker )

  • from PA April 14, 2016Music Background:
    Worship Leader

    Amazing Guitar!

    Just picked up my Martin DRS1 and I am in love with this guitar. A friend has one of the all-solid mahogany body Martins which cost much more, but I find that the quality of this lower priced dreadnought sounds similar. The fit and finish are beautiful, and the sound is stunning. Having trouble putting this thing down.I'll probably have to be a little more careful since the finish is satin, but it does look really good! The feel of the neck is perfect for my hands too, and fretting, even barre chords, is pretty easy. You'll have to pick up a tuner since there's no onboard tuner. As for the electronics, I plugged it in thru the church sound system and it sounds great! Is is a high-end Martin? No, but you get great looks and sound at a really good price. Highly recommended!!!

  • from APO, AP April 7, 2016Music Background:
    Hobbyist, occasional performer, 30+ years.

    Martin DRS1

    5 stars based on value. The DRS sounds much better unplugged than my Ovation 2778AX-FKOA. The sound of the DRS1 is so full and projects so well, it almost sounds like I'm strumming a 12-string. I paid $500 more for the Ovation and have never been satisfied with the unplugged sound. The Ovation might have an advantage plugged in, I haven't compared these two plugged in. Action is equivalent. The Ovation has better looks. The case that came with the DRS1 is cheap and looks like it was banged around a little bit before being boxed. The Ovation case is much better. I didn't make this purchase based on the quality of the case or the looks of the guitar. I wanted better unplugged sound and the DRS1 delivers.

  • from Kansas City, MO April 4, 2016


    This guitar is an amazing value! It has terrific tone, is truly beautiful, and plays like a dream. It even has an amazing wood smell. If you want a great acoustic at a great price AND want to enjoy owning a Martin, then this is your guitar.

  • from Oregon March 17, 2016Music Background:
    40 years and still playing

    My Sweetwater Experience

    I first started playing guitar around 1968. Never had any formal training,just learned from music books and had a ear for music. I always have wanted a Martin guitar. The ones I've played belonging to other people always seemed to have a clarity and tone that most other guitars lacked. So now being able I started searching and came across Sweetwater online and decided to buy he DRS1 Dreadnought. They handed me over to a guy named Matt McKible. What a great guy,knowledgeable,personable and professional. He walked me through the process and what was really cool was they list the serial number online of the instrument your looking at so, what you see is what you get. There was a weekend coming up which delayed shipping by one day, but exactly one week later I had that Martin in my hands and WOW, I love it. A truly beautiful guitar plus it came with a hard case and let me tell you the case is almost as nice as the guitar. Excellent construction and very,very plush on the inside. I don't think I've ever seen a guitar case as nice. I could have purchased locally but I'm glad I didn't. Sweetwater will have my business forever and will tell all my friends also

  • from MD March 14, 2016

    I never want to put it down!

    I'm very satisfied with my Martin DRS1 - sounds great, looks great, plays great! I purchased right here through Sweetwater and can't say enough good things about the process.

    Now I just need to get better, pen a few good tunes, quit my job and go on the road!

  • from Rockdale texas January 17, 2016Music Background:
    Playing guitar 50 years

    Martin drs-1 super sound

    This guitar is one well built guitar . I have a martin hd-35 but the drs-1 is my go to now. It rings out when strumming it like a martin d-45 but the clarity of a d-18 . You never go wrong buying a martin drs-1. Lay back and watch this baby get real popular and higher

  • from Florida January 6, 2016Music Background:


    My wife had this as a surprise gift for me on Christmas. Blown away by the quality and how ready to go it was straight out of the box.

    She was also wowed by the customer service along the way. When the time comes to get another guitar, it'll be Sweetwater that gets our business.

    The guitar itself plays beautifully. It projects extremely well, sounds warm and full and stays in tune. I could not be happier with the overall experience.

  • from Brunswick GA October 9, 2015Music Background:

    I'm New and Happy

    My grandfather and Dad used to sit for what seemed hours playing, and what I grew up thinking was two beat up Guitars that just sounded real good because they were old and broken in(like the Men playing them). I was a man with children before I knew what a Martin really is. Its a sound like Harley Davidson, Distinctive and only that manufacturer can have that sound. If you don't find your self looking at one of these as a solid purchase its not that your broke its You have not discovered what makes your soul Happy! Sometime what's in a name is truly American. Welcome o adult hood and listen to your self. I made another good life choice.

