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TASCAM DP-008EX 8-track Digital Portastudio Reviews

4.5 stars based on 43 customer reviews
Questions about the TASCAM DP-008EX 8-track Digital Portastudio?

Questions about the TASCAM DP-008EX 8-track Digital Portastudio?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

  • from Florida March 21, 2017

    I get what I want

    And it's always perfect..
    Thanks to Randy...

  • from MA January 10, 2017


    My son's first recording gear (14 years old!) and he loves it! His Step-Dad is a musician (35 years, guitars, vocals) he is VERY impressed with it also! I am also extremely happy with the customer service. Always get a call to follow up on order and see if we are happy with product(s). First class customer service! High praise to whomever runs the show there!

  • from Albuquerque,Nm December 29, 2016

    DP008EX & Power Supply

    Very impressed with the recorder and sound wish it had efx in so I could a sign vocal effects ,the power supply cable keeps coming out the input it doesn't seem to click in and lock other than that very happy,

  • from Milwaukee November 8, 2016Music Background:
    Piano, composer

    Perfect portable device.

    A must have for composers on the go. Well designed. Intuitive. I was multi track recording our casual jam session as we were working out a new song when that magic moment occurred and it all came together but the guys didn't know if they could duplicate what they had just done. No worries. I was able to play back each individual track and they knew what they needed to do. Success.

    I would recommend getting the external power supply as it will run the batteries down in 4-5 hours of recording and playback.

    Otherwise it works very well as designed with no complaints on my end.

    The Sweetwater rep that I talked to was very informative and helpful in answering my questions. Sweetwater goes above and beyond to provide the best customer experience, exceeding expectations with support, ease of purchase and fast delivery to the best follow up care I have seen in a long time. Well done !

  • from Cedar rapids Iowa October 6, 2016

    Fantastic recorder for the price!

    The Tascam DP-008 is a great 8 track recorder for the price. Sound quality, ease of use and portability are all good factors. It does have limitations, buy if you are looking for an on the go recorder for instant music recording, this is for you.

  • from April 21, 2016

    Great Product

    Tested it briefly to see how it interacts with my other devices...so far so good.

  • from February 22, 2016


    Very easy to use and great sound quality. Recommend buying the power adapter at the same time.

  • from February 16, 2016

    Monkey man

    I like it and pizza

  • from Cleveland Ohio January 27, 2016Music Background:
    Guitar player

    Tascam DP 008ex

    Wow!! So much in a little package!! Perfect for recording no complications took me about 45min to figure it out and i was putting down my tracks!! If your starting out small and looking to build up I highly recomend this recorder!! Thank you Sweetwater

  • from Richmond, VA January 15, 2016Music Background:
    Fifty-plus years of playing guitar and writing Christian songs


    After years of using a Yamaha 8-track recorder (first the analog version, then the digital version), I had gotten tired of what was involved in the recording process. Especially the fact that I couldn't conveniently take it anywhere or export my songs directly to the computer.

    For several years I started taking a hand-held Tascam to the nursing home ministry I participate in to record the solo I do there each week. Even though the sound quality was good, that Tascam picked up the background sounds--there are a lot of them in a nursing home--as well as the sounds of my voice and guitar. But at least it was portable and easy to upload the results to my computer.

    And then I spotted an ad for the DP-008EX at Sweetwater for an amazingly low price. I'd never heard of this unit before, but the reviews were good and I took a chance. Am I ever glad I did!

    To minimize my need for batteries, I bought the power supply. When I arrive at the nursing home I create a new song with the recorder plugged into the power supply and then run it on batteries only as long as it takes to go to the podium, do and record my song, and sit down again. Then I either power off or plug it back into the power supply. Because of the quality and location of the built-in mics, I get very little background noise.

    That's just one example of how and why I love this unit so much.

    My only complaint is VERY minor. The documentation claims that the unit has threads to attach it to a tripod. It doesn't, and Tascam says only that this was a misprint. Oh, well...

