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ENTTEC DMXIS 512-Ch USB DMX Interface Reviews

4.5 stars based on 38 customer reviews
Questions about the ENTTEC DMXIS 512-Ch USB DMX Interface?

Questions about the ENTTEC DMXIS 512-Ch USB DMX Interface?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

Sweetwater Advice

  • Scott DeMarko

    The DMXIS does things no other lighting control can do. If you remove all other features and just look at this one feature: "Runs as a plug-in inside your favorite DAW or DJ software". The possibilities are endless. Imagine a full featured set with a custom lighting show pre-designed to your music, responding directly to what is being played, not just sound active, but fully functional and designed to be unique and reactive. Every serious band, DJ, performance artist, theater etc needs to have a customizable DMX controlled lighting setup. The ability to customize your entire lighting rig that is DMX from a computer system is absolutely huge. This combination of software & Hardware for Mac & PC is priced affordably and delivers an amazing professional result.

  • from Waltham , ma April 11, 2017Music Background:
    Elvis Tribute Artist


    Simple , well built product . Works as described !! Love it and has made life so much easier on the road .

  • from January 9, 2017

    Worth it's weight in wages.

    I use Ableton Live with my band. This thing dissolves any reason to hire a lighting guy. It never misses a cue and never comes late!

    Flawless operation.

  • from Nebraska December 31, 2015Music Background:

    Great DAW for Logic X

    A great purchase if you are a one man show and need to control your lighting system withe out a lighting engineer,

  • from San Diego August 25, 2015Music Background:

    Works like I thought!

    Still figuring out how to use MIDI, but otherwise works perfect out of the box. Lots of features and can be even simpler to use with their program they offer for sale.

  • from O'Fallon, IL July 8, 2015Music Background:
    Worship Pastor

    Incredible Product

    This product is great! It enables us to automate our lights with our favorite DAW or even with ProPresenter 6.

  • from Vineland, NJ USA March 26, 2014Music Background:
    Pro Musician


    This little box will do wonders when used with your favorite DAW. We have successfully automated our light show, using DMXIS as a plugin in Digital Performer. All your DMX controls are mapped instantly using the provided or downloaded fixture libraries. Works in 64bit mode!

  • from Tampa, FL February 27, 2014Music Background:
    Professional Keyboardist and Producer

    Excellent piece

    DMXis is awesome. It allows lighting control from within a host (as a VST plugin). Some things were not exactly as I'd have wished, but those issues were easily overcome with the use of Lemur and some scripting skills. I'm now able to run lights for the band using my ipad (using Lemur to send midi messages to the VST plugin) on the same computer that my keyboard sounds are coming from. An absolutely perfect solution for me. The hardware is a fairly basic usb to dmx converter. It does have both 3pin and 5pin outputs, so there is no need for an adapter. Bus powered. Installation was easy. No curveballs, though I was expecting some, as there usually are a few. Price, shipping, and communication from Sweetwater can't be beat anywhere. I highly recommend DMXis, and that you buy it from Sweetwater.

  • from Iuka, MS USA September 8, 2013Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Easy to Setup and Use

    Haven't used it yet in a live performance, but it does just what I hoped it would do, so that I can operate the lights from the stage without it being a distraction to me or the audience. It was easy to hookup and the software program is very intuitive. No problems that I've found yet.

  • from Utah May 22, 2013Music Background:
    Musician, recordist, entertainer

    Works as advertised

    No problems with this unit, worked fine right out of the box.

  • from United States April 20, 2012Music Background:

    DMXIS is the real deal

    This is the 3rd lighting software I have tried. This is by far the best. It allows me to get my ideas out quick and look great. Having an oscillator inside of a lighting program is awesome!

  • from Virginia March 9, 2012Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Very User Friendly

    I purchased this in February and have been able to use my lighting rig with more flexibility and ease than previously with other non computer based hardware. Using the beta version of the software in stand alone with Windows 7 and footswith. Flawess!! I would have never heard of this product without Sweetwater being on the forfront of what is out there in the marketplace! Nice Job Seetwater!!!!