  • from Woodbridge, VA September 17, 2015

    Love this guitar!

    The entire experience of buying the DRS1 from Sweetwater was top notch. Super easy to order, and customer service excellence. The guitar itself is amazing. Despite the dreadnaught size, the action is low and playability is excellent. The neck is nice in fast and despite being Made in Mexico, the guitar is built like a workhorse. Not a lick of regret for my purchase, and I was initially looking at the more expensive Martins to begin with!

  • from Champlin, MN December 14, 2014Music Background:

    Absolutely Amazing

    I've been looking to upgrade my acoustic for years now, waiting to find the perfect guitar for me and this is it. Beautiful body and neck. The richlite finger board is so nice that I stopped missing my rosewood within minutes of playing. The smell! I've never been playing and just stopped to smell my guitar. When you strum this guitar the rich tone and sustain is unbelievable. The guitar just vibrates against your body and hand like nothing I've experienced. I've fallen in love with a guitar for the first time after ten years of playing. Get one.

  • from Gainesville, GA October 1, 2014Music Background:
    Worship leader, weekly gigs

    Awesome guitar, but even better service from Sweetwater!

    I've always played Takamines, and never thought about Martins. They've always been a bit out of my price range. The 0% finance offer made this possible, though.
    This is a great entry level Martin - the sound, looks, feel are awesome.
    What prompted this review, however, is the fact that mine developed a small crack in the upper side shell within the 1st 2 months.
    With this being my only gig guitar, I couldn't send it back without a replacement - plus leading worship on Sundays.
    AJ Becerra exemplifies Sweetwater's commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction! As soon as they received the next batch in, he had a replacement packed up and on the way to me.
    Hopefully the crack is an anomoly, as I really love the model. Hopefully the replacement will be as nice (sans crack).
    Even if this guitar isn't for you, Sweetwater is definitely the way to go...

  • from Rutherfordton, NC USA August 15, 2014


    I was in the market for a real acoustic guitar. I'm not too picky when it comes to USA made or international but I love Martin and it's historic legacy. When I stepped into the acoustic room I looked around at everything hanging on the wall and this all solid Sapele guitar caught my eye. I figured I would be looking for a more traditional mahogany/spruce combo but one strum and it had the smoothness I wanted from an acoustic guitar with all the rich Martin tone. I'm not one to worry about innovations and the alternative materials for the fingerboard and bridge are amazing, if you ask me. Sure, a purest will scoff at that but it's durable and rings just the same. The Stratabond neck is stronger than steel (figuratively) and feels just as smooth as a solid piece neck. Never have to worry about warping for any reason I could think of, a true player's guitar. Throw in a hard shell case and this is the best deal on the market. If you are wanting a true solid wood guitar and not bankrupt yourself in the process the Martin Road Series guitars will fit a player of any skill level perfectly.

  • from Pleasant Hill MO July 28, 2014Music Background:

    Perfect Sound, Perfect Guitar!

    My husband loves the look and the deep, rich sound from this great guitar.....everything about it is perfect!

  • from April 28, 2014Music Background:
    Woefully inadequate but always hopeful strummer.


    Recently got my new DRS1. I cannot adequately describe it. The beautiful understated look, the feel, the smell (oh yeah, the smell - seriously), but most importantly, the sound. Wow. 100% pure Martin. The rich, deep low notes and pure, sweet high notes are a dream come true. I can hardly wait to pick it up every day. The perfect companion for sitting on a rock and looking out over the ocean!

  • from Pittsburgh, PA October 8, 2013


    I love it... amazing guitar, amazing tone... it's just perfect!! Everything you can expect from a Martin guitar you can find it in this guitar and you can't find a better deal for the price, the case is super nice too... I just love it!! I've also used it through the PA system at my church already and it sounds great!!! and of course Sweetwater's Customer service is amazing as usual!! I highly recommend this guitar and Sweetwaters!!

  • from Alexandria Virginia May 29, 2013Music Background:
    living room, reck room, kitchen table, patio, back porch, garage picken, for 50 years.

