DiMarzio The Tone Zone Humbucker Pickup - F-spaced Black

F-spaced Humbucking Electric Guitar Pickup, Bridge - Black
DiMarzio The Tone Zone Humbucker Pickup - F-spaced Black image 1
DiMarzio The Tone Zone Humbucker Pickup - F-spaced Black image 1
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DiMarzio The Tone Zone Humbucker Pickup - F-spaced Black
In Stock!

Killer Fat Tone, Huge Dynamic Range!

The DiMarzio Tone Zone is a brilliantly high-output pickup, yet it delivers tremendous dynamic range, so you can get even more tones out of your guitar. Pick softer and the notes are cleaner and quieter, then throw on some harder shredding, and you'll get a ton of fat power. Chords are huge, even single notes have depth, and the DiMarzio Tone Zone's patented dual-resonance coils deliver killer overtones - more than expected from a pickup this fat-sounding. Need power in your bridge position? Step it up with the DiMarzio Tone Zone.

DiMarzio Tone Zone Guitar Pickup Features:
  • Humbucker
  • F-spacing, Learn more...
  • Color: Black
  • High-output pickup
  • Wiring: 4 Conductor
  • Magnet: Alnico 5
  • Output: 375
  • DC Resistance: 17.31
DiMarzio Tone Guide:
  • Treble: 5
  • Mid: 8.5
  • Bass: 8.5
The DiMarzio Tone Zone is a high-output, fat-sounding humbucker with a tremendous dynamic range!

DiMarzio guitar pickups give you the tone and output you need to get the most out of your guitar. Dozens of guitar legends have used DiMarzio pickups in their prized instruments, from Joe Satriani and Steve Vai to David Gilmour and Eric Johnson, Jerry Garcia to John Petrucci - the list goes on and on. Ever since the introduction of the Super Distortion humbucker in the early 1970s, players have relied on DiMarzio for a range of replacement pickups that suit their needs best. Take your axe to the next level with DiMarzio!

Tech Specs

Type Humbucker
Active/Passive Passive
Magnet Material Alnico
Position Bridge
Number of Conductors 4
Covering Uncovered
Number of Strings 6
Manufacturer Part Number DP155FBK

Customer Reviews

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Tone Zone rocks

I've used a Tone Zone before so I knew they were great pickups. I needed this one for a brighter, bolt-on style Charvel Custom Shop guitar. It just need that little extra low-mid and low end punch that TZ's are known for. That, couple with sweet but still screaming highs, make the TZ a killer pickup for these types of guitars. As always, Sweetwater and Justin Sunday were fantastic to deal with. Sweetwater reminds me of the "mom and pop" music stores I'm used to dealing with from back in my early years (been playing for 37 years). They are very knowledgeable, friendly, and show genuine concern for the customer. The Tone Zone is what you need if you have a brighter guitar. It will give it punch and a killer tone.
Music background: Professional rock guitarist for 37 years

Great Pickup!

Considering that buying a pickup is sort of a crapshoot I did a lot of research. I have a Jackson Adrian Smith model and couldn't stand the pickup in the bridge position so I figured it was some generic thing. I bought the Tone Zone and pulled out what ended up being a DiMarzio Super Distortion!! I went ahead with the swap any way and the tone of this thing sings! A very balanced sweet sounding pickup in all applications and a great improvement in tone!
Music background: Pro. Mostly rock

A Truly Great Pickup

I have never had a pickup with just the right amount of power and balance as the Tone Zone. It can cut through any mix and has the perfect balance of treble, mids, and bass. I don't know about other guitars, but my Tone Zone loves my Les Paul. Any LP I buy now will have the Tone Zone in the bridge
Music background: Church Musician

Get in the Zone, Tone Zone

Put this pickup in a cheap epiphone lp junior I bought used for $60 with a duncan sh-1 as a backup to my DiMarzio hot roded strat. It really brought out the beast in the little Epi. Thick bottom end, super clear high end and thick mids, this pickup is awesome. I highly recommend it for any bridge pickup replacement.
Music background: Performing Musician

Really Raised the Bar!

I was worried that the tone zone would be really muddy and gross when I ordered it, since I read mixed reviews and always assume the worst. But when I got it and had it installed, it sounded fantastic! I play Metal Core, Hard Core, and punk, and it nails all styles, with style! When I start building my own guitars, I'll definitely be throwing these in em!
Music background: Lead Guitarist and aspiring Luthier
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