DiMarzio Area Hot T Bridge Telecaster Pickup - Black

Single-coil Electric Guitar Pickup, Bridge - Black
DiMarzio Area Hot T Bridge Telecaster Pickup - Black image 1
DiMarzio Area Hot T Bridge Telecaster Pickup - Black image 1
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DiMarzio Area Hot T Bridge Telecaster Pickup - Black
In Stock!

Single-coil with the Voice of a PAF

The DiMarzio Area Hot T single-coil bridge electric guitar pickup is voiced with the same EQ as a legendary PAF-style humbucker. But because of the Area Hot T's size and magnet configuration it is far from a humbucker squashed into a smaller housing. Sweetwater players love how it adds dynamics and headroom to your tone, without being overpowering and still retaining the classic twang. Get that vintage PAF pickup tone in a bridge position single-coil with the DiMarzio Area Hot T single-coil bridge electric guitar pickup

DiMarzio Area Hot T Single-coil Bridge Electric Guitar Pickup Features:
  • T-style single-coil voiced like a PAF humbucker
  • Unique voice thanks to its 6-magnet configuration
  • Wiring: 4 Conductor
  • Magnet: Alnico 2
  • Output mV: 238
  • DC Resistance: 9.33 Kohm
The Area Hot T single-coil gives your guitar a whole new voice.

Tech Specs

Type Single-coil
Active/Passive Passive
Magnet Material Alnico 2
Position Bridge
Number of Conductors 4
Covering Uncovered
Number of Strings 6
Manufacturer Part Number DP421

Customer Reviews

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Classic Tele sound with a kick.........

I installed this pickup and an Area T neck model in my American Standard Tele to replace a set of Lace Sensor Tele pickups that I tried for a while. The Lace pickups are very good, but I had some issues with the e string being soft on my bridge pickup. In addition, while the tone was good I felt that my guitar was lacking some of the traditional Tele vibe, which I wanted to get back. As far as the bridge pickup goes, I wanted a hot rodded vintage tone that still maintained some of the Tele snap and twang, but with stronger mids and more rounded highs. That's exactly what the Area Hot T does. It sounds more like a single coil than a humbucker. It has the mids and rounded highs of a humbucker but yet still possesses the Tele twang as well. The output is very strong, much stronger and punchier than my Lace T-150 bridge pickup but more vintage sounding at the same time. The Hot T responds very well to height changes and the tone and output vary a lot with small adjustments. I had to lower it quite a bit to balance with the Area T neck model, but the two pair very well together. Overall, I am extremely happy and this pickup is staying in my guitar. DiMarzio did a superb job of blending some humbucker like characteristics into the Hot T without making it lose its identity as a Tele style pickup.

Versatile Higher Output Bridge Pup

This pickup is really growing on me, especially in a band situation. I installed it a couple of months ago so I've had some time to live with it. I play some places where I really NEED a pickup that's noiseless - at least when compared to a traditional single coil pickup. The Area Hot T fills the bill and is still plenty bright, and still sounds like a Tele bridge pickup, with big "twang". This was a pleasant surprise. the Hot T cleans up great when backing off the guitar volume. Back the pickup off the strings and it sounds a lot like a Broadcaster pickup with plenty of mids, crank it closer to the strings and it starts sounding more like a P90 - without the hum. The only Tele thing it doesn't really do well is the thinner 60's Bakersfield thing. Not a problem for me. I would have given it the extra .5 star but it was an overly tight fit in my bridge plate and the leads are ultra thin, but once installed it adjusts and works great! Overall a great sounding pickup, especially considering the noiseless design. I'll be leaving it in there. And it pairs great with the Area T Neck!
Music background: Semi-retired Professional
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