  • from Bellevue Nebraska December 31, 2015Music Background:
    Musician - Singer - Song Writer

    Samson vs Goliath

    Can't take the Samplitude Studio with me to record a passing Freight Train --
    But I can take the DP-008EX to bring the Train into the Studio! This little guy
    has balls! It must be made with recycled CHEVY parts..... If you add up all the
    Five Star Reviews - you get my Total Rating for this Unit! It is indeed a story of
    Samson & Goliath. It's a scrapper! $Great Price too!$

  • from Columbia, S.C. October 30, 2015Music Background:
    Been playing guitar for a while...

    Excellent Device

    This is an incredibly excellent device for the money and it's portable! I've had mine for about three days now and it's perfect for my recording needs! I have not delved into the more advanced features of this nice gadget, but what I have seen and heard so far from it WOWs me!! Any singer, musician, orator etc... would truly benefit from this machine!!

  • from Middlebury IN September 21, 2015

    Tascam DP-008EX

    Very fast service.
    The Tascam DP-008 EX has to be the ultimate DAW for home and travel use. Simple old school operation for an old timer like me with no recording experience, what so ever, is the best. My 10yr old granddaughter and I have recorded 3 songs, mixed down and mastered one 3 track song, all in one short evening after opening the box. We had so much fun doing it together and to her amazement she said," Wow! It sounds like a song from the radio with three different people."
    Very good sound quality straight from the on board stereo MIC system. I am anxious to use a large diaphragm condenser recording MIC after hearing how good the recording came out so far.
    The line MIC / guitar switch input, phantom pwr XLR inputs, foot switch control option, battery powered, easy to use micro power house at a very affordable price along with your extended 2yr warranty seems to good to be true. Thanks for helping me out with this one and personal attention with other items I have purchased at Sweetwater. You have made my shopping experience, with the music store, very pleasant for me and my family. Great place to visit and to shop. All this is very much appreciated.
    Hats off to everyone helping you out at Sweetwater. ,l' ,l' ,l' ,l' .

  • from June 19, 2015Music Background:
    FCC licensed sound engineer, producer, 58 plus years as a working player

    Amazing value and performance for the money

    Let me first say that I once owned a 32 track ADAT studio with a top dollar Trident console, UA outboard gear, top dollar post-production and mastering gear as well.

    The fact that this piece of small framed equipment regardless of being only 8 tracks, can accomplish recordings that come close to the same quality tracks I made in my large studio is to be seen and heard.

    It almost doesn't seem possible, but it does.

    Now of course it does have some limitations BUT if you want to capture song concepts, create a quick demo, record a live performance, this is perfect for that.

    The fact that you can master your final mixdown internally before you transfer the data to your computer
    and accomplish that with amazing results is remarkable.

    The internal mics are of very good quality, the built in 4 reverbs are very nice and completely adjustable as well as the EQ section.

    You don't have to be a licensed recording engineer to understand the straight forward layout. For the most part it operates like a simple old school 8 track cassette recorder. Including reading the operating guide, you can be up and running in around 45 minutes.

    The internal preamps are very good and include switchable phantom power and are pretty quiet.

    Really for the money invested, you can't go wrong. With Tascam build quality which has always been a top level brand, you get an extremely portable, efficient and easy to use 8 track recorder/mastering production machine.

  • from east Texas April 30, 2015Music Background:
    player since 1964

    Review TASCAM DP-008EX

    money well spent . everything I need to make great recordings .wish I had one of these a long time ago .This TASCAM DP-008EX is a solid piece of hardware , I truly love it

  • from Galveston, Texas March 26, 2015

    Great little 8-Track

    Great little recorder. I can't believe how simple it is to use and how little noise I get in recordings. Years ago I had a tape based Tascam 4-track recorder and this one is easier to use as well as producing much better recordings. My first digital recorder was a Fostex four track recorder that I used about fifteen years ago, but it was much more complicated to use than this unit. Tascam hit a home run with this one!

  • from Kansas City, MO March 2, 2015Music Background:
    professional musician, swing/jazz, folk, rock

    First Impressions

    You need one of these in your gig bag. Even if it isn't this one, get a digital stereo recorder. Game changer!

    The DP-008ex is a great one to start with as it does a ton of things that you never new you needed. All the ability for input from mics and guitars is great. Two tracks at a time won't slow you down at all. The internal mics are worthy. All around a good buy for me.