  • from russellville, ky September 13, 2011Music Background:
    Worship Leader, band member


    Great lighting solution and great suggestion from the guys at Sweetwater

  • from Brockville, ON July 16, 2011Music Background:
    Pro Musician, Producer

    Why would anyone use a controller?

    In one hour I was able to program 20+ different lights and multiple scenes. Half of the lights were rental lights and the rest my own. Even the lights that weren't in the library were a snap to program right from the manufacturer libraries. I don't know why anyone would use a manual controller unit, this thing and a laptop means instance control. The coolest thing was being able to control the moving lights with the mouse. Do yourself a favour and throw away your controller and get one of these.

  • from Central Ohio April 4, 2011Music Background:
    Pro Musican, Pro live sound and lighting company

    Wow......no words!!

    I have got to say this is the best product I have gotten in a long time. The person at EnTTec should win some huge award for coming up with this device and the software is a whole other treat. This is so easy to use I never even looked at the book. (plus if needed its right there at your finger tips in the software any time you feel the need). The foot switch is awesome. I run my lighting system from the stage and it is amazing no complex Midi BS just simple setup. Before I used an Obey40 to run my system and it was very hard to set up my yokes and scanners to look right. Now just a quick click and the twist of a knob and I can do anything I could ever imagine with any of my fixtures....AWESOMENESS TO THE MAX.....Crazy fun and crazy easy!! I can't see why anyone would want any other DMX software interface combo. I checked all the others and this one is tops and its cheap!!
    Just buy it...you will never look back! Best buy of the year hands down...enjoy

  • from Rockford, IL October 8, 2009Music Background:
    30 years of live music

    Light Show without a Light Man

    I searched high and low for a “Foot” controlled DMX controller and was lucky enough to find this one. It took me a while the set up the songs and scenes but the work was worth it. I worked flawlessly at the first gig. I probably got carried away with the number of scenes per song but it was only one click of the foot switch to go from scene to scene. Enttec did their homework on this unit. I was very intuitive right out of the box and I only needed to look at the manual for a couple of settings. The Enttec website even has videos on setting up the unit you can check out. I would recommend a 2 button footswitch for controlling on stage. That way you can have one switch to change songs and the other for scenes within the song. If you don’t have a lighting tech to run your live shows buy this. It will look like you do!

  • from April 21, 2017

    Simple and effective!!

    Very easy to use software.
    Makes programming lighting simple.

    And, it's ease of use within Logic allows for a seemless light show every night!!

  • from February 23, 2017Music Background:
    Musician and tech nerd

    Great product at a reasonable price.

    The Enttec DMXIS is a huge leap forward from your basic entry level control consoles for running light shows in small to medium sized venues. 1 single universe=512 channels assignable however you want. Most controllers from Chauvet, ADJ or Elation may give you a bunch of channels but are restricted by them being assigned to a limited number of fixtures and by number of scenes in a bank,etc. Not so with the DMXIS. It is very easy to program and the oscillator and sound tracker functions make it possible to create some very complex lighting effects quickly. The ability to sync your light show to your DAW by using it as a plug-in is huge. If you use pre-recorded music and/or backing tracks, this feature is extremely cool. A huge library of fixtures profiles exists on the Enttec website for free, or you can go to the online programmer and make your own profiles. So any light fixture from any manufacturer that sees a DMX signal can be used. That's great flexibility in an inexpensive package. It also has nice midi implementation so you can hook up an external USB control surface if you don't want to use the mouse. I only have a couple of things I wish were better, that being drag and drop or copy/paste to speed up programming the same scenes in multiple banks. And being able to control multiple parameters from a single midi fader. You can do it with the mouse but it doesn't work from a control surface. All in all I would say that if you're running lights for your band, DJing, or even small theater, the DMXIS is a super cost effective way to take your lighting to the next level or beyond. Well worth the price of admission.

  • from July 17, 2016

    this is the one...

    owned this for 3 months. easy,common sense approach to dmx control. i use it w' a HP 8.1 windows. flawless programing....actually "fun" to program,limited only by your imagination. great fixture library and easy to write your own fixture if it is not there.
    beginner or veteran...i betcha you will like this program/interface.

