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Roland DP-10 Piano-style Sustain Pedal with Half-damper Control Reviews

4.5 stars based on 34 customer reviews
Questions about the Roland DP-10 Piano-style Sustain Pedal with Half-damper Control?

Questions about the Roland DP-10 Piano-style Sustain Pedal with Half-damper Control?

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  • from Toluca Lake, CA December 5, 2016Music Background:
    Animator who's an audio enthusiast

    Solid Pedal

    Rock solid. Very well built. Nothing flimsy here. Got it a great discount as well. Bought to go with my FA-06.
    I was going to go with another brand originally, but I'm glad I didn't.
    Sweetwater is the best!

  • from N.E. Florida USA August 3, 2015Music Background:
    Piano, Synths Organ, Choir Director, Musical Projects

    Roland DP-10 Sustain Pedal

    This pedal is the best on the market. I have been through pedals that cost less but in the long run, they don't last and become intermittent in performance. The Roland DP-10 is built well, reliable, constant in its performance. The last thing I need is an intermittent piece of equipment that is dropping in and out while I am playing Live. I never have to worry with this piece.

  • from Reston, VA January 9, 2014Music Background:
    Craftsman of Sonic Art

    Performs exactly as advertised

    The rubber step plate make it worth the couple extra dollars.

  • from Wisconsin December 9, 2013Music Background:
    Audio Engineer

    Roland DP-10 Keyboard Pedal

    This pedal is great! It has a backing on it that stops it from running away!

  • from Newark, DE USA June 25, 2013Music Background:
    Worship Leader

    Ther best damper pedal

    It costs a bit more than the others, but the action and sensitivity of the DP-10 outclasses all the rest. The extra 10 bucks is well worth it. And of course Nick got it to me in two days on standard free shipping. Gotta love Sweetwater

  • from Crossville, TN USA May 20, 2013Music Background:
    Play at my church

    Roland DP-10

    I have bought several different pedals in the past and none have seemed more durable than this pedal. It stays put when you need it to and has an extra long cable that will reach the highest of keyboard tiers. I highly recommend the Roland DP-10 pedal if you want a pedal that will last. It is truly worth spending a few extra dollars.

  • from Tennessee May 6, 2013Music Background:
    Accompanist & Teacher

    DP-10 Pedal

    Purchased as a replacement for one of the schools I work with....LOVE the platform that swings out from the base to go under your heal. No more chasing migratory pedals!!! This should become a standard for ALL pedals.

  • from Mexico April 4, 2013Music Background:
    13 years of playing the piano


    This is a very responsive pedal.
    It feels natural when using it and its very durable (I have been using it for over 4 years).
    I highly recommend it

  • from Watsonville, CA March 20, 2013Music Background:
    Home Studio

    Very Happy With My New Pedal

    I recently bought my new roland dp-10 pedal and im verry happy with it, even though i have a yamaha p-105 it works really well, i recomend it to anyone who plan in buying one , thanks

  • from New York, NY. March 19, 2013Music Background:
    Pro Musician, Composer, Arranger, Sound Designer

    Excellent pedal

    Solidly built, as most things Roland are. Though I don't think I'd ever have the occasion to use the extra length of wire, but it would certainly be useful to any player that stack s multiple keyboards. The non slip rubber plate is a bit of genius. I was skeptical, but it stays in place very well on both hard wood and carpet....haven't tried in on a surface like concrete yet. The biggest asset for me is the half pedaling, which adds extra realism to my Synthogy Ivory II VI. And then there's Sweetwater and my personal sales rep. Michael Eads...simply the best! Thanks, guys!

  • from February 14, 2013

    Roland DP-10

    Great pedal, built to last and the no slip pad is great keeps the pedal put

  • from West Point, MS USA November 19, 2012Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Awesome Gear

    Very friendly staff. I had my own representative that showed an interest in my needs. The gear I got was just as I expected. Sweetwater is the number one stop.

  • from Southwest Michigan November 13, 2012Music Background:

    Best Metal in a Pedal

    This thing is great with the flipout slide stopper! This is my standard pedal for all new Keyboards.

  • from Milford, CT November 12, 2012Music Background:
    Gigging Musician

    Great Pedal

    a well built pedal; replacing a defunct M Gear unit. Glad I spent the xtra $$. You get what you pay for!

    Sweetwater has the best customer service bar none.

  • from Brooklyn, NY April 5, 2012Music Background:
    Professional Musician

    Great Pedal

    For years I was constantly frustrated with pedals that kept sliding away from me as I used them and then I discovered this pedal. Now embarrassingly I will say that I had no clue why Roland would make a pedal that had this "stupid" piece of flimsy rubber on the bottom of it that didn`t seem properly attached and more annoyingly, this "stupid" piece of rubber could swing out to the sides and even to the front of the pedal. I thought to myself, "Wow, QC at Roland is sliding!". I WAS WRONG. Roland is completely on top of their game and they addressed the sliding sustain pedal issue that we have all had for years with this simple and beautiful design. That "stupid" piece of flimsy rubber is designed to extend out towards the front of the pedal so when you put your foot down, it rests on it and holds the pedal in place! Its a simply genius design or maybe I`m just a little slow? You decide.

