Alesis DM10 Studio Kit No Longer Available

Electronic Drum Kit with 10" Snare, Four 8" Toms, Kick, Hi-Hat, Two Crash Cymbals, One Triple-zone Ride, and a DM10 Control Module
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Alesis DM10 Studio Kit image 1

Sorry, the Alesis DM10 Studio Kit is no longer available. We've left this page up for reference only. Check out the great alternatives on this page or call toll-free (800) 222-4700 to speak with a Sweetwater Sales Engineer about similar products.

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Alesis DM10 Studio Kit
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A Perfectly Portable Professional 6-piece Kit

Here's a 6-piece kit that travels well. The Alesis DM10 Studio Kit is a full electronic kit built to be flexible enough for real world playing conditions. It comes with a collection of six natural-feeling RealHead drum pads, a set of low noise DMPad cymbals, a versatile StealthRack (complete with mounting hardware), and an excellent sounding DM10 high-definition drum module. The DM10 Studio Kit gives you a natural playing experience while remaining portable and easily reconfigurable to accommodate tighter playing spaces. And an updated library of uncompressed samples lets you play the DM10 Studio Kit with the natural sound of Dynamic Articulation.

The Alesis DM10 Studio Kit gives you a set of one 10" snare and four 8" tom pads, each of which sports dual trigger zones and real mylar drumheads that use triple-flanged counterhoops so that you can get the feel you need to play your best. Dual zones on the snare and toms give you the ability to perform rim shots or add extra sounds to your kit, such as cowbells and chimes. The DM10 Studio Kit's kick pad is large enough to handle any standard single or double pedal. And since the ergonomically curved StealthRack frame comes with all of the mounting hardware you need for every pad and cymbal, the entire kit takes up only a fraction of the space of a full acoustic kit.

The DM10 Studio Kit's full battery of cymbals provides you with a DMPad hi-hat, two DMPad crash cymbals, and a triple-zone DMPad ride. Large choke triggers under the crash and ride cymbals give you the control you need for a natural sound and playing style. The DM10 Studio Kit's ride lets you play its bell, face, and rim with separate articulations, and the DMPad hi-hat's RealHat Pedal gives you continuously variable control, responding to pedal pressure just as an acoustic hi-hat would. All of the DM10 Studio Kit's cymbals are fully rigid and rubberized, so you get the best-feeling response with the minimal noise you expect from an electronic kit.

No electronic kit would be complete without a control module, and with the DM10, the Alesis DM10 Studio Kit is more than complete — it's impressive! The DM10 presents you with outstanding, high-quality drum sounds that cover a wide genre of music. In addition to the uncompressed sounds of American, Canadian, Chinese, and Turkish heads and cymbals, you also get access to a remarkable selection of classic drum machine and electronic drums, as well as a full range of effects. Alesis's Dynamic Articulation engineering adds extra versatility to the DM10, changing the timbre of each drum in addition to its volume to give the DM10 Studio Kit an completely natural sound.

Alesis DM10 Studio Kit Electronic Drum Kit Features at a Glance:
  • DM10 high-definition drum module loaded with uncompressed, high definition drum sounds
  • Dynamic Articulation changes sounds' timbre along with dynamics for realism
  • Onboard USB lets you download new sound to the DM10
  • Onboard sequencer and MIDI I/O
  • A full set of RealHead drum pads including one 10" snare, four 8" toms, and a kick
  • A complete lineup of DMPad Cymbals including a hi-hat, two crashes, and a triple-zone ride
  • Compact, ergonomically curved, StealthRack takes up a fraction of the space of a traditional kit
Alesis DM10 Studio Kit Includes:
  • 1 DM10 drum module
  • 4 RealHead 8" Dual-Zone Drum Pads
  • 1 RealHead 10" Dual-Zone Drum Pad
  • 1 RealHead Kick Pad
  • 1 DMPad 12" Hi-Hat Cymbal
  • 2 DMPad 12" Crash Cymbals
  • 1 DMPad 14" Ride Cymbal
  • 1 StealthRack with mounting clamps and arms
  • 1 RealHat Pedal continuously variable hi-hat control pedal
  • 1 Set of interconnection cables
  • Kick pedal not included
Get more drums, more sounds, more flexibility, and more value with the Alesis DM10 Studio Kit!

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