    A couple of things: Buy the power supply. Otherwise you suck up batteries fast. Get an external mic (internals are good, but external condenser mic or other will greatly improve your experience). Upgrade to a larger than standard SD card.

    I'll review more if I find something new, but for now, great product!

  • from Las Vegas , NV USA October 17, 2014Music Background:
    Small Gigs on Guitar Bass Vocals, Live sound man, Mixing/Recording, Writer, Student, Lighting Designer Assistant

    A Studio in you Pocket

    I got this to easily record riffs, vocals and rough tracks for when inspiration strikes and you don't want to lose the moment and so I could easily share recordings. I underestimated this recorder though its an amazingly powerful portable recorder. It takes a little time to explore it and get used to it, but it is all fairly intuitive and has tons of features that you would expect from a much larger device. It can run for a long time on battery power alone, I ran it for 6 hours and it was still going on battery power, I got the power chord out of paranoia and havent pushed the battery power to a real test, but It seems that it would last long enough for you to do any in the field recording you might want to do. The built in microphones are of good quality and very sensitive. With the two powered inputs it allows you to use a classic condenser and SM57 Combo for an ultra powerful amp recording off the cuff. If you prefer it can be an excellent standalone recording device for at home for less complex recordings. Put a decent mixer in front of it and you can easily record a traditional band and potentially with little more effort even have a finished product that would be very presentable. For productions on a budget or someone who needs a lightweight portable solution this will do very well. The quality and features you get at this price are unbelievable. My only complaint is that it does not come with a power chord.

  • from new port richey,florida October 4, 2014Music Background:
    former pro drummer,former engineer(live sound)guitarist

    tascam quality then and now.

    thirty years ago I owned a tascam 4 track port-a-studio. Have many fine memories of that deck and and the amazing quality recordings accomplished with it.I now own the dp-008ex,and in only a few days working with it I can see the amazing possabilities with this new tascam! tascam quality then,tascam quality now! great tool!!

  • from Australia September 12, 2014Music Background:
    Hobbyist musician

    Tascam DP008EX

    My DP008 arrived in Australia in 5 business days - great!! Did a few tracks just to explore how the unit works - easy and intuitive. I am a bit old school and always missed the old cassette tape portastudios as they were so easy to use (I like knobs and buttons etc). The DP008 is just as easy but bought up to the digital age. I am going to show my kids how to use it. Love it and will have a lot of fun.

  • from Katy, TX July 1, 2014Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Great Quality, User Friendly

    Having more elaborate recording gear and software at my disposal I wanted to have a product that I could record more quickly and simply without "going into the studio." This little unit was just what I had in mind. Very user friendly.... Within a very short amount of time I had recorded a six track project, mixed and mastered it, and exported it to my computer. Everything you need to record a very nice quality project is on board, including multiple varieties of reverb. Eight tracks available allows for a variety of projects. Very impressed!

  • from Hartland, MI May 25, 2014Music Background:
    Guitarist and songwriter

    Tascam DP-008EX

    The recorder arrived the day after I ordered it! That was great. The fact that I got it with a rebate made it even more worthwhile. The recorder is a top quality tool. It is easy to navigate and does not need a 100 page manual to operate. Best of all, it really sounds good. You can track a guitar on track 1, and add a bit of reverb which is in stereo. Really sounds warm and full. I would recommend this unit.

  • from New York City March 12, 2014Music Background:
    Professional musician with one gold song written by me saying by another artist.


