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Akai Professional DPS24 mkII Reviews

5.0 stars based on 13 customer reviews
  • from Fort Collins, Colorado November 12, 2007Music Background:
    Studio owner, recording engineer, professional musician

    Alien Technology!

    I've been using it since 2003 in the studio without a hiccup. No glitches, nothing! Sound quality is amazing out of the box. Consider the fact you can integrate any other preamp or converter you choose with ease, makes the Akai the best 'box' out there. I can set up a 16-24 track session with ease (5 and 6 piece bands), track, edit and mix all with this unit. I typically track session now with the Akai since it's so bulletproof and flexible for tracking - then simply move the files to the PC and mix and edit with SONAR. Brilliant.

  • from Long Island, NY May 3, 2007Music Background:
    Professional musician, project studio operator

    Total professional package

    Sure, the DPS24 is amazing for the musician who wants to record all their songs. Any hobbyist recording person will be satisfied for years with this unit- perhaps even for life. It leaves you wanting for nothing. From the simplest twelve track recordings, all the way up to fourty, fifty, or higher track counts- the DPS24 can do it all. You are truly only limited by your imagination. Get as deep as you want.

    Now, for professional studio use, you begin to REALLY see just how amazingly well thought out the design is, and how Akai really worked hard to include features that a studio for hire needs on a daily basis- features you won't find from the prosumer Roland series or Korg. Things like uncompressed recording at 24 bit with full track count available. Studio foldback mix ability with built in talk back mic- a feature that the DPS24 INCLUDES! Total open architecture for routing options. You can literally get a signal routed anywhere in this thing, and more importantly, OUT of the thing! Twenty four channel ADAT- HUGE! Inserts. Monitoring is pro featured- mains/nears/studio, and yes MONO, all with the touch of a button! USB multi-file transfering to the computer. A computer GUI so you can see your whole project on the computer monitor, as well as a full meter bridge. These are just a few features that put the DPS24 in another league from the prosumer offerings. It's a user friendly tracker for the recording musician, and a fully professional console for pro studio use. You want the best? Akai DPS24. Nuff said.

  • from San Juan, PR April 16, 2007Music Background:
    Pro Musician and Producer

    Best stand-alone DAW and then some . . .

    I spent almost a year researching stand-alone DAW's before making the purchase. After narrowing it down to the Akai, the Roland (2480) and the Korg D32XD (which is no longer produced) the Akai won hands down. Shure, the other ones have some great features and a few advantages (read FEW), but the DPS was the clear winner . . . BY A LOT! It is without a doubt a professional audio unit, which (dare I say!) gives a lot of computer setups out there a spanking. Check out all the reviews and shootouts on the web and you'll see what I mean. Highly recommended!

  • from Stavanger, Norway March 18, 2007Music Background:
    Recording Engineer (SAE), Producer, Singer/Songwriter

    Killer Recording Machine!

    I bought this machine after selling my Roland VS2480. The Roland was a great machine, but it lacked everything that the DPS24 has to offer as a standard model!

    I have the additional 16-channel ADAT card, and the machine has never let me down - ever. The machine is very intuitive, sounds beautiful, runs on both a Mac & PC with excellent file transfer (both ways).

    If you are serious about your projects (and your customers...), and you need a top notch hard-disk recording unit, then look no further!

    No other machine on the market can touch it!

  • from SoCal March 9, 2007Music Background:

    Pro Sound Quality All the Way

    If sound quality is what you’re concerned about; the DPS 24 delivers here. 56-bit processing in the mix engine gives tons of headroom without the summing problems of Pro Tools or other computer apps. True analog-like sound with the ease of PT editing - actually better! Rock solid performance; not a single crash, lockup, or loss of data in 4-years, (we use it 8-10 hours a day in a commercial setting). Built like a tank. What else, let's see…38-independent compressors, 38-noise gates, 38-fully adjustable EQ's, tons of top-shelf effects, a built in 2-track mastering recorder with multi-band compressor expander - enough features to fill several large outboard gear racks. 10-years ago this much power would have cost you over $100,000 and filled two rooms!

