Middle Atlantic Products DR Series 12U Rack

12U Desktop Rack Rails
Middle Atlantic Products DR Series 12U Rack image 1
Middle Atlantic Products DR Series 12U Rack image 1
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Middle Atlantic Products DR Series 12U Rack
In Stock!

It's the easy, cost-effective way to rack!

The fast, inexpensive way to organize your desktop audio gear. The DR Series desktop railracks feature a width of 19-1/8" and a depth of 11.5". Both models extend upward at a gentle slope.


Tech Specs

Rack Spaces 12U
Manufacturer Part Number DR-12

Customer Reviews

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Perfect for my set up!

I have an argosy console and I couldn't find a wooden rack that was shallow enough to fit underneath the arm rest without sticking out too far. This DR 12 rack was perfect and it was just the right height and price as well. This is a very sturdy unit. I have two LA2A's living in them and a few other heavy pieces of gear. It't perfect!

big step in organizing

I have a very small sound-work area, and these excellent racks were just what was needed to put six devices in one place. Wires are a thing of course- this setup is on a desk, and I need to constantly access the back of the units for wiring, and it was a pain. Patch bay doesn't cut it at this point. So I sat the rack with it's units on a sized cutting board, and on top of a hardware store turntable thing. Presto, I can access the back with relative ease! The rack is 12 u tall, and I got one extra rack-shelf so I can place the Audient interface. I have three 2u pieces and they have one u space between for cooling, and 2 1u pieces on the bottom. Its a good setup, and the rack is very strong. It slants back and I needed to have it more upright on the desk. Pieces of wood under the back of the base pieces hold the whole at the right angle. It'd be nice to have a ready made unit with the turning capability, but I made do. For a lot more dough you can get all kinds of options, but this mid-atlantic piece is very good. You have to do your planning in buying these things, for present and future needs, space available, and cost. This one helped a lot!
Music background: Percussion, voice, bass, field recording, lot of years.

Quite Nice!

Quickest review I've ever done! I ordered 4 of these from my SW SE Delvin Wolf at about 1PM yesterday. They arrived at about 11AM this morning! By 11 tonight (think about this- less than 36 hours have elapsed!!) the bulk of my gear is racked-up, ready to wire. And I have some pretty bulky, heavy stuff, too, ranging from my Sweetwater Creation Station, to some home built compressors with stout and heavy iron in them. These Middle Atlantic racks are heavy-duty, very well-built, and come with the option of either little rubber feet, or the ability to screw them onto your desk. Let's call them 5 stars. Then subtract half a star because as-packaged, they come wrapped in cellophane to keep the metal from clanking-around in the box. Problem is, they are somewhat lightly-anodized, so if you are not EXTREMELY careful with your razor knife while cutting-away the cellophane, you'll scratch the anodization, and the bare steel shows through. Either way, though, they are far more rugged that anything from OSS, whose stuff is ALWAYS flimsy... Down-engineered to hit their price point. The Middle Atlantic stuff costs more because it's worth it!! And, these racks cost a little more than buying rack rails and plywood and building /painting your own. Not much more... The time and effort you'll save is well worth the $15 delta over building your own. Plus the fact that they are VERY well-engineered. Yes, I am type-A, and mapped this pretty-accurately. And think about Sweetwater's role here. In less than 36 hours, my stuff is installed and ready to wire!!! Need rack space? I HIGHLY recommend these.
Music background: Vast and varied. I could expound, but do not wish to appear to be boastful.

Really did the trick

This rack is a quick and inexpensive way to organize and properly utilize your sound equipment. Moreover, it allows the use of more equipment should you choose without taking up mlore table/floor/desk space. I do wish it had two vertical arms on the opposite side to give more options for cord organization.
Music background: Radio personality, voice over artist, live sound engineer.
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