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TASCAM DM-4800 Reviews

4.0 stars based on 10 customer reviews
  • Studi01-Oz
    from Oz July 26, 2012Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Technical Architect, Drummer.

    A remarkable unit!

    I've had this unit for about 12 months and it continues to impress every time I use it. The sound clarity is extraordinary from pre through convertor and back, the routing is a fantastic piece of design with direct assigns and a quick menu screen for more complex configurations
    and the automated faders plus meter bridge provide that bling that impresses the client.

    The inbuilt I/O is expansive and with my DM expanded with firewire for DAW, surround card and analog card this great unit has replaced a full size analog mixer, 3xA/D convertors, numerous external FX and half of my patch bays with one quality unit. As a result, my power consumption has been reduced from 1000w to only 90w - a great long term cost saving.

    Inbuilt fat channel EQ and dynamics plus digital delay on 48 channels.... remote control layer.... versatile metering for all points in the signal chain.... multiple simultaneous I/O at different sample rates and inbuilt conversion.... saveable session templates and FX library templates for instant recall of any session.... this is a great unit.

  • Jerry
    from Connecticut January 26, 2012Music Background:
    Past pro musician and recording engineer

    LOVE the TASCAM DM-4800!!!

    I ordered this mixer to use as a combination Mic/Line input front-end, DAW control surface, and general studio routing center. I had expected that I could use its "Fat Channel" to control my DAW EQ and effect levels, but learned that is not possible. That disappointment notwithstanding, after reading the manual twice and using the mixer for a week with Pro Tools, I am extremely impressed and delighted with this mixer! It does everything else I wanted plus more. I also am very happy with the sound and its A/D front-end converters -- they sound great!

    Finally, the mixer is so flexible in its routing that I'll be ordering some additional I/O cards so it is my audio/MIDI center for everything. And using the faders and encoders for most adjustments is extremely easy due to the units layered design. This is a great unit and I can't believe what you get for the price.

  • Cory
    from DUrham,NC April 2, 2009Music Background:
    Recording Engineer


    Great Board-Cant go wrong! I had to replace my Yamaha 02r and this board was a perfect choice.And the price was extremely worth it

  • Ryan Hodges
    from Van Buren, AR May 11, 2008Music Background:
    Live Sound Engineer

    Buy this board

    We have two of these cascaded for a total of 48 analog inputs and 48 sliders at our church. If your a church in need of a board, dont waste your time looking at analog boards or any other digital board. Its all here on the 4800, everything to make your life easier, especially for tracking and recording. Live events are a breeze now as well. You cant beat this for the money.

  • Dennis C
    from New York July 3, 2013Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Musician

    Totally the best mixer for the money

    I have owned this board for about 2 years. I can't get enough of it. Always something new to try with it. The routing capabilities are fantastic. I would have given it a perfect score if it wasn't for the faulty LCD which has started to fail from vertical lines... I have read many complaints about this problem... I wish Tascam would release a better quelity LCD module. The board would be perfect if they did.

  • Prathap Norman
    from January 3, 2013Music Background:
    Pro Musician & Audio Engineer

    TASCAM DM-4800 Total Awesomeness

    I have been using this gear for past 3 months .. no flaws .. its totally awesome .. before purchasing this gear I was reading on the comments posted by many who considered this gear to be " hard to operate " .. its I found it just the opposite.. In a week I was able to use all the features of this console at a fly .. If you are looking for full utilization of a digital console at a price worth paying ,This is it ..

  • Steve
    from Montgomery,Al April 18, 2010Music Background:
    Musician Home studio and church tech. director

    Great Board

    We purchased this board for our new sanctuary. It takes a little to get your head around it, but once you do,Wow! We use volunteers who only have tocall up which service they are at,i.e. early, 11oclock or evening, The sliders move to there correct positions and all that needs to done is mute or unmute the channels. We use a presonus 8 channel ADAT connection for our wireless mics, leaving us 24 mic line inputs. The unit comes with e.q. libraries, effects,gates,compressors and an auto makeup for each channel. Go to the Tascam site and download the manual. It is an amazing board for the money,and it can control your DAW software transport when interfaced with your computer.

  • Muziekschuur
    from The Netherlands November 21, 2008Music Background:

    DM4800 and IFFWDM MKII

    The DM4800 has ticked a lot of boxes here over at Tascamforums.com. With 4 expansion slots with cards for surroundmixing, ADAT AES EBU and analog line inputs and not to forget the firewirecard wich gives 32i/o the DM4800 is a professional solution for any home to professional multi roomed studio.

    The +++'es
    1. Great 96khz/24bit processing in connection with the DAW of choice.
    2. Presets and scenes can be stored on an easy little card and you can take it with you.
    3. Compressors, gates and reverbs are all in the box at no extra cost
    4. Remote controlling is now easy with 3x Logic control or 3x HUI.... (Protools).

    1. Digital Eq is quite.... dificult if you never used these type of eq's. It's .... a bit overwhelming.
    2. The unit has no MADI cards.... So.... that leaves some possibilities out....
    3. No redundant powersupply available.... But .... you can buy two.... and cascade them right out of the box...
    4. It's shamelessly cheap.... And it gives you way too much value for the dollar..... Just..... can....t resist.... But hey... So can't your wife when she sees some shoes.... right? Get this and it will fit like some really nice shoes....


  • Barend Bendorf
    from Ojai, CA October 11, 2010Music Background:
    Film scoring, TV, Commercial, Recording Engineer

    Great console, Beware of cheap screen and glitches

    I purchased my Tascam, and all the cards that it would take in the back. I love the sound, FW software crashes mac OSx and needs major update!
    From day one the screen was not clear. I had to keep turning the contrast knob to see the stuff. Then I started getting error, "Contact Tascam Technical support " Rebooted and then it goes away, 2 weeks of getting the new console, piano ledger lines appeared in the screen dark blue rendering the display useless. I do not have a spare, so never took it into warranty service! Now almost a year into it, the screen has 14 dark blue lines making it even more useless.
    It sounds great! EQ great if you know how to mix, Support awesome. Tascam guys are not in another country! and they talk to you on the phone!! 10 stars on support.
    Just wish Marketing would keep there hands off things... The display should have been colored and lcd not 1970's cheap o blue screen with a bad backlight! I wonder what goes on in peoples heads in Marketing? Pure ignorance. Great console, Horrible display and FW MAc OSx software.
    I would recommend it, and buy it again, but would keep the box, and purchase a small backup so that when you send it in for the cheap Chinese Display that looks like a TV screen from 1969 Nasa console blows, you can keep doing film scores and Commercials.

  • Jess Alsum
    from Bellingham, WA October 4, 2010Music Background:
    Live Sound Engineer, Masters in Audio Engineering, 10y Pro experience

    To Bad, 2 fatal errors in under a year

    A warning about this bored, it is full of glitches. After two months, and Audio card went out, and It took 4 months to repair. not kidding, four months, the had to wait for parts from china to get here. Now a year ladder, no audio is passing through the preamps, and there solution is to send it in for repairs...for another how many months. aside from these major problems, this bored is not consistent. Some times the faders glitch, the recall function is sometimes off. It is a great bored, with lots of functions, I'm just very disappointed in the functionality of it. Oh, and there is absolutely no EQ on the main L/R buss! Up till now, i have really enjoyed Tascam products, but this has left me with bitter taste.

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