  • from Wa, USA November 18, 2014Music Background:

    DMXIS is easy

    Although the instructions leave a little to be desired the unit is easy to learn as far as basics. Used as a plugin vst with Reaper it is flawless.
    I do hope that future upgrades in software continue as there are a few improvements that can be added such as the ability to send two or more notes at a time.

  • from Oklahoma City, OK May 12, 2014Music Background:
    Church worship team

    Helpful product

    This gadget worked great. We needed a way to control our lights from Ableton Live. This VST Plug in did the job.

    It is rather basic and has limited copy and pasting but for. Simple project works just fine.

  • from midwest USA November 8, 2013Music Background:

    best and easiest rig in its range

    If your looking for a simple and smart designed intro lighting controller, THIS IS IT.
    I use it running in Ableton 8 and 9 and as a stand alone program. Prior to this I had 0 light design experience, but this was a smart buy and now I have a sweet light show that perfectly syncs with my ableton sets.

    Online fixture library is huge and you can easily design your own fixture (or just operate it as, but fixtures are a good reference).

    The oscillator function in DMXis is BY FAR the coolest feature. It does so much of the automation for you, and you can route audio through it to control channels based on the frequency bands of the song (hi mid low sub). It will also run on a stand alone mode, switching scenes every 1/16 note - 32 bars. Many functions are controllable using the on board footswitch port, but I would advise midi mapping as you can use any midi controller and tailor it to your needs.

    Support has been AWESOME. The Enttec staff is very timely and have recently set up a forum to facilitate community communication. (search /DMXis forums before you buy to check for issues)

    As another review mentioned , there are some reported issues with 64 bit and osX7, but I have faith the enttec staff will remedy this asap ( again check forums and do your HW before purchasing)

    My only small complaint: DMXis does not allow for specific pan/tilt automation of moving head scanners(drawing automation). For instance if you have 4 scanners and you want them all to point at the same spot after 4 bars starting from different positions...well you can't do this. (you can "hack it" to get close but the precision is not there)

    Not a huge deal but I think this small improvement (the ability to draw your own movements, or to have the program record automation) would be huge and solve this issue. But this is asking a lot for a ~$200 piece of gear.

    All in all, a super way to get into automated lighting on a budget, and make some pretty spectacular shows on a short amount of time. Another plus for this unit is the speed in which you can setup shows. I have used this in touring acts before and going into a new club that has its own DMX rig, you can easily drop in DMXis, program a few scenes, and have a band member switch them via foot pedal to give your show a little more ZAZZZZ.

    I would recommend this in a big way

  • from Chicago, IL October 16, 2013Music Background:
    Independent Musician


    Solid piece of gear. Software is easy and intuitive, especially when combined with a DAW. I have been programing a live show with this for about a week and it could not be easier. Once I got the flow of the software, I found it to be fast and expressive. Hardware is built decently tough, with an extremely simple plug and play set up. All in all, worth it!

  • from Beaumont, Texas October 23, 2012Music Background:
    Mobile DJ


    This product is great! I was having trouble with "other" DMX controllers and this one is very user friendly. The support from Sweetwater and Enttec is unbelievable. I could not ask for anymore. Thanks guys!

  • from Salem Or October 15, 2012Music Background:
    Recording Studio Owner

    Magic Sound Studios

    Easy to use and price is right. I've used other lighting interfaces but this is so far my favorite. I bought a six hundred dollar controller six months ago but this interface its less than half and it does a better job in my opinion.

  • from Springfield, OH March 1, 2010Music Background:
    Live musician - keyboards, vocals, guitar, harmonica

    Windows 7 running great

    If you would have asked me after my New Years gig to rate DMXIS it would have been different. It didn't play well on my Vista laptop and caused problems for my primary sound source - Native Instruments Kontakt.

    Now after working with the excellent Enttec software developer, I believe the major issues are worked out and life is good on my new Windows 7 laptop (Intel Core i3 processor).

    I need to use MIDI Yoke with DMXIS rather than as a plugin because pgMusic's Powertracks does not support all VST plugins. Oddly it supports VSTi but not work with DMXIS or VST effect plugins. Powertracks provides scrolling lyrics that I need for my one-man band.