    That tascam DP 008 Ex from this point on will be referred to as "DP"
    When it comes to recording devices for the last 30 years I've always use tascam. From the moment it was cassette to the time it hit the digital age.
    For the man on the go that's stuck in hotel rooms for hours and does not want a lot of equipment this is the tool for you. No Miic necessary, just your guitar and a guitar chord for the "DP". Lay down two rhythm tracks a solo or vocal melody and even a harmonica if you like. Do a quick mix down and put the DP card into your computer so you do not lose your idea. How many times have you had a recorder in your hotel room and strummed one guitar and sang, yet you had three other instruments in your head that you couldn't lay down? And of course the next day you forgot everything that was floating around your head other than a guitar riff and the melody. Now with the "DP" there's no problem. Can record two tracks at once. Plug in your guitar singing away, put another rhythm guitar track down and your signature guitar riff. You've just written a song and mixed it down all in 30 minutes for your bandmates to hear The bands new song that was written in a sleazy motel. Of course, they should've included in AC adapter. At $149 it's definitely a deal. But let's face it the Chinese get paid three dollars a day and it probably cost about five dollars to make the unit. I know this for a fact. Just like guitar strings that go for $12, it only cost 75 cents to make a pack. With that said, I'm sure my review will never show up. But us Americans are not ignorant nor are we stupid to the reason why things are made overseas. Everyone needs to make a buck so forget about what I said. But for 25 cents they could've thrown in AC adapter. This is the most honest review you will ever read if it gets posted. Sweetwater is an amazing company and they don't censor their customers reviews as it's not the EX Soviet Union. It's America the First Amendment free speech. Let's face it the hamburger that you buy for six dollars cost them about 75 cents to make in America. With all of that said and being my personal opinion it's one awesome device that you cannot live without once you get your hands on it. Just like the new tuners that clip on your headstock you can't live without them now that you own one. I am on the road a lot and I used to use a digital one track recorder which helped out immensely. But I needed to hear what the solo would sound like and you can't do that by yourself unless you have a 4- track. This is by far the best on the market. The guys at Sweetwater will walk you through every step of the way with any questions you have on this product or any other, as they are highly skilled professional gear Masters.
    Have I sold you on it yet, I think so. I own two of them. Keep one in my suitcase for the road and one at my estate just sitting on the coffee table.
    I like to buy things in pairs. I always have and I always will.

  • from acton, ma November 17, 2013Music Background:
    obsessive hobbyist


    had the original dp-008, sold it, got an h4n, but that recorder proved to have too many features i didn't use (usb interface for one) - back to simplicity and quicker results - the ability to export to .wav and certainly the mastering features are a solid improvement over the original dp-008 - very happy with this purchase

  • from Napa, CA September 14, 2016

    Great device to have in my toolbox.

    Just got it a few days ago. Easy to use. Good sound and features. Be nice if it had a kickstand on the back, but all-in-all, near perfect.

  • from West Monroe, La March 12, 2016Music Background:
    Front Porch Picker

    Great Service

    Still learning the features of the TASCAM DP-008EX. The first recordings turned out good, following the instructions. Have not mastered all of the features but that will come. Great product and great support from Sweetwater.

  • from RI March 1, 2016

    It's like having a portable studio in your pocket!

    This pocket studio works great for it's size and it's portability. It does a whole lot for it's size. Special effects and can add a range of things. I especially like the fact that you can mix, fade in and accent each track of either different instruments and mixed with the vocals. Well worth the money. I would highly recommend it to those who need something that is close to a professional studio on the go. Take it anywhere for when you feel that inspiration come over you and you don't want to forget it. Recording at your finger tips and so easy to use.

  • from December 15, 2015Music Background:
    Multi-Instrumentalist, Songwriter, Retired Guitar Pickup Maker

    Tascam DP-008EX: Familiar layout, updated features!

    Just like earlier PortaStudios (my 4-track & 8-track cassette PortaStudios are still running like champs!), this new & improved digital 8-track PortaStudio has the intuitive layout of the previous multi-track recorders, with continually improving effects on-board and USB connectivity. A long way from my (still working superbly) Porta-One!

    Build quality is good and solid for this price point, just don't bang it around. A decent case for this unit and a small SD card case are two accessories you will want! All in all, it's a most-worthy continuation of the Tascam multi-track line. And, as always, Ike is great to deal with and it's a pleasure to do business with the folks at Sweetwater!

  • from minnesota December 10, 2015Music Background:
    intermediate non pro


    .fairly easy to use. did a recording using the internal mics. and then hooked up a good external and it was much better. very satisfied.

