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Alesis DM10 Studio Kit Reviews

4.5 stars based on 19 customer reviews
  • from Hancock, New York March 21, 2015Music Background:
    Playing on and off for over 30 years. Just for fun now. Not playing out.

    Love this kit

    I was interested in an electronic drum kit so I can, inexpensively, control the volume of my playing level as well as the music I was playing along with at home. This kit not only allowed that but I can play as loud as my amp will allow or play through my headphones so ONLY I can hear. It will not replace the sound of a quality acoustic kit but it comes very close to a moderate quality kit.The quality of the set exceeded the price I paid. It took some getting used to but read the instructions and it will all come together. It has tons of features. I had a small issue with the module and between the awesome support of Ben Robinson (sales) and ANY of the technical support people, it was resolved very quickly.

  • from May 30, 2014Music Background:

    DM10 Studio Kit

    this drums is good!!

  • from Muscle Shoals, AL April 9, 2014


    We got them in and were not completely satisfied UNTIL we ordered the KAT Percussion 200 W digital drum amp to go with them. We are COMPLETELY satisfied with the sound! AMAZING difference that amp makes when coupled with this drum kit! THANKS TO ISRAEL AT SWEETWATER FOR HIS HELPFUL SUGGESTION!

  • from Red Oak, TX USA July 13, 2011Music Background:

    Really responsive and worth the money.

    I've had this set for a month now and still amazed on how many things it can do. Love it and glad i bought it.

  • from Oklahoma City June 27, 2011Music Background:
    20 Years of Music, Audio Engineer, Pro. Musician


    Okay 1) I am not a drummer 2) I am lacking in cognitive abilities - that being said I actually assembled this damn thing together unbelievable it took me hours and hours i lack common sense you see thats the catch. anyhow if you are a drummer this IS GREAT. If not THIS IS STILL GREAT. I will practice till I get there but this is THE DRUM SET YOU WANT it is perfect and I am running two 1/4 outputs (l/r) into a joemeek channelstrip so I got my PT HD and LOGIC hook into it at channels 5/6. Once again Sage thank you however the foot pedal kinda lacks character nevertheless this is expanding my repetoire and my evolution of musical experience.

  • from Travelers Rest, SC May 6, 2011Music Background:

    DM10 Studio kit

    Easy to setup right out of the box. Sounds awesome, and feels like an acoustic kit. I also added the Surge cymbals and the Alesis Trigger IO to expand the DM10 drum module to get a possible 20 more inputs. Wonderful for practicing any hours of the day or night without distrubing the neighbors or family. Bottom line very nice kit....

  • from NY December 10, 2010Music Background:
    Hobby; Recording


    The sound qaulity of this kit is amazing!, I can play it like I am playing an acoustic kit, I was very skeptical about Electronic Drumsets until I bought this one, Definitely worth it for the price.

  • from malaysia June 22, 2010Music Background:
    hobbiyst and live sund engineer

    2 to 3 hour practice

    reaaly this kit makes practicing not just easier but simpler also it is a great sounding kit the sounds in the module r very clean and warm the dm10 module is more than the best it has so manty features i am still working with it the mylar heads r nice and pretty much feel like acoustic the cymbals r way better than roland in feel and also sound wise really if u want to practice 2 to 3 hour a day this is the kit u need it is fun to prctice with this kit the few things u need to be aware of that just do a tweaking on pads so that they dont get much dents and they soung good jusat take care of this kit and it wil help u in the future greeat work alesis

  • from new york June 21, 2010Music Background:
    student, hobbyist

    awesome module

    great sounding kit i was blown away with sound quality if u r serious about practicing this is the kit just u need is a gud amplifier it is really great i wonder how it costs so low this is the kit i needed for my practice the module has so much to offer if u want have money then this is a kit u wil need

  • from Houston,Tx April 11, 2010Music Background:
    Studio, session and semi pro drummer

    I almost forgot

    This is a addition to my above review.I forgot to mention that Sweetwater was absolutely terrific with sales info and communication, they kept me in the loop the entire time and will do business with them again for sure :)

  • from Fitchburg, MA March 30, 2015

    Fun, once you get it figured out...

