Earthworks DK50/R DrumKit System

DrumKit System with a Pair of Overheads and Kick Mic with KickPad
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Earthworks DK50/R DrumKit System image 1
Earthworks DK50/R DrumKit System image 1
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Earthworks DK50/R DrumKit System
Special Order

Some Fine Mics for Drums!

The Earthworks DK50/R DrumKit System bundle is comprised of two QTC50s, one SR30, one KickPad, three switchable LevelPads, three foam windscreens, and one vocal windscreen for the SR30. It's all packed in a Zero/Halliburton case. The DK50/R is the all-in-one package for miking drums. The QTC50s are excellent for overheads with faithful reproduction of the source sound. The SR30 is one of those mics that can't really be pinned down - it brings Earthworks' pristine sound to the universal do-it-all mic category. Coupled with a KickPad, the SR30 is great for miking low-frequency drums. The DK50/R will change the way you mic drums.

Earthworks DK50/R DrumKit System At-a-Glance:
  • A pair of QTC50s
  • A single SR30
  • KickPad
  • Three LevelPads
A pair of QTC50s

The QTC50 is the microphone for those who demand the very best. It is ideal for digital recording with sample rates up to 192kHz, and even higher where every nuance of sound must be captured. The QTC series (Quiet Time Coherent) is designed for recording quieter sources such as vocals, strings and distant miked orchestras or choirs. Earthworks' reputation for realism is based on these distinctive omnis. Their degree of clarity is unparalleled. Time Coherent Response means these models do not smear the time domain as most microphones do. Earthworks microphones have exceptional impulse response and diaphragm settling time. QTC microphones handle sound levels up to 142dB with no proximity effect or handling noise.

The QTC50 microphone provides a true and accurate representation of sonic events as they happen in the air. This means you get the REAL sound, the sound that's really there. Naturally, the QTC50 mics are whisper quiet, enabling you to mic even the most subtle vocal or choir passage with no noise! You get the super-flat frequency response (3Hz-50kHz) of the TC Series combined with a noise floor that's under this world (get it)! If what you crave is tonal purity and low noise, the QTC50 is THE mic of choice!

A single SR30

The SR30 is a true performer, delivering a precise, natural sound you simply won't find on a lot of cardioid microphones. Unlike a lot of directional mics, the SR30 won't give you a hollow, "boomy" sound when used close to the source. The sound is smooth in whatever application. A favorite microphone for many recording artists, the SR30 hits high marks for clarity and realism in a directional mic and sports a frequency response of 30Hz-30kHz.


Whether you're recording or performing live, getting a good kick drum sound is crucial to the sound of modern music. You need the right combination of bottom end and beater attack without overloading or causing interference problems with the bass or synths. Now, even if you don 't have a kick drum-optimized mic, Earthworks has developed the KickPad, an affordable way to guarantee you'll get that sound! The Earthworks KickPad solves a problem many small studios and live groups encounter: you have a limited number of available mics and can't fit the expense of a dedicated kick drum mic in your collection. With the KickPad's easy connection you can take almost any mic and put it in front of the kick and get great sound! The KickPad works with both dynamic and condenser mics and allows you to continue using them on any other application when you need them.

Three LevelPads

The LevelPad is a high quality, in-line pad that is switchable to either -15dB or -30dB of attenuation. It is a passive device that will pass phantom power and can be used for either mic- or line-level signals. The LevelPad is housed in a stainless steel tube with gold plated XLR connectors on each end. It has a frequency response from DC to over 200kHz, will handle signal levels up to +30dBV with an equivalent input noise of -137dBV at -15dB setting and -142dBV at the -30dB setting.

Earthworks DK50/R DrumKit System Features:
  • QTC50s for overheads
  • SR30 for kick
  • Beef up the kick with the KickPad
  • Easy attenuation with LevelPads
  • An all-in-one drum solution
Earthworks DK50/R DrumKit System - The total drum mic package!

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Tech Specs

Number of Microphones 3
Manufacturer Part Number DK50/R

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