    Deep Dark and Delishious

    Sounds like a woman...I wish!!!! This is the guitar you grab after a long day of........! In the still night air she rings like the call of a bird on the farr side of a beautiful lake. Her voice floats on the air, as softly as the touch on her strings, that sends it floating in the night. She can sound as bold as a lover demanding attention, or as soft and gentle as a babys sigh. take the girl to he honky tonk, dance hall, or the concert auditorium, she will raise ears in either. Lean back in a chair on the back porch and strum with the gang, with the brown paper bag listens to the blues ringing over head. This is the bird in the hand that is worth two in the bush. Let her whisper in your ear, or holler at your...... ya gotta love her.

  • from Nashville, TN February 28, 2013Music Background:

    Great instrument

    I love this guitar and use it everyday. It has such a full bodied sound. I am sure there are better sounding guitars, but for the price you can't beat the DRS1.

  • from new brunswick canada October 29, 2012Music Background:

    Best in the market

    Just bought this guitar one month ago. Play it every day. The sound is like a dream come true. Wouldn't trade it for anything.

  • from St. Paul, Minnesota USA August 27, 2012Music Background:

    Solid Performer!!!

    Love this guitar! I don't think there is a equivalent quality guitar for the price. The sound is rich and deep. I think the Sapele body is beautiful, with a lusterous grain that looks better than most Mahogany.

  • from Crescent City, CA August 21, 2012Music Background:
    Hobbyist, struggling musician, dreamer

    An OUTSTANDING bargain at this price!

    This guitar just rings like a bell! I am very happy with the beautiful look of the sapele wood, and I really like the satin finish on the Martin, rather than the gloss finish of other brands. The neck is so easy to play, and I like the look of the Stratabond, as opposed to just a solid piece of wood.
    I'm extremely pleased with my instrument, and I am so glad that I took the chance on Sweetwater!

  • from Bellville, TX February 23, 2012Music Background:
    Recording; live bands (reggae, rock, jazz, contemporary Christian, yo momma's music, too)

    Incredible Martin

    I am a 35+ year player; now 51. This guitar is one of the best acoustics I have ever played. It is the traditional 14th fret - meets - body style. What the buyer needs to know is for the player, this is the guitar to buy unless money is not an issue. If money is no issue, of course, buy a $2,500 to $4,500 Adirondack Mahogany from the hills of my home state. Otherwise, if your intention is to satisfy the player, (your not a collector, right), then this Sapele wood (from Africa, a species commonly associated with the trees in Pennsylvania) Martin with the play neck and (I believe) man-made material top of neck, is a great, great option. By the way, I did not know the top of the neck was man made material (or maybe it is a processed type of wood based material) until I read that somewhere. When I played this guitar I was not in the market , but I simply HAD to buy one, with extended pay option, thank you, and I only have three words for it: FAB U LOUS! Incredible feel, nice looker (esp. the body). I am unable to fine a flaw for the price and the deal they gave me. Recording this guitar with microphone is fabulous. As good as any CD. Using a Behringer acoustic mic processing through some very light affects in my Tascam 2400 (very little compression) and I just can't describe how pristine it is. I also play it at church, using the on board electric pickup. Great sound. I will probably lower the action during my first string change, by trimming the saddle, a little. My first high end acoustic was not a high end price and it sounds BIG and crystal clear, like a John Denver sound or something. DID I saw that, too?

  • from St Augustine, Florida February 19, 2012Music Background:
    intermediate player

    An Outstanding Value

    The Martin DRS1 is by anyone's definition an outstanding value. For $699.00 & a free Martin hardshell case, you simply can't go wrong. I don't know of a guitar in this price range that uses all solid woods. The DRS1 has a beautiful voice; deep bass, ample midrange & clear, bright treble. The warm, sweet & slightly dark tone is no doubt due to the gorgeous solid sapele top. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to anyone who is looking for a high quality instrument. It also has excellent playability.

  • from Arkansas April 28, 2016

    Great Guitar

    Has the Martin sound and feel. Pretty much looks and feels like an American Martin. The Sapele has a warm tone, the richlite fretboard feels very similar to Ebony. Might be worth replacing the "TUSQ" saddle with bone. This guitar is a 4.5/5 only because at the end of the day it's a Mexican Martin, and that does take away from the prestige. Definitely worth the price.
    This is the second guitar I've bought from Sweetwater and I couldn't be happier. Flawless customer service and diligence. The ONLY place to buy a guitar online.

