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Mackie DL1608 iPad-controlled Digital Mixer Reviews

4.5 stars based on 12 customer reviews
Questions about the Mackie DL1608 iPad-controlled Digital Mixer?

Questions about the Mackie DL1608 iPad-controlled Digital Mixer?

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  • from Houston, TX February 21, 2017Music Background:
    12 Year professional fulltime karaoke host.


    I've used this board for three years now and still runs like new.
    I run professional karaoke with this board.
    Mixers, when used on a regular basis, have a tendency to get lose clarity due to dirty faders caused by smoke and dust. This mixer bypasses that digitally. Still as clear today as day one!
    Tap delay is awesome!! Compression and gates really help for karaoke. Also, there are presets for male and female vocals! They work for most singers.
    Would love an audio out for recording back to the laptop or a usb input for recording to flash drive. You can only record to the ipad and it is a PITA to get the tracks off.

  • from Upstate ny February 17, 2017Music Background:
    Went to Berkeley in Boston, lead guitar in church band

    Jackie do 1608 mixer

    It works great, our praise band never sounded better, service at sweetwater was excellent as always

  • from New Orleans La./ Washington DC August 26, 2016Music Background:
    Professional musician / 35 years

    Mackie 1608

    Wow, I've gotta say... First ordering the mixer...got it in right a way.. In fact everything so far, from Sweetwater has been awesome, products, service, help...etc.
    as far as this product, the Mackie 1608, it's prob. One of the best mixers I've worked with at a great price, Very easy to use, and does the same work as any one of the high end, expensive digital mixers out there.
    I perform LIVE music seven days a week and having the 1608 has made a major deference!
    Thanks Sweetwater for your products and service!

  • from Wesley Chapel. Florida 33545 December 20, 2014Music Background:
    Profesional Drummer and Trumpet player

    Wow Great The Best

    I am a percussionist and Drummer and I run my own sound to the main board . I love the unit there is no delay or lockups it perfect with Ipads and Iphones.

  • from Dallas, TX June 14, 2014Music Background:

    Great mixer for the price

    Has everything you need to produce a great sound at a third of the cost of the analog gear needed to match this mixer. The record function works great and it's really nice to be able to move around the venue and make adjustments

  • from Morris, IL December 25, 2013Music Background:

    Great Mixer

    Very intuitive interface and easy to use. Sounds GREAT!

  • from Scotts Valley, CA November 20, 2013Music Background:
    Mojoefessional guitarist in a rock band

    The Future has Arrived

    Step up to the bar and place your order folks. You won't be sorry. No longer will you tote your brick mixer or use a snake. Set up and tear down is a snap at gigs. Sound is incredible - I replaced a very popular mixing board and this one sounds better. The true joy is mixing with the ipad. Our sound engineer can go ANYWHERE and mix us. Each musician who has their own monitor can mix their own monitor themself with their iphone or ipad. No more asking the soundman for more cowbell in your monitor. Our band absolutely LOVES this mixer. Everyone has been impressed - our friends, random people in the audience, club owner/managers. We have been grinning like little kids ever since we received it. The learning curve is not that difficult. We used it at a gig the day it arrived. If you play in a band and haul all sorts of PA gear and everyone wants more of "me" in the monitor, you owe everyone a favor and JUST DO IT!!!

  • from October 7, 2015Music Background:
    Performing Musician


    The Mackie DL 1608 mixer is awesome and has made my job mixing the sound (especially from the Stage) much easier. I can even give control to "someone I trust" in the audience to make sure the levels are balanced and the overall sound is not too loud.
    Being able to set up the parameters of the mix before I ever get to the gig and learn how to use all of the features on the iPad is fantastic!


  • from Balto. Md. May 5, 2014Music Background:
    Live engineering, long time pro player...

    Great product

    Nice to leave the heavy rack, heavy board w/case, snake, and table home....however allow time to learn the program app ....all channels include comps and gates on by default. Leaving all the channel comps on is a feedback disaster for monitor mixing, the main FOH comp is fabulous when tweaked in carefully but the makeup gain is touchy and can flood the amps with current very quickly...The presets library is very handy and works really with most input sources, but again watch the channel comps. Make sure to get input levels hot enough as unity usually won't be hot enough for monitor mixing with loud bands. Inserts on channels would be nice as would effect sends and sub mix busses but the intent here seems to be convenience and portability with clean audio and the 1608 has all of those plus wireless mobility.... leave the iPod channel volume slider down on all busses until it's needed. That's because the gain level on the iPod channel is hard to believe and can blow a horn or an eardrum when flipping between busses if left anywhere past 1/4 volume. This is a great mixer for most any small to medium sized band playing small to medium venues...Large rooms with bad acoustics or loud bands might be better served with larger format consoles with more channel eq. And real time control.....but this thing is great for its likely intended use....90 percent of bar bands and small sound contractors will find this to be plenty to work with if 16 channels cover the requirements....and best of all it sounds great. A bargain at twice the price...

  • from Texas April 19, 2017Music Background:
    Worship Pastor / Musician / Sound Engineer

    Mixed Feelings on this Mixer

    I have been using this mixer for the past 2 years in a portable church situation. I like the size and the portability factor. Sound is great and generally works well. Negatives: When I purchased this mixer, Mackie claimed that you could use your iphone as a personal mixer. The next update after purchase that feature went away. My biggest issue is with the software updates. If you're ipad updates automatically you will then have to update the mixer. This is problematic if you do not have internet access at your gig or service. In this case, the mixer is unusable. This has happened on several occasions and we had to drag the big mixer back out. I also have been getting ghost signals on channels that are not connected to anything. Called Mackie and they did not have an answer and basically told me to live with it. I'm not going to try to sell this mixer and purchase the Behringer. I've heard good things about the B digital equipment. I'm leery about this because I can't stand their analog mixers.

  • from California January 29, 2016Music Background:
    Gigging for over 40 years!

    Great Virtual mixer - but now behind the times!

    We used this DL1608 mixer for a couple years in my three-piece band. It was rock solid for sure.
    However, it is quite behind the times in relation to today's digital- virtual mixers, and more expensive!

    For example, as compared to the Soundcraft ui16 ...

    * The Mackie has only 4 combo jacks as opposed to 8 on the Soundcraft
    * The Soundcraft has an internal router - no need for extra stuff and wires for an external router like the Mackie
    * The Soundcraft can work with IOS OR Android devices !!! Mackie only IOS.
    * The Soundcraft does not require a docking situation and can be mounted in a 19" rack case ready to go . However the Mackie does NOT inlcude rack hardware - that's an extra $100 !!
    * the Soundcraft has a RTA (real time analyzer) AND automatic feedback EQ control!
    * the input trims (gains) on the Mackie are manual! Why?? That is the one knob that can move in transit. All the gains in the Soundcraft are virtual, so they remember the exact setting from the last time
    * Lexicon and dbx effects are brand-name FX on the Soundcraft

    Plus after all that, the Mackie is DOUBLE the price of the Soundcraft. On top of that, add a rack kit and that's another $100.00. And don't forget a portable wireless router too!!

    I always liked Mackie products. The lead the game in this area - time for them to kick it up!

  • from Salem, SC January 18, 2016Music Background:
    Weekend musician


    Great concept but very difficult to set up. The wireless connection is very variable. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. Had several gigs when it was a problem to operate. Even when the connection is made, after a while the unit no longer remains connected. Also had problems getting the wired connection to run. During our last gig, there was a distorted feedback that also appeared every once in a while. Currently in a repair shop. Hopefully Mackie will honor the one year warranty.

Questions about the Mackie DL1608 iPad-controlled Digital Mixer?

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