Sony DMX-R100 No Longer Available

48-Channel Fully-Automated Digital Mixer with 25 Motorized Faders and Touch-Screen Control
Item ID: DMXR100

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Sony DMX-R100 image 1

Sorry, the Sony DMX-R100 is no longer available. We've left this page up for reference only. Check out the great alternatives on this page or call toll-free (800) 222-4700 to speak with a Sweetwater Sales Engineer about similar products.

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Sony DMX-R100
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Boasting A Perfect Oxford education!

Sony's Oxford mixing console is behind more platinum records and more blockbuster movies than we can count. It has long set a standard of professionalism, performance, and top-quality sound by which all other mixing consoles are judged. The DMX-R100 is the Oxford's equivalent is power and quality, but sized - and priced - for your recording facility. Not only is the DMX-R100 Digital Audio Mixing Console Sony's first entry into the compact professional mixer market, but its range of sophisticated features and easy versatility mark a significant move forward for the entire category of compact digital mixers. The remarkably advanced DMX-R100 can handle the full range of production applications - recording, post-production, mastering, etc. - and was specifically designed for top-quality stereo and surround sound projects. Basically, it's a fully professional, 48-channel mixer with 25 motorized faders and a sophisticated control panel with touch-screen control. 10-bit resolution, touch-sensitive motorized faders: Provide precise and easy-to-use touch-write punch-in/punch out dynamic automation capability. But delving deeper into the DMX-R100 just keeps yielding more audio riches. The color LCD touch screen offers pages on channel processing, input/output routing, automation, mixer set-up and more. You instantly know exactly where all your settings are, and you can also zoom in on specific control panel areas. Even more amazing is the touch screen surround sound processing page: you can place your "sound source" and trace your desired panning pattern with your finger or a mouse. But the DMX-R100 combines its incredible LCD screen capabilities with excellent surface control panel features, like dedicated control knobs and switches for each individual parameter - just like a 'traditional' mixer! For all its expansive feature set and enormous capabilities, the DMX-R100 still manages to be a very intuitive machine. If you know your way around a mixer, the operation of the DMX-R100 will seem instantly familiar to you. Other features include fully-integrated automation, a digital routing matrix, machine control, and a full range of I/O options. Features:

  • 48 Channel digital audio mixer with high quality signal processing
  • 10-Bit touch sensitive motorized faders
  • Easy-to-use high resolution color LCD touch panel and dedicated channel strip controls
  • Professional automation functions including: snapshot and dynamic modes, touch-write fader operation, with built-in automation data storage
  • Built-in matrix switcher allows total routing flexibility
  • Optional I/O boards allow the DMX-R00 to be configured to manage various applications
  • Complete 5.1 surround mode include touch surround panning and discrete 5.1 monitoring
  • Includes serial 9-pin and MMC (MIDI Machine Control) control capability

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