    This is my 1st electronic drum set, so for me there was a learning curve. I must say that Alesis, has got the packaging DOWN!! There was a full-on game of Tetris inside the box this kit came in. After un-boxing everything, I got my rug put down and got to work assembling. The assembly instructions were good and clear. All the clamps were already in place on the aluminum cross bars which was a welcomed thing. One thing that I do not like about this, is that Alesis does not give any extra wire length for the ride cymbal. Your pretty much stuck with having the ride on the 2nd stand. I'd much rather have it in the 2nd crash position on the far right, but can't swap cables with the crash because its the only cymbal that uses 2 cables to connect, since it is a 3 zone pad. Putting it all together took about 40 minutes. Now, my initial thoughts when I 1st turned it on, was that maybe mine was defective, due to the level of cross-talk I was getting. I had to do some serious manual studying, in order to figure out how to adjust each trigger properly. I also discovered that I had not tightened everything properly. Once I'd "battened down the hatches", it made most of the cross-talk go away. I found that there are a lot of settings in the DM10 brain, that allow you to tune each pad to your style of drumming. It's very cool but there is a lot of experimenting with settings that absolutely needs to be done, in order for it to play properly. This is NOT a quick plug in and play instrument. It demands a few days of hard core learning. I will also say that the update process in the manual is FAR from clear. I had to resort to internet forums to get clear instruction. I also had to find videos on youtube in order to figure out how to create custom kits. The manual is lacking in that area as far as instruction goes. Before you buy this, understand that it will require some serious patience and just like any electronic device, there is a learning curve. Having said all that, this is a really cool and great sounding E-kit. It's very robust and allows for tons of kit mods to allow you to play in any genre of music. I cannot say much about how portable it is since I have not had to move it yet. We'll see. Overall I am very happy that I got this.

  • from Orlando, FL June 1, 2014Music Background:
    Semi-Pro Musician, Recording Engineer

    Very Impressed

    I use this kit with my acoustic kit to form a hybrid drum set. We play Tech-Death Metal and I've beat the crap put of these Alesis drums for 2 years now. I had to junk the stands because they don't hold up and the heads don't have rebound. But that's the only 2 problems I ever had. The module is awesome; Eq is easy and the sounds are realistic going through a good outboard mixer. All the sounds are fully adjustable so I've created my own.
    The kick is the best because I thought it would be dead by now. It's got dents in it from my Axis pedals.
    Build a rack for it and it's 5 stars.

  • from Bellevue, MI, USA February 10, 2014Music Background:
    Student, Worship Pastor, Band Member

    Great Kit

    Bought this for a church, and right from the get go, we were able to set it up and it produced a decent sound. After some tweeking, we were able to get the sound we wanted and were looking for. For the price-point, this worked great for adding drums to our services, but still give us control of the sound.

  • from NM April 27, 2010Music Background:
    Studio Musician

    DM10 Studio

    Very easy to set up. Calibrates wonderfully. The sounds are fantastic. Comes with 100 premade kits, but I customized my own which took probably 8 hours spread across a couple days because there is just so many sounds and options to choose from. If you like the sound of something, but feel its missing something, you can layer another sound on top of it to make the perfect kit sounds. Mylar heads make the playability feel very natural and realistic. I honestly prefer this over any acoustic. It just feels better to play. Sounds just awesome when recording with it. You have the ability to choke the crash cymbal and do swells...simply amazing for an E-kit. I love it, so buy it!!

  • from Lenexa, KS December 20, 2013Music Background:

    Easy To Upgrade

    First, so you understand where I'm coming from, I have regular access to a top-of-the-line Roland TD-30KV. I was looking for something cheaper to buy to use at home, and module sound quality was of little concern because I have a software library I prefer to use even over the Roland.

    That said, I'll give the bad points first and then the good.

    The worst thing about the kit is the "Real Feel" heads. They are very stiff and very loud -- clearly some marketing hack who has never touched a real drum set came up with the name. Fortunately, there are several methods of conversion. I bought a mesh head conversion kit from a company in the Netherlands. It arrived in 10 days, was every bit as easy to install as they claimed, and now this Alesis feels very much like a Roland (not to mention, it's much quieter). The conversion kit cost $125 US, but that means the total drums plus conversion cost is still only about 12% of a Roland and now the set plays very much like a Roland.

    Some people really don't like the hi-hat controller. It doesn't bother me too much. All of the basic closed, open, stomp, and several semi-open modes are there, and that's good enough for me. Even the Roland 2-layer hat has its issues.