  • from Modesto,Ca. November 12, 2013Music Background:

    Martin DRS1

    Received my guitar in great condition, in tune no flaws. First thing I notices was the beautiful Sapele wood that smelled great. My guitar has beautiful tone that gave me chills and made the hair stand up on my arms. This guitar is a finger pickers delight with good but not great sustain. This could be that I'm not yet familiar with the neck, being used to a narrower c shaped neck. I have other guitars with the fishman Sonatone pickup but none I mean none sound as great as on my Martin DRS1.The tone is great finger picking or strumming. And loud if you want it.It will give you good changes it tone between treble and bass. It reminds me of another older Martin I had but sold. I'm so happy to have this Martin DRS1 and look forward to many happy hours playin it. This guitar with case at this price point can't beat it.
    Thank you Martin and Sweetwater for this great Guitar.

  • from Madison, AL USA September 9, 2013Music Background:

    Great sound, look and feel

    To get a solid wood body Martin that sounds, looks and feels the way this DRS1 does, and pay sub $750 with a hard shell case is a wonderful deal. It is hard to put this guitar down once you start playing it. It also smells good (the wood). My only complaint is that the guitar is heavy (compared to my vintage "lawsuit model" Takamine), and the neck is manmade material. However, time will tell how well this guitar holds up, but I have no reason to believe the guitar will not continue to exceed my expectations! Great guitar, great value, and great sound!! Good job Martin!

  • from Mo September 2, 2013Music Background:

    Great guitar

    I absolutely love this guitar. The feel and sound is amazing. The sapele really has the nice warm sound I was looking for. Not quite as loud as some other dreadnaughts but that's what I was looking for. You won't be disappointed.

  • from New York City, NY July 30, 2013


    I owned the Martin DXME for several years with silent disappointment, knowing it was not giving me the true Martin sound I longed for, but was what I could afford. It was an upgrade at the time, a kind of intro to the Martin family. This DRS1 model blows the DXME clear out of the water. There is NO way to compare the two. I have tested other Martins at 2k and 3k - and I don't know what it is, perhaps through some mysterious element or set of elements in the DRS1, it sounds 'better' than the rest. It just does. Now, listen very closely here - forget about Mexico. That's all politics, a futile argument, like a religious debate - it will end nowhere. This is a special instrument. How in the world did Martin manage to do it at this price? I feel privileged to own it.

    The playability...once I pick it up, I can't put the guitar down. Picking it up means I play it for a minimum of an hour, just ask my sore right shoulder. When a chord is struck on this thing the whole instrument vibrates against your hands and body with surprising power and sustain. The sound is as crisp and dynamic and muddy and dark as we all know Martins to be. This range of sound is something that cannot be duplicated by a Taylor or a Gibson, otherwise they would be Martins. Given, Taylor and Gibson are in a class all by themselves - great guitar makers indeed. But...have you noticed how everyone compares their acoustic guitar, when it is not a Martin, to a Martin?

    Don't judge this guitar by going on youtube...U2 on video is not U2 live...c'mon. If you are in the market for any guitar at all, you owe it to yourself to not base your purchase criteria on youtube videos. You have to smell this thing, you have to hold it. No exaggeration. Just honestly speaking.

    Now...this is what I did to set it up to my liking. First, using a long 5mm Allen key, I gave the neck some relief by loosening the truss rod just a bit. You want the rod screw tight, but you also want it to breathe a little - the neck is aligned perfectly this way. I then patiently shaved the TUSQ saddle, making sure not to overdo it. And leave the nut alone! I then put Elixir 80/20 bronze strings, light. You'll remember this review for a long time.

    4.5 stars because a 5 to me means God Himself made it.

  • from Indiana July 4, 2013Music Background:
    been playing guitar fifty years

    Great Guitar

    I really like this guitar, It is a no- frills guitar, but plays like the more expensive high-end guitars. I like the plain natural finish look of the guitar. The Fishman Sonitone pickup sounds great through an amp or p.a. system. It is a very practical workhorse type of guitar which is what I wanted. With the Martin quality and tradition you can't go wrong with this model.