  • from Sacramento CA USA January 20, 2007Music Background:
    pro musician, hobbyist

    Simply the best!

    From everything to it's 100mm touch sensitive, fully automated faders, seamless editing abilities, almost limitless abilitly to connect to external devices and pc's, to it's superior, almost analogue sound, the dps24 is a steal.

  • from USA November 28, 2006Music Background:
    Singer/Songwriter, Engineer and Producer

    Best 24 Tracker Out There!

    The DPS24 has amazing sound quality and is easy to use. Akai got it right the first time out. The preamps in this unit are very transparent with lots of headroom. Editing capabilties are stunning and the overall design/layout is beautiful. Unlike the competition there's no data compression and you can record a full 24 tracks in 24 bit. No other brand compares to the DPS24. Buy one and you'll see why!

  • from DETROIT November 2, 2006Music Background:



  • from nevada October 17, 2006Music Background:
    guitarist, drummer, home recording hobbyist.

    Incredible piece of machinery

    This machine has been around for about 5 years unchanged, and although it's competition offers some pretty impressive packages, none comes close to the dps24. It's sound, the quality of workmanship, editing ability, and connectivity to other devices, is nothing short of amazing. This is a serious professional recording studio capable of reproducing sound comparible to large recording studios.

  • from NV October 11, 2006Music Background:
    Been playing guitar and bass for 26 years, drums, keys for 5. Everything from blues to thrash to country.

    Built like a tank.

    I've had my DPS for about 4 years now and never a problem. Not even a hiccup. While some of the effects need a bit of tweaking, they're very useable. Nice clean onboard pres and an intuitive layout. This thing's the best one out there.

  • from NC, USA October 6, 2006Music Background:


    beautiful sounding machine. mix buss is great. i used roland 1880 for 4 years and the difference in sound quality is astounding.

  • from Newark, NJ. October 5, 2006Music Background:
    Recording Engineer and Drummer.

    All hail the KING!

    This is one amazing piece of gear. There is simply no other recording workstation on the market that can touch this unit. There are other manufacturers who have similar workstations, but in order to get 24 full tracks, you either have to record in 16-bit mode or deal with data compression. To say this machine is deep is an understatement. Sound quality is top-notch and can handle any recording session out there. Do yourself a favor and give this piece of audio gold a good, long listen!

  • from AR USA July 9, 2007Music Background:
    Recording Engineer; Ameteur

    DPS24, not mkII but basicly the same model.

    The 4 preamps are quality, not as nice as expensive pres like Manelys you know. But the right condencers will work. Defenitly not with the Shure KSM44 I own. Soundelux U195 works much better.

    The 12 ad converters are VERY hi quality but you will want to plug in others, up to 3 8-channel and one stereo. The DPS24 converters are so smooth that it seams to smother and smear some of the clarity for my sound with some mics. They will fatten up a thin signal. The image usually is thick, big and still open. I try to stay away from muddy mics and pres with them.

    Get the How To Build A Microphone condencers recomended in Tape-op magazine issue # 16, for drum overheads. The quality I'm getting is unspeakable, I have never been more pleased with the quality of my sound.

    No analog gain on the DPS24. Digital gain starts to degrade the sound at around half volume. I got a beringer ultragain pro AD I like a hole lot. But there are some extreamly high level quality ad converters that will push this board far above the industry standard that it is. I would not trade this workstation for any another brand at this time.

    It does freeze up some but not ever in record mode and I have not lost any data sence I put in the maxter harddrive. The freezing sometimes occurs when locking and changing digital conections, but the conections work perfect once set in.

    56-bit eqs is wonderful, higher than standard. You may not like all of the processing characteristics and dithering, so you can add more through the digital i/o into the right into the system.

    This is truly the power-portable workhourse I have allwase dreamed of. Projects are easy to work with and file. People strongly react as the motorized faders jump into position and back. I give them that look like yeah, I know what your thinking. It's just so dang inpressive and military, people are blown away and think I'm some kind of undergraound professional. Injoy it!

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