  • from Chattanooga February 22, 2016Music Background:
    Professional Composer and Producer

    Best Solution I've Found

    I use this software for years to great effect. It is intuitive to setup. I have tried many solutions to get a light show up and working for my band, and this is by far the best.

    1. I use it to preprogram complex light shows using automation lanes in Ableton Live. There is one lane for each color of each LED. So for an LED RGB light strip there are three lanes.

    2. I also use it to do lighting on the fly. I do this by assigning scenes and/or multiple sliders from the GUI (again, one slider for each color in the LED) to MIDI notes or sliders.

  • from January 18, 2016

    great for running dmx lights

    I originally wanted to use ableton and the dmxis plugin to run a simple light show for my live band. That definately works, but I have found that for my needs, I can run the stand alone DMXIS software and this little box. The box allows me to also use a momentary (non-latching) footswitch to add special accents during the show.

  • from March 19, 2015Music Background:
    professional musician

    Awesome Unit

    This thing totally delivers. I have been very happy with this unit and it works as advertised. The vst plugin feature works seamlessly with ableton and seems solid overall. I have noticed that when doing more than about 12 faders at once, it creates horrible audible glitches in Ableton when using my typical buffer size. I guess I did not think this thing would be a ram killer, but it is. This is not a dealbreaker for me since I am not using a lot of channels, but it is something to be aware of if you are looking for a low latency setup with lots of complex plugins. Overall, this is well worth the price and will revolutionize your setup.

  • from LA May 2, 2014Music Background:


    It's a very cool unit, except with Mac maverick it's still a bit buggy. But, that said, when working, it's quite cool. All your lights need to be DMX-512 . Yo need to really read the instructions and watch the videos as the learning curve can be a little difficult. Need to make sure to utilize to MIDI tracks number 15 and number 16 in order to control your banks and your presets. But the possibilities are absolutely endless and outstanding once you figure out how to operate it though. When used with Abelson live or logic or any DA W with MIDI tracks, you can insert changes on exact notes, quarter notes, wherever you want something to happen, it can.

  • from Pittsburgh, PA September 6, 2013Music Background:
    Live Sound, stage lighting, Bass player

    Powerful and easy to use with a learning curve

    Really loving the DMXIS for control of my lighting. I also love the ability to program and tweak my show offline on my laptop, then hookup to the system and test it out at a later date. Really helps make best use of my rehearsal and setup time with no time spent heads-down in the programming. AND... you tweaking the programming and presets is very easy, even though not completely intuitive for me.
    There was a learning curve in figuring out the details of getting all my instruments into the software, including having to program some myself. The online forum for this helps, but beware... free does not mean the same as "correct". I downloaded several fixture definition files from the forum that were wrong (after some frustration in trying to figure out why the lights weren't acting correctly). You will need the DMX details for all your fixtures and dimmers to confirm your settings. Some improvements would make this easier to use, but that's a tradeoff for this price point I guess. For the price, I have not seen anything better, and if you're a pro, you might want to upgrade to the next level ENTTEC device.

  • from Green Bay, WI June 6, 2012Music Background:
    Professional DJ / Sound Engineer

    The Club DJ

    The DMXis is the best gadget I have to control my light system, it comes with a really freindly user interface and fixture library. The best thing about it, you wont have to spend countless hours trying to come up with a desire scene, fetures like the osilator and sound tracker, allows you to syn. your show to music or any other triger you want.

  • from Gainesville, Florida April 27, 2012Music Background:
    Writer, singer ,recording engineer

    DMXIS Lighting controller

    the DMXIS lighting controller fulfilled my expectations pretty much. I,m using it as an effects plug in on my Digital Performer software and I am able to record lighting scenes for my DMX lighting system. I,ve been wanting to do this for some time now> Thanks to Enttec it is now possible.

  • from Plano TX December 28, 2011Music Background:
    Live Sound Engineer/IT/Semiconductor Engineer

    Good Overall Product

    We bought this as a replacement for an NSI controller, which was used to control the lights in our church. The hardware seems simple and well built. One plus is that the software supports OS X and Windows, since our pastor is one of those Mac guys. This unit frees up a lot of space on our sound board. It was pretty much connect the hardware, load the software, and it's working.