  • from Sharon Pa March 25, 2015Music Background:
    guitar player gospel music

    First use

    This is one sick little multitrack.I read the quickstart a hour later.I had a six track all vocal song done.using the built in mics.a nice demo.not the best singing.but don,t blame the Dp-008ex. I let the automastering do it,s thing and a nice demo.I,m gonna dig in deeper to get all that this machine has to offer.real nice for small recording projects.plus my sales Rep James Masterson was a pleasure to deal with during and after the sale.

  • from Monterey, CA May 19, 2014Music Background:

    Better then I expected!

    I am a drummer who uses and electric set, and so honestly, I havnt plugged in a guitar or used the mic, because mainly I drum to drumless tracks I get from the internet. This recorder is perfect for my needs. I used to have an old Tascam 424 and it took up about 3 times the space that this one does, and the DP 008ex does more. It took a couple days to learn how to use it well, and my recording techniques are improving all the time. I would suggest getting the power supply because it chews through batteries quickly. This is a versatile machine, cost effective, space saving. I read some negative things about how long it takes to master and download a song, and that worried me at first. I can say that this has not been a problem for me so far. I like mixing down the music and mastering it. Its just part of the fun of modern day recording. The only thing is that you wind up with a Wave File, not an MP3, so I also suggest getting a program that will convert the file like "Freemake" which is a no brainer to use. I originally bought a Korg sound on sound field recorder because the local music store was too lame to carry this inexpensive item. I wish I had bought this Tascam first, as it is superior to the SOS device ( Although it is also a good device as well, but for the money your better off with the Tascam).

  • from Salisbury, NC August 16, 2013Music Background:

    great little recorder

    The tascam DP-008EX is a step up from its predecesor, the DP-008, in that it has dynamic effects and a mastering section. I won't go into all the specs here because you can just read about them in the description of the product, but what I will focus on is how cool this little guy is! It's only the size of an old VHS cassette tape so you can take it literally anywhere and record with it. The onboard condensers are a huge plus, they sound surprisingly good. The reverb is also nice, more subtle than swamped. The drawback is when you want to move files to your computer you have to transfer the mastered track and the device takes a little time to do this. Despite this, the DP-008EX is an excellent device and I would recommend it to any singer/songwriter who wants to break free from their DAW for a little while and hit the road, yet still make powerfully good recordings.

  • from April 9, 2017

    Satisfied customer

    Its taking me a little time to figure eveything out but has been great what this machine can do i am enjoying it way beyond my expectations

  • from TX February 15, 2017

    No complaints

    works well, easy to use, good sound. no compaints

  • from Santa Rosa, NM November 19, 2015Music Background:

    Very Cool

    This is my first experience with a multi-track recorder and mixer, but I found it very easy to use. It is really cool to be able to start making my own music. When I started playing guitar all I wanted to do was learn songs, now all I want to do is make my own songs. I record some drum tracks, lay down a bass line, come up with some cool rhythm's and mix in a little lead. I'm not a singer, but the DP-008EX has two mic inputs. After the song is done, I use the USB cable that came with it to load them to my computer and then record them on to a CD and give them out to my friends and family. It is great to see their reaction while listening to the songs, and all of them ask the same question. " Is that really you ?" Very cool machine and got it for a great price. Really happy that I got it.

  • from Algonquin, IL September 1, 2015Music Background:
    40 year hobbyist


    Awesome recorder for my personal songwriting use and also awesome to use in rehearsals with the guys. Took a little bit to learn the ins and outs (my last recorder had cassette tapes!) but the manual was clear and the line is popular enough that there are tutorials online. Awesome!

    How many times can I saw Awesome!?

    Aaron was Awesome too, steering me into this unit as opposed to some other things I'd looked at. Sweetwater rocks! (I bet you thought I was going to say Awesome! again)

  • from March 24, 2015

    Tascam DP-008EX

    Compact, nice looking unit! Takes a while to get started, but the manual is pretty straightforward. If it sounds confusing at first, I back up a step or two and try it again. This is really one little FUN unit! I plan to record demo's of myself and see if I can't get my solo career back on track. I'm glad I took the chance and picked Sweetwater! THANKS GUYS!!!

