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Alesis DM8 Pro Kit Reviews

4.5 stars based on 11 customer reviews
  • from abu dhabi UAE May 11, 2012Music Background:


    this is a great and awesome drum kit. I recomended this one you wont regret it....Its look like a real drum set

  • from Muncie, Indiana April 18, 2012Music Background:
    Sound Engineer for the praise band & church

    Best thing that's happened to our praise band!

    The sound is so realistic! Getting the drums into the sound system has given the Praise Band the best mix yet. The system was easy to set up.

  • from Michigan July 20, 2011Music Background:
    Pro Musician, Creative Professional

    Wow, really nice!

    This is an excellent kit. It wasn't as difficult to assemble as some of the other reviews made it out. The sounds are really nice and I like the heads. I think my favorite piece has to be the sizes of the heads and cymbals. Nice job Alesis.

  • from June 7, 2011Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Live Sound Engineer, Hobbyist (part time/after hours pro), Student, etc

    Alesis DM8 Pro Kit

    Just recieved it today. Put it together with the help of my wife in about 45 minutes (taking time to inspect, marvel and argue). It is very sturdy! Took an hour to clean up all the packaging (while listening to the 70+ demos)
    Had to read the manual for 30 seconds in order to adjust the toms sensitivity.
    Put on a recording of Survivor (eye of the tiger) and went to town. I now feel like a drum god.
    I am not a drummer (yet). But after reading alot of forums, reviews, and watching Youtube videos, this was a tough purchasing decision wich finally came down to 1. Real drum skins. 2. USB (midi) and MIDI in. 3. Multiple zones and expandibility.
    I have Alesis QSR synths and love the sound quality, the drums sound great out of the box.

  • from Lewiston, NY....USA June 5, 2012Music Background:
    30 Yr. as a multinstramentalist pro musician, Rec. Eng. & Mstering Eng.

    WOW -1/2 point

    What can I say..."WOW"!!!!!!!! These are real drums, even though they are in the modual. Remember these sounds were recorded in a studio with a real set of drums in HD.
    If you are thinking about buying a set of an Electric Drum Kit, "buy these." they are worth the money.
    I would have given it a five star rating, but the instructions realy sucked. Thank God, this isn't my first set.

  • from Chicago IL March 21, 2012Music Background:


    A Pro kit for a great price.

  • from northwest arkansas January 27, 2012Music Background:
    Pro Musician, Studio, and music production


    This kit was easy to put together. The frame is a really good one and made out of light weight material. For studio use I am just blown away. The stereo processor gives you the biggest sounding drums equal to any drum kit I've seen. Best part is, you can play just exactly what you want. Or program it, record it. and send it. The only negative I can find is that the kit is not easily upgradeable.

  • from Fort Mill, SC May 9, 2011Music Background:

    Really sweet!

    I am not much of a drummer its more of a side hobby for me. I have only played 1 other electronic kit and that was years ago so i cant compare it to anything else. But I really like this kit. It feels very real and sounds very real. All the customizing that you can do with it is so awesome! Its not that quiet since its got real drum heads but its no way near the loudness of an acoustic drumset. Definitely recommend!

  • from GA November 19, 2013Music Background:
    Working drummer for 20+ years

    Great for the price

    If I'd never played a top end e-kit, I'd give this one a huge rating. Being that I have played a top end Roland kit, this one comes up well short of that. It's also literally a fraction of the cost. I bought as a practice kit, and it is a very solid kit. Well built, and it serves it's purpose. I like the feel of it, and the cymbals especially have a great feel. In all, for the money it can't be beat. A good, solid practice kit. I wouldn't recommend it as a performing kit as the response just can't be fine tuned enough for the level of expression I require in a gig. For the purpose it was purchased, I couldn't be happier. A great value!

  • from East coast USA November 12, 2012

    Just the cons

    Everyone goes on about the pros of this kit, you've read it all before (im not disagreeing with them).

    So, here on the cons:

    Does not include a kick drum pedal (this IS in the fine print but still pretty crummy considering everything else that IS included)
    Does not include all the cables necessary to hook up the dual action cymbals. You will need to purchase a 3-4 foot patch cable to hook up the 2nd zone of the crash cymbal.

    Those are the 2 things that stand out. Other than that, No complaints.

  • from Forward deployed to Honduras October 20, 2011Music Background:
    15 years experience with electric guitar and drums

    Great drum set for the price!

    I purchased this for an aging Yamaha kit, I had for several years.
    I have had this drum set for about 6 months now.
    Overall, it is well designed kit which has held up well to extensive play.
    Some components were replaced immediately as I prefer to use Alesis Surge cymbals for a better feel and a Roland V-drum pad for the snare, however the baseline kit is extensive based on what is included.
    The high hat pedal is a major upgrade from previous kits.
    Its strength in durability and construction, full size drum pads (12") over the standard 8 and 10 inch size, and good quality sound from the DM8 drum module brain. Even the Alesis DM10 Pro Kit is somewhat of a "downgrade" from this this from this design.

    One downside is the response from the drum pads and their feel. Its not quite up to the standards of rebound from a Roland or Pintech mesh design, and tightening the "real heads" will not greatly increase the bounce. Granted these are not accoustic drums either so you have to be realistic for the cost, but it is a step up from hitting rubber pads. Kick pad feels like your hitting a board which is the worst of the pad design.

    Under heavy play, your fingers will begin to become numb due to shock after a hour or so of play. Anti vibe drumsticks will eliminate much of the hard shock due to the pads, and you have to learn how to play softly to maximize your potential.
    The other downside is the the drum module does not have the full versatlity of higher end drum brains.
    If you own a Roland v-drum module, higher end Yamaha, or even an Alesis DM10, you will easily see the difference.

    Bottom line, for the cost, you really cannot do better for an intermediate level drum kit. If you are looking for a full blown professional kit I recommend investing in a Roland TD-20SX V-Pro Series, but prepare to drop additional $5k.

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