    The software really isn't designed with general lighting control in mind. I'm guessing that there's probably some compatible software out there that would be better suited. It'd be nice if Sweetwater would indicate what's available on the product page, but I'm sure that if I call them, they'll have an answer. That's why I buy from Sweetwater.

    I did have an issue, which hasn't repeated, where we lost some of our aux sends to our monitors when I fired up the controller software--The Mac is connected to a Presonus mixer via Firewire. Otherwise, it's been solid.

  • from Omaha, NE January 16, 2011

    Very Impressed!

    So - a short history: I was asked by my brother to help with establishing a light show for his band. I have NO experience running lights at all. Initially the band purchased an "old style" DMX control board and I learned how to program and run it in a few days. Problem was, since it was only 24 channels it was maxed out on day one. It was returned and we decided on a software solution. Enter DMXis. After some research I was attracted to the fact that this software can be controlled via foot switches - something that will be important for shows that I cannot attend when the band will have to handle the lights.

    I am VERY impressed with the ease of use - setting up a show is extremely simple and straight forward. It is by no means perfect but I doubt that you will find a simpler "out of the box" solution for the money. I set this up, learned how to use it, and ran a show in 2 days with no issues at all. (NOTE: I'm using a Windows 7 machine so I can't speak to the mac experience) The results were pretty impressive.

    This is by no means a perfect product. Setting up your own fixture profiles can be challenging, even using their online fixture editor. So if your fixture is not currently being supported in the current fixture library you may find the process frustrating (depending on what type of fixture you are trying to create). There are strict limits to the number of banks and presets you can run within a bank so being organized is important - as is keeping track of how many banks and presets you have created - there is no warning when you hit the limit as far as I can tell.

    I use a small midi controller to run the lights during the band's performances and have been very pleased with the results. For the money its a great product. You can also join the google user group for information and help. Its a great group of people and Enttec's own folks are often checking in to offer help.

  • from ST. Louis August 28, 2013Music Background:
    Professional lighting and sound installer, mobile DJ

    too basic

    The interface seems fine. Well built and attractive. The problem is the software is just too basic. If you want something that just steps through preprogrammed scenes this might to the trick. If you would like to be able to turn on various scenes and "layer" them I could not figure out how to do this.

    Planning on returning it and getting either their openDMX or the DMX pro mk2

  • from September 3, 2013

    Doesn't work with Logic X

    Is cool to use as a stand alone, but it was purchased due to the sweetwater review seen on this page. In the review it is claimed that this works within your DAW, however that isn't entirely true- and it is completely misleading! The plug-in is 32 bit and does not have an update for 64 bit. The company has not responded to my questions about when or if the 64 bit update is coming.
    Would be the coolest light controller at this price range, but instead it is stuck in the past, not able to meet the present or enter the future.

  • from Midwest February 15, 2017Music Background:
    Working musician

    Cubase 9's a BUST!!!!

    Worked fine with a 2007 Mac with an old version of Logic. With a new system, and Cubase 9, the VSTi does not work. Enttec said to reinstall the 64bit plug-in....no dice. Looking for other options now.

  • from United States January 9, 2015Music Background:
    Musician, Producer, Visual Artist

    Doesn't work with OSX Yosemite!

    It says on the Enttec website that it is compatible with OSX 10.7 or later, but this is a lie. The Sweetwater product page mentions an issue with Mavericks and Snow Leopard, but tells of a work-around that has been released to fix this. No mention of Yosemite. Running 10.10.1 in all of my attempts at trying the work-around, updating firmware, and so on, I have not been able to make it work properly. The work-around allows the software to recognize the hardware, but problems persist. The software asks me to enter the unlock code every time I open it, after which it starts making an awful buzzing sound come out of the computer speakers. Not sure why lighting software would create any sound, but it only stops when you quit the program. I have been unable to get through to customer service at the company. I will be returning this unit and going with something else. If you have a new Mac and have upgraded to Mavericks or Yosemite, think twice!

Questions about the ENTTEC DMXIS 512-Ch USB DMX Interface?

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