    The sounds from the module aren't the greatest, but I wasn't any more impressed by comparable kits from Yamaha or Simmons. You can find some decent sounds for practicing, but I wouldn't go trying to cut an album with them.

    It takes some time to dial in the trigger sensitivity settings. Don't expect just plug in and go. But the interface is fairly intuitive. I barely even had to consult the manual to figure out where the trigger settings were (perhaps that comes from my extensive v-drum experience with the Roland).

    Overall, it's a great entry level kit and just fine when planning to MIDI it up to some other sound source. I'm a bit mystified why Alesis didn't spend the extra $100 themselves to make the kit a mesh head kit, but the conversion kits out there make it very easy to turn this kit into a fine-playing v-drum kit.

  • from Belle Plaine, MN November 6, 2013Music Background:
    Professional Drummer

    Solid kit once it's dialed in

    First off, Sweetwater sales reps are second to none- answered all my questions and periodically check up from time to time to follow up on orders and see if I have any other equipment needs. Thanks Josh!
    OK, the kit. I will say this that first off, the module isn't set up for optimum playability out of the box- it is playable but you are gonna have to tweak it to your playing style as far as dynamics and sensitivity goes, which is true for any other e-kit as well, so not a big deal. Just another part of the journey! The sounds are pretty amazing and the different parameters to dial in sounds is almost like tuning an actual kit, you can tune the drum, add effects, dial in the reverb, pan each pad for a stereo mix, it's almost too much but worth it. I got the settings dialed in to eliminate crosstalk (which you will have, but you CAN get rid of it), and it is just super fun to play. Sturdy rack and hardware and the heads don't fatigue my hands while playing like rubber pads do. I deducted one star for the time needed to adjust the module because I'm impatient and don't like to spend a lot of time dialing things in- I wanna rock!!
    Quality kit, sturdy hardware, amazing sounds, and a 6- piece kit with 3 cymbals and hats for under a grand! Very pleased with this kit and you should be too!

  • from chattanooga tn February 28, 2011Music Background:


    Have had this kit for almost a week. Crosstalk was bad at first but is fixed now. Lots of tweaks to get it right. The dual triggers on the toms are very touchy at first but fixable. The hi hat volume could be louder.
    The stand is easy to setup and sturdy
    This is my first eletronic kit and so far they have been fun. going to record with these.

  • from usa fort wayne May 30, 2010Music Background:
    live sound engineer

    awesome features

    as everyone knowes the metal music is incomplete without the great drumming and the great drumming can be done wen the great drummers have great drum kits and this is the one best suited for live shows for practice for studio recording it just have awesome features the dm 10 module is just awesome with great features it sounds very close to an accoustic drum set great kit good for any level of drummer whether beginner , intermediate or advanced

  • from Houston,Tx April 11, 2010

    Not too bad

    Was one of the lucky ones who got in on the shipment about 1 1/2 weeks ago 3/31/10.
    Had to come home from work because Fedex left it on my doorstep even though i required a signature.
    Unpacking and assembly was straight foward, toof about 45 minutes to set up. Soundwise, they are great......very clean, warm and no machine gun effects The DM-10 module is as good as anything out there. As far as the pads go you have to do a lot of tweaking but the outcome is worth it. No they don't feel exactly like real drums but they are close enough and way better than rubber pads.

    OK now for the bad news:
    Ijust started having trouble with my sensitivity and found that after removing the mylar head, there is a thin foam layer under it the protects the piezo, and it wears out within a week it will sound like double hits or very tight flams when it starts.

    Hooked it up to superior drummer 2.1 and the sensitivity is all over the place so you will have to do some more tweaking(im still trying to get it right).

    Last but not least, the main reason i bought this was the fact that ALESIS advertised that you could download libraries/sounds to the module (supposedly a BIG selling point) and the reviews on the module have all been stellar.
    This was advertised back at winter NAMM,. It is now 4/11/10, i sent Fxpansion and Alesis an email asking WHEN this will be implemented. I got a response back from Fxpansion saying it is up to Alesis and from alesis i have not heard anything yet so as far as i'm concerned they hav 30 days from today or i am sending it back due to FALSE advertising........
    Over all the kit is GREAT, you get a lot for what you pay for, just remember to it will take a little work to tweak it in and change the rubber pad under the mylar head as soon as you get it

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