  • from Miami. FL, Usa January 16, 2012Music Background:


    Luis Arroyo

  • from Seattle January 12, 2012Music Background:
    Serious hobbyist, played for 25 years

    Can't go wrong with the DP-10

    Had my last DP-10 for over 10 years and I abused it along the way. Solid piece of gear, last a long time. Nice half-damper capabilities as well

  • from April 12, 2011

    Best Damper I've Ever Used

    This pedal was included with my Roland RD-700NX. I was initially surprised by how good the pedal felt under my foot. The rubber plate on the bottom works perfectly as a non-slip pad--even on dusty tile floors. I've used quite a few dampers, and this is the best one I've seen. If you need a damper pedal, get this one.

  • from May 15, 2017

    Great Keyboard Sustain Pedal

    Does the job. Works perfectly with Roland FA-06. Long cable is a plus.

  • from NC April 1, 2015

    Just as expected

    This was recommended by my salesperson at Sweetwater as he had first hand experience of using it. It works great with my Yamaha Motif.

  • from FL February 22, 2015Music Background:
    Guitar Player, Songwriter

    DP-10 Pedal

    The DP-10 works exactly as it should. The weight, construction and footprint are perfect. I'm using it as a sustain pedal for my "vintage" 1992 Kawai K4. Why not 5.0? Hard to be "Blown away" by an on/off switch.

  • from Salisbury, MA February 26, 2012Music Background:
    44 years piano and keyboards

    this is the one

    If you want better control of your sustain, especially with keyboards that offer split or layered sounds, this is it. the less expensive switch pedals that just turn full sustain on and off don't cut it to your discerning ear. Spend the extra bucks you wont regret it.

  • from West Hempstead, NY October 7, 2016Music Background:
    Playing in bands since 1964, Bass, Guitar, vocals, and recording bands.


    Works as it should good item. Iíve had the pleasure of purchasing items since 2009. And as always, quick shipping service and follow up calls from Zack Neels and the Sweetwater crew.

  • from Grand Rapids,MI February 3, 2015

    Wish it was heavier

    This is a nice pedal. I only wish it were a little heavier. It slides a bit on carpet ( even with the rubber pad on the bottom )

  • from Charlotte, NC July 14, 2014Music Background:
    home studio ... hobby

    Roland DP-10

    Great pedal .... blows away the M-Audio SP-2 Sustain Pedal.
    Don't buy the cheap substitute ... you'll get tired of replacing and processing claims. Save up and buy quality gear ... the crew at Sweetwater is also very impressive .... they'll take care of you !!

  • from Vicksburg, Ms July 7, 2014Music Background:
    engineer, producer, live keyboard player

    Satisfied with the price and delivery

    the product works.. it was a good price and delivered in a prompt manner.. thanks

  • from Howell, MI March 11, 2014Music Background:
    Keyboardist (Piano & Organ) for 16 years, Director of Music at my church

    Does exactly what it should do

    I needed another pedal for my 2-keyboard setup. This one works perfectly with my Korg Triton Studio.

    This is a solid piece of gear that will last you for many years to come. It can definitely take a beating, making it a great piece of roadworthy gear for your keyboard setup.

    I don't particularly care for the non-slip rubber plate, but then again, my studio is inside on carpet. I'm sure it would be great for outside/live gigs. Roland makes it easy to take off with just a simple screw.

    Highly recommended accessory for your keyboard setup.

  • from new orleans, la July 13, 2012Music Background:
    pro musician

    Great pedal

    Does the job, solid design, slips a little, but quality is high.

  • from United States June 27, 2012Music Background:

    dp-10 review

    It definitely doesn't slip.. and does it's job to sustain.

  • from Baytown, Texas February 25, 2012Music Background:
    Music director...home studio


    Love the "anti-chase" pad!

  • from Illinois USA July 25, 2011Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Reliable and stays put.

    Let's face it, sustain pedals are switches so technically they're not amzing. Where this unit shines is in reliability and the fold out rubber foot plate. I own four of these. My oldest pedal has sustained over 12 years of heavy use (my foot gets pretty excited).

    I used to keep the fold out rubber plate extension tucked away until I realized that using it allowed my heel to hold the pedal in place no matter how slippery the floor is. This feature sets this pedal apart and saves me from tip-toeing in the dark under my rig to find where it slipped to.

    I used to wish that the cord was not permanently attached and that I could plug in a shorter cord carry a spare just in case. But after so manny years, the cord has never failed on me and I've never had to worry about forgetting my detatchable cords.

  • from renton washington July 3, 2015Music Background:
    piano student

    roland dp-10

    does this worko n a Roland RD-150 Digital Piano - 88 Weighted Keys

  • from Wyckoff, NJ November 17, 2014Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    so good yet so annoying

    Perfectly fine sustain pedal, but the rubber bottom is only attached at one end to slide out at a 90 degree angle. Not sure why on earth I'd ever want that, so it's an annoying flapping piece of rubber that shifts whenever you pick up and move the pedal, forcing you to touch the dirty bottom of your pedal. Stupid design.

  • from April 11, 2013

    The rubber plate is good

    The rubber plate is good , but the sound wiith pedal is much different in compare with real piano.

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