  • from reno, nv June 16, 2013Music Background:
    50 years playing (& counting!)


    this is a mighty axe, with a bass projection you can feel as much as hear. the richlite fretboard makes for unprecedented playability, and the stratabond neck is not only silky-smooth, but fantastic looking. and if you happen to enjoy playing in DADGAD or drop-D tuning, this workhorse dread is for you!

    i'd never heard of sapele; and when the guitar arrived, i was struck by its beauty, and felt it shouldn't have a satin finish. so i took it down with some 0000 steel wool. now it glows. don't get me wrong--the satin finish is soft, smooth, and flawlessly applied--just not my preference.

    a bit too heavy for my liking, which is why it didn't get a fifth star. otherwise, it's righteous in all respects, including the electronics. i've had it for nine months now, and it just keeps getting better. this instrument is a further testament to martin quality standards, no matter where it is made.

    this was my first guitar purchase from sweetwater (second a wechter ga8221ce, made two weeks ago). considering the prompt, professional service i received in both instances from mike arango and his associates, it's likely i'll have made a third by this time next year.

  • from Tulsa, OK March 29, 2013Music Background:
    Worship Leader

    Best value around

    The DRS-1 represents possibly the best value available in a solid wood guitar. The sound is terrific; very nicely balanced. I personally love the very simple, unadorned looks of this guitar. The included hard case is also very nice quality. Ordering and shipping from Sweetwater was very quick. I am extremely pleased with this purchase.

  • from kerrville,texas March 18, 2013Music Background:
    Long time amatuer

    finger picking

    Great value and the sound is amazing. Looks great , plays easily enough. Humidity this winter in Texas was almost non existant which adversly affected the playability. After a couple days in case with a little humidity, guitar came back great. House is full of Ovations, Taylors and a couple of Martins, and this DRS1 is the one I grab almost every day. Even smells great.

  • from Chicago, IL February 9, 2012Music Background:
    Performance, Recording, Live Sound

    Warm Tone at a great price.

    Nice dark rich sound. Neck feels great and the hidden look of the Sonitone controls is a really nice feature. Overall very happy with this Martin. Looking forward to my next Martin.

    Thanks Bob Mondok and Sam Rogers for your help.

  • from Asheville, NC September 26, 2016Music Background:
    Former touring musician, project studio owner

    DRS1 going strong

    I bought this guitar about 2 years ago and was blown away that I got to pick out the precise one from Sweetwater's gallery. It arrived and I was thrilled with how pretty it was, how easy it was to play, how it sounded and, believe it or not, how good it smelled. I've been playing it ever since and it's only gotten sweeter sounding. The tuning machines are phenomenal for a guitar at this price point - it rarely goes out of tune, at all. Sure, there are some luxurious appointments that Martin could have included, at a higher price point, but I doubt there's a better player's guitar for the money. It also still smells good after a couple of years. I love this guitar.

  • from June 24, 2016

    Great Guitar - Great Experience

    This Guitar is excellent. The Guitar is so Mellow - i love it. I was trying to decide between the DRS1 and DRS2, but think I'll stick with the one; if Iwant brighter tones I can use an amp. Speaking of amps, 'm looking into purchasing an amp for it also - I have not purchased it yet because I have not had a chance to call with questions - This is my first time purchasing from sweetwater. So far my experience with purchasing from Sweetwater has been great other then that they have not answered any of my emails, even the emails that urged to do so; but, have answered my calls. Will probably purchase from sweetwater again. The only hesitation I have in recommending to anyone else is the lack of email response to questions. We will see how my next purchase goes.

  • from Colorado Springs, USA March 17, 2013Music Background:
    Experienced Hobbyist

    Great Tone, with the Right Strings.

    Solid wood guitar for under $1G, wow. Some reviews complain about the guitar sounding muted unplugged. I suggest breaking it in and changing the strings. The more I play my DRS1 the better it sounds. All guitars need regular sting changes, I found that going with the Martin SP Custom Light 80/20 Bronze Strings, 11-52, really liven up the sound, and I have tried alot of strings. Another biggie, use the right pick for the situation. Try different strings and picks until you find the right sound for you. Get the right combo down and you cannot beat this instrument for the money.

  • from Eatonton, Ga. October 24, 2012Music Background:

    Martin DRS 1 Guitar

    Love my new Martin DRS1.....Has a great sound whether plugged to the amp or sitting out on the deck with friends.....Has that expensive sound for a fraction of the money....Beautiful finish on the body......

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