  • from Naptown March 24, 2015Music Background:

    Not Really Up To Speed Yet

    I am amazed at the potential of this litle unit and the quality it's capable of, but the learning curve to get to the real interesting features and parameters is still a ways out for me. I like the build quality and the size. Hope to have a demo collection complete by May. I may revise my score at that time. Tascam Rocks!

  • from Rotterdam,N.Y December 21, 2014Music Background:

    Takes a while

    I am not a "gearhead" so it took me a while to get started. Once I read all the instructions and with some trial and error I was able to get some results. But I must say its all great. I just use it to do some amateur recordings with karaoke music and then transfer it to my computer. As I said once you learn all the functions its great. All quality device !

  • from Utah September 26, 2014Music Background:
    Student Hobbyist

    Does everything it promises but buy the power cord...

    Such a powerful recorder the size of a VHS tape. Can't get much more portable than that without sacrificing a ton of control. It runs on batteries but unless you are friends with the Energizer Bunny, you should get the power cord. This thing eats up batteries fast. I got 2 hours out of my first set of Energizers, so I switched to rechargables...which lasted nearly 30 minutes. But the convenience of setting it on a coffee table and catching the jam live, on some seriously phenomenal condenser mics, is sometimes worth using 12 batteries in a single evening. You will need the power cord for the mixdown though, that would just be silly to waste batteries there. All in all, a very powerful machine that will make quality recordings, but buy the power cord.....and some stock in Duracell.

  • from Holland Michigan May 17, 2014Music Background:
    Drummer/ musician - hobby home recording

    tascam DP -008 EX

    This is a great home recorder. It is easy to use and provides many features you would not expect at this price. With some time spent learning how to best use this recorder - you can have high quality results!
    Customer service from Sweetwater has been outstanding!

  • from Fort Wayne, IN March 9, 2015Music Background:
    Songwriter, Recording Hobbyist

    Decent Portable Mutli-Tracker

    I own an older desktop Tascam multi-tracker, so this unit seemed very familiar to me when doing the set ups, menus, track transfers and other assorted tasks required to multi-track on this recorder. I just needed something a little more portable to take to on the road. The unit works pretty well, but seems a little flimsy to me. I wouldn't get too rough with it. A metal casing instead of a plastic one would have helped in this area I think. Also, the numerous dials seem a little dainty. I have it in a small padded case for transport and storage. The sound is okay. About what I expected for the money spent. Not great, not bad. The built in mics work fine, but I wouldn't use them for anything but "jotting down" song ideas and riffs during the writing process or a quick and dirty recording of some live impromptu jam sessions without access to a mixer. For real multi-tracking, use some decent mics and/or a preamp and plug them into the XLR inputs (Thanks for those TASCAM! They redeem the entire unit) if you want a passable recording. I wasn't too keen with the on-board reverb. Sounded pretty thin. But if you are hard up for cash and want to make a decent demo, you'd be hard pressed to beat this unit, considering the low cost.

  • from Lawrence, Kansas March 13, 2016Music Background:
    Singer, songwriter, guitar, bass, drums, and keyboards.

    Geeky Recorder

    I use this recorder on occasion. It took some reading of the instructions to understand how to operate this recorder. Even then I don't come close to utilizing all of its features. Why is it so hard for a company to just make digital devices simple and intuitive? Why has the understanding of digital technology become so difficult for anyone that isn't a computer Geek? And why is it that the cassette recorders of the past and even of today can do as well as this device both in recording and playback? Indeed this digital recorder can do many things (if you can figure out how to do them from the instructions). As far as actual recording goes, the only thing that this recorder has over a cassette recorder is that the tape hiss has been eliminated. If you are a Geek this recorder will probably serve you well, but if you are someone looking for Old School simplicity of style, this recorder will probably frustrate you, as it has me. This recorder is weak in the equalization department. The old cassette recorders and the new ones have a superior ability to equalize the incoming sound, than this digital one. The built in microphones in this digital machine are clear enough but the equalization of the recording is that, sounds further away are more blotted out by anything up close. I have compared this machine to a cassette recorder where both are set close to a PA speaker and the old cassette recorder still manages to pick up the other instruments in the band while the digital one is pretty much only what is coming out of the PA speaker.

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